What's the vision, where do you want to take the company? We are looking ourselves as a company which will be you know, pioneers in iot. It's just a start but we have been doing our R&D on various other products in the IOT domain because I guess that's the next big thing after the internet things are going to just get connected and there's going to be so much data. So iot is what we will be specializing in with the various products little bit down the line. Give us a glimpse. What's your next? For the next again. There is an iot based gaming board where in you know, we could be watching live matches and doing life tutorial in the chest domain. So that's one product related to gaming and iot. Well if two people are playing games and you can watch those matches live and second would be and something like a wireless OTG cable. Imagine that it's a So very vague idea and we're working on getting it out, but it'll be like you can just plug in play any of your devices and get access to data on various various, you know, you can plug and play USB drives on this gadget and you can get your data on various devices. Wow, that's cool. So ever since you started right over last one year what kind of support did you get from your like family friends and startup ecosystem? The family I'll start with their because they have had like the biggest support in you know as making such good progress because it's been difficult to it. It's difficult for them to have entrepreneurs in the family because we just get disconnected from our social life and things like that. So they have always been understanding and supporting you know are allowing us to pursue our goals. So that is from the family. From our institute, we've had the inauguration of an incubation center which has been very supportive of the incubation center called riddle RIDDLE. They've been providing us with mentors and it's pasted and I guess that's it they've started up and that's the biggest incubation centrer pan Mumbai. Okay. Well, so where would you look for support if you're starting out today? in Mumbai, if you started in Mumbai, so space like a riddle is it would be really helpful to that's the first thing we would look at all because the environment is it gives you the energy to just keep walking forward because there are many other startups similar to ours hardware and both an IT sector so a space and an environment of an incubation center would be important to get started and then constantly look for mentors someone who had similar experience. This is have had similar products launched on the market and now they'd be able to guide us and you know point out mistakes, which we will not be able to foresee. That will be the starting point great. Great. It's a great support network we have there. Yeah, so tell me my last question on the business side of things Aatur is what is the best advice you have ever received my friend? Best advice I've ever received would be from the hardware perspective not from the business perspective, you know would just measure it twice and cut once it would be a very basic advice, but it certainly helps a lot because I've had a lot of experience in making hardware products making you know getting things to live in. hardware domain so often times we make mistake where we just design something and we go out and manufacturer and you know, it doesn't come out right. So just this kind of advice and always having this in mind that you have to just double verify whatever you've done whatever you've designed before bringing it out saves a lot of money and saves a lot of time too because the smaller mistakes at the small scale is fine, but in a hard way productive if you are going to launch it and you know bring it out. It's really important that it has to be very stable. Yeah measure it twice cut it once great advice.