And what has been a difference, you know, if you think in terms of going back inside the companies which scaled 50-100 X within your portfolio and the company could just scale 2x or 3x? Yeah. So I think there are two things, you know one is the timing of the opportunity. I think we as entrepreneurs tend to give too little credit to luck and timing, you know is 50% assessment and 50% luck, right? So if I look at some of the companies that I am Mentioned earlier. I think they happen to be at the right time at the right place. The second is focus, you know, most of the companies that have done well for me are fairly focused entrepreneurs and focus businesses. They don't tend to try to do a lot of different things at the same time. So that's another characteristic that I think works well in startups and I look for that when I'm looking at entrepreneurs who pitching to me. So as an angel investor besides money, which you put in what goes friends or expertise to bring to a startup? Yeah, you know, I would like to believe that entrepreneurs have the where with all to build their own businesses. So I don't tend to interfere too much with what they are doing very often. The mode of interaction is that they've made if they need me I'm available rather than you know, my need to go in and keep a tab on the business most. Typically I have seen entrepreneurs come back to me for couple of reasons one, you know, if they are facing strategic choices, you know, they tend to come back and use me as a bouncing board and at that stage honestly entrepreneurs tend to do that with many people five to six people at the least to just hear different point of views and do than what they want to do think their conviction lies in the second thing by virtue of the fact that I've been investor before many of my entrepreneurs come back to me when Thinking of raising the next round of financing. To see what kind of metrics should their focus on what we see is should they go to and things of that nature and third is you know, largely business connections network if they need to connect to a company who might be their prospective customer things of that nature. So I think those are the top two or three areas where entrepreneurs tend to reach back. Alok when you are VC see you are able to solve multiple problems at the same time different ventures. Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur again? Yeah, you know, I would hazard that as VC we are not really solving the problems. We are backing problem solvers, right? And so the only problem we are solving is how to pick the right on the pillar and after having done it for ten years. I felt like I wanted to be in middle of problem-solving sitting in front of customers and figuring it out. So in some sense, you know the desire to get my hands dirty again is what we'll be back to entrepreneurship. As angel investor, who are you idle co-investors and why? No, I don't have a list of investors who would be my ideal co-investors. I have enjoyed investing, you know, for example with rajul a lot. Right? And you know Rajan and I have had a couple of investments together. I think one of the common characteristics and you know, I would hazard that I am still learning from some of these people is, you know, they're able to crew back and entrepreneur completely. I think that is what I like in fellow Angel Investors. I still think I am seven out of ten on that but hopefully with your people like this as company I can push that ball forward. So let's say a hypothetical company and you are picking five of your investors to reach out to. Who these five be sorry come again. I'm not understanding if you get a very good entrepreneur very good deal. Who should I go to saying do you want to go invest with me there? So, you know I normally have reached out to Rajul into a different point specially given his interest in education and health care. We've done a few days together. I invest with power 1 we are speaking next, you know Bhupender. So those are some of the people that I tend to reach out to in order to check for co-investment interest. And as I said, I think it is, you know, the element of being like-minded in terms of backing the entrepreneur not having too much need to control right? I think those are some of the characteristics that these people represent. So coming to a more personal side of Alok. What's your daily routine? Like my daily routine for six days a week is in defeat. So I normally like to you know run in the morning. So I start my day at 6:00 get my run over. I hit my desk at 8:00 8:15, which is a couple of hours before the crowd starts to come in that gives me some time to get stuff off my desk and then evening, you know, my average day would look like 7:00 7:30. So, you know that gives me a good level 12 hours at work. I'm early sleep early riser so that by and large takes care of my week days Sundays. I actually like to teach kids. So I do. Recreational math classes so all of my Sunday morning is taken up by that. This is a hobby. I have Sunday afternoon is family so broadly that is how my week cuts out.