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Hello, good day everyone. This is Lee from the Philippines and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you who listens to my three recordings earlier. I know that I am very new as I am a a newbie to open talk applications, but I received a very heartwarming messages coming from you guys and a message from India and from Portugal and Brazil and of course I would like to special mention to Tarsila and guy I do apologize that I'm very sorry if I wasn't able to attend to your talk request earlier, but I'll make sure that once I'm not busy because I'm studying as of the moment. I will give time or provide you quality time to talk to all of you and I will also follow you back. Thank you so much.

I speak

English : Conversational
Tagalog : Native


Institute of Biology
1200, Metro Manila, Philippines
Branch :
Studied :
Bachelor of Science - BS
Passing Year :

My Opinions

  • Please share the technology product you love the most.
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Good morning, everyone. This is Lee from the Philippines. I would like to share the technology product that I love the most and some people say that this product is overrated. But it's not. In fact, this product is one of the most important Gadgets that were using in this age and time. This is why we called this as a very well-known cell phone right? aside from communication, cell phone can be used to track our health check for the weather to forecast andmode of transportation. You can use it for grab, research when there is Google search and this is very handy. Of course a lot of smartphones now has andded feature that can be used in anyways and means.
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  • Which is your favourite online TV channel - Amazon, Youtube, Netflix or any other?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Hello, good day everyone. This is Lee from the Philippines and my favorite online content media. Is YouTube and others too since I am a BS biology students, it is imperative for me to look for a different resources or sources of research such as books and it's not only limited to the reading materials. But I'm also using YouTube to check something or to learn something that has been uploaded by a bio enthusiasts So aside from Reading I am getting some facts and anything that is interesting that can be added to my research. So that is more on educational purposes for me and using YouTube is a better way to narrow down your searches as well.
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  • Venom likes 'Mogambo Khush Hua!', which are your favourite movie dialogues?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Hello, everyone. This is Lee from the Philippines and open talk is asking to voice my opinion about my favorite movie dialogue. Well, definitely I've chose All is Well from the movie 3 Idiots. With the actor Aamir Khan, I'm sorry if I'm mispronouncing the name of the actor, but that movie is like or that line from that movie is like a mantra that sometimes if I'm not feeling well or as if I'm sensing that the things are not okay in a certain moment or time. I just just say it like many times to all is well all is well. And I don't know it gives me the Vibes and positivity and definitely just you know a mindset that everything will be okay or turns out okay
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  • Is voice better than typing for google search or messaging (google leadership agrees)?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    How good day everyone. This is Lee from the Philippines. And today I would like to voice my opinion if voice is better than texting. My answer was it depends because as we know that Google search can only recognize accent in a global English way or means so it is very imperative for the Google company to at least innovate something or do something to recognize voices from people in different races or country or Nation right? . It's kind of hard to go for voice in searching Google because sometimes it misinterpreted a words or sometimes It really can't recognize what you are saying So at least the Google has a chance to improve.
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  • Should people invest in cryptocurrencies?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Well, definitely my own opinion about investing in cryptocurrencies is neutral. This crypto-currency has brought by the innovation and the fast rising technology in the world. So someone has talked about. The development of our country or the world as a whole is that cryptocurrencies is the new trend. Perhaps you just need to wait for like 10 or 20 more years were money cannot be used anymore. But this is more on a cryptocurrency. I just hope that someone is responsible in using this kind of investment.
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  • When looking to make new friends, how do you prefer finding new people?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Hello, everyone this is Lee from the Philippines and I am very pleased to use an open talk application because for me this is making new friends in a new level. And definitely our technology contributes closeness to different people in the world or from people in a different continents. So with this making new friends is not impossible. So it is very pretty convenient. We just need to use our gadget as long as there's an internet connection you're able to share your interests and thoughts to your friends online. So it's not limited to Facebook Twitter Instagram, but there's a lot of medium and platform for us to make new friends.
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  • If you are looking to improve communication skills in English or any other language, why are you looking to improve?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Hello, good evening. Everyone. This is Lee from the Philippines and I would like to voice out my opinion as to why we need to improve our English or our communication skills in English will definitely it is a fact that English is a universal language. So the only way to unite everyone who came from different parts of the world or continent is to talk in English as long as we're able to convey someone our thoughts in a message and ideas and English it would lead us to a better life and personality. So it really doesn't matter about her accent. It doesn't matter how you position yourself as long as you're able to convey your thoughts and relay it to someone else then that would be okay. Not only that. This is all stuff for our personal to development and
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  • Do you think it is ok for men to use cosmetics? How much?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Have a good day everyone. This is Lee from the Philippines. What my opinion about men using Cosmetics is okay. I think when it comes to equality men and women should take part as equal to any opportunities, but not also limited to Cosmetics. Well, it is a fact about most men for those men connected with film industry modeling. They're using Cosmetics as part of enhancement of their beauty, but it's not only women should enhance their beauty. It depends. It's really it doesn't really matter of vijender. So if your men or women and you know that you're in need of a cosmetics and go for it We're just we just need to celebrate equality in all forms without.
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  • Share your favourite book with Opentalk community and why its a favourite?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Hello, good day everyone. This is Lee from the Philippines and definitely I would recommend and suggest that everyone should celebrate the world book day and all bookworms. They're out their welcome to the Celebration. Books are definitely the key to learning. So in all fields of science mathematics Arts music books are definitely useful as a reference or a guide to our learning with books. We can discover different Paces cultures Traditions. It also opens our eyes to a current events and the history of the world that has an impact to what is happening or ongoing as of the moment.
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