So hello. Hello. Good morning. Hope you have morning. Hope you have a good heart a good start to the weekend. Yeah, obviously we can set for welcoming now. Yeah, for sure. Why not isn't it for you? Yes, definitely file for me for me. I like weekdays more because I get to get to practice work-life balance. Yeah. Actually for me, it's different. Actually, I'm into software industry and my work life balance is much better than most other software products because my company is just like that is same here. I am also into into the site industry. So so five days, I work I write technical content as well as on topics, which I am passionate about. So so your blogger is well technical blogger. Yes, I am. Technical Builder as well and a Content strategist. Yeah, it's good. So, can you share with me about your technical blog? So basically I started technical I started content writing for like it's been already eight eight to nine years since I right I started writing. I took up this profession and then I then I have been writing about technology and I started with writing on various as know various topics as I was working for and for a Content writing agency, but then I shifted to the IT industry. It's been it's been 7 years already and I have been writing about technology and I have seen how how technology has evolved steadily old. Yeah, and and sometimes I feel that okay these the taking the pace at which the technology is changing. I don't think we humans. Capable of adopting each and every technology or by the time we understand how the technology Works something new comes a come up with me. So the so going so let's let us talk about our topic today, which is like it's very nice to connect with another thought so I would likely I'm writing a book for not like, oh I used to write is every day when we we go to bed. We used to get some random green sky. So I used to do is I used to take notes on every single day about my dream and I will leave each and every day and come up with a story. That's so my book is going on. Oh, hey nice go into my imagination. That's really nice. That's really nice. So by how much of the manuscript is complete know something like 90% I'm just a working with the final future. It's the Chrome accent things like these. It's almost like a novel I'm going on like that. Very nice. That's really nice the past four years. Very good. See the light. I say I say even writing is not an easy task and especially when you when you write to publish something. It is absolutely a very difficult task because you have to keep the maintain the consistency and also you have to Keep in mind what you are writing. You can't be averse. You can't be a verse or think or not. Think about what you are writing because because what happens is sometimes we become we just right for the sake of writing and don't think what what the impact will be exactly. Everyone in the society is going to read and it will obviously impact something in everyone. Someone is someone may life. As we have to accept everything and we have to maintain the thing right balance. Yes. That is that is there so I we we have 14 people listening to us right now. So I just just a small world small word to them that we will be taking questions after we will be taking audience questions and requests to join the call after her hurry shares basic questions are over so he has Hurry hurry, she has some questions to ask me after those are over. Then. We will take requests for joining the call from for from other people. So Horatio you please ask me what yeah, what do you want to AC question? I want to ask you which every writer will faces the challenges they face a while. They are publishing. Can you share your experience on them? So the yeah, so the first first challenge was whether to find a publisher who will believe in your story why I had started I approached the traditional Publishers first. I approach to a lot of today about 12 to 13 or traditional Publishers first, but every every traditional Publishing House gave a negative negative review about the book and what the the thing that I don't like about additional publishing houses is if you have rejected a script you should at least give the reason behind rejection. They they along with the submission guidelines on their website. There is they have clearly mentioned do not ask for reason of rejections. I like I'm like that is so that is so authority authority. They why shouldn't I know the reason of Rejection it is like this President is disrespecting the altar Obviously and and then I then but I I knew that I have written good content. I I had believed in my content me and my editor I had worked a lot on on the manuscript and I thought the message should be sent to the public. Then I chose self-publishing and I contacted blue rose Publishers and they were very supportive and and luckily they supported my manuscript and Publish the book within within one month within one month. The book was out and now it's been a now it's been a year and a half and and already it is doing very well. It has the the content has touched people that the audience has appreciated and and the Publishers themselves have deflect declared it as as a best-seller and because the sales sales Purrs are good. And and now it is going for traditional printing with their blue rose blue roses traditional imprint will be printing the book now. So I think I think this is a success story in itself and I tell people that if you have the belief in your manuscript, you should not stop. It's okay, if if the traditional publisher has rejected your script doesn't mean that it is bad sometimes what Lenses sometimes what happens is that if they find that there are two men there is too much competition and and and the book will not be able to Market itself then also they reject then also, they reject the manuscript. Yeah, they are can check in their economical like all will be efficient. Right? That's a good point of view. And I was yeah, he pulled out the same set of but like they have their own set of They have two wishes and correct Publishers are thinking from a business point of view. Whereas the author is thinking from the creative point of view that is where the conflict that is where the conflict area is. So so we can't blame both of them. Right since both are correct. Both are correct both have their own merits and demerits. There is nothing wrong. There is nothing wrong. But if there is a little bit of transparency from the Shang house and they tell us what is like whether marketability was a concern or whether the quality of content is a concern like at least it you should not you should not outright lie rejected without giving a reason to the author at that. That is what I that is of what I feel because I see people first of all writing like you said you have been working on your manuscript for the last four years now after four years, if a problem publisher just outright lie Rejects It without giving you any reason obviously, obviously you are taken aback. So so like if you want people to if you want good writers to come and approach you obviously, I'm not saying that everybody is a good writer. I'm not saying that some scripts may be lacking some script may be lacking that depth but that does not mean you should give the you should at least explain to the managers don't think on the commercial terms and also think on how to Improve the writing quality in India, but these days in India are laws of it professionals and banking professionals. Especially these people have started writing lots and lots of books. Yeah. Yes that is that is the her because that is there because people also need some time off screen right writing has become a very good stress Buster now that I have seen I have seen a lot of people who are taking up writing like men. A of my friends who are in the it sector they have they have taken up writing poetry and they and mind you they write very good poetry because they're because they're suppressed emotions come out in the in the in the word tree. It was like God one point people are like no one is leading and then lots of people started reading books. And now the trend is like everyone is trying to be author the trend is changing in such a way like that. Right did you do today? This is there is a trend everybody wants to become an author that is everybody wants to voice like that in India is much more than know any other countries. I noticed that you like imaginary authors if you have a partner, but there is there is also there is also a case like if you see the New York Times the new the the New York Times bestseller you require to sell 10,000 copies. Okay after after. after Germany within a year of its release within a year of the book release you need to sell 10,000 copies plus so I think I think sometimes what happens is it depends on it depends on how do you rate the success of your book whether it is in terms of reviews or is whether it is in terms of actual sales or whether it is in the in the in terms of the revenue that you earn so Yeah, because he like self-publishing the self-publishing and traditional publishing also differ in the terms of royalty that is being that is given to the author. So I think those are also points to be concerned to be concerned about and we should also focus on like there are the I have read many books published by the traditional publishing houses which lack which lack content. And quality lots of books are going there. So that is what I'm saying traditional Publishers when you can just when you can select the low quality content, why aren't you giving aspiring writers a chance? That is my question - because etcetera etcetera it all matters. And one morning. Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah, so one more thing that we should focus on is when we write like see the everybody can write. Yes, but can everybody become an author that is a question mark because it's an author and author requires a great amount of observation power. So if you do not have that Observation power and you do not have your content does not give something insightful or something some food for thought. I don't think so. You can become an author. That is my that is my sole personal opinion because because I like you said there should be some take away from the story. Correct? Yeah, it is just not like like even if you see even if you see the movie scripts have also changed drastically now now they are they are focusing on real issue. They are focusing on real issues and and topics subjects that will make an impact on the society. So I think author also as an author it is not only for entertainment purpose that we write as authors. We want to communicate a message that we feel needs to be addressed by the society but taking such things. and it's you with organizations like It's not that easy, right? It would create a lot of problems as well. Yes, it does writing becoming an author is a great challenge that you take because because what happens is if you first suppose you are writing on very sensitive subjects like religion or politics if you write on those those topics or even even culture culture and Society It is pressure from the schedule is from the government wherever it is, it's true, right like two people and one people is riding on someone else. So that person will obviously come when the question is like we're riding on me or why are you telling this in a wrong way? Even if it's right, this is what happens when we try to say what's happening. Correct. We could wake up because CC it is okay. You have the freedom. You have the freedom to express yourself in speech or writing it is but we should also use it judiciously it is not like it is not like we have been given some Freedom. So we just go out Unchained and just blurt out with whatever we think impulsively. We should we should think about be mindful of what we are writing. So we have a question like akash akash tiwari. So can we can we start taking calls Harish? Yeah, sure. Okay. So we will be joined by Akash davari. I have to hello. Hello Akash. Hello - yeah. Yeah, can you hear me? Yeah, we can yeah, good morning. Both of you. Good morning. Yeah, I'm listening your wife's from 10 to 15. And I'm new here are using open talk and they suggest me to using this app to improve my English communication and I am preparing for NDS army officer. That's by Omission is using this app for improving my communication skills and remove my hesitation and I listen to your voice that you are talking about authors. So my One question is that what types of things author's mind during the writing anything means to about me see his writing on the topic of religion. So what types of things he kept in mind that times two. Me say hi. Go to my point. Yes. I have I have we have got your point. Basically hurry. She wants to ask that Akash is asking whether what things should we keep in mind when we write about sensitive topics, like religion and politics. So you like to answer first. Yeah. Sure. Okay is generally when we are getting into sensitive content, so we just have to keep in mind that it doesn't affect anyone else they everyone. Some belief in their own thoughts, right? So it doesn't affect that things. We should basic things. We should not touch in this you should not touch their inner selves their inner respect over the things which they think so unless you get into those like someone say for example seti and so many things were earlier practice, but then it was completely managed but think about the impact. Oh, it was banished the same way. It will be the practice is religious and every single thing even the politics everything will be like that. So it takes time for people to accept so we have to get into that in a very polite way such that it doesn't affect the inner beliefs. Yeah. Correct horatius said the Corral to thing I would also will add to the it saying that always always keep in mind that you are not presenting a biased opinion of yourself. It should be supported by some logic because C it is very It is very easy to criticize something criticized a policy or criticize anybody but do we have do we have the proper rational were proper rationale to justify what we are saying? If you do not have the rational do not write it because unnecessarily you will create a biased opinion. So, do you have any other questions occurs? Yeah, one question that what size of books you write. So I am writing my eye I have started with nonfiction, but I am store slowly trying trying to attempt writing fiction also, so my next novel is a Hindi novel which is fixed which is fiction. So it is I am I have completed 90% of the manuscript And like they're up there have been other distractions in Rain my life with with because of which I haven't been able to complete so I will be completing it and I plan to release that in March or April April about her age. What about you? Actually I still need some more imagination and some more inspiration. It's so but what do you write that is what he's asking fiction? Complete fix it to bring my dreams into reality every day and everything's so I'm just adding things like little bit Masala and bringing up things bring my day-to-day life into that everything happens in my life. So, thank you sweetheart who will be joining us. Thank you. Thank you so much for your thank you. Thank you. Sylvia joined by we are joining with Akash now Akash is a photographer. Akash is a photographer. Very nice hug devika and Harris. How are you? Can you hear me? Yeah, we can yes. Okay first I would like to congratulate for your shortage Eagle, you know writing skills. Both of you. Thank you. I'm first I'm here speaking to you just want I have some big confusion like, you know, there are lots of things. I will just go beetle with track of the you know, what is explaining. So I have just like something is there which is In our life and we cannot write it write some of the things we can just like get the knowledge by experience or maybe some of the things which cannot be, you know energy in the world. So how do guys like, you know, get challenge overcome these challenges like some of the things know which we cannot write it exactly right the way we think so. How did I do the imagination of those things and write it in the text? Maybe they can you can answer this question. No. No, I think you will be better because you write fiction. So you will be better in answering this. Okay. Actually, I know there are so many challenges in which we can write and which we should not there are a limit for every aspect to express your feelings. See, for example, I should not say what's happening in my personal life. This is something against ethics and it's like it's not like against ethics. Like it exposing my personal things no one would dare to do that. Right since then we should be avoided like I may have a low-life. I mean anything like related to my job or with my family such things should be avoided and when it comes to society I might be offended by some policy or something. But at that time there is a way to explain things like I should not go and directly real criticized like I don't like this law or I don't like this if I do that then obviously I will be Kicked like nicely I'll get from the society and even from the government obviously so that and the baby Express things is very important. It's like if you don't like something you have to say it in a polite way such that it doesn't affect them. The one who you are criticizing. It is very important to have that in mind and US Derica last last and say it is very important to have something like if you don't like something and it should be backed up with the reason. Why you don't like it and the trees and should not be offended as well. Oh, yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah, and another thing to add to what he said was like see sometimes what happens is we react on impulse and we just write write down something. Correct When what when we won when we read when we read it like two days later we think it is it is it is crap that we have written. So we are elves we ourselves don't lie what we have written. So don't why do you want to publish that and create a Public Image? That's the way everyone. I beg your pardon Akash. I was asking another question. Why as I ask I'm you get no Allure Sometimes some of the you know, when you're writing about something which really touched you and your started giving your own opinion. So how do you allow keep your like segregated from you know, cigarette segregated from you are inclined to give some opinion about somebody's I mean to say, how do you like become in neutral when you're writing something which is very close. You see there are there are certain patterns of writing. There are certain guidelines for writing. Like if you if you also listen to You Tube videos on Mast on writing skills. You will see that all the teachers all the teachers have say that there are few rules that a writer should follow and also and also one more thing I would say is that How one more point I want to make in this is like it's okay. Like Akash said that not to not get too too personal honor of not about not getting too personal. It is like how much comfortable you are obviously because if a big chunk of her personal life comes out in your book and people can relate it then after the book is published. You will be asked a lot of questions. Are you ready to answer those questions or not? Absolutely. We should have some develop in our mind. Yeah. Yeah, so because then because then if your book becomes popular and if you're if it becomes a super hit then I'm sorry your personal life privacy personal life will be finished. Yes indeed. Yes, I published something five of them and And it's published not book. I published a few of the journals. Yes. Okay, good point to know and I was just wondering like one question is always I'm being asked and also gets not like complex. Like what's the audio book and the writing is gone because so many people they love to read it. I agree with you. But so many people they are moving slowly to the audiobook. So how like how the writer is like, you know, the transforming themselves like Um X Loop to audiobooks see audiobook. Also audiobook is a is a new innovation that has come out in the publishing industry and audio book is like I have I have seen I have read I have heard a lot of stories sometimes sometimes you like to hear stories in the audio form, but there are some but there are some books that you would like to read and like as an Avid Reader myself I have and have I have a habit of of of underlying or marking highlighting few important things that I liked. So I think that I can do I can do when I am reading a paperback or or on Kindle. Yes. You made a very good point but in I just would like to add like these days people have hardly find time to read something, you know, so while they are work, maybe they can passively listen and then invite they will put into another world. I mean imagine is See when people have enough time to flirt with girls and when they have enough time to go for movie. Can they spend at least someone are spending of spending time with a book isn't it possible for anyone see I spent like two hours traveling every day. So I spent that time for reading I will be listening to a song and I used to read so it's all up to us the the priority wish we are creating for every single task. Yeah, obviously we have to add reading as well as well. Along with the daily routine just like brushing and having foot that's good. I would like to ask one more questions. Yes, sorry for being vague and asking some people just want to know one thing more questionable you are right here. So you must know, you know, when you are delivering some you are writing some books. So you must have some imagination. Okay, what kind of you know reader will be like targeting. So my next question is what do you see in the you know? The reader like pattern of reader they are changing these days. So what would you like today? You know read about mood that is a risk that is a risk that is a risk we have to take as authors because we don't know whether we'll have a market or not. That is the that is the that is the main main thing why by traditional Publishers didn't maybe I am thinking that why traditional Publishers may not have selected the mind game because they had Add doubt on whether it whether the marketability aspect would be high or low, but of see that is a risk as an author you take because if you are some what I believe is if you are writing something from your heart and if you're writing if I like what I do is I always get my manuscript read by a third person who is like who on whom I am confident about that. The person will give me a correct feedback. Just because he or she is my friend. He will not give me a friendly advice. If it is not good. The friend will tell me it is not good. So I have those kind of friends. So I always advise people that whenever you finish writing your manuscript get it read by two or three people who will give you a critical feedback. Then you will come to know whether whether the whether the script is interesting or not. That's that's makes sense and And since you are a writer, so you must be a good reader as well. And this I am I am an Avid Reader. I read I read daily and I don't think so. I have any other the better time at the better way to surpass my spare time. I don't think so. Wow. That's a very good thing. I just like to know how to read faster because I'm really a struggling with hurry hurry. She will answer this because he reads it. While he's traveling no, that isn't me know I'm fast leader. It's like it was a practice like wind say for example, we both of software professionals. I am a developer software developer. Do you think I'll be able to code just like the same way I'm doing during my college days or school days. It just comes up with the practice. So when you start eating every day, obviously first month, you may read one page for an hour then in one hour, you may be able to complete two to three pages. It will increase Reese oh, maybe your first may be able to complete just a single parent that's up to the people. So obviously people can read some fi 6 pages in an art that's when they get the practice or you need to know little more words of vocabulary. You need to build that it's a big challenge for every reader and even for the writers as well work out blurry. Yes. Thank you. Think it also depends on whether the content is interest is of your liking or not. If Your big reading that kite kind of books if that if you really like to read that Jonah then then you can finish finish books very quickly. Thank you up don't you have any more questions are cursed because we have another okay any more questions, but I know that solving take the final question from you and then we'll connect with other colorful. He's no it's fine. And listen you guys and it was nice. I know hearing from you and thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hope it will be. So we are connecting with happy such a nice such a nice profile name. Yeah, yeah. Hello. Hey. Hi, how are you? I'm good. How about you? I'm doing well as well. How do you choose the ring with? So what do you want to ask? I definitely ask you questions, but I feel like there's another person who is also connected to us. Is it nice? How do you say is connected? Yeah, that's great. So, hey Deva Katta. I mightn't have that much knowledge about books and all but I'm still pretty much interested because I was just simply came into reading nowadays, and I want to know a bit about it. Could you please tell me? Like where should I begin it with Harish? I would like to go first. Okay? Okay. I'll be just all find your interest. Like are you interested in friction or you are you interested in real time? Biographies? Yeah, that is fiction. Right? Yeah. Yeah users need to find out. Hmm. Yeah, you go to all figured out which is your area of interest only if you get to know that you will you can start digging on books. And authors based on the your interest free. For example, I like these low novels. So my favorite author is like Chetan bhagat and I used to read each and every book office. Like you can even call it like he's my inspiration to become an author as well. So he started is a five point. Someone is finally out of his college days. And I did the same like other final year of my college days. I started book The only difference is he completed and I'm still writing. and one going to add one more point to add to his answer is basically basically there are the there are a lot of books nowadays which are available of different Jonah's and what you can do is if you select a like just go to a book shop or just go to a you have to visit a library just go to a library the all the all the genres are classified and The books are books are kept in order. You can just select randomly photo five books and you can see which one do you like and you can check on Goodreads Goodreads is a very good platform because Goodreads will suggest books to read reading recommendations will be sent to you on your email. According to the John are you liked so I think godrej is a great platform. Would you mind explaining? What does John amines? I mean types of writing where very whether it is fiction on in fiction. Also, we have a lot of donors categories categories. Basically whether it is romance, whether it is poetry Thriller crime fiction or in in nonfiction, we have philosophically books. We have biographies or autobiographies the so there are a lot of sections if if you if I have to list out all the categories it it will take Yeah, okay, I get your point. So my simple question was to like where should I begin with? Like there are a ton of have even reached out to like libraries them in ton of books having too many pages and it's pretty hard for me like as a beginner to read out a particular book. So would you mind telling me like what should be the first book? I should initiate with as I'm pretty much interested in to like fiction and all as interim are like to do you like to come to stories or do you like Hello. Yeah, Paige is disconnected or something has happened. Yeah, why she wasn't coming out of it that must be hard to visualize happened. So I think of call got disconnected. But anyway, yeah, go ahead. Actually I like Have generated during this thank you for interested in Romance. Just start digging on the novels and authors which which people are then you will get a basic idea about that. You need to start his back. Yeah, I would just say that I would I would just like to ask you do you like to read about imaginary stories or do you like food? Read about real-life accounts is again God. Hello Internet. I'm pretty much interested in two stories. And yeah, so you are interested in stories, correct? So you can begin you can begin with reading short stories. Hello. I think he got disconnected. Yeah. I think he's had he's facing. Introducing internet issue Network issue? Yeah, so I think so. How did you start your reading habit Harish actually during my college days. I was a while I was doing my bachelor's in engineering my friends. We all used to sit and chat together. We used to speak about games. That was during the first year and after second year third year. We started speaking about books like we started like we used to get the Fulfill expect or girls and everything at the time. What happened was we started digging out? Oh other people feel at that time like during their college days or how they feel during their lowly. So what happened was the first book what I remember reading was Chandler. I to add Love Story by revving the same, huh? And then I to add Love Story these two. Yeah, and then I didn't buy it and releasing these kind. I started with these two books. It was during my third year in 2013. That's how I started and then I slowly got into should be Shelton and so many fiction everything almost. I wanted to all everything and these days I started reading of some books like How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and they would that these type of books so obviously based on our interests our books and everything as we mature our things changes and I have to Thing but select these are that's another story. It also influences. The thing that we write our writing style is influenced by biased by the inputs that we are getting from other books. Correct? Obviously this one I like for my in my case. I have been reading future philosophy psychology and human Behavior from a very young age life from my teenage so that and I have been rereading from such a long time. So now the idea behind the mind game was that now I can I consider myself like I can make a Judicial. What do you say correct statement, which I can just put my beak. Rather than reading or by your personal experience of we will learn much more than what we read. Right practical exposure is better than theoretical knowledge. Yes. And and now when I see and you know what some time for us authors, even even Cinema and Bollywood Hollywood and the cinema Trends also can help us to gauge. What is the what is the resident right now? People are watching movies like Borelli keyboard, and also we know that people will really It to social issues and people will relate to people will relate if our storyline is also on those topics. Obviously the market is there so I think gauging the market is not difficult nowadays. It's clear water. We right there are people to read the data or own set of audience. Yes. I think we should not we should do judgment to them like how human we are writing something junk or stupid. Correct? Correct. That is that So good. So what is your goal now writing goal weight by when do you wish to complete your manuscripts actually before my birthday? I just want to complete it October. Wow that days. I wish you all the very best. I hope I hope your book comes out and I receive a copy but I love Amber so it has been lovely interacting. With you. I look forward to talking to you about writing and other issues as well so we can get the interacting over or open talks. Thank you so much, and thank you for everyone. Thank you, dude. We have give us okay have at and a very big thank you to all the 77 listeners that are there. Thank you for joining us live. I hope you got good. It was a good conversation to for you to hear. Thank you so much. Thank you guys. Bye. Have a great day, bye-bye Harish.