What's your purpose in life Brij purpose in life is I think maybe I if I hopefully I leave it better than the way I found it where our children have a better life. Then what we have or what we are going through made a difference in a few people's lives where if you know through certain decisions I made or certain efforts I made if a few people had a better life than I did and how does being an entrepreneur resonate with you on a personal basis. I think one of the key things that I really enjoy about being an investor is seeing the journey of the companies. I sometimes think of it as being let's say a coach or a gardener it like your you were planting these early seeds and you know, you're working with entrepreneurs and most of the entrepreneurs that we work with our first time entrepreneurs right very little and so of how to build large-scale companies and how do we help them get them the right support infrastructure, you know like from capital to mentors to helping them acquire customers and just seeing that journey of a company growing of let's say a Docs app which was you know, just two founders few years out of college to now company that has hundreds of employees and affects the lives of millions of people, you know, I think that's fairly satisfying and of course in a way, if we can solve a few societal problems or challenges in making you know, and leave our society a bit better than when we found it. I think that's the most satisfying part. Do you mediate or read on a daily basis? I try to. It doesn't happen that there have been periods where I live. I've meditated quite seriously on a daily basis and there are periods where I kind of lose touch with it and don't do it for a while. But yeah, I do that. I consider myself an Avid Reader. I really like reading books. So yeah try to get into it which books have you read recently a couple of nonfiction I read Bad Blood. It's a book on Startup called therrano's which had a wild Journey. A few years back. They were trying to solve the problem of blood Diagnostics and just kind of reading through to see like the developments and you know, the things that went on was eye-opening. I've I read a book called Feast of vultures which is written by an Indian journalist on the intersection of crony capitalism and politics in India from a bit of a historical perspective and Again, that was a bit eye-opening to understand like at what level things are going on in the shadows that we a lot of times don't know about. I also like reading fiction, you know, read a lot of science fiction other books.