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"yell" Meaning in English

1. a loud utterance
Part of speech : noun
Example : They let loose a yell when they saw the party.
2. a loud utterance of emotion, especially when inarticulate
Part of speech : noun
Example : The crowd let out an angry yell.
3. to utter or declare in a very loud voice
Part of speech : verb
Example : You don't have to yell the directions--I can hear you just fine!
4. to utter a sudden loud cry
Part of speech : verb
Example : The team yelled to the fans when they scored.

Translation for "yell"

yell meaning in Spanish : grito
  • yell meaning in German : Schrei
  • yell meaning in Japanese : エール
  • yell meaning in Turkish : bağırma
  • yell meaning in Chinese : 叫喊
  • yell meaning in Arabic : قال بصوت عال
  • yell meaning in Polish : krzyczeć
  • yell meaning in Hindi : चिल्लाना
  • yell meaning in French : hurler
  • yell meaning in Russian : вопить
  • yell meaning in Tamil : கத்துவார்கள்
  • yell meaning in Telugu : అరుస్తుంటారు
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