Okay. Break a nice man. So hello people. I'm here with Shahid birth to Shahid. Would you introduce the topic? Mmm, sure first I would love to listen to introduction first. So I am an author a Content marketer and I am also an a theater artist. So I have been doing theater for the last 15 years and I am into professional I am working in content marketing for the last nine years and till date for of my books have been published and one has become a best-seller which is the mind. Mmm, now it is all it will also exhibit in the London book fair and it is available in Amazon. That's great achievement. Yes. So what they are providing me with a or if your topic about everything Jim, my name is Shahid birthday, and I'm doing BSC in forensic science. Yeah, and I'm also writing my book about my life story. Actor, yeah, actually, I wasn't hostile when I was eleven year old so I have did you know so many struggles in my life. That's why I want to write. I want to give shape of the these rememberings in my book. Okay, and I see you and I'm from Kashmir. That's that's a wonderful. That's wonderful. It's a wonderful place and have you visited ma'am anytime I had gone to ignore. Okay. Yeah, so it's the one and I have a lot of people I'll have a lot of have many friends who are from Kashmir you remember as we know that the topic is today that 40 ways to respect your parents. Actually, everyone knows that we should respect our parents we get lessons from the scholars preachers that you have we have to descend in our books. There are already He mentioned that we should respect our parents and as we know as we see our you know, the gearing of our parents. Yeah, we get the lesson that we should take care who should we should respect our parents but lost he was at ways that how should you give respect your beds? What are the ways by which you can show respect your parents? Okay. Okay. Yeah, and he gives 40 shapes 40 ways to respect our parents and I would love to mention here one by one and I request you to explain these points explain these ways. Okay, I would love to do it. Yeah. So the first point was first way is which I want to share with you all listeners and they become am also that create positive thoughts about your parents see parents have their own challenges and they have they have been brought. In a different environment compared to what we are living in today. So I think and they have a lot of experience compared to us, right? I think I think if we positive being positive is about your parents means that it's okay. They might tell us there are maybe they might stop us from doing some things, but that should not be q- about your Parents, you should think carefully about your parents because he they have come to their own hardships their life don't know about I would try I would really tell people that if you really want to respect and love your parents and think about nothing positive about them, please please learn about their journey of Life. What what they showed to you is not a Rosier what what seems Rosie Rosie Rosy picture to you might not be as as rosy or might not be as comfortable what Comfort see but you are getting they have they have so so never never take your life for granted and always be positive about your parents. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you very much. It was really nice information about this Togetic information knowledge about this point and second point which I'm gonna You know the understand where they are coming from, you know, yes how much experience as you mentioned? Yes. So like I mentioned in my last boy into that see we try to learn once you become an adult. Once you start understanding about life start All-Star tear start learning about what you was your parents hardships. What why what did your parents go through in order to in order to achieve are they are now Seen on life is not life has its own hardships life life gives different challenges to everybody. So you should once we learn about their challenges we come to know we come to know that okay life hasn't life hasn't been so easy or difficult for them. And why why are they asking us to why are they disciplining us or why are they asking us to stop something? There is a Background to it they and they don't tell us they might have suffered because of one of the habits that they had which they don't want you which they don't want you to adopt. Yeah. Definitely. It was really great and the third wave which by which we can show respect our parents by which we can do respect our parents. That is talk to them constantly. Yes, see what happens is the especially especially of The we end student life and we get into we get into the working stage. We sometimes we get involved with ourselves and especially after marriage. We we get involved with our own life our own challenges. We forget about a parent. We don't interact with them much. What happens is they just they just want to hear your voice once in a once in a day to feel sure that That to insure themselves that okay, you are safe for them. The child means the world to them. So make the make sure that make sure that they are also a part of your life. Don't forget them. Yeah, thank you, ma'am. It was really nice that you explain this and the Fourth Way by which we can respect our parents is that express your gratitude to them? Yes to like so like I have said that To dude means gratitude does not mean giving gifts or or spending money on their more spending giving them material gifts. Just give them just give them that assurance that they are a part of your life. They will never you will you will always remember them and you will always have that respect for them. They don't realize that they don't really need anything else. They don't need anything else and always always we be grateful with Because see the where you have reached right now it is it is 50 it is it is a combination of your efforts plus the support that you have word from the parents. If the parents did not support you you would not have reached where you are today. Yeah parents our parents are the what do you say Foundation Foundation nature? Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, ma'am and v v I'm going to tell you. That appreciate every little thing they do for you. See small joys of life. We forget small joys of a life. Like when a small IV. I will share a small moment with you like it nowadays after a long time. I have been I have been away from home for the last 15 years and but I but I make sure that on every occasion like beat beat my it's birthday or my birthday. I spend quality time with them quality time means like I don't accept calls that day. I don't I take leave from from office. I think I spend time with them. They they just so what what what the point mentions is that spend time spend time. If you are not in the same city, if you are not in the same city if you have shifted to another D for work purposes call them calling just call and ask them how they are bus or way just ask them how they are doing is he's already you to your score which needs or no basis or rotoscope Azamara times or whatever. Correct? Very good. Yeah. Thank you, ma'am for 50 point and the sixth point. Is that obey their obey their house rules? Okay if you stay with Them, you know so they care hug her kayak name Cannon Hotel, every house has its own rules. If you even if even you if you stay somewhere separately somewhere. If you are not in the city, you also have a discipline discipline routine to follow. So what happens is The Clash takes place when when you go to your parents place and you are not ready to leave. According to their rules to talk Humboldt, who is that history can see you have been born and brought up in the same environment. They change Li ho Gaya Hai art up. I've got disciplined routine Bulgaria Kiev Garcia Lagoon who are crazy. But when you visit your parents, if you are not staying with them when you are visiting your parents try to don't try to disturb their environment try to adapt that try to adapt to that environment. Yeah, exactly. Thank you very much. And I thank you the wrong made on Jenna ha ha. Well, he well he ran because because You'll go for vacation you go for five to ten days five or ten days. Make it make it a memorable. Stay. Yeah, exactly. We should be with them whatever. They want to tell us. We should follow that and yeah, thank you man for sixth and the seventh is that avoid saying foul words virtual language when you are talking with them so they can hear it it this is a very very valid point. Okay, you might be You might have a friendly rapport with your parents, but that doesn't give you the license of insulting them or using abusive words with them. They are not your age or own key own cage. He respect for nature and engage key respect Curry and you should you should you should respect their age and their experience and anyway decent. We have recently hmm Humanity says we should respect Elders, you know, they are our parents. Also I have I have a different. I have a different philosophy. I say not only not on the elders but with everyone everybody everybody deserves that respect Cody Cody, even if it is your friend, even if it is your friend TK cup abusive words you Scarlett O'Hara Weber. But if you give respect if you give respect and use a decent language the maracuja the heck. Yeah, do you lose some you know exactly if we respect to other whether he will be elder or younger? Definitely we will get respect back from those. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. So that was the seventh Point. Thank you ma'am and a is point is that practice saying please if you have some if you have some need from your parents practice saying this? So curtsy words curtsy words, please. Sorry. Thank you. Yeah, I think that that that that is that is a man. That is a basic etiquette or human being should follow even if it is even if it is for parents definitely, but for even for people of same age see that respect that much respect and private space should be given that you do not do not do not Not conquer the other person's private face. Please see please does not mean that you are obliged to the person. Please is a respectful gesture where you know that where you respect that the other person is giving time to you. That is that these curtsy words. Yeah. Exactly. Thank you, ma'am and Ninth point, which I'm going to talk here. So that is respect to their decisions, whatever they are taking any decision. You should respect to them. You should respect to their Destiny knows as I said their decision making is based on the experiences. They have gone through if you haven't know they care Better or Worse. Do you have to decide like I would say from my experience also, even if I did not accept most of the decisions of that my parents took I never argue with them. I used to present my logic behind my decision. I used to have Your adult talk see you are to achieve your adults. When you are talking you can present your present the rational rationality behind your decision and you can you can ask them that why are they asking you to do something or not or not do something? I think that maturity if we have this mature common communication and transparent communication there. gap between the parents and us exactly so that means if we are sometimes if we're not agree to our parents, so at that time we should not argue at that time. Okay, we should make them stand in a you know, respect to manner. Yes talk talk communication practice the art of communication. Yeah, exactly. And the tent away is that Pura ties them over friends and if you have a or boyfriend pure ties them. First, you know give them priority. So the here this is a very debatable Topic at the money man, because people think people think that parents wedding when we are in a relationship or partner deserves more time than our parents. This is what I would but I would say a key parents paheli at Bailey I have before the partner who deserves who deserves more time. You have to decide. Yeah and Did they are still with us, you know, if we had if we are having you know any partner, but they are still with us. Yes. Yes, so we should do first priority to our parents after that. Whatever you have whoever you have. Yes. Yeah after my parents are sending their you know, what their words are sending their parents to Old homes. They Scott Oscorp. Nom Nom was called Nine decision hand they are not that is a mindset that is a mindset of the of the children that they are not able to take care of the parents. So I won't debate on that. I won't say whether it is wrong or right because they can hear it is it is a decision which sometimes sometimes people regret. Sometimes people regret, but sometimes people We'll think that is the best way to keep both parties happy the in-laws and the and the parents so they can see here. So we can't we can't say whether this is right or wrong. I can say for myself that if I get married I would I would never send my parents or in-laws to an old age home. So I can't I can't I can't vouch for myself but not for the society. Okay? Yeah, so that was tenth point and 11th with that dot talk back with your parents. So we'll hyouta argue TalkBack argument back talking about the same thing. Yeah. Yeah and to build is you know, it's really important point that keep you overtone low when you are talking to your parents don't dominate your voice over the parents. They may have turned a Variants fight between parents and or I would say argument argument between parents and children it will it will become a heated argument if either party tries to dominate instead of the instead of that a both parties and end up in a in a humble interaction or with a with a with a mindset that okay. I will explain I will explain my point, but I will not Not I will accept the other person's point as well. If you go with an open mindset, then the discussion becomes to way. Otherwise, it is a one-way discussion. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that was the point and the other is that be humble and say sorry to your parents if you have to do any mistake same it, it goes into curtsy. It goes into curtsy because they care please sorry. Thank you. Ken Ser choten a majority. Yeah, exactly. That means it is a part of Respect to say them. Sorry. Yes. Yes, they key other applicable quickly here. So guilty money or sorry bull DJ parents for Cutie they create but what I will say is keep a layup obviously coach who are hoga is giving us a heater. They are feeling hurt right. So Johnny Kelly, I'm sorry. Exactly. That's what I'm trying to say that I am a girl at now who Tom if you'll be sorry, but I'm choked him out Kenny, which I think you see. Yeah, and that was the 13th and the 14th Way, is that do not cross your arms when talking to them? Okay. Don't cross your arms. I love that like the they key crossing your arms is a very negative gesture. It is a very arrogant gesture. It means that whatever whatever the other person is saying. I am not Not going to agree. That is that that is the that is what is meant that is what is meant for so II feel I feel oh he hey up up up neighbor Dos Equis cutter has the leg up on caucus tourism is that they have is that they get across exactly. And I think it is a part of argument to Cross Your Arms, isn't it? Yes, and you know and the 15th one is that don't bring up past issues. Okay, because they are already solved and when you are having any important discussion at that time, you're involving these issues which are already solved by your parents. They care. So where you are it is the present obviously the past man past situations have been dealt. With and you have reached your present correctly to have been other if you if you will recollect the past every time and keep keep blaming your we have we have a lot of we have a very big problem as children that we keep blaming our parents for whatever for our failures we keep on big blaming of parents that Tamara parents named him cope. They didn't give us the opportunity, but that is what True that is not true because we were also not courageous to take the take the risk at that time. So how many of my parents keyboard man Lethe? Yeah, and the floors were seized in their book when I was reading this book. He's telling that don't bring up past issues. You are not a historian, correct, but if you want to if you want to enjoy your present life. And if you want to make full use of the present to create a better future it is it is better to II won't say forget the past but don't don't rake up past issues because it doesn't help because the chievo vast majority who up Cale gurr could take a girl couch realistic way have passed collocated with the Hogan. It has passed away. So we should leave that. Yes, and one philosopher says to live with past. It is a harmful for health invited also button to live with past. Ah, it's harmful for our health as well as wealth. Yes, definitely definitely past is past is a very big poison that we that we feed our minds with. Yeah exactly and the sea. Team to a is that avoid lying to them because if you are lying to them in this conception that after that if I will until truth to them definitely they will get disappointed. But after that when you will lie to them, okay, after that when when you will when they will know that you have you lie to them. Definitely they will get more disappointed to you. See what happens is lying. Well, first of all, you should understand. Why why why do we lie to our parents? That is because we don't have we don't have the if what we already assumed what what is the outcome? Okay, or have done something wrong? We know we know in our heart that we have done something wrong. And if I tell the truth, my parents will punish me for that fault, okay. We rely in order we lie sometimes because we'd want to hide our we hide want to hide her guilt. But what happens is in future that that guilt will take an evil form and it will not be cured in order to avoid yourselves from guilt. It is better to tell the truth to your parents. Okay who got Odyssey? Small fight or they will they will slap you buzz or kitchen yoga. They will punish you for that fault was nothing else. Yeah, though the in botany. Yeah. That's the that was a 17 point and the 18th point is that introduce your friends and special someone to them. So this is a very interesting point because they Kiev Because in the game majubi Hora High agar-agar our parents could inhibit a so if there is a problem in the future, they won't be able to help you out because they were unaware about it. They were unaware about it other upon kobata character who they keep our hearts our relationship teenage Teenage Love make a Hungry Man where were girls and boys height there about their relationship from their parents. Okay? Okay, I won't. Suppose I will take suppose you are in a relationship when you are 17 or 18 years. Okay, you are also you are also maturing. You are also maturing. The guy is also maturing. Take care. Now, if if something happens if Molly jogger if it turns into a breakup gone up Co stress a barnacle Akamai No one without her parents. Yes. So that is it is it is better. I have always done. My my I would tell I would tell all the listeners that my mother is the best friend of all my friends. They are they are more they are friendlier with my mother rather than me. Boom erases it now, but cartagia Marisa Giada marry, mommy said so so I think this open this open communication. Has helped me be stress-free. Exactly. So that means we should introduce our friends or special one who is so we should introduce our parents because they have killed a hand introduce Colonel parents rejected or parents reject. Someone that special someone. Well, you'll see the output that Lacroix. Is it other parallel to the road is on the wrong you have pick up not you know, that was the 18-point. Thank you very much, ma'am for sharing your information to thoughts and 17th is don't break their trust. Yeah, they can trust parents are the strongest. Some support system for any child upkeep maybe HK Hojo, even if you are 50 years your parents will be the strongest support system of objective and K gold Miro dogana that will be the that will be the best moment of your life. So what parents love unconditionally like like one of the one of the listeners has commented so what happens is When you are receiving unconditional love who gives you who gives you the authority that you can cheat them for brick wall, of course selflessly acne. John nacho worker or a boon. He has no Escape, so we should not break there. Stu we should, you know, keep their trust in our hearts. We should take care of their trust also. Yes. Yeah. So that was the 17th and no 18th and 19th. Is that open up about your problems? Whatever you have problems. Okay, like like I said Frank and be frank and open communication keep a transparent transparency in your communication with your parents cubby. Khabar hota Hai man motive. You you get into you get into arguments you get into fights. You get it into like a big upper body heated argument with I have bought afterwards. You will see Ki baat CDs her problem. Yeah, exactly. So that means whatever we have any problem in our life we can share to our parents. Definitely they will swallow the they install over problem because they are supportive isn't yes. They are supportive and they are more they are more experienced and they know us better than ourselves. Yeah, exactly. And that was the 19th. And the 20th way is that listen their advice? Okay accepting in doing the advice means you value their words isn't a see I would I would say listen to their advice because see they have seen the world more than you. They have more experience. They are talking about they are talking from their experience Agora. When Kira Elena chahta Hai agreed-upon say Salam assure. You might have an alternative solution the Hobie of discuss Ki Jai, but only on his advice Kona. Karna Carnegie him at mathura. He had don't ignore don't ignore. What their device? Yeah, exactly and you know many many books a Paratha. Akechi gayathri many books about ithaki take bad shots, huh? Oh, no, no no, no, no. in object David hoagie But Kylie Jo vananga Buddha niang Q exactly one character at a church. Thank you. Buddha body shot 0 t TK experienced after that. He can learn to kick a melodica baba Buddha, Tony, Montana. Identity can maybe younger men among whom Guevara TK. Goatee killer killer killer killer killer Anika charity k-map. Nabob Columbia shallowly. Love this is the yeah though a Buddha bobko were wholly Malaysia to absorb that. But I'll take it. Dull ache District opposite direction my bathroom. Do you say it's about a girl will say the value calculated or side-by-side value calculator? No one has such kind of experience that he can do this thing. So definitely there is someone here is some old person who is asking them to do like that. Hmm. Yes, it means our parents are more older than us. So we should follow them and definitely we will move experience from them, isn't it? Correct? Correct, or just a minute caher they take this is And it's based on their experience. If you have to if you feel there their advice or decision is wrong. You can you can peacefully peacefully is present your verdict present your present your communicate with them. You ask them keep America. We are colored lock the hop-up Kuwait. Arica is make a mystery and a I got Yuki give reasons for it have some have some logic behind it. Yeah Buzz has named at the voltage a key. I don't I don't. Degree, so I will not follow you know, that's that was the most important point that we should accept their advice. You should follow the advice what they're trying to tell us so that was the 20th and the 21st day is that ask their opinions when making a major decision they key as I said agar, if you don't take their opinion, then you cannot support you cannot expect their support if something goes wrong. Honey, as an a whole sector that you keep asking them for you keep asking them for help. But when when there is time to seek advice or tasks opinion that you don't ask. Yeah exactly. That means we should ask them opinions about when we are making any major decision about for our lives or for because because if the decision is wrong if the decision goes wrong, then they are the only people who will come and First exactly and if they are not much knowledgeable about that field in which you are making any decision. So but listen them because if you listen them definitely they will be happy after that that no, yes. Yes, all that lie or at least educate them about your decision at least educate them at least tell them that why are you doing so exactly and get another key? So no sub kick or open a monkey. Listening to you Peter. Maybe you will get any knowledge about that. Okay, after that if you if you know that my parents don't know about this. It's okay, but listen them it's a part of respect also, correct, correct. Yeah, we have a request from listeners to use English. Okay. We'll use Alicia, okay? Lawyer also, so yeah, I think she has some laws in the Articles from Philippines to tell us about painting on content. Okay, so we'll take if we have time if time permits then we will take calls to join me West 22nd. Yeah, 22nd was help in household chores. Okay. So household cores are something it is not a very dead. Retreating to do it is it will it will evolve coach Holton a banana is this I can translate in Hindi in English because I don't I can't express the same feeling the who opportunity who are quote on a burner you will do you will not be disrespected if you if you do household course help because he the our parents are also aging you can't expect you can't expect when you when you have older parents, especially like PP parents above 50 years. Ears, they don't have the same strength. So help them do the household work. Yeah, you can you can you can hire you can hire domestic help and a lot of lot of other people who are who like external assistance can be there, but that will also cost money. No, so save Monday din in one way you can save money if you help out your parents. Okay, so thank you for making us knowledgeable about this and there is twenty third point that do not cut out cut them off. Okay. So if you are talking about if they are talking with us don't be disagree see so like I said this agree means completely rejecting their Viewpoint is a don't reject it. You can have disagreement, but that does not give you the right to reject. Opinion and don't don't become don't become very rude with them. If you have to reject their opinion, you can if like I said have a come have an open communication policy like please communicate with them about your decision. What is the difference in the point? What is the difference of opinion share about your difference of opinion? Why don't you like why do you dislike the decision and and Carry on. Yeah, exactly and say for example what I had in my mind that yeah, if you are dis if you are disagree with them their comments, okay, make them understand in a prospective a definitely they will understand you, isn't it? Yes. Yeah, and that was the 23rd and 24th. Is that don't complain? Okay, if you are if you have committed them the if you have call, you know, make a commitment that yeah, I will reach at home at 8 p.m. So why you are coming at 9 p.m. Okay. Bye. Okay, if you are coming so why you are always giving you are you know, I can see complaints. I know so the example is not correct. So complain is not about that. Some complain is complain is why do you keep asking me why do you keep asking me when I come late? Mmm complain that why do you keep or I'm not why do you keep asking me why do you keep bugging me with your question? Why do exactly and Sony teenagers also say that you have no right to ask me like that ha ha so that is that is a very arrogant stunts but tea Head of the people people who are studying psychology now will realize that the Millennials have a different way of reacting and growing up. So their development of the mind is because of the Situation's around their their mindset is div being developed in a different way. Yeah. So what I would say is it is not correct see Everything everything boils down to one thing. If you respect you, will you will remember all these points? If you don't give respect to your parents, you won't remember even even a single point exactly. That's true. And 25th point is that give them presents? Okay, like this, isn't it gifting gifting should come as a as a as a gesture of Attitude not because only you give term only you gift on special occasions gifting is a gifting is a method of expressing your gratitude that okay you have you don't see many a times? What happens is we think about like if we if we are planning to give a gift to our mother or our father on on his or her birthday. We think we should give a lavish gift store an expensive gift they care they don't Want they don't want to see the price tag. They just want to see see the gesture that you remembered their special day. Exactly. That's that's they need. Yeah. Yeah and the 26th point 26 to way is that don't do those things. Okay that can upset them up. They give her a if you already if you already know what they like or what they dislike that means you have a very good rap. With your parents then but you need to you need to develop that rapport with your parents. You need to see many a times. We don't know what what our parents like or dislike what happened the first what habits of us upset them, but we still continue doing them. We never take their feedback. We never take their feedback on whether they like it or not. So gently it all it all boils down to communication. Yeah, if we can take continuously communicate with each other with our parents will come to know what are their likes and dislikes. Yeah. Okay, so and the 27th we is that don't laugh at their mistakes. They are humans. Yes. See the if when we were a child if when we were a child some of our mistakes they have also accepted right they'd never they never punished us for each of her mistakes. But yes it the situation differs from each family family to family. So what? Buns is over. It depends upon your family background. It depends upon the it depends upon what kind of surroundings you are living in because in India India, you will see the see the family of background changing with each family with each state with each step with each City the famine family background keeps changing. So what happens is you have to like I said, they don't don't like mistakes everybody. Everybody is a Human After All if they if they have made a mistake if they have made a mistake don't they who who gives us the right to punish them first of all and don't give you know two expressions is he maybe we give dirty looks to her parents when when when they do something wrong with it. It is not a lie. Just yeah. Yeah. Thank you very much about this comment and r28 way, is that take them to ask how they are doing? Similarly, like if when we were when we were children when we used to come to come from school and all we used to they used to ask us right if I better school. Guess wha School maker have we bothered to take time when we become adults? Do we take time out to find out what what how they are? It's a basic it's a basic gesture would not occur is active if that also comes that also comes with the with the feeling of how much attached to you are with your parents. Exactly if if you have if you have respect for them, if they if they actually mean something to you, or if you have give them higher priority in life. You will take care of these things exactly. We will so that was the 28th and the 29th is treat them out to date ha ha ha Vicki. I've got to know I would like to ask listeners how much time and effort they spend to keep romantic relationship alive Katana invest Katana time or effort in West cork day off. We are more happy than your Yeah. Yeah, so that was the 29th point and the 30th is Oh, I feel about that. How about that? You hello. your focus your full attention on them when they are around they cave if you are especially if you are living in another city, or even if you are in the if we even if you are living with them as an adult also many a times. I have seen children staying with their parents and they are working they are going to their work or college or something Focus means Focus means unko in Coto De Caza importance though, or Go to Russia, but I guess I robots it current Focus. Karaoke wall. How are your parents? Una Cadena? Kasiraja up kadena chahe Gora. Ho ya just just just ask them this one question. How are you and see a long conversation will take place. Yeah. Yeah, and they have spent whole life with us to make us successful. So Did you know even they deserve this isn't correct? Correct? You know that was the 30th and the 31st is that respect to the opinions and principles. Okay. Same thing it is the same thing which we have discussed before. Yeah discussed about this and that was the 31st that respect to the opinions and principles and the 32nd. Is that visit them regularly if you live away from them yea, like I said, like I said, Like I said that so what happens is when we when we are staying somewhere else when we are saying is staying somewhere else. We sometimes get used to get very caught up with our own lives. We forget that up its are also there in some other City. See you you have your own commitments you have your Own routine you have your own lifestyle, but take a break take a break and go and visit visit your parents because they kyi I am a firm believer that when you spend quality time with your parents your bonding with them grows and but I see phone calls if you turn on he will do some I spent cursor. Face to face in person job retention personally job of melting the bada minor after him. Yeah, you know to behind me but not even voltage Low video go he could lead. Haha DVD video called impossible here traveling is not possible like a because because situation they actually visit Nick we can't visit because of the lockdown we can't visit our parents. But that but as soon as the situation is under control comes back to normalcy, we can at least visit our parents and we can help them also to to get rid of this stressful situation because only don't maybe what stress or I have my they they also can't take this situation. Yeah, exactly and 33rd. Is that involve them in family actions? Yeah, could you come back again involve them in family actions? You know, if you have any function you are to family you're living a lie. He told me I feel very sad that this has been written in a book because lately I feel very bad that in it has it has to be written in a book and people have to be reminded this after reading a book but Dukey wat maharat sukhothai because Indian culture was never this. Yeah, and You know if we have any function if we want to invite our parents definitely I think world should be destroyed that time. They make a line of thinking as he holds back the hair Kathy Hogan your hair if you have a good rapport with your parents, I don't think I don't think you will feel bad at all when they come and participate in your function exactly. So the 24th is a spend special occasions with them if possible spend spend special occasion with them if you like, I'll tell you after after becoming an author. I have won several Awards my mother either my mother or my father always participates in the function so that because see these are Little moments. It is a moment that they will also remember that they they will feel proud of their child. So even even if you if you forget even about award ceremonies or anything just after birthday kid in it is a special day for you. They have seen this special day when you were when you were growing up every day every every time this day you were you were with them. So a bq9 by yep. Possible hoto I am not saying that you have to compromise on anything or it should not be an act of compromise but act an act of willingness. Yeah exactly. That was 34 that spent special occasions with them if it will be possible for you and 35th. Is that be patient with them when they are old, you know, it's a very big issue and big problem of increasing. Is interior that when our parents become old, so we're not patient. We do not act like patient with them to feed them to take care of them the most most most of men made the other problem which comes as we forget that they have both a Hannah job when when a person is when a person crosses 55 or 60 they Start behaving like a child. Yeah exactly to to harm up. Never to go some Holly of name above goes on my Harley. Yay. Do it harder to him that this is the conflict in our mind, but we should we should give time to both and and be patient with them exactly, you know, Kathy McKey, but our Buddha just have never take but the same Djibouti. Sorry, but I had to give up budget. He dropped appearance of kisses kisses kisses. Look at this. Correct. Correct. Good job. Vote up Kaiser job up Kima Gilly. Mr. Pace Ott, Europe and Kappa cyka tt-to. You should remember that boy, but I'm Lori Anita think sadly. Yeah because we are selfish. Yeah. Yeah, so that was the 35th and 36 point. Is that serve them as much as you can? Vicky account that he likes instance they are Elder to us we have we have a lot of energy we have a lot of we are physically stronger than them. So when we picked and parents grow old they don't have this same physical strength as they were as they were in their young in their youth so it is hard our turn to serve them. That is what this point. Yeah. Yeah. They become am personally is writing something in Hindi. Can you please yeah, right? Little he is he's talking about coronavirus. Okay, is it gonna wear it as a bit huh key and all right cambrie and Agriculture and the Civil Ministry. The civil aviation Minister has declared key from Monday Monday onwards Allen key a key from witness day from witness day or domestic and commercial flights will not operate. Okay, and I say this telling that you were Lord has decreed that you worship none but him and that you be kind to parents whether one or both of them attain old age in your life say not to them a word of contempt nor repel them. But address them in terms of honour. Yeah. Definitely. I know that here all the religious groups have said that Your parents example, we'll just finish or the remaining four points because a lot of people want to join the call. So the can we go on to the 37th Point? Yeah 30 seconds is be proud of them. Okay, be proud of your parents. They care. Like I said, your parents have faced their own challenges, but they'd never let you effect or your development effect because of that. At those challenges they have given you they have given you whatever best they could manage. So all of what they have done for you here exactly. They have spent their whole life to make a successful. So we should be proud of them that not only that just imagine just imagine Uncle Paul Potts. Karakia here. They have they were no but they were not bound to do it just because it is it is it if they if they But if they did not practice Selfless Love, they would they could have easily Shrugged off their responsibilities and said via the pkk and week. We will keep nannies. I'm laham logo bonding in a create karenga like camera rip Fil A Hammer a parent. Who's the Mauna Kea aha, they were not sending children to daycare. They used to spend children time with children. TK to the bond was the bond is the bond. Like I'm talking about pair children who people who have been raised in the 80s they can they can relate well with what I am saying because people because parents and children have a very great Bond and I think that bond is that Bond cannot be broken by anybody else exactly and that was the 37th and 238. Tell them you tell them you love them as often as possible. So they can of a the same thing. I said half of my who keep never and I love you. Both. The Han will say I will say I did of her birth parents. I must say I'm not against love or or anything. Please do not consider me that I am against A romance, but I'm just saying please give your partner and your parents equal equal respect. Yeah, and equal will be equal. They should be more rest. The last two points. Yeah. Yeah and 39th is tell them you love them as often as possible. And 40th is be the best that you can be big here. Everybody has I say each individual has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, you know, you don't yes. Yes. Can you hear me? Yeah, you know, you know, I'm from Kashmir. So here is to G network. That's why I chose a nine and a half hours a day here. So so so I would just say that see everybody every individual has his or her strengths and weaknesses. You are whatever you do in life, whatever you do in life, if you if you are able to sustain your life on your own terms and conditions and if you are able to do something about the an apothecary hotate ho parents cork with neatly parents. a question and tell you exactly so that was the I am very thankful to you ma'am that you explain these 40 points. Thank you so much. The wheel will take calls. Yes. Ram is here. Yeah. Yeah, please please accept his call now. Let let others speak. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hi. Hi. How are you? We're from you. Could you please how are you? So I am from Hyderabad and and Shahid is from Kashmir. Yes, ma'am. Please give you a hand. I'm rangaswamy from his my nickname. Okay, I'm from Andhra Pradesh. I'm working as a design engineer and bangles already nice. Yeah there I was up. I was a member of Hyderabad. So so tell me what do you have to share about respecting parents? Yeah, it's actually why seeing your topic. This is my second broadcast. I seen this. No, I'm on the call. Okay, but I love to listen. No white like speeches like that. That's why I became a member of this app. So for so what do you so forth is your if you have a question you ask a question or or you want to share your view you share your view that is how it works yeah yeah exactly actually what I'm thinking our parents our parents our parents have the parents know they are with earlier means engine duration we will become a good people if they are perfect Okay, because they will teach they will they will do everything for in their childhood. Are you getting the ice is going to get it now because of we have to see our grandparents how they are making us. That only thing we we have to take our responsibilities, they will teach us. What is the responsibilities goals we have from the childhood. Also. It is very important to learn if our grandparents are pitching us very well. We became a good social ET / sir. Show me want to say something. No, I don't want to say something but swam, I think want to know, you know, he wants to say that we should learn from our grandparents that how to respect to with our parents. Yeah, okay have anything to say swam? Yeah, you just continue if I want to say something. I will I will tell you we have other calls to whom to join so we'll disconnect your call and we'll take the other called them. Okay, okay. Okay. You can hear you. Yeah. So easy crew Tigers, huh? You know when we were discussing about this topic so many callers with what we know. No one is here. s a hotel You see if you're here. You can now we have finished our topic. We have finished our views about this for T wave and so if anybody wants to talk to Shaheed Shahid more on this topic, or if you want to ask anything to me, I think we can we can connect separately as well. They can send us a request for open talk and and we can connect with them personally. Yeah. Sure. Thank you so much wonderful conversation. I hope Gee, I hope I did it justice with the open top and I hope you my answer. I've got satisfied seriously. Thank you. Thank you so much for choosing such a good and relevant topic. Thank you so much. Okay, mom's is here. Okay, we'll take we'll take her then. Okay is easy if you want yours, please don't. She sends a request then she cancels it. Yeah, but she's a celebrity here. But you know, it doesn't suit you ha ha ha maybe you should have a separate open talk with her ha ha ha. So what's happening with her? I think she's you know Mom she is lawyer. I think she will be she will give much more informative. Yes. That's it. That is why I that is why I'm saying guy. I think you should have a separate open talk with her. At the car at a time. I am so over time which is comfortable for her. We are already we are already one hour and up and I think I must take leave now. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. She is coming. Look there. She is. Okay. I will I will be a listener now. Okay. Now I think she has disconnected again. Yeah, I think I think that is the I think I think there is some problem in the connector. Okay. She's come. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, good evening ZZ. Good evening. It's okay forget about that. Okay, now we are on the topic. So please your lawyer. So please We want to have some comments from your side that how can we respect our parents? What are the ways? I was actually listening to you this early morning even this early. I mean with ear fun and I think everything that you mentioned is actually the the essential part on how to respect our parents. So like listening to them and follow you what they weren't actually there decisioning and a parent in the world that will ask you to do something bad right angle buddy. I mean maybe There's some one percent but 99% a pair of the whole appearance is actually just dreaming to the goodness of their children. Yeah. So what else for me be? I love to follow what my family wants me to be because it basically experience being a lawyer is not what I want to be but this is what makes them happy. So I choose to think I'm happy to myself. I know is you know that they they they dream to to be a lawyer before but unfortunately, they became something so they want he's a lawyer because they want to achieve the dream. Yeah. So for me I said it's okay because I can still find my way to achieve what I want to be. So there's still more time but compared to them. I mean it did this is a piece of time that we can give to their at our family, but imagine for entire. Enjoy your time there and they love us. So this is something a little biggest lesson for us. Every one of us. We have loved our seedlings unconditionally. We had like our family and for me one of the biggest gift that I could Give to our family is prayer. If the essential that you have to pay for your family every single especially my family you touch with it. Of course, I respected the city, but for me, it's a Believer like a weapon to protect my family. So one thing that I can protect them. Like protecting your families also respect right? Yes earlier you are talking about rejection rejection of family and I use the word review. So because I think for children we have the right to refuse on something even in different religion, for example in Christianity and Islam or any other religion for for like for parents. I mean generally most of the the children they have the right to refuse especially if they know that the decision of their family good for them. They can refuse okay, if if we stay in the predation in my perspective the word read it like you immediately but for me refusal in space and time to think about the decision The decision and after that you refuse you are I'm so sorry. I don't want to follow it because this is not good for my future is not good. Yeah stuff in my growth. So at least they will not feel somehow is more heavier, but in terms of reviews, it's not that behavior because you did time, you know. A chance to understand their words and their advice is to you. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean I said, I thought I'm sorry don't know. It's a very valid point that you have made. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that means she knows easy to say that we can refuse to our parents, but in respect to manner isn't as I said as I said when you when you when you have to refuse something when you have to refuse something you You should behave in a decent Manner and refuse it like you should present your view. Why are you refusing it? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, but you know, there's some people we need to see either the the kind of personality of a person for example, there are some people who are not showy to their parents. They cannot even say I love you too cannot even have your family. I like the parents. They cannot even show that they are really care. Yeah, I mean they cannot even show that really or somehow physically this it just happened that they follow their family secretly. You know what? I mean? It just happened. Yes. Yes, so some person like that. They don't usually say I love you Mom. I love you Dad. But behind of that they actually really really respected their family, but when they are outside of their house, they actually proud to say do yeah, that's too long. You know my dad and my mom is really amazing. Yeah, that's true love, but but when you but when you express it to your parents, they will be very happy. When you see the the happiness well laugh when they hear that these these words when they hear it the smile that comes on their face. You yourself will become emotional. Yeah exactly the same way when then boyfriend's friend. I love you. I really feel this because I really miss my mom and my dad I'm actually locked down here and I couldn't even meet them. We are somehow talking on the call. Yeah meet each other because I'm I mean my apartment where I'm leaving like in our house here in the city and my family is in the village though sometimes in the normal routine. I used to visit them every week, but unfortunately more than a week now. Never meet them and it's actually two weeks already a so it's kind of you know, the the relationship though that I have with my family is I'm somehow I'm very sure we in my love for my family compared to my siblings. They don't really show their love to my family. But yeah actually respecting my family met my parents, but for me, I used to hug my mom. I used to say, I love you too, Mom. I miss you all those things and I know One thing by the way, in other way that you can show your love and respect to your family is when you are sharing your problem to them to your mom into your dad. They actually I really appreciate Miss devika. I mean when she talked about like if you want to be helped you have to open yourself. You have to speak out your mind. You have to speak up speak out your problems to your family so that they Can they will know how to help you? And then yeah, I mean, I found it very easier because that most of the young people today they don't want to share their feelings through their family to their parents because they are scared. They are scared that they might be scolded and sometimes okay. Let me give an example. For example the relationship most of the young people they don't want to tell to their parents and Mom. I love someone mom. I want to get I want to get married mom. I want to get it into two because they are scared. Yeah, and what did they hide it and until they made a mistake a terrible mistake, but then you know what one thing that we can do is do not do not fear your mother and your father because they know what to do. They know what is good for you. So if I compare myself with my sibling most of my siblings, they hide their relationship like they are scared to my dad and my mom but in my opinion Art, I started to be open to my mom. I told it I told her that Mom someone sent me a message Mom. Someone wants to Courtney. Mom someone I have a super something like that. So my mom is like she's so happy. She was so happy. Yeah, she got that I trusted her. Yeah, and and one more thing I want to add with her head towards easy said it's basically like if you Are scared of telling your parents that means you yourself are unsure about the risk of then then it is then it is a riskier is relationship. What what will happen if it doesn't work out exactly is a big risk. True in a relationship. Just one of the important essential part of a relationship is trust and if you don't trust your mom in your life, you have to be more open, but you also need to Share everything what you have in yourself? Yeah, I found it that that's another best way to respect your parents. What about the same gestures? For example cooking for them preparing for their food or washing the clothes? It's kind of it's an easier way to show your loom gesture to your parents and get my purse. Spective I mean, I'm just trying to share with you. What what what I did to my family. I'm ready have like to make yeah, I'm really happy to talk to you is easy because thank you. And thank you for giving me a chance to talk to you. Thank you. Thank you. I think you should hit by the way. You are so quiet. I really feel embarrassed Siri. Yeah, I'm sorry. She gave me a chance to talk with her. I am ready. I am very good thankful to you that you chose me to give explanation about these points. So I thank you - I for for giving me this opportunity and I and I am ready very sorry. I have to I have to take leave now because I have to end the call because I have some other engagements. Yeah. Okay, that's great. Thank you, ma'am. Okay. Thank you so much guys, thank you. Thank you. Thank you ZZ ZZ me why I might see Doolittle and open talk with you sometime. Yeah, yeah. Go to Tunisia. Okay, okay shahir. Thank you so much. So we lend our calls with this. Thank you. Okay. Thank you very much.