Okay, guys, how are you? Happy morning to one and all and I'm very happy about the to everyone. So it is celebrated as New Year in many of our agents and that today I'm here to celebrate with you my hand with episode of open job podcast. And yeah today we don't have any specific topic about to speak but still. And this is my Honda podcast and I'm happy to celebrate this with you. So guys have a word with me connect with me. Let's talk and let's have some fun. So guys this is the hundredth episode. Hi Sonia. Have you? Just a second guys. A very happy morning to you Sonya and guys. Thank you so much for joining with me here. And this is my Hundred podcast and I'm really happy to be a part of open Talk family. The love they share the care you have been showing towards me is wonderful. Awesome. And I think this is the time to show some gratitude towards my listeners. The weight is supported me the way they motivated me. I learned a lot of new things here. So I'm really happy. So as I'm saying, there's no specific topic today. We're just gonna have some word and if you like to have a word with me, then do send me requests. Let's have some work together. And yes guys be safe stay at home. This curfew is meant for our own safety. Our own family safety of our loved ones safety. Don't go out. I know it's difficult, but still try to make up your mind come up with something new try something new. You can do many things while staying at home. So utilize the time. Well, please don't go out. Be safe. And yeah again I'm saying this is my Hundred episode not not of episode podcast on orbit jock, so I'm here to All right with you guys I have nowhere else to go. Alright, so, yep. I'm here. Okay, so guys if anyone would like to have a word with me then please join with me. Let's have worked with me. Hi there for you can see how are you guys do hit the hard button share your love hundred podcast at least hundred love should be given right. Yesterday I did and my podcast a bit early. I was not feeling well and yeah, that is it. Hi Anna, how are you? So reporter on and he's here, I'd seen that he's quite busy these days. So guys can it with me? Let's have a word. I'm very happy morning on on. Today, we are celebrating the hundred podcast of dr. Amy here on open Talk. So yeah, do share your love press the hot button and let's have some conversation. Please have some Cop Shop. Let's have some discussion. Let's celebrate the day today and we are today is a special occasion. It's guga the the new year of Andhra Telangana could Nautica. I think Tamil Nadu of am not wrong. King of Hearts hacking of Arts how are you? Doctor is amazing. Thank you. And yeah, yes guys. This is my Hundred podcast on open talk and I'm here to celebrate this with you. So please join with me and let's have a conversation. Let's discuss something. Oh we have reporter on and here. So let's have a word autonomy a Zulu be here man. I need to have a word with you two. Hello. Hello. I said I guess the GI said I guess hi Anna. How are you? I'm good, brother. How about you? I'm doing fantastic as usual. And yeah, I can see that lately or where you're getting very busy. Very famous. Congrats. You're doing a great job. Thank you. Thank you so much. So hundred podcast. Yeah, this is my Hundred podcast today. I want to talk to I'm here to celebrate superb. Yep, that's it. So I remember like I've been following you from your very first podcast so I can say this is something very special and it just like 40 days something. Yeah, I nearly 40 45 days and you did a hundred podcast. Everyone is loving you on open talk. I hope so. I hope so. It was like a unique Journey here in open talk. I had some mobs I had some Downs I had some clashes. I found my love and some friends become enemies. Enemies become friends so many new things to happen. So many new people to meet many things to learn so it wasn't fantabulous unit. Yeah, but most of the people here loves you, I hope so. Thank you again. And thank you. Yeah, I can say that because I follow everyone I listened to everyone so whatever they said, so I come on conclusion that most of the people loves you here. They loves about they love things about you. You your way of talking and the kind of knowledge you have with you. It's just great. Yeah, it's good to know that people love me. But what can we do please is a gold digger. We can't do anything about that now more it's not listening to dr. Amy. Thank you so much. Thanks for sharing. Your V is some with it's fun listening to dr. Amy. Don't forget to press the heart button for him. Also if you enjoy him. Yeah, she had your love guys here your love breaks the heart button. Share your love. Let's say a doctor me just that it's hundred postcard podcast. So this would be a hundred likes there should be a hundred Hertz. Okay. Yeah. Yeah guys you heard reporter and then so let's take it 200 Hearts today with this podcast. Not more not less. Let's make it 200. Yeah, it should be hundred then. It will be not very good celebration. And your hundred podcast is on a very special day. Yes. Yes. It is. It's a South Indian New Year, right? Yes. It's out the new year and do to Corner. We won't be able to celebrate it the way we used to celebrate it every year. Yeah, but regardless of like what religion I belong to I do celebrate all the festivals and I do is discern my friends. That's what make you special. Did you respond to everyone? That's what make us human being? Yeah, but yeah, that's true. That's also true. That's what make us human being because Humanity comes first humanity is the biggest religion. Yeah, I should be I should be part of all the celebration which my friends are taking part if the inviting me and if you're happy with it, so I will make sure that I do it in it. And yeah, I do celebrate all the festivals possible of all the friends. I know so why how many prints from different regions so they celebrate a wide variety of festivals? So it's like all three I'll be getting opportunities to the bit many festivals. So yeah, I love it and everyone loved. Dr. Amy. Thank you guys. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your cooperation. Thank you for your support. So that is the reason I'm here today with hundred podcast and we are celebrating here with reports running. Yeah, so what about cake? Yeah, I would have done that. But you know right it's Corona time how we can order it. Come on, who knows that the person who's making the cake don't have Corona. That's also true. Yeah, I'd anyway we have you have an updated version of virus. It's now Hunter. Yeah Hunter its hands are like it's coming from rats. I think I don't know what the What is wrong with this Chinese idiots when they have already did this Corona pandemic and have to eat and half-boiled rack to create one more pattern. I don't I don't I don't know why they're like that. Why how can I it's just here how can someone eat like something without boiling? They eat snacks date? I don't know Linda need some if they want to look at what what the heck they're doing in the first place. Yeah. I mean like and beliefs that because right now most of the countries are suffering. Yeah, and I have an MBA and we should make sure that China is banned from the entire world. It should be isolated. It should be wrong down for an entire lifetime. So I should be locked down should be because of them every country is suffering every countries. Like, you know, everyone is like you can say that right now we are all in jail because of them without is because of those idiotic people having some idiotic habit of eating idiotic food. Yeah. Dumb idiots, they don't have any clear like grow their own vegetables. Those Chinese are such an idiot. They even create fake cabbage fake cauliflower thing eggs pig cries. What not even fake meat Yeah, that's that's the perfect word to describe them idiots. Morons complete morons, they replicate the food natural food and they eat as food. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. What's what's wrong with them. Yeah, there is a reason we call the right. There is a reason we call rats as fast with this reason we call snakes dangerous. There's a reason we avoid insects because they carry a ton of bacteria along with them. Yeah, and they're eating foolishly and because of them now everyone is suffering every single country. And Corona is not a Corona still there and they come up with one knew why. Yes. You know what have to be done. I had believed that Trump should build a wall around China so that no Chinese can come out of from there ever again her weather, but the problem is like no one is ready to raise voice against them because biggest thing is even though Trump is saying that he still be very polite with them. You know, why because right now Trump they were like lace mask mask something they all there some problem of Moscone Center Niger. So China provided mask and Santana's you to uh, yeah, they created the virus now, they created a helping with the mask in sanitizers. Yeah, they are creating were robots. You know, there may be it can be there like any kind of What I should say, they want to they want to create all those stuff for their kids. It can be true in this one. I recently we all showed that white china entirely. If every single product of them all the all the nations to take a stand and they should stop manufacturing things from China even that iPhone. They to manufacture the iPhones and their parts from China. If you are so dependent China you are going to suffer a lot who knows next group will be coming with a default or coronavirus installed in it. That's true. And you don't even death threats like they are saying that we just have three thousand deaths. We are normal now, but there are so many reports saying that there are at least 20 million deaths because of Coronado virus, but they're hiding most saddest girl ever Jaime brother. Okay. Hi sister wife. Not sadist it's sadist. Okay, but why what's the reason I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Do I know you? Maybe not sure sir. Yeah, I'm not sure. How is it hon? I don't know. She's here. You think you know me? Not sure anyway, yes guys. So the journal this is the hundred podcast and I'm here to celebrate with open top. So yeah, actually, you know, dr. Amy, you are celebrity whole open don't know me. So, how can you remember every single person how could I know that if people are changing their names? I mean like I'm not sure about That's also true. That's also true. There are some idiots who changed name to defame someone. mmm, Rahul strength-based Maybe John what happened? Ceasing don't talk to me. Wow. What happened, dude? I don't know. Yeah, I know. I know. I don't know. I remember you remember. Okay, so if there is a non solve it Yeah, it has to be solved for deduction for sure. It will be done. Yeah, Rihanna is here. Hi, Dan. So guys if you loving the podcast, please press the heart button heart heart should be at least a hundred today. We are planning to have hundred Hearts because it's a hundred podcast and yes here celebrating. So da cream, it's like you're hundred podcast. So do you want to share any special memory about opendoc? Any special memory you have any any special memory related to open top? It sounded both Castle or something related to open the also so I'll just share my journey in short. Yeah. Okay. Sure. So guys, dr. M is going to share his journey. So it's going to be fun. So, please press the hot button for him. Yeah. Yes guys share your love. Let's make this podcast a hundred podcast with hundred laps and the So my journey began in such a way that I was traveling in a Metro and I received a notification from bodytalk saying that there's one more application as open Talk FM radio station. So I just installed it but I didn't use it for like a couple of days. I was like quite busy then one day I started to listen to the podcast then I saw that people are doing wonderful here. And when I first came into the open top, it was like maybe evening 6 that time so I coming I came up with a topic like how to be happy. Yeah, I remember it. Yeah, it was my first topic but I was unable to finish it because it was disconnected. I don't know why maybe some bug issues maybe some other issues but it was disconnected then again, I did the same topic again. So from that moment itself. I found it like very interesting and addictive so every day I started to do the podcast whenever I get Time and whenever I get half other free time, so I used to listen to podcast and open two hours and it really addicted to open door then slowly. I started to make friends start to have friends from different countries. And and then even when late-night why when I was not able to sleep I used to come to open up to see who's doing life. I saw some wonderful people doing some wonderful work sit even at midnight and yeah, that was good and that inspired me a lot that yeah when people commute even midnight in why can't I so I was like more focused. Coming up with different topics and Melissa has started to ask me to come up with that or topics which they want to learn about. So, yeah that interest that made me like more enthusiastic that people want to learn something from me. So let's just come up with the top. I like That's good. That's good superb. So dr. Emits. It's like any sad or any sore moment which hurt you while these on while reaching to this hundred podcast. Yeah, they were some moments but I won't consider them as that but I would consider them as experiences because holding on to the past is something which will hurt us more than looking forward towards the future which is much brighter. So, yeah, I believe if you was my friends and they backstab me and yeah, they're disrespected me the dissipated my love. And when we confronted it was a completely different issue and still I thought to resolve the issue. But yeah, what should I do? We can't Up with one hand, right? Hmm. Yeah, so, dr. Amy here everyone loves you. So we want to know that there are there. Is there some podcasted which you love like you love their work. There are so many podcasts here. Yeah sure sure. Definitely. Definitely. First of all, I like generals podcast. She always comes up with chitchat and she's always so excited about a topic or a bench a speak with the listeners and she's a fan of EDS to just like I am then Jackson's from the beginning and it was in fact Jackson's was the first podcast which I ever heard and everybody was playing and I heard him singing to and The authority and then I then I came to know about you then nowadays. I'm seeing some good podcasters are doing some wonderful job. Okay, that's great has hit its flavor like, dr. Amazing good about me. Yeah, and not to mention last but one more favorite podcaster my love of my life my jaw because the moment I've been in help what gasps it was not her podcast and Really? Let's tell that made me bound to her and the way she speaks with me and still let me tell you one thing when I first connected with her an open-top on her podcast, which was like, yeah, I still listen to the podcast every day when I wake up in the morning. So don't treat me like you are now inspiration for so many lovers on Open Door. How do you feel about it? Don't don't do that. Don't take me inspiration to have love it because it's a passion for learning that's much better because see things might be working out in a different way for everyone and I'm saying I'm lucky to find a wonderful woman like John and yeah, and I'm specifically mentioning the name Jahan because that name is for everyone including you. You and I have cream for her in a different way. And yeah, I'm not sure that if you're going to find a good person in any way, but still if you find that's a wonderful thing Masha Allah, but I want you to be like having a misconception in open to a platform then like creating the problem and then having some so yes guys this hundred podcast and I'm here to celebrate with all my open dog. This is he how you Hi, Andrea, please share your love. Yeah, very good. Good afternoon to you. And it just can you just like go to the comment some time? Because right now I'm not using my hands-free and yeah, I'm doing some other works to while having a word so yeah. Okay. Yeah, I'm gonna do that. I'm going to yeah, so now it's not a date. Okay. Anyway, yeah, so guys I do share your love and if you would like to have a word with me then please do get candy with me here. I know the top. So let's discuss about today's topic. And today's topic. Let's see still keeping one thing. I keep on saying that today's topic today's topic. I don't have any topic today the first place it seems this is a celebration. So guys, don't forget to press hearts and let's reach heart 200 so that we can give a what we said what I should say we can give a gift on his a hundred podcast because he is the inspiration for so many people for lovers. Hours for people who are come here for Learning and his inspiration for me also because I still remember very first day I kick I got into his podcast now is like I am very negative person how to be happy and I didn't forget what you said. I still remember it very clearly. I didn't forget. Okay, I didn't forget. Yeah. Yeah, so he's in spray. He's a total inspiration for me. Even I copy you brother. I think I told you the We offer asking for hearts and then there are so many things. I do copy copy from you because it's your you're my inspiration here and I always mention that every time everywhere. So and just not about me. It's about like there are so many people who are inspired by you. And yeah, so it's a big thing. Okay. so my next question to you is Yeah, okay. Yeah, my next question to you is like now you are a couple right? This is any future planning that you going to be anything like going to Bangladesh or yes. I'm planning to visit Bangladesh to meet my journey once then we are going to like I did I did what you said. Joker nagumo or any Guernica Johnny, you know, right? I don't do that when I say when I say something I do that. What was it like now? So it's a hundred podcast. So it's a celebration. So what about party? Dude? We need party. Yeah, how can I do some party without my journal with not being beside beside me. So anyway, I'm planning to visit Bangladesh one so that I can have a word with her. Then we'll be telling this to her parents regarding this and yeah. Can you sing or three me? Congratulations on your hundred podcast? Because of our yeah, this is my Hundred podcast and I'm here to celebrate with open Talk family. And yeah, I love you all and so do share your hearts do share your love with me and yep. Let's make it the celebration of success one. Yes, John. Oh, so definitely coming. Sort of dream. It's already hundred podcast. So what about now future what kind of things we can see from you on open top 500? It's not about 500 like it's okay. You are enjoying this thing. So you gonna do the do that it is maybe it will be a thousand two thousand you will become more and more popular. Like what kind of things we can see from you now like do you want to share some topics? Which you going to come next in a see? I don't care about that if I'm getting popular or if I'm getting defamed if people are listening to me or if you are not listening to me I'm going to do the same thing, which I started on day one, which is Sharing some information content and from time to time I try to have some fun. See when I when I when I come up with a topic like something like stock marketing the listeners do go to like a hundred a thousand hit but when I come up with the leg up shop or like fun talk I rarely 200. Maybe you know, there is a reason there is a reason behind it because people love you talking about learning and education State educational stuff. If you if you go into any, you know Entertainer podcast if they're gonna do the same like you they don't get listener, but when they do entertaining stuff they go they get listener. So maybe that that's the reason people have their rate highly used so they have so much expectations from you. So you're so much so many fans are just want to come to listen some educational stuff from you meaning lies in in the same way. Why can't they have some good time with me? Because I believe them as family right open Talk family. So when I am trying to have some like when see I'm a human being to is not like that. I can every time I can come up with something educational when I feel like I should share my feelings with my listeners, but that is the time when I don't find anyone. That's true. That's true because they think oh, oh today's topic is not interesting man. He's not talking about stock market. Let's go from here. Yeah, and yeah, and my John is saying in mucus is a case at hand and with a resume. Oh, is it John? Oh. No, no, it's not true. It's not true before I was thinking like yeah, you are like, you know, very fast and tough, but the when you got into relationship with her, we got to know your other side, so it's not true. Sorry Jean. I'm not agree on this thing with you. Sorry, really? Sorry. In fact, John is true that the only one sites open Talk welcome to like on and when it comes like they are for Ricky and comes in like genuine all of them. I have only one side for you guys. And yeah, that's a that's a lotion Your Love press the hot button Shriram and yeah guys do follow me on open talk. Let's have some let's make this family bigger. Let's make it a huge family not play and yeah. Yeah, I know. I'm going to take a screenshot 200 people listening on hundred podcast. Yeah, people hundred podcast and guys, please do make this hundred Hearts here so that he can take screenshot. Like I got hundred Hertz. Yeah see many of the moments when like people are praising me or like when I find that that's holding me. I do take screenshots and save them. So, dr. Amy - question is like you are getting very popular now, so there are some people not everyone's there. Are some people who are trying to defame you also like making podcasts like I door creamy sometimes coming to your commitment and I'm doing negative how you deal with them? Like what kind of things came in your mind? Do you also get frustrated with all those people now tell me one thing if a person is doing I hit dr. Amy why he can't just come to my podcast and just telling me the reason why he hit me he doesn't want to do that. So it's okay. It's fine. Everyone has the freedom. He had to do whatever they want to do if he hates Dr. Hameed, that's his own personal suspect you I don't blame him for that. And yeah, in in any of the ways the people who love me and who knows the content of the type of wanted a bring here. They know that y to optimal, why not to hit Octavian why to love dr. Me so I don't have an expression to give to anyone. That's what you know about that's what we love about you that you don't have any problem with these kind of people also die Arwen Yeah, press press the heart button. Share your love. Yeah today. We are here. I'm just saying hundredfold cause you deserve our love please keep it up hums. Also, thank you. Yeah, thank you, honey. Yeah so much. Thank you so much. I'm just so happy. I saw one of my Facebook friends. I'm like he came to open talk first. Then he went to my Facebook profile and there he send me a friend request. So okay, we did have some conversation there too. Yes, I remember creamy can be also send you friend request over there. It's like It's an open platform like open toe. So why can't you okay? Okay. So what's name you are having their it's a more just it's different this go to my profile and then you will be finding a link to my Facebook profile. Okay? Okay, that's good. That's good. Are you on this Loop? And okay guys. I have an announcement to make and I'm desperate to announce this one. I'm going to make thousand broadcast. You going to make thousand? No, no, no. Don't say thousand say I'm going to make 10,000 because we all love you and the we are coming. Okay, so it's hard target. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay and when it finished, huh? That's mine when it's mine. That's her. Oh my goodness. Okay sounds are the prophet combinations of experiencing life. So don't get frustrated by those people who display this place, you know, thank you so much. Watch for your point. Actually really appreciate for your point there. And yeah, I don't see guys. I never hit my head. Us I love my enemies even added a podcast on how to love your enemies. I love animals because because they push me to my limits and I can know that it never I am and I will be understanding that it whatever I should be going. So I love my enemies. So also do you want to say something to those people? Who do that? Although stuff any message for them you love them. Okay. So guys if you hiding doctoral me, he also loving gonna love you if you love him you his his his gonna give you love if you him He's gonna give you love so it's your choice. I love you my haters. I love you. Do whatever you do, whatever you do, whatever you do, man. Just don't trouble you Mom. I love you more about you. I love you too, Mary John. I was saying ups and downs of the perfect combination of Xperia experiencing life. So don't get allocated by those people. Who dis this kind of that that does dr. Ramos love for his enemies. If you love your enemies, that means you have nothing left from me. That's why I said it's doctor in his love. General not like that. Oh, come on. Yeah. Oh my goodness comment section is on fire now. John o-jama life I'm just looking and saying I also love doctor. He means haters. This is how we can spread love. That's true. That's true. Yes, you can do on top of the mountains of success when you have the strongest opponent behind you. Yes, I watch that's true. So one more question popping up into my mind. Yeah, then hit me with that question. Yeah, dude, come you come up with every all kind of topics. I want to know that how you have so much knowledge. Like there is someone who is expert in something. There is someone who is expert in something but when it's come to you You are like look like you are all rounder. You have knowledge about everything how it know how it's possible. I'm not all-rounder. I do want to become an all-rounder. See the thing is that I keep on learning I keep on learning and I keep on learning so there are like seven hundred websites, which I follow and I get it. Yeah seven hundred websites. I have I was wear separate diary for that. I made in a notes on that one like which website and following for what reason so whenever I get time I try to go through the list and the open the website. It's and go through the research papers, which the latest scientist at doing on like go through the latest problems which citizens are facing and like what kind of solutions can be fined for that and go to the latest technology which is helpful for us in future. So we have to keep ourselves updated. So it's not like just II will be only proficient in technology. Yeah. I know I'm doing my job. That is my complete that is completing a professional one, but when it comes to learning, I don't believe that we have to run only what we are doing we can even learn in Health we can even learn wealth we can even learn some new skills. We don't know what skill will be helping us in the future. So we should be always a word and pray towards the future. So if you have to keep learning that I believe that the day which I didn't use for learning is the day wasted. Okay, that's good. That's it guys if you loving daughter Amy and or if you loving this podcast and if you love him if because of his content if you goes of his knowledge, Do press the heart button? Let's reach this hard 200. And my next question to you is oh my goodness. I forgot. Podcast would like to say that stop being scared of me not to do that. You have been along with the Journey of mine from podcast one to podcast hundred and still you are feeling nervous. What the heck is that? I don't know like whenever I kits come to you except you whenever I talk to anyone like it's all great. All good doesn't matter how much he know I can talk but when it's come to you, I don't know maybe after that thing like I remember I was I was in a podcast with joy, you came and after that something happened. Yeah, John was saying unto him. Okay, brought para que interview later. Yeah, it's his hundred program was like not Minnesota an integer positive integer hundred podcast. Okay Skye, but when I go to another it's hundred so I thought let's make it make it into an interview because I also asked him. Once that last time when I took you into view, it was just about your love relationship. I want you to take your personal interview like about open talk and use your knee and All those other things so yeah, that's a very good every occasion for that. So That's why I'm just going to keep asking questions. See ya. John knows right Anand to starting say he abroad for a half will be Delta ready to say the other my Brave who Janet there is no one there is no one bravest than you. Yeah, no one is more braver than John. I'm not I'm not really act like I can't compete with you down. Yeah II got him at the question of finally. Yeah. What is it? It's like I I did ask this question to so many people. So I am going to ask this question to you too. I'll go so many answer in so many different ways. So let's see what I want to see that what dr. Amy going to say about it. What do you think about this amazing thing which we are having now, like we which we are on we doing live stream now. About open talk. Yeah about of wonder. What do you think about it amazing? I mean is that thing? Right and the idea is amazing. So I have only one word for open talk and that is addictive addicted so you can say that baby. I'm Addicted. I'm addicted to open talk. That's for sure. But my my intoxication of addiction is all with my channel, okay? So you have to addiction right now? Now I have only one which is my channel and yes open talk is addictive and I want addicted to it is directly so what do you think about the future of open top? It's going to be years afterwards going to be wonderful platform. I have been saying this from the beginning of my podcast. It is going to be a wonderful platform. So guys do have patients keep creating some wonderful content and trust me. You'll be having a wonderful growth in open talk to you. Do you live going to learn a ton of stuff here? That's for sure. Yeah, that's true. That's true. So on and if you want to continue your interview, let's do it in your broadcast and I'm getting some all requests which are being considered sirs sirs yourself, so I want to thank you. Thank you so much. Dr. Amy for asking my questions and I'm one more thing one more thing one more thing. No guys. I have one more announcement to make after doing thousand broadcast. I'm going to officially retire from open drop. No, no, don't do that. Okay. Yeah, that's they are there is it I said it. Anything else we have? Yeah. Okay another let me have a word with him. Just okay. He's been waiting for so long. your soul. Sorry. I'm just for younger because of your way. I'll go no, I will done comment section. Yeah, thank you and guy who press heart button for dr. Amy. Let's have a word with humza Sofia. Hello, how are you? Dr. Amy. Hi Hamza. How are you? I'm good. And thank you so much for giving me the chance. So I'm very happy that you have completed your 100 podcast and I am the first of all I would like to apologize you to keep your own waiting for so long because I don't have so many questions with him. So yeah, I'm sorry for that. Yeah, but really happy that finally even love to listen you because we are learning at the time when you speak with other one, so it is all about Learning. Yeah, so because you have done your 100 podcast and I would can confess that in among 100 podcast. I have listed to podcast because before that I did not I have I have no idea about your profile. So one was mythical creature and II was it's a Corona virus and trust me in these podcasts. I have learned a lot. Not how to speak how to listen and how to motivate yourself and in oh and one person you are saying that one person was saying to you. I'm not good sir in English. And you said don't please don't use negative commands instead of door saying this. I'm not good. You can say I am a learner. So I learned a lot and from that point. I was very motivated when I send your statement. Because thank you under three me. I was thinking the same way that I think about myself. I am not a good in English. But when you told the person that you don't need to use negative comments, you can say I am a beginner. I am a learner so it even this is a very subtle point a very you can say a small point but many times the small points are very important for at me. Any occasions so into podcasts, I am just addicted to your personality your way of speaking and I would say everyone please learn from dr. Amy because as you mentioned you have 700 websites from which you can get data and update yourself. I think it is not a easy thing for everyone. So it is a remarkable task that you done. Thank you so much. I'm so thank you so much. And yes guys, I would like to say one more thing. Whatever have I have learned in the opened up from my ups and downs. It is like yeah, they were moments. I raised it people for negative comment. There were moments when I used to tell people that I ignore the negative comments. Oh, yeah. Literally I pushed myself to the boundaries. I had some good conversations. I have met some new people. Yeah does this is a wonderful Journey guys, and I'm really happy to be here. Thank you. Thank you, Jerry John get thank you so much. Do press the heart button. Share your love Zulu. Why don't you send me a request man? I need to have a word with you two. Let's talk about your gold digger on my haunted podcast. Okay. So here's your 100 podcast. So what do you think any English tip that you want to give me? For example, I want to improve my English skills. eels so any Tip that you want to give at this point. I think it is not time to talk about English. It is a time of Celebration. But at this special moment, what will you prefer to suggest me? Yeah. Well, first of all humans are you can ask me any question it in my any of the podcast mental awareness regarding lowering. Okay, and so don't hesitate to ask me question whenever you feel like you have a question, you can just drop into my pot any of the podcast whatever the topic may be irrelevant to the topic. You can still ask me the question if Focus towards running so don't mind ask me questions and when you ask me to like give it your phone English learning the only thing which I would like to tell you is that practice practice and practice the mostly the more you speak the more you're going to learn the more you speak the more you're going to communicate the more you speak the more knowledge. You're going to acquire so practice is what I tell everyone and yeah to do mirror practice because take a topic Tan in front of mirror look into your eyes and start talking about the topic at least for five minutes. It's make it as a habit because that will confident that we build your memory power that will enhance your tongue muscles to pronounce the words properly. And yes, we have to do this but problem that if there is any particular subject, for example, it's a cloner topic if I would speak about coronavirus in my national language, or do I can speak for a for a long time, but when it comes to in English it I can hardly talk about two to three minutes in English. And then after two to three minutes nothing will come on my mind and I it seems to me at that time. I am just fighting with my mind. Yeah, because you don't have enough vocabulary enough words in your mind to frame the sentences. Why because you didn't practice your library. Your brain is a library filled with Urdu language words because you have been speaking that language for so many years, but when exams like English you have to you have to have a vocabulary library of English in your mind to it's like learning a new language. Image it's an abandoned language. What you have to do is that you have to read the books aloud so that it will help your brain to understand the words and your tongue to practice the word how to speak it and a second thing. Try to think in English Okay, that will help you like a self-training whenever you feel like when you are traveling or maybe when you have some free time when you're enjoying the nature try to think in English but doing so when you're against being the next time you don't have to thing for the words, it will go pop up automatically in your mind because you're already doing This practice of thinking in English think in English. Yeah. So one more question because you have done your 100 podcast. So anyone podcast that you you will remember in your life and I mean any special any special one podcast that word that was very interested for you and your audience if there is anyone so can you describe? Yeah that podcast is not regarding some what do you say that? Happened. Johnno I don't know. What comment is my John was angry about it. Yeah, so welcome to the podcast which I love the most is Love Letters. Okay. Okay, and what was special in it? It was my first podcast my first collab with my jaw know and we had a wonderful time there and that was my first podcast when I hit 600 listeners. Okay, good to know that so so so what do you think if you have a serious topic and what to what amount of people will join you or if you have a funny topic? So I just want to know which topic get more audience. Even you have a lot in every podcast you obtain a lot of audience. But what specific topic do you? People always oriented to your podcast educational and knowledgeable content is the topic which I hit more Liz, Nashville. Exactly and I am just surprised that you mentioned that you have subscribed 700 websites. And I think that is why if any listener wants to speak you anything and you can give almost accurate answer like authentic and logical answer. I think it's a very good thing and that is why people are just following you loving you and spreading love for you. Thank you. Thank you, honey. And it's been like four years. I've been collecting these websites and I will browse through all the websites possible and nowadays. I am following mind value from like eight months maybe like eight months Mindvalley It's a Wonderful website where it will be training as to how to be specific about our mind and how to be conscious about our mind. So I'm still working on that one in upcoming feature becoming the topics on those two, so, dr. It don't you think that you need to cut a cake and upload a video on your Facebook that we can also The the celebration online because we are from different places, but we can see the celebration and do you have some kind of plans? Yeah, I could have done that. But what is the use of cutting the cake when my journal is not with me? Yeah, it's a strong point. But we your listeners are also your Janice and we also love you now. Don't say that. My listeners are my listeners is Magic Kingdom. There is a lot of difference between my personal life and my professional life and yeah, I can cut a cake for my lateness. But the moment when I cut the cake instead of like being more happy. Be I'll be more sad because my channel won't be with Kate at that. So I don't want to be sad it will make her sad. So this is the forecast we are here to celebrate would like to request your Journal please join. Dr. Amy. He's very sad and feeling alone without you, please no, it's not like that. Okay. Maybe what do you mean get any color boy? Maybe it hit correct people. What do you mean by that because I you here? Sorry, no, I'm saying to my bi you here creating some past. What did you type in Bengali? Guys, I'm very specific about the things while I'm speaking and I'm here to celebrate and we are having some good time. So it's better. We don't mess up the things. Yes, I'm sorry you were saying so I was saying that I would request your journey as well, please join. Dr. Amy and cut the trees our all the listeners thumbs up. Yeah, refer to her as Jahan. Okay, okay. Okay. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, don't be sorry for that. You don't know about the DriveTime just informing you and yeah. Okay, so my emu is very strong Sophia and thank you so much and mrs. Dr. Amy and I respect that and I would not take your more time because it is a special day and many people wants to connect you at this day. So it's a special and we are all feeling very happy and we want to look you for doing more podcasts and please don't skip after doing 1000 port. I have to because see I think by that time I am even going to get married also have to look at my personal life too. So it's order from high command to so yes, it is have to retire from open-top officially a thousand points. Okay? Okay. So I think you should do you have any kind of YouTube channel No. In fact, I did a podcast on like should I start a YouTube channel and I got a positive response from my listeners. So ya soon enough, I'll be starting my YouTube channel is the a powder lot of equipment from online. But because of this coronavirus all the deliveries are delayed, so maybe my starting of my YouTube channel will also be delayed a bit. Exactly. Dr. Amy because you mashaallah, you have a lot of audience and all people love you. And if you start your YouTube channel, you will get the same response as as you get on open to work. I hope so. I hope so if people are learning from me and I'll be learning from them. That is the most wonderful opportunity which I can cherish in my life. Yeah, that's for sure and thank you so much arms up for being part of the today's my celebration of like hundred podcast. I'm really happy for that and guys do press the heart button share your love with me. And yeah, let's celebrate this open Talk of hundredth of a hundred podcast together. Okay hums. Okay coming future. Thank you so much and I am here and I am listening you. Okay? Thank you. I'm thank you so much. And yeah, I'll have a word with Rahul then if there's no listeners, you can just join with me here. Okay? Okay. Thank you so much. Have a nice day. Have a nice date for you to Hamza. And now we have some network issues to so we take some time for disconnection and reconnection. Oh, yeah. Radha Su Mo thank you so much John. Oh, let's have a word with Rahul must be YouTube channel. Dr. Amy. I'm waiting for that. Sure jacket. I'm looking forward towards it. If you are so happy I am so happy for you. Thank you so much John. Oh, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I love you so much. And yeah, let's have a word with dry hole then we'll try to have a word with accusing to so I can sing just give me a couple of minutes so that I can have a bird with okay, we were not able to connect with the whole. So what is we try to have a bird with aquel saying? Yes, I know our lucky charm really works. and his phone has a different profile pic now. The one which I gave him to play for gameplay games. Janet did you understand what I say? Hello, I actually have a you I'm fine. Whatever do I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. And I have to talk to you. I was just listening to your talking conversation with bow and me were talking to earlier and okay, it is my first day on open talk and I came to know that you are silly celebrating hundred of your podcast and debts. And first of all accounts lessons. Thank you so much actual. And is this your first call? I have you been speaking with the rest. Yeah. Yeah, it is my first call on opendoc. Yes. In that case, you won't be forgetting me as long as you use the open talking. So that's a good thing. That's good for me also. Dr. Amy more. Your name is Amy. Yeah, my name is dr. Amy. Okay from here you speaking I am from Hyderabad. We are from Hyderabad. Oh, I stayed in begumpet. Obey campaign right now is staying in. Yeah, he's a beautiful city, you know, yeah really good to hear. So, how are the conditions there in the draw? But you know control I think five and six cases has been detected positive and right now situation in our control and pickles are doing the veil and they are following the government's you know, the whichever the okay, here it is. Yeah, I can just once again say it again you move jaanu I said our lucky charm. I gave him a mobile to play games every day. Our lucky charm has a different wallpaper in his mouth. Aye aye unique one. And so happy for that Culpepper. Did you understand now what I'm saying? Yes. Yeah and tell you about something I am pursuing in beta final layer from por El Misti broseph. Okay. So if you tell me about something about your channel doctoral me. Podcast let's Elevate. Hey, I'm not having you know getting your channels, but I was just listening that is that is dr. M is my profile name and you see that a hundred podcast. Let's celebrate. That is the title. Okay, okay. Okay. So this is my Hundred podcast and I'm here celebrating with my listeners and yeah, okay you want so I can do follow me an open-top. Once the conversation is done. You can just click on my profile picture and you can follow me there and the other part can be content with me there whenever I go live. You'll get a notification on that one. And so do you press the heart button? Which you can see in your texting column share your love with me. Yeah voice breaking. I don't know. Hello, I'm hello. Your voice is breaking. Hello, I Carol. Are you there? Hello. Yeah, I am hearing you. Yeah, so what you do in English to to I'm a motivational speaker and an author of book called as understanding women is easy, which book understanding woman is easy easy easy. Okay. So where you live in Hyderabad, it's wrote a merchant modules. But yeah, yeah that I have my There but most of the time I stay in my department, but right now my toe at my home because of Corona here right now. What is the situation in the body situation complete lockdown complete lockdown? So are you are you following the you know government's you know, definitely I'm not following the instruction because government has said that yeah, but yes, I do. I'm do following the instructions because I have to keep myself safe and my family safe. Yeah, that's good. And I I want I have some something to say you and that is the you are you have a you know, good around hundred persons are listening you and you have a good speaker. So it's my Iris to you. So you should I wear the people those who are listening to us on the open talk and peace and and in you know, what I'm trying to say is Will them the retina they should they should follow the instruction which was given by Government and don't know outside and please educate others so that they the which is a Corona virus, which is spreading rapidly in our society like in Italy. They had no control over them and in our country it is right now been controlled. So it is a duty of a single it every individual be a at home and do educate others also that they should be confined or sir their self in a row may not their homes so that it should not be spread like in Western countries. It has been spread. So it is the duty of And it is duty of YouTube because you have a you are the you know chain of you know, spreading this news you are a good chance. It's not it's not my duty. It's my responsibility. I'm not I'm not you know just at I am just asking, you know, you suggesting you it is my responsibility is not my duty is my responsibility as a citizen as a as a son as a family member as a person who lives in the society. So yes, I do believe that it is my responsibility to make everyone. Of that one, and I said I had a podcast on like it's coroner time and we had some good conversation on that one, too. Actually a washer breaking breaking I can't hear you. hole Hello. Hello. Hello. The network is buffering like anything and guys if you're listening to me. Yes, please share your love. And this is my Hundred podcast on open talk and I'm here to celebrate with my listeners and yeah kissing do follow me on open talk and do press the heart button which you can see in your texting column that will be motivating me to come with them personally cut it every single day. Yeah, and I love you all. And open talk is a wonderful place and a baby that open top listeners all our family the one who's on here is definitely family of a job and I am really happy to do this. And as I said, Spare a thought for family and loved ones, especially the elderly you may be young and healthy, but there are those who whose immune system is compromised. mmm Yeah, as Mary said let me put this word to you guys. So yes, Mary said a true word here when it comes to like youngsters and the Elders of the family. So make sure that you take some specific and some more important care towards them because their immune system is weak when compared to the youngsters. So make sure that you take some proper care of themselves. Make sure you clean everything properly with sanitizers. Try to mop your floors try to know. Teach you to keep your surroundings clean and try to avoid direct contact with the unnecessary things and this is the objects. We might we are not sure that from where the virus might come and land on the things which are we are using so make sure guys I know that coronavirus and covid-19 or not a transparent. So please And you're trying to have a word with Gina. It's not connecting. So guys I request you to please check your internet connection once before you get into call with me. I really appreciate that. And yeah, please do share your love with me and press the heart button. And yeah. So what are you guys going to do during this lockdown? My network is buffering a lot guys. I'm out able to you. Please. Let me know if I'm not able to you. Because I'm unable to access my screen here. Just let me know if I'm audible say yes. That just give me a second. Okay, you're double dishwasher, man saying? Yeah. Thank you guys. Guys, sorry for disturbance. My mom is calling so just give me a couple of minutes. I'll be right back. I'm really sorry for that. Just just back in a couple of minutes. I'll get guys I'm back. So let's continue the discussion which we are having here today. Yeah. mmm The Nia have Mary PJ licking my baby picture of the number not leave me region. They might think so guys. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for your love. Thank you so much for your care. Thank you so much for supporting and I love you all. And I don't know I've been trying to connect with Rajesh for for so long. My network is buffering a lot. Just so many people are here online. And I'm really going to speak with everyone. You're finally I think it's connecting with Rajesh hamal now. I don't know maybe because of the climate maybe my Wi-Fi is not working properly. Who knows. Anyway guys, I think I hope that never goes well till we finish this podcast and I'll try to speak with all of my listeners those who are sending the request. See it's not connecting again and it still buffering a lot. so I'm really happy because the journey in opendoc has been a wonderful Jenna and I'm expecting the same to be in future too. Yeah. And guys, I do press the heart button. Do share your love today? Let's take the heart 200 Hearts 400 podcast of the moment. We are celebrating here. And yeah, I love you all. Oh my God guys. Just just give me some more time. Let me check my Wi-Fi connection. Why am I not able to contend with in your collars? Let me just check my Wi-Fi connection once Okay, guys, I'm back. I hope I restarted my Wi-Fi and now I'm going to do with my mobile data. So let's see if it gets connected then that will be wonderful. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Okay guys, let me tell you one more thing. I received a call scholarship of $300 from Stanford GSB acute you education system. There is one more reason to celebrate John. Are you here? Can you listen to me? Then do let me know. So guys today is a really a wonderful day for me because this is my handed podcast and it is a wonderful Festival to and I'm with my John and Rise just now received a message from Stanford University for the scholarship of $300 for the course, which have been applied for which is designed thinking. Guys, this stay is getting bigger and bigger. Wow. I'm really loving this. Dunya have Mary be changed clicking let anything change my banana banana. So guys how really happy so let me share in the comment section if possible. If I'm able to send the comments at least because I'm unable to receive any of the calls. Maybe because of the network issues. Okay, yeah. hundred podcast celebration then scholarship of 300 dollars from Stanford University for design thinking course, which I received. and most important what am I? with love of my life my chair Yeah comments are going then why am I not able to pick up her pick any of the calls? Guys do one thing cancel the request to the request which I have sent me for the calls and try to send the request once again because I'm unable to change any of the calls and I'm really looking forward to have about with all of you and this is definitely a special occasion for me. The hundred podcast of me after coming to operate Doc is cycle for TVs 45 days of the journey, which was really wonderful with so many ups and downs on your friends and enemies and enemies are Depends sometimes turning into enemies. And I really thank open talk from the bottom of my heart for the application the application. I found the love of my life. If and I have met many wonderful people learning a lot of new things from them made so many new friends. Hi Vishnu, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. So, where are you from Vishnu? Sorry, I'm with you. Hello. to you Oh, sorry. We didn't see that properly my Mystic from indoor. What do you do with you? I'm job in a Pharma company. You're doing job in a Pharma company. So how long have you been using open talk? So how long have you been using open Talk FM this application? Yeah, I recently installed in Lost Rick. Okay, so you've been listening to people you've been talking to people? Yeah, right. Now this wonderful. So what do you think about this application? wonderful okay, and and how is the situation in the regarding the score now? I was watching this is the first time. Oh my God this epic. This pandemic is spreading very fast than we thought about. And there's one more thing which is showing up in news. This is Handa a new virus. I want to find an Chinese who eight and a half bald rat? Yeah. I don't understand why they have to do this stupid things. Why do they have to eat pest? We we consider rats as past the other carriers of many diseases. At least if he's re eating a rat, why can't you cook it properly by does? It has to be a half boil? It's not an omelet to make it a half boiled idiots. We are already facing with so many problems and they have to create a new one. Really what? now we'll be able to hear each other properly. Give It Up inaudible to you now. Yeah. Let's continue. Hello. inaudible Yeah, you are audible. Let's continue. Yeah, let's continue the hatred towards Chinese. I mean like literally they come up with pick product every single day. They create fake food fake rice fake cauliflowers free cabbages fake eggs fake meat what the in the world is happening in China. I truly believe that China should be banned from every country. They should be isolated. They created in pandemic which is making the entire world suffer now. How many Innocents have to die because of the stupid people eating some stupid food? Why can't they eat some proper food like the entire world is doing We got disconnected from vaishu. so let's try to have a word with one more color trying to connect guys. Please don't mind maybe some networking shoes. Hello. Hi, how are you? I'm fine. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. So, where are you from? I'm from Bangladesh were talking about corn. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, and I did do a podcast on coronavirus to so neural. I'm very much interested when you said Bangladesh where in Bangladesh. Yeah, I'm leaving in Jakarta Panic though. We got some fuel number of confirmed disease question here only 27 although yeah among them three people diet and I people back to home after getting treatment but after 26, March whole country lockdown we lock down and tilt fourth appeal and all. Yeah it is. Has to be logged down it has to be locked on for sure because we have to stop this contagious a pandemic which is happening in our hometown certain countries. I think these are really really serious situation where we have to be so precautious towards like take care of ourselves and our family members and yeah, you know that my country is just so much population rather than is Agnes is land area. So density population will density population is way so much dangerous forth. So that's why our government taken Initiated to lock down whole country to prevent this virus, you know, it's really dangerous. Although you can't believe that like Italy United America. Yeah this country but they are loads in a lot of people's give to consciousness. Someone killed all the countries should follow some step which is providing World Health Organization. So, let's see right now. There is no weight without a friend to Allah Almighty and also stay safe and stay home. And yeah, so let me tell you one thing is my handed podcast open talk and I'm here to celebrate with my open talker. So we are discussing so many topics here so laughs press the heart button and do follow me an open talk to and yeah, so as I was saying there is one more new virus An idiotic stupid am talking about here. So in that case, you are not going to forget me whenever you're using open talk. So I don't know about you and I are from how do you what do you do? See I'm from India Hyderabad and I'm an English tutor motivational speaker. And an author of book called as understanding woman is easy. You are near to me. You are neither you have my neighbors. Yes, not even just died. But let me tell you one more interesting fact. I'm going to be relatives soon. Yeah, one thing I feel very proud when I see there's some people is doing great something in in the world for the world from neighbor country for my country for my near Country like India. Nepal Pakistan so is really grateful that you are do you know else so I really thank you. And also I wish all the best for your next. Yeah, as I said in future I'm not going to just be the neighbor of your country, but also relate you of your country. Do you know why okay in your piece because I'm in love with one of a girl from your country and I'm going to get married with her soon. So what's interesting there's Bears. There's Bears. Welcome to this brother-in-law. I'm also going to India for visit next month. So yeah do send me a request. Roget, okay don't have to be sorry about that one. And I do said miracles guys will be having a vote on that one. So no role. Let me tell you about this new epidemic which has been rising up its the hantavirus and this is also similar to Corona and it doesn't affect the rats but it does affect human beings and it is also a deadly one. So make sure you know a lot of information on that one. I'm going to make a podcast and that one also to yeah, we just turned to prevent not only go to number is there are a lot of causes you what is in in fact, we should prevent the entire Chinese. Hmm. That's true. But you know that it's really difficult and sinuses needing in St. Our country all over the words. If they are that is the only reason we are still dependent on Chinese for many of the things like sanitizers like masks and everything those idiots created this pandemic and those idiots are not supplying these masks and sanitizes. What the do you have to say now? Like literally I China now, I you to the core today I read. I think I'll hire people talking about that. This virus have been created in Laboratories Chinese government and also it took a country doing against talking about Agnes this articles and ever the issues. I think it is real scientist would be damaged. No, it's not really well because of a fake explaining the thing. Is that the virus which is Been found in snakes and other pests animals is a natural virus which doesn't affect them a lot. But the fact is that it is not a genetically modified virus when the specific regulations came out the report of the static the virus it was not genetically modified one. So it is a false statement that jazz and he's have created a bio weapon like that one and yeah sequence might be come out because this is the time when fake users will use creators will create so much. And fear in the public so don't believe this kind of thing that is a natural virus which doesn't affect animals a lot. But when it comes to like in human contact now, it is spreading and it is not a genetically modified virus. It might be I don't know actually I am I don't I also don't believe on fake news and all the social me. I couldn't accept any so some real news and it might be whatever but what is the next step? The whole world will take country if whole world is logged on for one month or two months, but is it not? Yes. It is for our own safety. It is for our own safety. I definitely will be facing some issues for sure, but it is for our safety when it comes to further safety of ours and our families, then we should take all the measures whatever may be the extent even if it is for two months. We have to make sure that we are doing that. Okay, because when it comes to the family when it comes to our health when it comes to all the life Of our loved ones. Do you know what is the problem with the Corona virus if any of your family members maybe the kids so maybe the elders are a infected and when government comes to knows about it. They are going to take the family member away from you and you won't be having any information about your family member if that treated they will back to your family if they're not treated or if they die. You won't even get to see the dysphonia. How serious the situation is so in that case, it's our responsibility. As a part of family member to take care of our loved ones to the core and the staying safe at home keeping them safe using sanitizers using mass was Pierre speaking with people because coronavirus doesn't show that no symptoms until 14 days from the time you are infected. So we should be very careful about this is a deadly disease. This is not some common cold or favor the Stroh, but in addition concealer Indian Bangladeshi, we are facing a copy in favor and copy/paste the NASA also last the 3 week ago. I was also suffering from Cold River. It was almost 10 days. But now I have my I am okay, so there is the problem, but my question is that how many longtime would you lock down honk Walt? Yeah, the question is specific and I am I really support that. Let me tell you one thing very clearly. You are suffering from an epidemic which will affect you and your family members. If you're not careful about and if locked out is kind of solution, then we should follow that one too. Because prevent you measures were given by the government which we ignored we have to understand which we ignore and that is a reason the epidemic is spreading those idiots those Indians. I literally call them idiots. Yeah. Listen to me very clearly. Those are the Stupid idiots who when foreign countries and were infected with the virus. They took paracetamol to lower the temperature of their body so that they can enter into the country by doing so they not only spread the virus. They are even spread the virus to the family members how stupid can they be to do so basically initially stress people didn't think about this whereas so much strictly that's why they take it lightly but the situation is remember Even though many people don't know about. See awareness and precaution. These are the only two things which are going to help us to fight this epidemic. It was it showed our government before so earlier like in Gaza. I was an amazing study in Gaza only one people start it and all of shape because they don't have so much sufficient equipments and doctor, but they have taken streak equation. Yeah, that is that is there that is a wonderful action taken by the government because more actions has to be taken forward to check up people who are infected on my did they might be chance of getting infected. So, yes, we have to make sure that we are not infected by this deadly virus keeping ourselves safe and our family members say for society safe doesn't matter we but it is Bangladesh would doesn't matter whether it's England doesn't matter when it is India or Sri Lanka. We have to keep our society safe. We are all human beings and we are living together in a society. So it's our responsibility to take care of the things when we are facing a dangerous pandemic like this one. Yeah, let's see right now. Actually, there is no way everything has gone out of control. So let's see it's different on Almighty and also as a how much we can save ourselves, that's the way and otherwise without got help is really uncomfortable. Yeah, I know. Thank you so much for joining me with you. Thank you. Yeah, did you intend your let's have a word. Okay, we'll send you. Yeah, thank you neural. Thank you and Jen playing good morning. Dr. Amiya have cross hundred broadcast. Now you gave me the idea to celebrate my 200 vodcast. Okay, then that's wonderful. Jen. Join with me here. And June how many podcasts are left for you to reach 200? Let's make it Grand. Let's have a word with Rahul. Hi. Hello, how are you? I'm fine. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. So very from I'm same country India. Okay. We're in India. Have a nice fun job. Okay, but job is good. And yeah. That's good to hear. So happy. Yeah, we'll talk about this later but you a graphic designer. Oh, yes. I am. So how many coding language, you know? When it comes to coding CCP Java, I work on this for now how many like 1 2 3 how many? I'm not specifically about like, but the most of the time we use CCP, and she shocked Fisher. So we we know need to learn about JavaScript and her nephew geologist C+ first time again, so we don't need to know about your JavaScript language. If you are in graphic design, yeah, you don't need any languages when it comes to graphic designing. What do you have to know any computer coding languages when it comes to graphic design graphic design is completely related to art. So yeah, you don't need any coding languages for graphic designing. How long have you been this profession? It's been like five years now. And have the rubber. in different parts of country Mumbai Chennai, Bangalore, Pune Hyderabad Did you record in foreign country? What did you work abroad? Yeah, I did because I when I went to abroad it was for the work of India. Which country? I worked in film industry. So at that time they had some projects which were like being shot in other countries. So yeah, I did visit some other countries, too. Okay, so you also in Bollywood? Yeah, not Bollywood or tollywood. So leave it means belongs to Cartoon Network. not Cartoon Network then last animation. Yeah, you know little Singham. Do you know Chota Bheem? You know motor Motu Patlu. Yeah should have a motive or three. I know I work for those companies. I'm still working. I'm still working for different companies now. I'm not working for animation anymore. Okay, so you are still in this graphic design field? Okay me over show higher qualification. Yeah, I'm a bachelor's holder in like Computer Sciences. Then I have done my PhD in visual effects in filmmaking. second week making Okay, and some how long are you using the facts 45 days, I think so. Before you have a forecast or any other social apps. Just a second. Yes, okay. Mr. She's your wife. Yes, she's my wife. I think you old eyes are locked on is your home and why are you both have to come here? Uh-huh, you won't understand that easily. It's quite different. And yeah. So how how long have been using open Talk? Just before Tuesday again before two days. Okay two days. So how do you like this application? Yes having fun here. You having fun? That's good. And yeah, so Rahul do follow me on open talk, and this is my Hundred podcast, which we are celebrating here and do press the heart button share your love with me, and we'll be having a lot of conversations ahead. So yeah this give me some time so that I can have a word with hustling Allah. I'll get back to you. Okay. Have a wonderful day and be safe. Thank you. Yeah, take care. Okay, let's have a word with her husband in Allah. We're trying to connect with her. Snella here. Then I'll have a word with on a rock then we have David Hussein. Yeah, so many on the call. So yeah. Hello. Hello doctor Amy. How are you - take us 10. How are you? Yeah fine, and I want to hello to all your listeners your 400 or 500 plus listeners and I want to congratulate you for this Century. Thank you. Yeah, I already commented on this occasion, but you don't call I want to again congratulate you and and listing you that. People want to know about you. Just I feel that you just like a celebrity and you know, a lot of people want to know about you. So I think that you should must write something in your profile if space allow the, you know, write some more bio about you. Why do we need any bio when people can directly ask with me see if anyone wants to know about me they will come here and they will have a conversation but by doing so I can have a word with them if they read anything about mean by also, they will not be any more interest left to speak with me, isn't it? Yeah normal content will be available to talk with yeah, so when they come here, they see my bio to my by I was only holding as like my soul mate author and motivational speaker. So They too will be having some questions to ask me so we can forward the conversation. Yeah, and you know when I listen any broadcast, so in one broadcast our host always tell about yours about her or is self that vary from what do you do and some people ask that? What is your age? Yeah, when I asked about your age and you tell without any hesitation Why should I hesitate I was born in this plant or the to some wonderful parents and I'm really happy to share my age because that's how old I am doesn't matter if I'm 78759 TLC 90. Why should I hide anything that that age is my respect that's mine. And I'm proud to say that okay, it sounds so confident today on your Century. I'm always confident, but I'm more happy to do you sound just like a you win a man of the match? But it essentially then definitely span of the match. Yeah, when you know you said and sometimes you gotta be charged to the ask any player that you what do you feel like this? You know, how did you what was your planning of before this match and key player? Tell them? Yeah, and I'm not happy. I'm celebrating my handed podcast with my listeners here. So that is the reason I was not sure that how many listeners I'll be able to grab. Because it is not a topic I get very few listeners to me. Yeah, but I'm sure that I saw a few minutes ago that 400-plus listeners right now, you know listening us as name if I had potential topic then I would have hit 1 K by now nowadays. That is what I'm hit. Yeah. I saw that sometimes your listener cross 1 K. Yeah, they do is what they do, so I want to say Listeners at break your silence and whenever you listen and it shows you must participate through command or through call so that we know that who are the listening this show. Moustache, yes. Yes. Yeah, and I want that you talk with more colors because we have a very less time, you know, almost end. And guys whenever I connect with the call, I make sure that I give them enough time to finish the talk with me until unless you finish the talk. I don't go to the next call. Sometimes my call with one person goes for like half an hour. So, please don't hesitate while calling me and whatever your the outside try my level best all them and you can even explain me if I'm doing anything wrong. Yeah, if you have any requests for you also take that and I want to just wanted to just convey my regards to you. Thank you. Absolutely. Again, and do share your love press a button. Thank you. Okay. So let's have a word that on Iraq converter. Hi. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? I'm not getting divorced Doctor Amy. Hi Underdog. How are you? I'm good doing good. How are you? Dr. Amy. I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. So Underdog so I want to congratulate for a hundred, you know hundred hundred podcast, so I follow you but this is the first time that I am in your podcast. So I thank you so much so much. So you're doing you're doing a great job actually for the listeners. Thank you. So now what do you do? I'm a teacher by profession. I teach English. Wow, this is great. Yeah, so you have your own podcast here? No. No, I don't have any podcast. So I have just I'm just here just two days back three four days. I have downloaded this app. I used to use that before this but we talk yeah buddy chalky I know I used to I used to use it earlier, but I took a break because my shop again all because of the shutdown so I have taken I have taken this side. Listen to the people here. Yeah, so unlock as you think that your language teacher, so why don't you start your own podcast to help the people who are coming here to learn English? Yeah. There's there's the thing. I wanted to ask you how to start a podcast. Okay. So first first of all, you just go to your profile and there you will see an option called create when you click on create it will take you to that. I know sorry, so I want to ask you that how I have to start what I have to start with like first episode what it will be. So I'm going to try to come up with your own style of teaching because most of them here who are like here to learn the English. They don't have any knowledge about grammar vocabulary sentence formation past and present and future tense. So we'll start by going into that one. You just start teaching them how to speak. Yes, I can cause I can teach them from the very basic because here I also teach very basic students. Who don't have so you know background in English films? So I teach them here. Yeah, in that case. You don't need any instructions from my side. You'll be doing wonderful just come up with a topic and start doing that and definitely definitely and keep your generate specific because a lot to learn from you. I'll be joining your podcast to to because I do have to learn a lot. A new collection infection in people is quite nice. I was listening to you. Yeah. Yeah still I believe that I have to learn a lot and my motivation was a person if you know, have you seen this movie like Zindagi Na milegi dobara? Yes. I have seen and the introduction of hritik Roshan. I haven't seen it from starting. I think yeah if you just to see them. Once again, then make sure that you listen to that part of the give you visualize that part of the corrosion while he's talking about the stock market's to his clients the way he speaks in English. That was my motivation. It's really sparked into me like that is so cool. It's awesome. The way you picking an englishman's like yeah, we have to develop such kind of communication grip over English. So yeah, so that's been my inspiration for so long. So I kept on practicing every single day and I'm still practicing I am still learning and I'm still going to the As whenever they're saying like learn English, so I want to ask you one thing that are on this podcast like whom you follow. Do you follow anyone here know? I don't follow anyone. I just follow only my love and when you to know that when you are but now she's going live what's on that I'm not calling anyone. Okay, so I want to suggest to one person who is very nice and very good life and he has great skills of English like not only I am talking about words, but way of speaking like how to speak how to communicate in a battery here. His name is the what is his name? Gautham? Gautham. You would have heard about him. Yeah got them had heard about him and he's a wonderful person. I saw his profile like a soft skill trainer accent trainer was But as I said in my entire journey, I had some clashes with Gotham. So yeah, like anti to each other there is another person around with Emma. So they also very nice guy there is so there are not open to of I just slide through all the live podcast and yeah, I do this and other this reason I'm not following any of the podcasters because I just don't want to be like specific about following these podcasters. But when I do go to go to the I see that how many people are doing live. I intend to the podcast because that gives me an opportunity because I'm not following anyone. So I don't know where I will be able to learn a new thing. So that gives me curious about like going to all the podcast learning something from them. So I go Before 3/4 forecast yours I also came once but I didn't comment that day. I was just listening to your content. What were you talking about that day and then got of Gotham then R1 and then should blame cause so there are four five persons only where I visit and sometimes I don't some basic beginner page, but I also give some suggestions to the you know, what Caster or something I learned something from them. Well, that's good. That's really good Android that's really good and its really good to have a word with you unlock and anything of anything else. Would you like to share about your teacher teaching experience because I have worked as teacher but not any particular subject, but I used to teach 21st century skills to students to the college. Yes. I wanted to tell the I want to tell them that the Indonesian work on PA speaking is kind of kind then art. We don't have to grab any words. We don't have to memorize any word. It comes when you listen to somebody so listening is very very important for speaking. So you should listen very carefully Allison. And after that you have to you have to speak after listening that think which has been asked to you. So I want to say that listening and speaking are inter connected with each other and if you are a good listener so you can be a good speaker as well as so it is very very important to have some patience to listen to some person. It's very important. Okay, I want to tell them I want to just one thing so they should go with the newspaper. So everybody says go with the newspaper, but I don't say read whole newspaper. You should just go with one particular news read it loudly to three times then go with the dictionary and collect our cab out of it. And then you have to you know, summarize how you have to share that particular news with somebody in your own words. In simple way so you can tell ego. This is a wonderful method and wrong hiya to how are you achoo? Welcome to the podcast and this is my Hundred podcast and we are celebrating here. So your wonderful person. I've been having a lot of conversations and debates with you. And yeah Rock Arch is a person who comes with like a unique way of approach towards the things there are to share your enough, press the hot button. Yes, I want to hear him answer is him or her what? I want to hear him. Also our your phone. Yeah. Sure. Yeah, so you can connect other person here on the course. I will be there in the comment box for you. Thank you, and I thank you so much and do share your love with the hot button. Thank you again. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you once again. Let's have a word with Javed Hussain. Hi John, how are you? Hello. Hello. So we tried to have a little bit Java, which was not possible because of some network issues guys. And anyway, thank you so much for Being a part of today's podcast the hundred podcast and we are here to celebrate and I love you all. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you so much for your love. Thank you so much for your concern. And I truly believe that open talk is a family where we learn together with each other. We have clashes. We have friends. We have so many different things to share with and it's a community where you can find our people from different places around the world that affect the world because I have seen many foreigners to hear and yeah, that's that's really wonderful guys and Really having a ton of fun here being part of a joke. It's really addictive and I'm really loving to not yeah. So it's time to end my podcast. And thank you so much guys, once again from the bottom of my heart amount of Love support, which you share with me the way you support me. It's really wonderful then do follow me on open Talk do press the heart button share your love with me. I'm really loving this conversation and Yeah, before we move, I think that I just again try to kind with rajeshwar but was not connecting. So guys this is the end of the topic. This is the another podcast today. Thank you so much for all your wishes and I really love you all a lot. Take care. Be safe. Please be head home. Take care of your younger Zelda's a lot when compared to yourself because their immune system is weak. When compared to yours keep your surroundings clean and make sure that you don't go out. This lockdown is meant for our own safety. So stay safe be at home. And yeah, let's fight against this about pandemic together. Let's fight as a nation. Let's fire the society and let's fight as a responsible person in a family. Now I'm big by name. So guys. Take care. Have a wonderful day. Love you all Sarah Nora signing off. Dr. Amy.