Hi Shrividya. So today we are going to talk about breastfeeding facts and myths because nowadays the most challenging topic among the new mothers is breastfeeding, but there are a lot of questions that is coming up regarding breast feeding and they really want answers regarding it. So, let's talk about the facts. And the myths regarding breast feeding today. So what is the current scenario regarding the breast feeding according to you Srividya? Yeah, that's a very, you know, nice topic to address its in fact the need of the heart are actually the overall breastfeeding ratio in India. Especially the statistics are quite disappointing Aswathi you know, only 42 percent of kids are even found to be, you know breastfed with One out of their birth under the age of three and not more than 55 percent of moms or even exclusively breastfeeding their baby for six months so that the very sad that which is, you know bit alarming so it's good that you know, we address this issue. Okay, so not everyone secrex milk after their delivery is a myth. So, how do you explain this? Is it true or is it a myth? Yeah, actually it's a myth that you know, because you will cannot say it's completely a myth but it's you're partially, you know, ideally all new moms are supposed to breastfeed or supposed to secrete milk right after the baby is born but the present scenario is even 60% or 65% of the ladies don't secrete milk as soon as the baby is born and the major reason for that. Is there antenatal nutrition status is Not being great nowadays, you know, it's very very important to take care of themselves, you know in the pregnancy period and in fact, they have to get prepared themselves physically mentally for the lactation process and for a new life, which is going to be you know, happening after the baby is born but nowadays, you know pregnancy is more focused as a period where they have a lot of leniency and lot of Pam permanent. And you know, they can eat whatever they want because they are just pregnant. It's it is not like that actually, you know pregnancy is a period where you become more responsible and prepare yourself with good nutrition. Take care of your blood numbers. Don't be any make so that all these factors don't affect your lactation after the baby is born. So basically the antenatal nutrition status babies complications during delivery and the you know, the mental status of the mother and the Emotional status of the mother all these factors will decide how quickly a mom secrete milk. Okay, I think that but that myth is busted very subsequently. So next question is can breast milk alone satisfy your baby. Is there a need for formula feeding? What is your opinion about formula-feeding? Yeah, that's already you know, another interesting topic to address on definitely, you know, like any mother smell can be enough sufficient for a small babies Tommy. But you know, this is a big myth among the new moms where they feel my milk is not enough. My milk has not been able to satisfy my baby after I feed also my baby keeps on crying only if I give formula-feeding. My baby will sleep peacefully, you know, this is made really a convenience factor. So the big methods that you know, your baby cannot be satisfied with your milk is a big myth your milk will be very much enough for a small baby. And the more you you know, make the baby suck from you the more you you know, we'll be producing milk and the more happier you can satisfy the baby, but what generally happens is Formula feeding. Is a very convenient Choice which is easily available in front of the new parents nowadays, so they are opted for that because you know new parents don't want to see the baby crying very often for the feet. So these are the factors which are affecting, you know breastfeeding actually basically why formula feeding keeps your baby full than breast milk because formula feeding is very heavier. And you know, it's very thick also than Brazil. So obviously your baby will not cry. So making your baby not cry for us shouldn't be the objective of parenting parenting should be that you know, your baby needs a lot of immunity for lifelong and which is going to come only only from breast milk and not run any other Alternate which are going to give the babies. Okay. Now that we got it. Is that sweetie my question is, is that a pretty exhausting? Yeah, you know it definitely breastfeeding is going to be a exhausting and tiring talk or tiring task because you know that is in fact, one of the reason that you know mothers are not breastfeeding properly nowadays because they are not able to you know cope up with the very tiring schedule, you know, because breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months will be happening. Ideally should be happening every two and a Pause 124 bus seven day and night and all six months. So obviously there's going to be a tiring starsk. But once you start enjoying once you feel that, you know, you are feeding your own body fluid for your little one to grow and once you feel the bond between you and your baby growing then you wouldn't be feeling tiring. I should be actually, you know, like the more you feel it as a duty definitely you will feel it tiring. But the more the Mother start enjoying breastfeeding than the definitely does not going to be tiring. In fact, they will produce more milk if they feel happy to breastfeed the baby. Okay. So what happened, you know, like if you're not going to breastfeed the baby Binyah baby's health is going to be at a question mark in the future because not breastfed babies are prone to lots and lots of diseases than babies who are exposed. Assembly breastfed, you know babies who are not breastfed will keep on falling sick throughout their childhood and even in their growing years and the second thing is, you know, when a baby is not breastfed obviously are going to give the formula feed as an alternate. So then those formula feeding and the feeding bottles which are another big threat to the kids are going to make the baby's very very prone to prone often to frequent diarrhea. Our gastrointestinal diseases dysentery or respiratory tract infections, like wheezing. Asthma ear infections frequent cold cough obesity lots and lots of demerits can keep on being told about this actually so when you are not going to breastfeed your baby or if a baby is not enough breastfed the consequences of it. The parents would be facing while only the babies are growing not right now right now formula-feeding can be a You know big blessing because it makes their life easier, but then you're going to repair for it in the future actually and formula-fed babies quickly make the babies put on weight. So what happens is those kids are becoming very big nowadays. That's why childhood. Obesity is on the rise. And even now a two-year baby is found to be on nebulization for us tomorrow. All this is happening because the basic Foundation is not being done. Right? So it's very very important that you know you Take breastfeeding and the one-time investment you do for your little one so that your life and your kid's life will be very easy in the coming years. So that's what I can see. Okay, wonderful answer. I think that would have given a good insight for parents into the importance of breastfeeding and she Vidya is it true that lack of breast milk is a hereditary issue. I know I would say that more as an excuse actually and that is also a big myth which is there in lot of mothers that you know, even I keep hearing from lot of mother saying me that you know, you know, even my mom didn't have enough milk for me. So that's why I'm not having enough milk for my maybe that's a big myth actually lactation is never a heavy-duty issue lactation is always concerned to that person pregnancy, you know, like how well you ate during your pregnancy how You took care of your health how well you know you manage your pregnancy and how well you are motivated. What is your mental status? What is your family situation around? How much is your family helping you? So all these factors will decide how much you secrete your milk or not, but it's no way heredity issue. And in fact for a woman, even the previous pregnancy lactation and the present pregnancy lactation or not at all related to each other actually and one point I want to cover up with this cases that you know for a woman to lactate well and proceed. Well the families moral support and the same level of motivation is very very important to be on the same page because otherwise our mother cannot achieve breastfeeding all alone. It's definitely going to be very difficult for us. Okay, thank you. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this. So looking forward to talk on more topics regarding parenting and other stuff. So thank you so much for your thank our shortly before before we end up the session. I would just give a you know take-home message on the breastfeeding part, you know, like a breastfeeding should be taken as a responsibility rather as a choice and the physically. Yes, it's Mother's responsibility, but me Mentally, morally the whole family has to be on the same page with the mother to sustain, you know, or lactation well, and so exclusive breastfeeding means not even a drop of water till the six months of age for baby and no for know healthy, baby and healthy mom should be using a formula feed formula feed are only in a very rare clinical cases where your doctor will decide when your baby needs it or not parents should not be opting for it on their own. Actually, that's a very big mistake what parents are doing. And after you start solid foods your baby from 6 months, every mother should continue to breastfeed at least till six months, you know, at least till one year and after one year how long you want to breastfeed? It's up to you and your baby the more you breastfeed the more benefits for their baby and never introduced a feeding bottle and never introduced cow's milk before one year and breastfeeding is also going to benefit the mother also. In many ways, every mother was gained a lot of weight in the pregnancy can shared it with receding and women who are breastfeeding. Well are not going to prove get prone to breast cancer and ovarian cancer and mainly thing is the breastfeeding creates much much and emotional bond, very strong bond between the baby and the mother so obviously that's why we are all attached to our mother, you know much much more than we are attached to our dads also in fact, so, you know, Breastfeeding is overall a great feeling, you know breastfeeding. It's just not a word. It's an emotion by itself. So mothers out there plea. If I can enjoy this bonding period of six months so that you create you, you know, create a great foundation for your baby. So that your baby grows very healthy. Thank you so much. I should be it for you know bringing up this topic and it was so nice to address like you too.