So maybe on the digital Health side, can you talk about example? What do you mean by digital Health invested in companies, which are consolidation apps or platforms that could be counted as digital play or therapy being provided which to me. So in on it started off with an expert opinion platform expert consultation that form and it's evolving into a full stop food stamp model where they provide care coordination. Asian and and are involved with the patient through the patient's care Journey right from consultation to diagnosis. Was it aimed at on for the cancer patients and caregivers? Okay, actually, so they're trying to build out a virtual cancer hospital and provide Provide support with two patients who want a second opinion or expert opinion where different set of oncologists are able to look at the report and provide holistic. View and by that it means if there are drugs that are not available in India or therapies not available in India. And if it's only available, in other parts of the geographies, they are made aware its community building and providing consultation and caregiving for the cancer patient and the caregiver go through their life into treatment. So that's in digital Health any other examples maybe anything on AI needs Healthcare or anything you can use the new areas susceptible. Is an investment that we seeded or three years back the underlying pieces there was again around gaps in the healthcare delivery ecosystem in India. So if you look at Diagnostics, it's a very large Market in India. But as a society we significantly under diagnosed, right and there are multiple reasons to this. So one is you know, we don't have an efficient diagnostic Network today outside of the large Tier 1 cities of arrows and to this a large shortage of pathologies. Can actually look at a slide predict or diagnose what the underlying condition could be so suitable set out to solve this problem where you started building deep learning models around annotated slides that we started require with blinded patient information. So the the security or privacy concerns around patiently has addressed right up front and so they started building this deep learning solution then you've got We didn't do a simple device that they're building inaudible on where effectively it augments the pathologist ability to now look at samples and only acquire their interaction and pass the the others that do need intervention actually automatically give a report. So this ought almost automatically give blood they put it under this device will be able to diagnose. What was that record starting off with a complete blood count. Okay, and then we're building out. I will indications around you. His semen analysis and a bunch of others in the pipeline. Got it. So eventually anything that apologist look under a microscope, they should be automated but keeping pathologist in the group. So flagging only slides that required a pathologist to intervene and look in double click on current. Okay. So we're talking about some of these what you touched upon and maybe hit up for what is the advantage of doing this in India? So I think there's three or four elements that are Particularly attractive about doing doing the senator. So one is the capital efficiency. So in the case of Manticore Life Sciences, there is about a 3/5 x capital efficiency of building on these products and digging through the regulatory Milestones out of India. And then from a Time perspective. Again, this is a huge advantage of doing this faster in a place like India third about my where those two that any second level insights on what gives us the time and cost. Ditch right at the cost means just pure talent cost is 1 so if you were to do this in the u.s. Cables of Austin, it's extremely complicated acquiring in every daily Target. The second thing is the infrastructure cost is also significantly higher so you can build a world-class laboratory at a fraction of the cost in India. Usually so just like 90 we had the talent base in here to be doing. Okay and former in is a great example, right? So this is been done in form of 3040 years now and we have world-class companies supplying pretty much all the small molecules or big circle small molecules for the group from India. And so that's a good analogy to draw which countries they talk about here you have got so I think I need to add very calmly costs much lesser in India. So that's biggest cost Advantage for us to build out life science companies your as to his stateroom. That we interviewed a seed and build out companies until the R&D shapes up and then we struck. What do you see R&D phase? What are you talking about is building out the molecules furthering the little state preclinical animal data studies that go into making sure the drugs were crops so that you saying compared to the US or others on the market is going to be 1/2 1/3 pick what you want on your side and also the Talent the politics Talent is fabulous in India. So up until that face until we've proven that the drugs working or the R&D work is on. I think it makes a lot of sense for us to be based out of here and then to take advantage of the Strategic Partnerships with hospitals there or getting into clinics there because we definitely need FDA approvals then flipping the story to be wise needs a lot of business sense for us. So you prove that the product works on animal data till that phase doing it in India then. The same taking it Global going to the u.s. Effort in Drug Administration. Yes, and by doing that by take it to the USF for delegates the administration get approval that very simple formula 800 just that it gets better reach right when the once the dog drugs approved and after you put it to sell in the US on and all other markets, it becomes easier as much stringent much more stringent than my sport regulated there and you talk about time advantage to move you talk about what's the time advantage of Right. So so any of these soup because markets like the US are so heavily regulated getting approvals to actually go through the process actually very time consuming right so which is what it is. There's a, you know, maybe 50 to 70 percent Advantage time advantage of doing this out of India. So especially through a phase one. What do you mean by through Phase 1 so doing on the early work, right? So we talked about making sure that the the drug box in the lamb. Drug books on most models and more models before it actually is tested in humans got it's very hard to do clinical trials in India. So post that it makes sense to do some of this work outside. Why is it hard to do clinical trials in India? Just getting approvals is much of the same using the clinical trial data in India to get it approved in the u.s. You're saying just to get clinical trials approved in India's is very hard over because unlike the US where this is an FDA which is sort of the ideal tree. Adios Iman, the clinical work that's done. So you have two or three agencies that you need to work with in India. So it's not a very Sleek or process or easy. Okay. I got it.