Hello guys, I'm back with one more new topic for our podcast. So let's wait for our listeners to join up and today's topic is a hundred tips to improve your English. So I hope you like the topic and I hope that it will be of some help to you to develop your English. I know most of the listeners here are to develop the communication Delta English. So these is one of the topic which I've been working for so long. So if you are joining late and then you can have a review of the pre-recorded one once the podcast is done. So what are the hundred tips to improve your English? So these tips will be helpful you to improve your English in such a way that you can communicate well, and you can develop faster the way you speak in English. It will be much helpful for you to go to Next Level. We have Rohit here. Let's have a connection with Rohit. mmm We are connecting with Rohit. We are connecting. All the connection has been lost. Okay guys, I'll continue with the tips the first tip which I would like to give you is that I don't be afraid to make mistakes be confident. People can only correct your mistakes when they hear you make them. It's like if you are not speaking in English instead of others that because you're scared that you will be doing some mistakes then do you won't be able to learn from your mistakes let the people correct you when you do mistakes, so that's what I would suggest you don't be afraid to make mistakes. We have a look Rohit here. Let's try to get hello. Yeah, hi me. Hi Rohit. How are you? Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you. And you I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? I'm from Bihar. You're from Bihar. Okay. So how long have you been using this open? Talk at him? Okay. Okay. It's okay. It's okay. This is my fifth day or so. Today's topic is about hundred tips to improve your English. So be online and try to make the note out of these things like which one is more beneficial for you to improve your English. So guys, as I said the first one which I gave you was Be afraid to make mistakes because mistakes is the things which make you learn from them and correct them and don't repeat the mistakes again. So that is how you can learn from your mistakes the second tip which I can give you two. Is that surround yourself in English Okay surround yourself in English put yourself in all English speaking environment where you can learn passively the best way to learn is through speaking. Okay. Yes, brother. Yeah, it is true. But but actually I am from police and and invite bill is there are no any person who can speak English. So yes that good environment. You still can surround yourself with English. You have your mobile phone your you to you are using open Talk FM by repeating it again and again, but listening to many of the tips from all the podcasters you can surround yourself with English by reading English books. You can surround yourself with English by looking at how to I love your English from YouTube. You can surround yourself English. You don't need physical people to develop English. Yeah within three days. I realize when you do get a chance, like if you visit some place when I do get a chance that yes within three days. I realize that I am a good speaker good listener, but Yeah, that is why that is why my that is why you should listen to all the fish. I'm giving you right now. They will be helpful. We have mangesh thakur here. Let's have a word with Magnus chakra before we go to. Oh, sorry, we had a discussion guys. Do share your comments to do shower Your Love upon the podcast which I am literally working hard so that they can be of some help to you. So let's get to the tip number 3 practice. These are used to say in every every single podcast. So practice every day make A study plan decide how much time a week you are going to spend studying and stick to it establish a routine. We have Sahel Siddiki here. So we are connecting with Shahid Siddiqui by the time I will repeat what I said, I practice every day. This is what I tell in my every single podcast and journalists. We practice what we learn we won't be able to go to Next Level. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Mr. Doctor Amy. How are you? Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you for asking. How are you doing? Yeah, I'm also fine. Thank you so much. So Ma how I can improve my English. Can you please it is that is today's topic. We are going through a hundred tips to improve your English. I mean, I'm trying to keep it in a surrounding bad that you can utilize all the tips possibly but make sure that you go through all the tips which are more comfortable for you start with those tails. Okay, so we'll be going with the next step now tip number four Monkish talk re saying I want to improve my English speaking. Yes manga stuck with you all do want him growing this picking. So keep listening to the podcast which I am going to write now Honda tips to improve your English and make sure that you make a note of the points or the tip future helpful for you. So the next tip which I would like to give is that tell your family and friends about your study plan why so that they Push you to study and also don't let them interrupt you. So these are the both things which you can do while you are preparing for your English. I mean like a wire we are human beings. We we tend to try to learn something new but when it is difficult, we try to leave it. So by telling our family and friends they will be pushing as that you are and the study English radio men to prepare any second such a way, but it shouldn't be a distraction to that when you're preparing. This will be disturbing you so in both the weekly much beneficial for you to tell your family and friends while you are Practicing like what is your study plan for English learning? Actually, dr. Ma I have one suggestion for you Yes. Actually you are speaking very well and very nice. I impress your English with your English, but you have to when you speak you just speak slow because here are lots of the people, you know, just learning there is complete learning and a very good solution. Give us a hell I'll make sure that I am bit slow while I'm speaking Yeah, because you are speaking very fastly and maybe loss of The Listener. Maybe they could not understand you are speaking very fastly here. Yeah. Okay guys, I made a note out of Rod style to the casing. Sahil. Can we have a word with Sam? He's been waiting to join our call. Thank you. I'll get back to you. So I'll add let's have a word with mangeshkar curry then. We'll go back to Sam. Thank you sighs. Thank you for your suggestion. I'll make sure that I speak slow so that my listeners can understand what I'm saying? Yes. Yes, right. Let's have Monkish tachyon call we are connecting with him. Hello. So we are live now. Hello. Hello. Yes. Hello, sir. Hello. Hello, sir. Can you hear me? I am I guess how are you? Yes, sir. I am great about you. What about you? Thanks for asking. I am doing great. I'm in Monkish. You are now my second favorite of the day. Do you know why? Yes. Why because when I asked how I use it, I'm doing great. I'm like that is the kind of positive attitude. We should be having in The Words, which we are using every day. I love it. Thank you, sir. And so I want to ask you one question. Sure. See I have developed a listening means at a great level but I always had a ravine speaking in English. Like I can't develop here because my surrounding is not so good. So yeah, can you tell me any exercise to do? Okay. So let me tell you this one simple technique, which I use. 2 yeah, I used like a I'm still using a technique what you have to do is that we do listen and we do practice but the thing which you do not do is that we speak. Okay. So what I'm suggesting to you, is that have our time okay have a fixed time have a study time where what you have to do. Is that go in front of a mirror and make sure that you are giving Fix-It time every day. If you have for example today 4 p.m. Then tomorrow it should be 4 p.m. So what you have to do is that use a random topic and try to speak about it for 1 minute then. Next day two minutes the next day three minutes and while doing so what you have to do is that you have to record with your phone what you are speaking so why I am saying to record is that so that you can track your growth? Okay, sir, and mirror pack is very important because you see if you are trying to learn a new language if I'm trying to learn Canada, it will be new to me anyone can say that I'm speaking new because my tongue my brain is not habituated with the language because I didn't speak it for long. I'm learning so that is what is happening when we tried to speak. English so until and unless you practice everyday, it will not be fluent for us. I'm sure other practices are also doing like I kept repeating English sentences means I want to get a fluency in English. So I am doing that exercise. Also it is the that exercise is correct or not. And yeah that exercises that exercise is very correct. But the thing is that you have to speak it out loud. Read it out loud not in your brain not in your brain. It's not a subject. You're trying to learn a language that means You have to speak it you have to communicate with that language. So you have to speak it out loud while you're doing that. Yes, sir. Absolutely. Yeah, and do do this mirror practice. I have been doing this like from for years and still every day from morning 4:00 a.m. To 5 p.m. I do the mirror practice. It will even increase your confidence. It will make your brain habituated with the language and you don't have the thing for the words while you're speaking it will build your confidence to the next level. Okay, sir. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. I will definitely do this exercise. Yes monition do follow me on our open taka FM and I do Show Your Love by the heart there. You can see near you are text and be online. I'm going to the next steps. You can make a note of those tips to Definitely and I'll and I'll have a word with Sam now Sam he's been waiting. So just give me a couple of minutes. Thank you. Thank you so much Monkish. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Yeah now we'll have a talk with monkey ass a mile before we go to an experienced professional. Okay. So we are connecting with Sam after some will be having some more tips. Yeah, we are connected live. It's time. Hello. Hello. Yes, can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you loud and clear. How are you Sam? Yeah, I'm feeling great and I hope you will between great so I don't thanks for asking. I'm doing great. That's really nice of you. But in from Sam, well, my friends are I'm from India basically, but nobody is important in charge and support. Well, that's great to hear from it. Okay. So how long have you been using open top? Opens I actually is my very first time very first time on this application. But yeah, you know, I'm using bodytalk, you know, it's been more than six months, I guess. Yeah, I don't think smell cake. Okay. So how do you like open top? Open? Tock actually is my very first time I just told you before so I don't know how to do and what benefits you know using this application. So, let's see ya explore a lot in this app. You will find more information. Arresting people talking about different topics. You can have a lot of fun while learning to and you can share your experience to it's like you can give the tapes and you can have your own podcast helping the people who need your help on different topics, which you are an expert. Yeah, I hope so. So where you from SLI? What's your name? I want to name my new name, please. My name is Muhammad Imran and I am from Hyderabad. But right now I'm in Bangalore Bangalore. Yeah, oh my God. It's very beautiful city. You're so lucky my friends. Thank you. Thank you so much. I feel the same. Yeah, because you know, I've been there twice. It's been you know a seven or eight year. So it's very beautiful city. I love that city in India. Yeah, me too. Me too. I love India to okay, Sam will continue with the tips of today's topic hundred tips to improve English. Would you like to share any tips to our listeners? Of course, of course, that would be great. Actually, you know my friends, you know, I found English is all about practice, right if you spend, you know as much as possible time regarding English, so you will definitely grip on that right because you know, it's all about practice and told you if you want to, you know grip on something we want to learn something so we are spent can you hear me Sam your voice is breaking Okay, and I'm sorry I was saying, you know it is all about practice if you want to learn something new if you even it could be anything like language, you know, like it could be anything right? So if you want to grip on that if you want to learn that things so we are supposed to spend as much as possible time, right? Yes, I really agree with you. That was my third tip which I gave to my listeners and I Thanks for repeating it again, and I'm really loving this conversation to follow me on open Talk. And I'm Sam. We have a one more connection here waiting for us to speak. Can you just hold on for a couple of minutes? I'll have a word with Z do. Yeah, of course 5 or anything. Thank you so much do follow me on open talk. I'll be loving to some more from you. All right. All right you so did you just give me a couple of minutes? I'll go through two more tips before we speak with you. Just hold on for a second. So the next thing which I would like to give you is that practice the four core skills. Let me repeat practice the four core skills reading. Ding speaking and listening. I will put more pressure on speaking. So you are do have to practice all the four skills Reading Writing speaking speaking and listening. Okay how to speak a lot but you have to do the rest of the three two, they all need to be worked on for you to improve you have to do all those things and I will tell you one more tip on that one. Keep a notebook of new words you learn. Have a notebook and the new words which you learn and the meaning of those words write them down because once you write them down, and once you read them down, you will be having opportunity to use them in the day-to-day life. So make sure that you have a notebook for the new words, which you learn use them in sentences and try to say them at at least three times when you speak that will make your brain habituated with the word. Now. Let's have a word with siddhu. So as we are connecting with zi dou Z dou. Hello. Hello to you. Yeah inaudible to me very clear loud and clear. How are you? Yeah, it's fantastic right here. I'm good today. What about you been great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? Yeah, right. I'm in New Mumbai and I basically am from you pee. Is it your voice it but clear your from you be? Okay. So what do you and yeah since last 2 weeks 2 weeks. Okay. So what do you say about today's topic hundred tips to improve your English? I don't think so. It should be up to the hundred. But yeah, the choices hundred from which the more comfortable you are. You can choose those. Options for me in learning English is never an issue for me. It's not rocket science only listening and speaking believe you'd lead you to be a good speaker in English language. Why was it? Oh, thanks for your tip. I hope my listeners are getting to the tips which my speakers along with my license along are giving here. You know, this is the wonderful thing that the broadcasting application is right here to you know to enhance most of the people Oh and it will be more beneficial. If you try to you know, if you bring the session of the vocab it will be more fantastic session of the hookah will be coming in future podcast because right now I'm focusing on the basics of the English where most of our listeners are like in the basics level because in my previous total, but it also comes under the basics. First of all, we need initiation to learn until unless we get the initiation we won't be able to go into work apps. Yeah, absolutely, but you should start it in the parallel. It doesn't work for everyone. So that's what I suggest until unless you give an initiation you won't be able to get into this grammar and vocab said that fast. So let me start with some initiation some practices then we'll be having a deep session how to use vocab in an easy way. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. But yeah, most of the people have a very difficulty know most of the people face the difficulty in finding the you know, appropriate worldwide bit while they are pronouncing something of the you know, most of the difficulty comes Yes, we can do with by trial and error trial and error trial and error because the until unless we learn from our mistakes we won't be able to remember it and learn from that. Absolutely. Right and it's a wonderful application. It's a wonderful gift to the modern society. Yes it is. Yes it is and you know, okay and yeah due to this application of most, you know, RJ will come up most of the RGV will come up right here. Heather That's a point to that's an added benefit. I think so. Yeah it is it going yeah, is it your voice is breaking. Okay, guys, we have 0 here giving us tips regarding at how to develop your English to so make sure that you know make a note of that and which of the typical easy for you. You can start practicing with dose then as you suggested we will be having a session or vocals too soon enough with range means that I should suggest to topic I suggest, you know, I suggested tip for the people right you are asking yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, of course according to me on listen to those, you know episodes that you like English language. Would you like to suggest some which you like? I'm most of the time was the satguru is video sad girl. Yeah, I do to do what's up giris video. Yeah. So the total English that the languish language the technical word in English language. I learned from that person. Okay, that's a wonderful tip than that's our new thing. I can I think I can use that he has a cute too. Yeah, yeah, thank yous I do. Thank you for your opinion under for your tip for our listeners that will be of great help to the new Learners who are at the beginning stage. I really appreciated. Thank you so much. Well, thank you. Do ya do follow me on open Talk FM and we'll be having a lot of new conversations in upcoming sessions. Yeah, it's it will be more interesting than if you bring us a topic. If you bring a topic to us, then it will be more fantastic discussed. If you aren't sure sure we will do that in a Coming up Podcast for sure. Yeah, and yeah, it is a you know, it's a tip session. But if you should also bring up the young group discussion session. This will be having an today evening at 7:30. We have one more show to go on with Marine one of the new open-top Joiner and the concept is to like let her speak and let her interact with the audience as me by the side so that it's like an experiment to see that how they will be performing with the communication everything. It will be a live lesson for everyone that what can be done when you are beginner and what you can learn from that experience. So do you want us for today's evening? Station. Okay. I will yeah, thank you have a nice days. I'm due at 7:30. I will not be available because the time at the time I'm just using you know, I'm playing with no problems. If you can listen to the podcast once it's available online after the predicate anchor. Have a nice day to do. Thank you. So guys we will continue with our next tip which is memorization. This is the temperature at least give to my listeners because it is what you have to do not like second or third level of stage where once you start practicing mirror practicing and speaking a lot reading a lot then you should do it memorizing of list is one of the most common ways of learning vocabulary for test. It's only a good exercise for short-term studying because you often do not retain the information that you have learned for a test. So make sure that is a reason I don't put memorization as one of the important tips but still it is a part of how to improve your English. So make sure that I fit is are beneficial to you can start working at if you are is like a level 2 or level 3 of English that you can speak a bit of it, then we'll much beneficial to you go on with vocabulary. So next we will be having one more. This is interesting and this is very very beneficial for all of you. Which because I have been doing this for a long time use your body clock. If you're not a morning person studying the afternoon, why am I saying body clock because there is a Time is on that when you are active it could be morning. It could be off known somebody are active at night or somebody active at like midnight something we can call it the was like night owls. So that is the thing. I am saying that use your body clock when you feel the most active. That is the time. You should use it for studying or learning English. Okay, guys, come on now. Let's move up to next tip. You will find words easier to remember if you try to remember an example sentence using word rather than word on its own. Why am I saying this one? Because you should have an example of the word which you are using in a sentence. For example, what should I say extempore extempore is a word which we need to understand then what should I say that most of the lawyers have the conversation in an X term for now? I have used it in a sentence so that I can remember it and try to make three sentences out of the new word which you learn every day, and that will be helpful for you to remember it. So let's go up with the next topic next tip. So you guys, uh, next tip plan to take a test. You will find that you work harder when you need to study for something definitely because it here what we are doing is that we are Putting ourselves in internal tons of applications online where you can test your English levels. So make sure that you have a fixed time and fix a Target to score that much that level we have here Vikram Singh. Let's have a word with Vikram Singh. We are connecting with the Chrome saying. Hello. Hello, how are you? Hello. Yeah, I was able to you or not at all. Vikram your voice is breaking. Hello. Am I eligible to user? Yeah, you are able to me right now. Okay, so Mister doctor, give me yeah. So this is my first live call that is week going to be disk connected with you. Okay, we crunching let me tell you one thing a first of all Hi, how are you? How are you doing? The blessing of Almighty surviving my rest of their life. That's great to hear from you. And where are you from? Actually I'm from India through Pradesh. Okay. I become suggest a minute. I have this comment 40 my saying all the time here improve English, but there is no clear. Steps I can I follow one by one. So for tomorrow, let me tell you this is the session which you have been looking for. I could say that because I am trying to bring the handle tips out of which you can follow the one which is more convenient to you at your own time. okay other group Yes, so I would like to know first of all before proceeding further. So you your you are having such kind of application on which you are just providing the kind of people resolution to the people to make their Improvement of the English. Okay? Yes, so I would like to know what is the main motive to being over here because I am completely unaware about this application in this is so let it become this thing. What I believe is that if I helped someone to learn I will be learning a lot. So here I am to learn I'm here to learn. So that is the main reason. I'm helping you to learn and I'm learning from others, too. That's the nicest Spirits godzilla-like. You have connected with me the call others also do country in the call and they will suggest few of their tips and tricks which they do to develop themselves. So in that way I am getting more information and I'm getting more practice that what can I do to develop myself. So it is like a mutual Development Fund you can serve you a very nice effort just to improve the English of other people sir. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm like this these kind of words which make my day after all having a podcast and getting the information. In and trying to pass it to my listeners and if anyone is able to make some benefit out of it, that will be like a good day for me. Okay, exactly the nicest spirit and you have to embrace all the peoples like this you are saying like this. Yes become so be online will be continuing with our next tip here. So the next tip is like to give you that is a it better not to study. Just take a rest. Okay, we have this so-called conversation when we say that it's better not to study. Okay, come on, let's take a rest. So let me tell you one thing think of bigger picture. What can you do when you have a good command of English? How will the quality of your life improve? Why am I saying this? What am I for listening to me? And like Caesar kind of defeat you can help you help yourself to motivate to the thing is that whenever we feel tired or like when I will feel like boring. We stopped practicing English when you feel that you should think of a bigger picture is you should imagine that if I know and I have a good command of English. What can I do? How can I improve means that will be a motivation for you to get back to studying get back to reading get back to listening and get back to practice again? So whenever you feel tired, you should be thinking of a bigger picture. What is your achievement after learning English what you can do with it? So that is how we can do that. So I'll give you one more tip on this one. Let's continue with two more tips before having a word with Vikram Singh, then we'll be having a word with Salama to give yourself a long-term goal focus on working towards it. I'm a person who works on a short-term goal, but why I am saying long-term goals because you should have a steady path of way while practicing it because if you get into English English is a learning language, you have to learn it every single day. Then only will be able to get some good command over it. So that is why you should have a long-term goal to make your English proficient enough in a short term going to be Be like a bit a difficult, but still you can have that too. So have a long-term goal for your English turning. So let me give you one more tip. Yes. Oh, yes. I'm just listening. Give yourself short term goals to and reward yourself when you watch. I would like just a second. I would like to say this once again give yourselves a short-term goals to as I said in the previous tip a long-term goals, you should have short-term goals to and reward yourself when you achieve each one means like when you achieve and Next Level just like when you achieve a tensor when you achieve a war vocals and everything, I've achieved like me I will be talking for so today's my target is that I were talking without stopping for like one minute if I achieve the target I should be happy for that. I should giving myself a treat for that. Okay. As my effort which I did. Selamat is saying you are really helpful me. Thank you salamat, that may that's makes my day when I read comments like this that makes me more energetic. So let me tell you one more thing. Yes. Sorry for Interruption. I am extremely sorry for any questions and ever be sorry. You should never be sorry. We get up LOL take it as a like a freezer never say sorry when you have to ask something because the thing is that until and unless we ask you have never done you have didn't do anything wrong. So what you have to Sorry for you just interrupted me. That's not a big deal. Okay, so first of all, so I would like to add one more tip if you don't mind, so can I add? Yeah, sure. You should give tips to our listeners to that is why we are have this Mutual learning scheme, right? Come on give us some tips. So you would I am giving you the tip after that. You will explore it now. So for the listener, so before proceeding further many people have lack of confidence. In front of anyone so confidence is confidence plays a vital role in that. I think I'm not sure I'm wrong. You have to succeed. Yeah. Yes. Yes definitely definitely or right until unless we have confidence to do something new we won't be able to do it guys are covered from the so he gave us a very wonderful tip here. Let me tell you that what he said that confidence is what you need to try something new. So if you don't have the confidence to try the by cycle just because you will have a fear of falling then you won't be able to learn bicycle in the same way if you have the confidence. A chance to learn a new language then only you'll be able to apply all the tips which we are discussing right now. Thank you Vikram Singh. Thank you for the wonderful day, which you gave to all our listeners. We had a disconnection with Vikram Singh anyway. Give me some time before we go have a word with salamat create an atmosphere in which you want to learn not because you have to you will learn more when you are learning because you want to let me repeat this once again create an environment in which you want to learn. You should be having an environment where you should think that I should be able to learn the atmosphere itself should be like learning. But when on the light again. Yeah. So this is what I would like to say that you should be having an atmosphere am is like if you are reading in your room, if you have a separate table, like a reading table then make that atmosphere only for reading purpose. Don't use it for some other work. You are make sure that your brain understand that this is atmosphere where I can learn you can sit in parks to you can go to Parks like morning time evening time. That's a wonderful place to learn to So let's go with the next step know what works best for you. You should understand until and unless you try a few things. You will not be knowing that what a tip will be working best for me. For example, if an kids are here is a trying the tip number 1 and 4 which have been given and it's working out for him. That might not be working for Vikram Singh, but what the tips which are working for Vikram Singh might not be working for until jaw. So what we have to do here is that we have to know what works best for us and we have to try everything and we have to choose from that. It works best for us. Rohit is saying very nice topic. Thank you Rohit know what works best for you. Think about what methods have been successful for you in the past and stick with them Salama just two more minutes. I'll be having a few tips more before we get in to talk with you because I'm trying to cover a hundred top tips here. So figure in the next tip is figure out how you learn. It can be memorizing it can be reading it can be speaking. It can be summarizing or other methods. Not have you study best. It can be a quite place by yourself or with a group. So this is how you should be exploring yourself to know the best way you can have a understanding of like which is best for me to get a wonderful. Okay, just a minute guys selamat is saying wow all tips are helpful for me. Thank you so much. I'm very humbled that these tips are helpful to you and kids are yes, we have to choose our dominant learning style. That's correct. And kids are that's correct. I agree with you two. So let's have a word with salami. Before we go into other tips. We are connecting with salamati. No. Hello. Yeah, I'm very fashionable and you sir? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking selamat, I would like to thank you that you have online for so long. I appreciate it. Thanks for waiting. Of course that of course, thank you. Thank you, sir. And bro. Sorry. Sorry, sir. Say to me. You can call me bro. No problem. Your your your tips and tricks are very helpful for me bro. Because I fast I'm learning something through somebody who is very helpful for me, bro. Thank you. Thank you. It means a lot to me. I'm really happy that I'm of being of such some help to you. It's really means I really thank you Francis an award is so helpful, bro. I can't accounts say I can't say any words Express. I'm humbled. I am humble. Thank you salamat. Thank you so much. Sir, I want to improve my pronunciation word. Will you give me some tips and tricks bro how to improve Transit yard. I will give you the basic level 1. First of all, what you have to do is that you have to go to YouTube. Okay. Okay, you could be have to search for basic pronunciation with subtitles. Okay, would you like headphones and repeat the words aloud when you listen to them first listen to the entire video then again, repeat the video while repeating the words along with the video now oddly. Okay, you can just read it. You should repeat it loud miss. You should say if the video showing the word procrastination then you have to repeat the word along with the code. Try to see that where you are and where you're not sinking. Okay, if you're not getting it, dude. Once again, you should do this for each video. You should do this for three times and make sure that you know, you're not feeling tired because it will lose make you lose the interest. Yeah, well yeah, of course, of course I said you really were really and give me some more pics bro, yeah we are we are on to the more trips tips and the coming next thing so selamat be online and I'll be going on with few more tips before we get into any talk of K the next tip which I would like to give is that get help see that is what we are doing on open talk right now get help if you don't understand something you have got to ask someone like I just now said Ahmad has asked me that he is facing difficulties in pronunciation. So he asked me the tape and I was able to help it in the same way. You should get help you should you can ask anyone for help and ultimately if you're unable to find the help there is always online which can help you. There is always podcast like these which can help you this always YouTube which can help you there are tons of apps which help you in English too. So get help. Of course, of course, yeah next review our next tip which I would like to give is that review and review and review why I'm saying this again and again review and review and review to make sure that you take the time to review things. You have studied in the past see if I'm learning something new today. If and if I am not reviewing it tomorrow. There is a chance that I will forget it. Yeah. Yeah, so we should review it. We should revisit removing will make it make it make his practice makers reminded of again and again because you are repeating that so that is how the And go to the next level to sure so guys, let's go to tick next tip. I would like to start this in something very like a regular breaks regular breaks are very important. It's not a good idea to study on your own for more than 30 minutes. At least. That is what I suggest to my listeners is not a good idea to study on your own for more than 30 minutes at a time. Take regular breaks. Take regular breaks get some fresh air and stretch your legs. You can have a cup of coffee you can get some refreshments to but don't have Hefty food like heavy food that will make you drowsy and sleepy. So make sure that you will you have regular breaks for each 30 minutes. Of course through okay. Let's go to next top tip. Don't be in such a hurry to move on Next Level. See we are always in a hurry to the new Miss. Like I have to learn I have learned have to learn you should have this aggressive behavior towards learning but you should not be in a hurry. Okay, given it enough time for a particular topic so that you can learn it very clearly concentrate on the level you are at now concentrate on the left picture right now because that will help you improve and go to next level. Lie still and steady always wins the race here. Yeah. Now let's go to next topic watch DVDs rather than TV it's better to use something that you can watch over again. And again to catch a animation is the first time because all of the Hollywood movies you will be having subtitles so you can have a word with like a while the movie is going on. You will be having entertainment while you're learning. So make sure that it is not just a second guys and what Alda Korea So this is again guys a let me have this sitting here. Okay? Okay. No problem. I'm saying - Hello, it is the thing is because the most of us will find dvdc with the subtitles in a very clear manner. Of course, all of that is which you find on YouTube might be clearer might not be clear. So that is the reason we can use DVDs. So guys, let's turn this to next topic watching TV only gives you the chance to hear something correctly. First time why I am saying this there was not a repeat the TV until and unless I have some data Sky, which I can record I Be able to repeat it. This is a this is better for high level students. It can be great practice for speaking to native English speakers. So you don't have to ask them to repeat themselves. Sure. Sure. Now move to Angelo a tip. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah tip. Read braided what readers read graded readers. These books are especially written for your level. I'm like read a whole novel. You can do it. You will feel great afterwards why I'm saying that is that read graded readers? Very dismiss. You can find them online to just a second. I have a word with Fatima Fatima. You are right about releasing things that you studied in the past. Once you don't use it, you will forget it. So you need to review Thanks for the more. Thanks for Forming that one confirming that one. I really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot. I would like to have a word with you two. So guys that's what I was saying read graded readers created readers. These books are specially written for your level. So try to have some novels with some simple language not even going like high-level language. It will be more beneficial it will develop your reading skills. Listening skills speaking skills skills to so I in the same way. I have one more tip for the one who was like literally starting it right now read. Owens books children's books have easier words and a good alternative to graded readers. Okay. Yeah, that is it. Then I would like to give you one more suggestion on reading newspapers are a good place to find passive constructs. Let me repeat newspapers good places to find passive constructs read through an article and see if you can find the passive sentence passive sentence. Yeah passive sentences. So there is a Buick ablated upcoming levels. So I'm giving you this tips and you can have this God cast off once it is done to all second. Sun to dry once again just make sure that you make a note of the tips which you like. So let's move on to next step. Yeah reach for the general meaning first read for the general meaning. Yeah first. I'm repeating it again guys read for the general meeting first website General meaning first. Don't worry about understand Oriental. Another word means me see if I'm saying read for the general meaning first for if suppose salamat is reading an article in a newspaper. Okay. Yeah, then you are going through an entire page and you understood the me any of what it is written. Yeah, but you are unable to get some words. You shouldn't be worried about those words. That is something general meaning first. Should be the thing which you should consider while reading. Yeah. Okay, so read the freed for the general meaning first. Don't worry about understanding every word then go back and look up on your words first understand the meaning of the entire article. Then underline The Words which you don't know then try to get the meaning of those and try to use them in the example as I have suggested in the previous steps. So let's go to next tip for a vote. You don't understand a sentence. Yeah, but you don't understand in a sentence. Look at the other words around it around for example, this is this is This is very this is very helpful. Okay, so like I would like just like to tell S. One thing in a clear perspective. It will be much more beneficial in this way. I'll just give you a good example about that one. Yeah. Yeah. I have this one example, just let me remind it radiates what what example which I can do to because this is very important tip to Yeah, now let me let me say this thing. Once again, like business communicators should consider adopting a system for an S pitching style. Okay, this is the sentence now now what I wanted what is the tip which are suggested if you undo not understand the meaning of the word look at the word jar forward and backward to it. Yeah, because I'm busy jumping right now business communicators should consider adopting an extemporaneous speaking. That means what is the for last word speaking? What is the first one adopting? I mean like there is something about adopting and speaking that means extreme foreigners word, which is something regarding speaking. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that is how you can understand the sentences also that if you are not getting it, okay. Now we have some comments. Just give me a word Fatima. Once I start reading a novel I found out a lot of new and difficult words and start looking for it in the dictionary. And as I think it in the fourth in that forgot the novel it. This is also one of the things which we do that is why I am. Yeah, just don't get into dictionary immediately. Okay? Yeah, because getting it in particular the immediately will take you to the next thing is like you are distracting your concentration here. That is why I read for the general meaning first Fatima. If you're reading an entire page or look after reading an entire lesson or a chapter read it first and understand the meaning of the lesson understand the message of the lesson. Don't worry about understanding every word then go back and look up for new words that way. We'll be able to finish your novel to and we'll be able to get the understanding of the word to but why did I say that you have to if you are not able to get the meaning of the word then you have to look for the words around it. Then that will help your brain to understand what that word could be their friend. Yeah. Hello there guys. Shall we continue with the next step? Yeah, of course, of course. Yeah, I will repeat my last tip. Once. Again. This is for Fatima just for you for a word. You don't understand in a sentence. Look at the other words around it. They will give you a hint try to guess the meaning for that context because you don't have to stop reading the novel which you're reading it right now. That will distract your mind. Okay, guys, let's move to next tip next tip. I would like to give you is that learn? Good words. Learn root words lamps would watch me. Those are the basic Words which are starting from they'll help you guess the meaning of words for example, script or like a script means writing. We just take a pen. And with this wall describing. That is the root word for the further root word Affleck scribus right information things like minimum. You could have ladies in many sentences like that the min/max this means that they are the word for something. So here means small. So what is the root word for minimum small? What is the root word for scripting right? So in that way we can start practice. This is for the base level. So guys I hope you understood the tip. Let's tell you move to the next step. So this is very important when guys make sure you know, no make a note of this one when you learn a new word. Think of. All its other forms when you when you learn a new word think of all its other forms to for example, beautiful. We can say beauty beautifully. In such a way just a minute 40 mile be coming back to your comment. Let me have this tip finished. If you're learning a new word, then you should be learning the other forms of the word also like strong stronger strongest and use them in sentences. If you are using using the beautiful is like that girl is beautiful Beauty nature is an example of beauty beautifully. Now, we are able to understand this sentence has beautifully the I am literally crying to create the examples of the word, which I have learned. So let's get back to for tomorrow's world what she said Fatima what level of normal for people who create an intermediate English levels. Could you share some of Novel names or writers? Definitely Fatima? First of all, I would like to suggest you the basic book which can be helped you helpful you like to improve your communication and to have a communication level 2, is that how to influence people and make new friends. For the memory building the book name once again how to influence people and make new friends. This is the book which can be helping you to learn English and learn new words, and it will be also helping you in a communication development, too. Okay, guys, let's move to next step. We have hundred tips to finish but I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete all the hundred tips for a mime do not assure that what what level will be able to take it to so the next tip tell you is that good stress. We have to stress. Hello. So guys are so the next step is boards this English. Unlike Japanese or French uses word stress for new words count the syllables and find where the stresses only one stress per board and always on a novel or a wobble wobble. Sorry guys bubble on a bubble two-syllable words have a stress on the second syllable begin syllable noun teacher see we have the words that we have to stretch the word their Hussein hole bead in hi. Hi Wilson. television Shikamaru the book, which I said was like how to influence people and make new friends. So guys, let's have a but with Asian hula first. Then we'll continue with our tapes. We're unable to connect with a Shinola. Let's have a word with whose name will appear in. Hi brother, how are you? Hi, and how are you? How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. There are I will first of all I will tell you I don't speak very well. I speaking power is not a bit. Not a good so I cut this some tips from you. Definitely. Definitely. That is the reason why I'm here and I would love to help the people and I would love to learn from them to thank you. Reason why I'm here and you should not be sorry for anything. Like I'm still learning or not under just a minute. Just a minute Hussein. Okay, my brother, don't worry what? I don't know. I'm just reading one comment on how to make influence and make new friends in Fatima. It is actually How to Win Friends and Influence People. Okay, and she will Kumar is asking who is the author author is Dale Carnegie? Okay, so Kumar the quarter is Dale Carnegie and how to make new friends and influence people is a book named. So whose name? Where are you from? Hey, I'm from Pakistan in Pakistan. Wow. Yes. I'm from Pakistan and Vice City. I am from and Gujranwala the little hole here. They love more love more. I heard a lot about lol. But I never been to Pakistan. Okay? Okay, brother. So I have lost time yesterday. I have listened to your topic. You have read the book. Yes. I have it in a book. It was ever thus your brother. Very good. So what what name of your book? Yeah, the name of the book is understanding women is easy. Okay, here's what is the conclusion is really short story. Can you tell me it's not a short story. It's about the first victim of women. I mean like we as a man have a strong mindset. I mean like a straightforward mindset. I'm not that woman doesn't have strong mindset woman's also have a strong mindset but their perspective is different and yeah, To understand that perspective and it will be helping us to develop a better relationship and we have good emotion in our relationship. So the book is all about family relationships. Okay? Okay. Okay Chris. I think it's a really good understanding with all the women. So, how can I I will buy this book. Yeah, you can buy it from Amazon and Flipkart to you can just type for like a how-to understanding woman is easy Muhammad Imran and I you can buy the book from that. Okay, brother. Okay. So how many pages of this book not a very curious? Yeah. I took me two years to write the book but the book is not lengthy. Only seven is very good. Although the brothers. We are Beyond enough where everything has to be quick and fast. So whatever I learned in my two years from time to time. I was writing this book for two. Like little bit little bit little bit understanding and understanding and developing and creating so it took me like two years to finish the book for like this. So I think if the book is not easy, he will write in a one day to day and in one month, so it's like behind this behind this effort. I think it's a very it's a very it's very many experienced in in her life in his in in him life. Yes, see, I've dubbed write the book. I had an interview like with like more than so many. I wouldn't call go there with the count. I had interviewed so many women many of the girls who are married their married life then about the girls would be aware who are about to get married or who aren't relationship or like married woman's it many different ages so that I can have an understanding as a men from my side so that I can give a preview on what we can do to develop our relationship and have a better understanding. Woman's which is very easy not. Okay. So Brothers all we have to go so I will talk you later. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay selamat 32 an urgent call I disconnected. It's okay salamat, you don't have to be worried about that will be having lot of conversation shown. So do follow me on open Talk FM will be having a lot of new topics upcoming. So guys, let's continue with the tips which we are discussing about. So the next tip which I would like Like to give is that use English whenever you can it is as simple as that use English whenever you can it's as simple as that guys you have to use it guys. Listen to me. I'm giving you all the tips. You can choose a device which are beneficial for you. But until and unless you keep them in action, you put them in action, you won't be able to learn it just that it won't be helping until unless you put them in action. If I am I You to read it out loud. You should do that every single definitely be able to get that if I'm asking you to do mirror practice. You should do that because until and unless we tried we won't be able to learn it. If you're just looking at that bicycle every day, you won't be able to learn it. You have to get down to the cycle. Try fall again. Try it and then you'll be able to learn it. So that is what I'm trying to tell you guys learning is important learning is important for learning you have to practice a lot. So we have Muhammad Shah Rukh here Chara. First of all, I would like to say sorry that previously I was unable to take your call, but I'll make sure that we have a mod now you're connecting with Muhammad Shah Rukh. Hello. Hello Islam illegal. Hello. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello I got here you can you hear me? Yeah, I may be able to me I may be able to you of course you are yeah. Hi. I am Amit Shah Rukh. How are you? I'm good at slowly governmental ever cut by the commercial environment. How are you? One more thing. You have the name of my favorite hero, man. Who is your favorite you Sadiq Khan Shahrukh Khan, but he doesn't use murmured through the new but Shahrukh is enough to make me remind me of my favorite hero. Okay, that's appreciate it. Okay, short drive from from uttar Pradesh from uttar Pradesh. So how long have you been using over top before open to a gabonese of was using you know, purple dog? That was not Ability to the - and now open-top became a body tag and the open top car is converted to open talks. So I've been using this application for means like for a two weeks. Okay, Mama Shahrukh, you can see that today's topic is a hundred tips to improve your English. Would you like to give some tips to our listeners that how they can improve their English? Right. Now I have only one tips. I think that is really as one of the most important condition to scale your English speaking skills. Okay, we are listening. So that is you know, when we speak our mother language. That is Hindi. Hello. Hello. Yeah, I shot up your voice was breaking. Can you repeat what you can you hear me now? Yeah, but you said I was saying when we speak our mother tongue like Hindi we never hesitated because that is our model again, and we have a connection with that language. So we don't need to Envy don't have to understand the grammar when we speak in the right. Yeah, so just if you want to speak English or any other language in the whole world just think that this is your mother language and then you will be able to make a connection with the language and G and returning a language and learning a language may be easy for everybody else. Okay, Mama Shahrukh. Thank you so much for the tip. That's a wonderful tip guys are so do make sure a note of a shark step here. That's a very good tip. Make sure that you Consider the language as your mother mother tongue, then only were able to kind with it and learn it. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much for your tip and anything else. Would you like to add? I just wanted to talk to you been watching you a long time on open talk and I was really excited to talk to you. Dr. Jimmy. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you and you are you know, good guy like like the people that I really appreciate because you're happy people online. You are a good speaker also, thank you. Thank you. Thanks a lot. And you know, I would say I just like a love for you and may you have all the success in your life. What? You're looking for whatever you're doing. You just may God bless you with everything else. Thank you Shadow. Thank you so much. So hello. Yeah, I'm listening. I'm listening. I'm here. I have I have just had that here I've written a book. It's called understandable understanding woman is easy. Okay, understandable is easy. That's the full name. Yes. So so since you have written a book I would like to know from you what is really important to understand the movement see what is important to understanding woman is that you can even understand everything just by the server you can say that on the Text of the book itself the first of all we tested that change in mindset creates the development of what is here is that we have a mindset Every Man Has a right the mindset and we are born with that mindset and we grew up with that mindset. So that is the reason we don't empathize with when from their part of perspective. So the book is really comprised of how we can understand from their want of suspect you and by doing some minor changes we can bring some organ development growth and emotional attachment in our relationship. That is what the book is all about. There's really good expiration. That is some kind of Technical and you know some kind of helpful for understanding movement, especially for a husband. Yes. Yes. He's a cities so I would like to you know, give you a tell you something about that. Can I yeah, sure sure understanding woman, you know, I'm not a hero really qualified just like you are and I'm never ridden a bird on my own. No, it doesn't have to do anything with your qualification or if you haven't written anything. It's about respect your age of onset. So I would like to say it is Teddy because you know, it's you know Margaret and I really have to go but I would say understanding Bowman is really easy because a woman is only needs respect and love, you know from the husband. Yes respect and love but at what conditions are like what situations and like a what kind of love are like what kind of support The thing which I have explained in the book and not sell a woman needs and wants. Yeah, that's a wonderful thing. That's a wonderful thing more mature Oak. Your wife will be very lucky. Thank God. Thank you, Masha Allah Subhan Allah, very good. I really love him and you're a wonderful man. Love you too. So I got to go. You know, it's almost time. Yeah. Yes it is. Thank you Cheryl. Thank you for sharing your point of view. I really love it do follow me on open talk and I will be having a lot of topics. And upcoming days to thank you so much for Islam only so guys, let's continue with our tips. So the next step which I would like to give you. He's simple one very very simple one, which I do every single day don't translate into English from your own language. Don't do that think in English to improve your fluency think in English to improve your nephew your fluency. Now what the next thing you can do is that Talk to yourself a talk to myself in Mirror. You can do the same thing again and again, but not on the buses. Otherwise people will think you have gone crazy. I'm just kidding. So make sure that you think in English and you talk to yourself. This is also very simple. So let's get going on with the next tip. You can't learn English from a book like driving a car. You can only learn through doing Get this had this is the same thing which I am saying again. And again, you can't learn English from a book. So just don't think that by reading a book you'll be able to get an English. You have to practice it. You have to speak it you have to ride it and you have to open your mouth out loud while speaking then only you'll be able to have a grip on and command over the English language. Let's move to next topic the most natural way to learn grammar is through talking. Yes, it is. Grammar is the ghost of English but it is very simple in the same way. If you understand it the most natural way to learn grammar is true talking see that simple. Now. Let's go to Next Step. Keep an English diary or Journal I have said about our book to that book is for new words. Don't mix the both things. That book is for new words. And this diary or Journal is for English completely entirely comprised for English. Start by writing a few sentences at the few sentences like anything what you want and then get into that habit of writing more. Simple right? It's very simple. You just have to write a few sentences every day and make it a habit that you will write those sentences every day. You won't notice the change immediately, but Eventually, eventually you will feel the change eventually will be learning or learning learn by Bit by Bit will show its massive results in future. Then I would like to share this one thing. This is a bit awkward and a bit tricky one. Why don't you start an online blog and share your writing with the world? A bit scary, right? So what I'm asking you to do is that this is like a second level you can think of it. So what you have to do is that you have to write anything blocks are free and world is free those who want to read they will leave those who wrote don't want to read the door. They will not read but this will give you the courage to publish something like start doing something on it. So do have an online blog and do share your writings there. Mr. Mohammad Yari. Hello Muhammad Ali. How are you? I hope you're doing great. So next step. Let's get to next tip to become a big better writer brainstorm. ER as many ideas and thoughts onto paper without worrying about grammar or spelling. So let me put it simple. You have to write your ideas and thoughts, but don't think about grammar mistakes. You will eventually learn grammar to as I said, what is the easy way to learn grammar, but talking you will learn it. Don't worry about that thing, but make sure that you write your ideas and thoughts without Writing about vampires or spelling then think about the structure of the world. Have you have made that after that write your piece using good grammar and spelling? Then what you can do next is finally read it true or give it to someone else check for the mistakes. Don't be shy see we are learning so learning which we can do miss. It's not a big deal. We have a saint Ooh La La. Let's have a word with a chanela before we go to next steps. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi, I don't remind me. How are you Hi, how are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. I'm also doing great. How are you? I'm doing great. Where are you from Mission? Basically, I'm probably understand but currently I'm in Pakistan. Oh, you're from Afghanistan. But right now you are in Pakistan. Yeah, is this this is I have been here since my birth since your birth. Yes. Yes, then that means you are senior to me to the definitely I should be learning more things from you. No, no, actually, I'm in Pakistan since my birth. No I'm saying how long have you been using open top? Well, it's been 10 days because I think I download this application see still you are senior to me. I have been using this app only for five days. No, you don't think so. You know why you're quite good in English speaking compared to me. No, no. No, he shan't don't do this and don't do is okay. You should never compare anyone else with you. Okay, you are doing really good and in future you will be doing much better than this so you Be comparing someone else even if he is good or even if he's bad we shouldn't be comparing some other person's. Okay. You should be proud that we started some clear there is no, you know the richness but you're doing great. Actually, you know, I don't have I don't have environment. I see I use this application just for improving my English. Yeah, that's a good thing. Yes, I'm leaving in a rule area. So there is no environment apart from this application. Anyway, Shawn you can learn a ton from this application. So you don't converse Asians together use, of course. I want you to share experiences with me. You know, I want to be proved to be spurious definitely. Definitely whenever you are online. You can join my talks and every day will I will be available here. So do follow me so that you can get notifications. Use this again. Can you introduce yourself? You know if you don't want to say, my name is Muhammad Imran. I'm an English tutor motivational speaker public speaker and a My Love Guru. I have recently written a book and apart from that. I do change my profession from time to time. I never stay in one job particularly sometimes artists then sometime animator sometimes software engineer sometime teacher. It means you are agitprop all turds. What? Red means you are a jake pop apart. It's not like that not like that and where exactly do you live? I'm from India in Bangalore. You going from Bingo? Yeah. Yes. It's a have you completed your education. Yeah, I have completed my education in like engineering for Computer Sciences that post graduations in visual effects and animations. Then how wiii you change your you know you why you change your job your passion to hearing the shooter. See the thing is that I only do the job which satisfies me which makes me happy then only I will do the job. I don't do the job for money. I don't do the job for salary. I don't do the job for living because this is the only life which we have so we should be exploring and doing the thing which makes us happy. So that is the thing. Yes, of course, but our what are you doing for? You're leaving. I mean, you know, everything is garbage. Getting very expensive. And right now I'm working as a manager in a education industry. I'm a manager and I'm a trainer I train new teachers to teach 21st century skills so value to you know, share your experiences with me. I mean, especially if someone is, you know lacking in speaking skill that is why that is why this topic is hundred tips to improve your English go through the other audios to and I mean like you will be having a ton of information just have a notebook and write down the points and the tips which you like the most and which are easy for you and do try them and Then they feel feeling difficulty. You can come back here online and you always available for you to help. This is definitely will come with the would you repeat some of the tips? Yeah, I'm just going to the tips. So be online I have to disconnect the call so that we shouldn't be having a disturbance but do listen to the tips, which I'm sharing right now. Yes, of course, of course reputable do yeah. Thank you. We have a request to join call from Rochester. Just give me a couple of minutes so that I can just tell few more tips before we join a top with you. So please be patient. Thank you so much. So the next thing which I would like to give the next tip, which I would like to give let's just keep it simple because I think we are running out of time to so I don't think that will be hitting hundred tips today because I can't stop myself cooking with the listeners. So nobody likes to hear their own voice. But be brave and try it record your voice and listen to your pronunciation and notation. It will help you to identify your problems area guys do this definitely do this. Nobody likes to hear their own voice. I'm me too. I don't don't like to hear my voice but still I love my voice but be brave to and try it record your voice and listen to your pronunciation compare it then it will be helpful for you to identify the mistakes which are doing and then get it right until unless we Otis you won't be able to get it understand one thing Learners learning is a spectator sport until unless we try. So guys, let's have a Priyanka here on the call. Oh my God are we had one more called request? I think it's got canceled or anyway, let's have a word with Priyanka here first. We are connecting with Priyanka. So after Bianca will be having few more steps. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Priyanka. How are you? Sir? Fine you sir? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking guy from Bianca. I'm from Bangles from Bangalore. Yeah. So, how did have you been using this application is coming in? We are not what you said had ever tasted. Yes. I had my D it out. It won't be working for. Because I'm from Hyderabad, right? We Hyderabad is love tea. Okay. Okay, sir. I'm doing course now sir, Java and testing. Wow, that's wonderful. But my communication skill is very poor. So that's why I'm not getting job. I have knowledge, but I I don't have communication skills. Whenever I go to the interview. I am I'm not the conveying that topics. Love you. Okay, Priyanka. Let me tell you one thing you have your Your Java course right? Yes, but do you what you do is that you learn from it, isn't it? I'm basically from electrical Branch. So I'm searching for testing only sir. That's why okay, Brenda. Let me tell you this this thing which I want to clarify you. If you are joining a course, you're learning it, right you are giving the time for the course you're practicing it just a minute Priyanka. Yeah, and I want to join you sit there man. I've been just started speaking with Bianca. Just hold on for a couple of minutes. I do want to speak with you, too. Bianca let's continue. Yes. So what I'm trying to tell you is that you give your time to the course to practice it you learn it, isn't it? So same thing I want you to do with the English too. First of all, the easiest tip, which I can give you. Is that speak a lot speak a lot. Second thing do malpractice do mirror practice. What you have to do. Is that every morning fix at eyes every morning. You have to fix the same time. I am I'm staying in PC, sir. My lord said laugh at me. Yeah, I see you shouldn't be shy about something. Let them love one day when you speak good English. They will appreciate you just because someone is laughing at you if you stop learning then whose loss is that is it the last me it's me with all of your friends who are in PG, or is it the loss of you? Jesus isn't it? So you will be at loss that if you don't practice just because you are shy because there are some people will laugh at you see at the beginning. I mean, it was like very very very bad the same I should say like that but my friends used to laugh at me and they'll be saying that the why are you trying this everything we have this our own language? And why do you want to speak in English and everything they used to make fun of these and they did but I but I never cared about it though. Those people are my friends. Let them laugh at me what is going to happen now at present day my friends many of my friends are still in. All day to appreciate me for my English and they would that now the what they are saying now right now. Yeah, I too have done the practice. I would have been speaking like you see no-one will appreciate you while you're practicing once you achieve something they will understand what you have done the great thing. So have confidence don't worry about if anyone is laughing at you. Oh do your practice? Okay enough. You should be more spontaneous. Let them know if they'll often you also love with them. Okay? Okay, it's okay. You shouldn't be shy you shouldn't be scared of anything away. You're learning something. It's new to you is new to them. So let them laugh and you do your practiced. It will be awkward for two days, but later it will be habituated. But you will develop your English. You will go to next level. You can have your job too. So we had a discussion with Priyanka Priyanka. I hope my tips are helpful to you. Let's have a word with a thorough Ramon before we go to the next tip. We are connecting with our a moratorium on thank you so much for being on the call be where you are. I love your patience when you win waiting for some time. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. So we are connecting with our ramen. We are connecting with our ramen. Let's have a word with him. Hello. Hello Sonia thorium on how are you? So I at the Ramada. I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. How are you? I just want to thank you so much for giving your precious time. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much at the auditorium and for waiting and I would like to apologize to keep you waiting because I can only take a one call at a time. Okay. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. I am going to ask you a few fruitful steps to be posted on my scale just as I told you tell me such a strenuous curves. Tips the two in order to improve my spoken scan. At arraignment I didn't get you. Can you just please repeat once again well for obviously so I actually saw my point that I want to boost up my speed spoken scared. So I need such okay Kyle, which improve my skill point can Okay. So at a laminar this is the same tip, which I have indicated previously. Let me tell you one thing you have you should have a video with subtitles. Okay, a small video what I have I am telling this is because take a video of three minutes watch the video. Okay and read the subtitles second time repeat the video but this time readout and try to match the station which is in the video along with the subtitles do it for three tabs for a single video. This one what we'll do that it can give the practice to your time that have you Bouncing and you'll be at the same time. We'll be listening to the words and you're reading at the same time and you're repeating at the same time. So what will happen is that you will brain will try to grasp the pronunciation of that particular word. So in that way you will be able to get ahold of your accent. Okay, so good. And so one more question. Can I come would you mind telling you get no? No, you can ask me how many questions you want. It's not at all a problem. You can ask the so x to the third I want to I want to make a British accent right sir. Yes, you know I I'm I'm ready. I'm ready, you know in confusion, you know, so in my area where we just you know, we are we are we are studying we are we're doing American chords, right? So okay American course and on the other side if you want to adopt the British accent, so so I'm ready double mind run both sides which which side to be Intro to which side I'm I improve my British accent to any tip. Let me tell you one thing. There are two types of expensive one is European one is American. So now you should have to decide first that which accent will be more beneficial for you in your upcoming future because they're so the accident applicable in both the countries in Europe also can speak American English that won't be a problem and the anomaly calls you can speak your opinion is that won't be a problem, but you should have an understanding. Standing that it which one you are going to do first. Yes, sir. So that is the reason why you know, so just we want to do the British accent right sir, but yes in but but you know, we're in our in our school course curriculum, you know, it is the courses in American. So let you in the throat you you have one more school. You have one more so it's very it's free. The school is free. Yes, sir. You can learn any language. You want to know what's cool is that but let me ask you a question. So the question is which I mean sir any if we learn British exchange whether that is a British or American accent so store how will we make make a difference between British and American? So let me tell you one thing. I tell Ramon first of all what you have to do. Is that go to YouTube and start looking for Soon British action. Okay. Okay Basics and your selfish action that will help you to differentiate between American English and the British accent too. So then you will be having an idea that what you should be doing next to practice. Yes. Yes for is there any any difference between British and American accent there is but very few G's of for example, sir. Just a second. Arana is asking is anyone does anyone have an english-medium background to run is asking. Dr. Amy that question is directed to you also. Yes. I'm from English English with a background. So we had a discussion with our Behavior Ashok Kumar want to speak with us. So let's get corrected with Ashok Kumar here once hello. Hello. Yes, good evening, brother. Hello. Hey I shall cover you. Yes, I'm fine. What about you bro? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? Yeah. Thanks for first of all. Thanks for your connecting with me. So I am from India living in Rajasthan Rajasthan. Okay. How long have you been using open top? Since we are back I'm using this application. Two years back off at dot f m is new but we had the other application of open talk to yeah, I get it but it Oak open talking since one month ago. I using this application very good. So, how do you like opendoc FM? Yeah. It's so good than bodytalk. Okay, so we have we have to so many chances to learning and improving our email list communication as well as we have no About more knowledge related to another topic, you know, so there are so many topics discussed everyone in day by day. Yeah. Yes. Yes it is. Yes it is. Yes, it is done. Is it is this a wonderful platform for us today, you know our skills and develop a language to so I do appreciate Opera doctor for this but this effort so that podcasters can share their point of view. They can have a word with their listeners to I mean like this is a very good thing because you have right now so we should make the most out of it and learn a lot from it. Okay, just please tell me your name and what is Ooh name, my name is Muhammad Imran Mama. Do you know where are you from? Actually, I'm from Hyderabad. But right now I'm in Bangalore. Okay. So what do you do there? So right now I'm working in a form where I train new teachers to teach 21st century skills. Okay. Okay, that's good. Actually, I'm looking your I'm looking your picture whatever you have uploaded in your profile. So there there are the your hair is so much big you know, so. So thank you. Thank you so much for coming to your area. So maybe you know anybody can say that so you are a teacher. So sorry for that is don't mind. Just I have you can say anything you want because it's your opinion. So I shouldn't be having any mining with your opinion. I would always take it with you for the duration only good. So now I actually now I am looking your English is so so good better than us. So everyone is listening you and more than our peoples are listening here. So maybe your teacher your teaching and you are speaking is so good in English. So make millions. Actually. Your experience is so much expectations hours. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much. What is the reason behind of which means how how do you how did you done this English conversation? And how can you speed so sparkly now? It's about all about practice. It's all about I can say the only thing is practice until and unless you start practicing you won't be able to do that. First of all, you have to say Start speaking. Okay, reading more. These are all secondary. First of all, you have to start speaking until the analyzer will do with speaking. We won't be able to have a grip on language. So almost how much is it? How much is yes, you have experience in English in related to speaking talking about only speaking. See we can say that though. I'm from English medium. I have started to speak in English. It's be like only five years it it means we can say that this is your mother tongue because as you have joint in your medium school, that's why I haven't even that's why you are English is the a good it doesn't mean or even if you're an English girl, you could speak better English because we consider English as a subject in English medium to to the okay. Yes. Only thing is that we will be using lot of wordings instead of speaking, but we don't get alive opportunities to do that. So which I learned mostly after my school. So what should I do if you if you want to do is speak and because of what is happening as you you can also looking my speaking of words, so mostly mostly a sentence I'm making is wrong. Maybe I think Ashok Kumar first of all, let me tell you one thing you are doing a wonderful job right now by starting speaking it. Okay. Once you have a grip on speaking and it's like you till your started to speak means you have enough courage to speak. So then only you can go to the next step if you did. Listen to my previous steps are after this video. I'm going to cover this podcast is done. Make sure that you listen to all the tips which have given previously and a try to use the tips from those which are comfortable for you and that will be helpful for you to get the pronunciation done practice done and to have a better command over English. Okay? Okay, but we're actually I have a one concern if is now we are two when we when we are speaking English. So at that time it Wills are no need to grammar. Okay, but when We are writing an email subtract letters. So at that time we have to knowledge about the grammar. Otherwise, we cannot be able to write any males. Yes, it is. But how to improve that is the thing you have to practice that is what I have done. And that is the reason I'm giving the tips here until and unless we start the only solution at least we have this practice you won't be able to do that. I even gave the tips on writing to so that is why I'm suggesting you to go through this podcast once again when it is available recorded one. Okay. Okay. So you may already shared. Oh you have already uploaded that video. No, once it is done it will be available. That was a speaking life. Yeah this fecal I will be uploaded again. Okay. Okay. Thanks, bro. Thank you. Thank you for having your time with us. So let us continue with the further tips Sunil path. Thank you. Also Kumar. Oh, hi, how are you? Anil Kumar without practice. We won't get anything. Yes. I will. Come on your right without practice. You won't get anything. So let's get to the next step. This is more of like an inspiration inspiring one more than thinking of something else the Please don't give up stay positive. Sometimes you will feel that you are on learning quickly enough everyone feels this don't worry about it. You will get they're in the ends. So don't give up stay positive. Now. Let's go to next tip. Enjoy it. Yes, that is a tip. Enjoy it we learn more when we are having fun. We learn more when they're having fun. So make sure that you are enjoying the English while you're learning it. Now. Let's get you to next tip. If you get nervous when speaking take two deep breaths before you say something you will speak better when you feel next now next tip keep yourself motivated by looking back at the text books and CDs you have used in the past. See if you have if you are now the second level then the books which you have used previously keep looking them back turning them back music you will be having a feeling that in past to use all those to learn now. We have got to the next level so that will be motivating you to go to next level two. So now let's go to next tip. You are never too young or never too old to start learning English age doesn't matter age doesn't matter. So make sure that you are never too young or never too old to start learning English. You can start any day. You can even start today. You can even start after two years, but whatever it is until and unless we start using it until unless we start using it you won't be able to learn don't make excuses to not to learn. What are you waiting for? Isn't it? Isn't this the time to start? So I'll give you one more tip. Procrastination can stop you from being successful procrastinating means like I will do it after some time. Okay, I'll do it tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow putting the word or the work on to hold to do it later is called as procrastination procrastination can stop you from being successful to stop procrastinating. It's important to understand if you procrastinating is to avoid study or if it is your bad habit. So nearly Pechanga there are many students who are not able to speak English. What do you think about them? Sorry, but Sango I think that there are many students who can learn English see they don't know English yet, but they can still learn that means they can learn English. So there are many possibilities for them to learn English. We have Fatima here. Let's have a word with Fatima. Rana is saying I have a very interesting tip to improve English. Definitely run our please do give us your tip. Hello. For fucking out to be connected with us on life. Hello doctor Amy. Your name right? Hello. Hello. How are you? I'm fine. Thank you. Thank you for asking. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Thank you. I'm Fatima from Libya. from Libya Okay. How are you doing? I'm fine. I'm trying to improve my language. This is that's why I'm here talking with you. Okay. I enjoyed listening to you. Thank you. Yes, you are very useful for us to learn. Thank you. Thank you so much for T. My that means a lot. Okay. So bottom I did you find any of the tips useful for you from the tips, which I have given till now. Well, I study English because the the first reason I love English language, so we started I have started studying English. I have passionate about language English language. Okay? Yes. I try to it was hard here too difficult to study English in Libya with with Teacher I'm not native and hmm. Yes, I can understand. Yes, and no one speaks. No one speaks English with you and you know, you don't have the Doesn't know anything about see if our team and I would like to tell one thing about this if you find someone who's better than you then you can learn from him. If you find someone who is lesser than you then you can teach him what you have learned. This is how we can help each other to learn. The problem is the problem is we do with yourself. You cannot find the confidence that push you to speak with someone who avoids volume is so low. Hello Fatima. Are you keep your speaker a bit closer? I'm unable to okay, so as I told you It's about yourself. You cannot find the confidence that push you to speak to trying to speak with someone who is better than you and stages. Yeah, it's difficult you afraid to speak or Freight from laughing on you. I don't know. Yeah Fatima. Let me tell you one thing very clearly you are afraid or you are scarce get or you're feeling shy because someone will laugh at you because you have started something new now. Tell me one thing. Person who is laughing at you will laugh and we'll move away. Is it any loss for him? But you are getting scared just too because someone is laughing at you and you're stopping to learn then that is your loss. Yes or not. Yes. Yes shame because you why do you have to yeah, why do you have to feel shame when you are learning something new? See now we can walk now we can run isn't it now we can walk now we can run but when you were born we knew Bond we will Not able to sit properly, isn't it? It takes time when you practice something, but when you spend a lot of time studying the same subject with new improving. No, you have to be in the first places in this field Fatima. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the thing that you have put a word or learning you have taken an initiative to learn. Okay, others many of our many of them. Even start because others will laugh at them many of them don't even start because they are scared but you took an initiative to learn you took an initiative to grow. So that is the reason you should consider yourself as best when compared to others because the one who takes a stand to learn something new is the one who will achieve something greater. This is what I'm trying to do here because you know, I concentrated and the past years I concentrated. Writing, you know, the writing is more difficult than speaking. I concentrate how to write letters to write reporters according to my work. So when you write you have the time to think you have time to to correct your mistake, but when you speak no you you feel the panic. Okay. Sorry guys. Sorry for team. I think we had a disconnection here. Please check your network once guys I request you. Please have our study network from English to Arabic or vice versa or writing things, too. So, okay guys, we will be ending our sessions shown because I have one more session to attend with Marine. So before doing that, let me have my one last tip for today's session. I tried to cover hundred but it's not that easy while I'm speaking with my listeners. So guys the last step which I would give you like to give you for this session is don't worry about making your accent. Perfect. It's an important part of our culture identity to keep your accent nail. English speakers enjoy hearing English spoken with an accent Okay, so native English speakers will be happy with the accent which only using right now. You can have an accent of American British later on but you shouldn't be having a lean straight way towards having a perfect accept you will be having that in future, but make sure that you are happy for the accent that you have right now. So guys, thank you. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for your love. Do you love the podcast which I'm doing right now and do follow me on open Talk FM. We have a one more podcast, which going to be live in some time. So I have to end this podcast right now. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your support. Thanks for your love. I will be coming up with new topics at the every single day. So guys have a very nice time very nice day and keep practicing practicing will lead you to success one day eventually you Will learn better than anything. So guys. Love you all. Thank you so much. Have a very nice day. Bye. Bye.