Hi Srividya. Hi Aswathi. Good morning. Good morning. So today let's talk about bottle feeding. Is it a boon or a curse? So she can do those bottle-feeding. I really don't, you know, endo's bottle-feeding because I don't feel it's as a bone. I feel more of a curse. Okay, so is it okay to To breastfeed and bottle-feed at the same time. It's actually not, you know, ideally speaking. You shouldn't be doing both at the same time. But yeah at times people prefer to do it because of the convenience factor. The reason why I say breastfeeding and bottle feeding should not be happening at the same time as eventually that will reduce the milk from the mother and the breast milk is going to stop completely, you know in a shorter period of time even though you want to give Your expressed breast milk, or you have to give a little bit of formula milk. You shouldn't be using bottle but you should be using only parle du, you know, if you use both at the same time, then it's going to create a lot of confusion to the baby and definitely the mother will start producing lesser milk because she's using bottle also, okay, so which is an idea that bottle feed Ideally speaking. It shouldn't be started at any age actually ideal upbringing of pediatric nutrition or recommends. There is no need of a feeding bottle at all at any age of life because you know, if your baby is statements or around one year then if you want to carry a beverage outdoor or something, then you can use zippers which doesn't have a rubber nipple which will not cause much infections to the baby but bottles should ideally never be started to a baby. Okay, don't you feel that? You know, it's a great convenience for parents to you use bottle feeding. Yeah, it is a great convenience. Yeah, but you know, yeah definitely it's a great convenient part, but then you know, we have to really take a call whether you want a convenient life for you and your baby or you want a healthier life for you and your baby, you know convenience will come at its own cost. Right? So other than the convenience that you know, anybody can be a anybody can be Feeding a formula feed to the baby and the mother is really not physically around. Other than that. I don't find any single, you know convenience out of bottle feeding. Okay, what are the demerits of bottle-feeding demerits of bottle-feeding is actually a longer list, you know, it hit comes with a long list of consequences on the health on a longer run. The first thing is more of bottle fed babies are easily. Prone to childhood obesity. So bottle fed babies are always big babies and they get cold curve ear infections often and they get frequent diarrhea. Then they are prone to respiratory tract infections, like ask the mind all and majorly they get very, you know, in fact emotionally attached to the bottle a lot so that you know, they keep clinging to it even at the age of 3, which is very very no disturbing to watch. It's a kid to be on a bottle by three years. Okay. So if bottle feeding is started when to stop it. Yeah, as I said ideally it shouldn't have been started. But if at all it had been started then you know as per any expertise advice you should be you know, stopping it as early as possible, you know, because the baby is more anger. It's easy to stop but well the baby grows. It's very very difficult to stop the bottle. Okay, you can have more discussion about new topics here. Thank you so much for your knowledge. Thank you. Thank you so much. Nice joining on this topic.