Good evening. Good evening. So today we have four kids. What do you mean by balanced diet? Balanced diet is overall healthy eating diet. Okay, and it's not only though here we are addressing for kids, but it is not only confined to kids. It includes everybody every gender every age group including you me everybody should eat a balanced type but because balanced diet is generally lacking among the children in their growing year. So we thought will address this topic. So when you ask me, what do you I mean by balanced diet is balanced diet means the daily diet pattern from morning to night a person eats or a kid eats should have, you know food from all the various food groups in the right recommended options, so it should not be only fruits. It should not be only vegetables or it should not be only milk, but know that you know, though that is imbalance actually. So basically there are just five basic. For groups where what you and me everybody would have studied in our growing age in our school also, so, you know just the carbs protein vegetables fruits milk milk products nuts and fat. So these are the five to six foot groups, which should be considered while you know, you're planning a diet for anybody on a day-to-day basis. Okay, so from which is ideally kit should be fed the proper die. Seduce the logic of balanced diet starts as early as they are introduced to solids may be from 6 months of age itself. So the more you you know, expose them to a proper balanced diet, then they grow into adults or they grow into kids who are into healthy eating habit and they will not turn up to a beer fussy eaters actually. So it's a you know, it's possible to start from six months itself. Okay, so is it possible? To cook a lot of variety for kids. See, this is one of the misconception what people have you know, like when I say you have to balance a diet including carbs protein and there are subcategories in which tables there are sub category in fruits milk. So nobody know what he's asking you to cook so many items but you should know the, you know, art of mixing the food group. So for example, you make paneer pirata paneer is a milk product and parata is a Serial carbohydrates. So two food groups. Come in the same item, right? Okay, and I understand way you make palak doll then Pollock and also to different food groups come in the same recipe. So when we say balanced diet and so many items should be included people always think of practically I cannot cook so much. Okay, so it is it is not about cooking so many items. It is including various for groups in in a smarter way of incorporation. So which anybody and Export to the guide you On it or now you are in a lot of information are available on the internet. So it's very easy to implement it actually. Okay. So what are the consequences of a balanced diet? The consequences of imbalance diet is what happens the food group you're taking more often nutrition only from that will keep on coming to you and the food group which you are not taking. Okay, so then then you get deprived of certain your richer. And you may get nutrition deficiency. Okay. So let's take an egg college with a like, you know opening. How often do you eat fruits? No, can you give flower often? Do you eat fruits? I would eat daily. Right. That's a good answer you eat date. But then how many fruits you eat in a day the regular, you know, apple banana, whichever I get like the regular stuff. Yeah. Okay. So the locally available fruits you eat right? But but ideally, you know, correct at least one or two fruit should be eaten a day. What you're doing is right, but the same way one more things to be taken into consideration is as you're saying but And I will belong to different category but in fruits itself, we can impeach a common in the bottom of colors. Okay. So for example banana orange and pomegranate or three different colors, and three two to three different color fruit should be eaten daily. Why because two different colors will give two different nutrition. You get it to ya. So, for example, if you eat two apples a day then only the nutrition from Apple will keep coming to you more. But if you eat one apple and one orange, you will get vitamin C also from Orange and if you eat a pomegranate you will get iron also from there. So basically it is not about the quantity or portion. It is including the variety on a basis of color. So that is why kids are always taught in schools also from anger age, you know. Eat vegetables and fruits like a rainbow like, you know, including all the colors in it. Okay. So what is the take home message for all the okay, okay. Yeah, the reason we say all the colors is or a different colors is more the variety more the color you will get you know, a variety of nutrition to your body. So that is the Funda. Okay. So what is the take home message that you would like to give parents? Parents first should understand, you know, the basic food pyramid, which is very simply available or any nutritionist or any doctor cannot teach them, you know, which will include which all groups come in carbs your rice wheat like that carbs protein vegetables fruits milk. So if they are aware of all this then they will get the No Art of mastering in it like mix and match or incorporate and cook, you know, then they can also eat healthy and they can make the Kids also he tell these so whatever I say it is more important to kids but as the balance right concept is the same for any person you suspect you of the equal that particular message. Okay. Thank you so much. Nice talking to you.