Hello. Hello everyone today? Yeah. Hello funny. How are you? Good good so much to you very good morning to you too. So for everyone I am having an open talk with the final de Semana today have people calling funny funny is the founder of Red Bus India's first and largest bus ticketing platform. It got acquired by IB bow in 2013 and funny is graduated from a bit. It's Palani. One of the I would say sharpest and smartest guy in the college. Probably got 9 + C GPA, but I know he's now working with the Telangana government as Chief Innovation officer, and he's an active angel investor for the most humble and sorted out person. I know person so welcome funny on open talk. Thank you. Thank you so much. Good morning. Good morning to everyone. So you are in Telangana right now. Yes as right now. Yes, I'm in my government office in Hyderabad and I think you are going through some bit of Shifting and you said internet is not doing good. I am very happy that at least we are able to talk to each other. Yes. Yes. Yes Hyderabad has very good internet connectivity. So everybody is welcome here. Acting funny Frankly Speaking. This is not the marketing. You're doing it for yourself. I think I really respect you what you are doing right now with Alana government helping giving back to the government at the same time. So let's talk. Okay before we talk about Red Bus when you said that Telangana has got a great internet and stuff like that like what exactly happened recently. Okay. No. No, I was just giving your marketing Spiel. I think Telangana has good internet as any other state but in Telangana we are I mean the government of Telangana is establishing a fiber Network. This is going to be phenomenal actually in Telangana government has given a tap water to every household across the ravana. So when that The like land was dark for putting this pipeline government is also put a fiber line. So every home will have a fiber lime and a fiber connectivity which is like very very difficult. Right? I mean, yeah can't have a fiber line going to every house. So that project is underway. I think when it goes live it's going to be the most connected fiberline connectivity probably in the country. That's great. In fact it is Rightly said internet is going to be as important as oxygen in water. And Telangana government is literally treating fiber Network at par with water pipeline. I think it is. It is commendable at the same time from a project point of view. As you said it is only possible when you are actually laying out the infrastructure development for a state right now. Otherwise later on it will become a nightmare for you to do it. Yeah, and also the model is fantastic because what government is saying is okay. We will lay the infrastructure We Lay this fiber optic cable and anybody can use it like Airtel. I mean the end consumer says Okay. I want a tell connectivity or Geo and Etc. They don't have to lay their own. They don't have to dig again and lay their own cable. They can use this cable and then transmit their bandwidth through this it's just like ours. Electricity right? I mean if electricity now, it is kind of privatized because anybody can set up a solar plant and then Supply to anybody but they don't lay their own wire and cable to that hotel to supply electricity to them. They just take the National Grid to Supply right now. So it's it's going to be very similar like that. So you will see far less digging on the roads. You will see it probably offered it far lower cost because not everybody is like laying there. Over cable and Etc. I think overall it's a very good project and I think I'm in I mean it is very good that government has opportunistically taken this out when they were digging for the water pipeline. Anyways, so that way it's exciting. I mean actually from outside the government we always say Okay government could have done this could have been Innovative Breville, is that acceptable but after joining the comment, I mean some of the decisions that they've taken when I look at it I feel Very very happy about actually I've become very less critical about the events that is true. In fact that people say great power comes with great responsibility and that is true with government also that you have the power to change society to bring good change and that comes with great responsibility if that thing is generalized. Well, then it can do wonders with the psyche and we have seen that in some developing. Country's growing very fast cool. So funny coming back to the topic red was and little bit of story that you started Red Bus in 2006 and I along with the lathe and because started common floor in 2007, and we used to meet you in those tie dinners and look up to you and I don't know I have told you enough about like my gratitude towards the advice you have given to us while building common floor, and I don't know you About it or not, but you inspired a whole set of entrepreneurs in pay back in 2007 and 8 because we didn't have the poster boys like flip cards of the world to look up to and read boss was the only company which was trying to find some more bits of meaningful business out of nothing, right? So let's talk about why did you start Red Bus you worked with STM, Texas Instruments a graduate fine graduate from bits. Pilani. Probably very good in academics. Like what made you start selling tickets of? Of buses. So yeah, I graduated. I always wanted to be an electronics engineer electricity fascinated me as a child was like magic to me that you switch on a switch somewhere and the fan rotates fan that is that huge right it rotates because I switch on a small switch right? I mean when I was like school-going child, that was very very fascinating to me and I was famous too. I mean I was famously known in my family. He circuits to as a one who'll open the tape recorders and electronic systems and see what is going on. So that was my Fascination and I did my electronics engineering at bits and then I got into microchip designing firm. So my life was set and I was very very happy and another thing to be happy about Was I came closer to my home? My home was in Telangana, and now I was working in Bangalore earlier like for four years. I was in Palani, which is very far. Even if you want Lanny Granny's from everything in the world, but it is very close to excitement happiness freedom because it's away from everything else. I was talking to send Jane at from Blue and he was telling that we used to It's literally sitting at the top of the bus to Palani at times. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I think those days are over for good. But yeah, I mean I also have some memories like that but I think Just In Our Lifetime itself India has changed so much and I think it's going to change and if you ask our parents to they will have a completely different story. Very well, right so so because I was closer to my home. I used to take buses frequently to go home almost like every alternate weekend. So in the course of booking so many tickets I made friends with one travel agent and I always used to book with him and during the value of 2005. I went to the same travel agent to book a ticket to go home. So he made like few phone calls and told me that there are no seeds and just when I was leaving his office he Only maybe another agent could get me a seat and I was wondering like why is he asking me to go to his competitor? I mean, why can't he know whether or not there is any bus which is going from Bangalore Hyderabad that evening, but I went to the other agent. He also made like two three phone calls. He could not get me a seat. Then I went to the third agent. He also made a few phone calls. He could not get me a seat and I ended up being in Bangalore for that long weekend. So we would all like Bachelor staying in a flat all my flatmates are gone home. Except me. So when I woke up, I was feeling guilty because I knew that there was at least 30 bus operators Who Running buses from Bangalore to Hyderabad. But even if these three four or agents that I went to even if they called like mutually exclusive bus operators, they may not have called all the 30 verse operators. So so I felt like I did probably try hard and if indeed there was a bus operator who had a seat at went waken from value. I thought about that evening. It was a lost to that bus operator because in some corner of the city there was a customer who was desperately looking for the seat, but just that that operator could not be visible to this agents that he went to and it was a loss to this three four agents that I went to because they could not call the right operator because they didn't know who had the seat right it is a loss to because I wanted to be home for the valley, but I just didn't know which agent or operator to reach out. So all the three of us were missing out and losing because we didn't the information about bus inventory was not seamlessly available. So that was a problem statement and then being an engineer who's exposed to internet and was browsing on Google and Etc and all that. I mean who's been using internet for some of these things the solution was very obvious and we were also booking by the way Railway tickets on internet around that time. Yeah, I think 2002 or sometime it started. So we are familiar with book buying tickets on internet. But with that familiarity and this problem statement, right when both of them got kind of married to each other at the solution was very obvious that why don't we just get all the having Creator software which we give to this bus operators and then they publish how many buses they run and how many seats they have so that every agent is logs onto that page and then C is which operator has a seated then just call only that operator to book a ticket. And that solves everybody's problem. It is a win-win-win from lose-lose-lose. I thought right. So when this idea kind of came to your mind, you must have gone through some of your mentors or friends or seniors or investors. So what was their initial feedback about this problem statement in the solution you were thinking about Yeah, yeah. Yeah, so actually when this idea stuck to me, I just wrote mail to all my flatmates who had gone home right by the time they came back actually because it was a long weekend are the Diwali weekend and I was alone I actually went back to this agent. I went back to the bus industry kind of try to understand how it works and Etc and and by and I didn't have anything to do right because our office was always shut down so I could not go to office. My flatmates are gone. So I just went to the industry the bus wherever the bus Market is and you did not help and you're like not that smart to have a girlfriend that point of time. Yeah. This was also thousand fine. Maybe it was but I wasn't Buzz yeah, so that was the that was the thing. So so I gathered all this and the more I learned about it the more excited I got about it. It's like you think of an idea and then you go and try to assess the hypothesis and every bit of input that that is coming from the market actually further strengthens your hypothesis. And once that that gets formed in your mind, right? I mean you cannot resist executing it. In fact, I was talking to somebody and then they said any idea is created twice. I mean any any any like any startup or any solution or any product is created twice I said how right actually this is said by one Nicolas of kalari. We were in a flight together and I was talking to her and then she said actually any product is created twice I said, how is that first it is created in the entrepreneurs of the innovators mine. He or she gets a complete Clarity. I mean they can completely see in see it in life. They can see the pros and cons the high everything right as if it is real and once that is created in the mind. She said that the entrepreneur cannot resist himself, but just go an executive and actually I was asking her how do you assess the execution skills of a person because everybody says execution is important execution is important, so she actually gave me this great. Side and actually the same thing happened to me, right? I imagine the solution I went into the market and as trying to assess it and they all wear whatever they were saying was substantiating this and I kind of complete clarity as to how it will work and Etc and all that and yeah, we could press this but to but executed but the only thing is actually we were Not thinking of doing it as a for-profit because at that time right, I mean they were there was hardly any we see there was there was nothing right? I mean there was no start up. There was no entrepreneurship. There's nothing so but there was a big thing about open source software. So we were using Linux and the amazing thing as a college grad to do is uninstall Windows and install lie bags and things like that. So we said okay, let's create this solution as an open source solution because we are fascinated and inspired. I mean motivated to create the solution and not I mean didn't know about business. And also we said, okay, let's create the solution give to the bus operators for free and once they start using it all of us would benefit. So that is the thought process that we had and we started on the journey great. So the advice to the fellow entrepreneurs are is probably that try me. Missing your bus on one of those weekends and probably you don't know you might come out with the the next big idea. Actually, I would say on that point right? I mean, I would say that for Innovations to come maybe we need to expose ourselves to very very different conditions things like for example, if I were charted And miss the bus right when I have thought about this solution of using internet to solve that problem may not be because as a chartered accountant, I may not have known or if I were a doctor I may not know what what software can do what this can do it. It had to be that I knew about software and I missed the bus right same time if I knew about a software and I didn't miss a bus. I would not have made it right. So it is both two things coming together two, very very different things coming. Together that's when a new idea comes into existence because of the intersection of those two and like if you look at Facebook, right it is when it started it beat or good and on purpose like out of Google which was the mightiest engineering company. I mean, I'd everybody and Etc. They had the best of the engineers but still I mean if social network was just engineering product. I've been Facebook could never have beaten them right there. They have actually toppled orchids are Supremacy and then went ahead because they married engineering with the insights of psychology like Zuckerberg studied psychology as well as engineering, right. I mean all those things that will keep you engaged in Facebook and all those insights come from psychology. So I mean, we in repeatedly see so many products. I mean which have borne which upon because of this intersection and have done very very well. So I would say that as an entrepreneur you should expose yourself as an innovator actually, you should expose yourself to as many view faculties or different things as possible and at the intersection of those things is where these innovative ideas will come out looking very well very rightly said funny because sometimes we say because entrepreneur people say that stay focused but I think staying focused only come when you die when you diversify ourselves, Horizon of thinking and actually go to the extent that you try picking sides and not try to focus on building solution but focus on finding problems, which are were solving and which are you excited and passionate about I think that's the biggest job of an entrepreneur is to find introspect and find out the problems he cares or he or she cares to solve and can can solve. Hmm, right. Yeah, and you also went to Stanford and studied economics and psychology, right? Yes. That's the reason he thinks that that that I would not get a chance to study and expose myself to very very different things so that I get some insights for to view the world in a new way and create some Innovative things. They play. All right, so funny, let's talk about a few of those moments. Where in Red by Journey where you probably might have felt that it's not going to happen and probably you might not be able to continue or things are going to do not happen. The way you anticipated literally a breakdown moment for you couple of times. You might have faced where you literally were not sure that will you be able to kind of continue running the company or some some of those hard moments for tough situations? You would have faced through can Call some of those yeah, yeah. Yeah, many many many City. Yeah. Yeah, so it happened to us. Actually one of the things that I can recollect is. It happened to us very early on so in 2005, right? I was getting about 12 lakhs per annum kind of a pay and it was supposed to be like a very good pay and yeah, but by then I was like two and a half years experienced or maybe something like that and takes instrument was actually paying was a top player. I think in Bangalore during that time, so there is a lot of money and similar salary was with my other two co-founders. So we have making a few lakhs a month to put together. So and then we started selling tickets. So first month passed by and at that point in time, so we've set because this is something new we had to Define how much commission we will take from the bus operator. So we just set it up like 10% and operator said okay fine before before Red Bus actually the way it was the commission's the way they were given is. Oh you sell on this route, you'll get 50 rupees you sell on that route. You will get 20 rupees you sell on this route. I think it's like 30 rupees and things like that. It was very Dimitra's not a percentage of the ticket, but for us the percentage was needed because our credit card charges and all that was percentage and also our business plan which will be asked by investors and Etc is a percentage. They'll say what is your gross margin? So it cannot say 50 rupees 30 rupees and it can fluctuate also depending on the mix, right? So we convinced we managed to convince the bus operator to give us ten percent. The challenge was during that time. There was only one payment Gateway which RCC Avenues and they are take rate was about seven percent. So we're getting to the end and we have to give them seven percent and we are left with three percent and the bus ticket the cost list of the bus ticket was 500 rupees. So when you get three percent of iron ore po making 15 rupees per ticket and even if you sell like I win a hundred seats, Right and not daily. I win early days. These are first to three months right even sell a hundred seats a month. Sorry a week, right? I am in you are not making any money, right? And so we just got back to the table after like I think two three months of this saying I actually got my co-founders together and I said, oh my God, we got very excited. We did this but I don't think we will go anywhere because how many 15 rupees should add up to at least get our Yuri of a lakh rupees and right it is just a futile effort maybe it just doesn't work should we just go back but then my co-founder rights doctor he said we have just started and it's just been three months and if only companies become successful in 3 months 6 months then everybody will start a company even if you are live in in the very famous There's not any more tea is way. He said even if you all go away, I will run the company for one year because I mean we need to give it a year right then we said, oh I have it if you are staying will also stay so we all stayed. I mean that day if sadaqa didn't say that maybe would have just one down and said okay job is better because it's 15 rupees. Don't add to anything any time right? So things like that. I mean many of those things happen. I mean, I think it's also actually it's always driven by our ignorance. I mean at that point in time our ignorance was we didn't know the size of India, right? I mean how big the idea is like we just could not imagine that we will sell a lakh seeds whatever in a month we can accept her and all that now, I think a few million seats are sold every Precinct numbers. Yeah. Yeah. It's just the sheer size of the Indian market and the potential and Etc. So do you recollect when you sold Red Bus in 2013 how many tickets you are selling on on Red Bus per month? Yeah. Yeah. So at that point in time, I think we were selling about 40,000 seats a day or something like that on a million seeds per month. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think loosely. I mean, yeah, certainly but yeah now it may have like I mean III think I saw the numbers on because it's part of a public company. So yeah, I think here in if we get some numbers and you extrapolate and Etc on that. Yeah extrapolated right to deduce your own numbers. I think it's close to $1 tickets. Crazy, so how does it feel now like seeing red bus? You're not part of company anymore at Pin 6 years. You're out of adverse, but when you still see somebody booking tickets to Red Bus for the feeling. Great, it's great. It's good actually more than anything else. I really just feels good. Yeah, you created something which is living like which is running on its own and you have obviously your hard work and your team's hard work that you could actually latch onto an idea of build on it and it was not that the most glamorous market right? I remember you telling that when you use to talk to investors investors did not have Empathy of bus ticket problem because they never had booked one themselves, right? So it was not none of that most glamorous business idea you're helping people travel on buses and like probably people who can't afford flights. That was what people used to talk about. So, what was your thing when you stood literally talk to people like that and they used to say that his this is not a big enough market. No, no, no so many different kind of investors. So actually there were these big investors who would come from abroad and stay in Leela Palace. It just come to our office. Right and then so they perception about bus ticketing was like, I mean, they thought that we were selling bus tickets in all the local buses, right? The buses which there are these small buses like in small Roots right? Not the long-distance routes and Etc. So they thought like we were selling everywhere and often their question was like, yeah, I mean, why will they buy? I mean will they have internet? Will they have this and hence the market size problems and Etc and all that so we had to educate them that actually Really there are these other verses called Volvo buses long distance. And these are bought by people like these they would have internet and Etc and all that. So that was a huge thing. I mean in terms of explain to them but interesting anecdote from there was like we were in newspapers and we are very thankful for the we got for the media. So so people used to ask us what is the market size. I when we had no What is the market size but because investors and everybody used to ask us this thing? So we put together some triangulation we read on internet. We went and met a few people. We put some triangulation as to how many buses that Volvo manufacturer. How many does this a show Cleveland or Tata manufacturer in a year and what percentage of them get sold in India and blah blah blah and Etc. We did some extrapolation and at that point in time we came up with some numbers saying about 20,000 crores worth bus ticket, sir. Sold every year in India. It's just some random. No, man. We know how random it is because any other exemption changed the little bit that 20 will become 10 or it will become 40, right but we with this number because we needed a number and some justification for that number when we speak to somebody because people were asking that so for best effort best knowledge possible. We created that number and then we told it to people who ask and very soon it got into The like media would write about it. So you Google. What is the size of the bus industry in India long-distance bus industry that 20,000 20,000. So there's this once this big investor who came to meet us and so every time when we run people through our investment deck the most dreaded it slide for me personally was that market size. Slight because people used to ask me and then I had no answer in absolute because it is all assumptions and Etc and all that. So I used to really fear that slide but this is my stuff when I went to that's life. He said oh you can skip this slide because I know it is a 20,000 crore because I research The roads he probably has a 20,000 crores, but he didn't know that actually came from so that actually tells us I mean for me the important lesson there was that actually I don't know if it's only true for India, but for India nobody has any of these numbers, what is the market size of food delivery in India? I mean, maybe sweetie has or so. Matter has right now but when we start off, I think when swiggy was started maybe Russia or anybody didn't have any idea of these things, right? So I I will Mike my thought right now is that we should not sweat ourselves to figure these out. I mean, these numbers are not there and nobody goes these numbers. Just I mean it is a hunch there. I mean you see it is large large enough for you to solve getting there. And then when you write when you have the team and Expertise and etcetera you can commission that research to find out those numbers. Yeah. It's a typical conversation between an entrepreneur and investor investor. Ask. How is the market the entrepreneurship is big and he asked how big he's is very big this is how big then he says very big in caps. It's big enough for you and not me not to worry about but okay, I can spend my time and find that 20,000 crore and make future least code that number and then you will come back saying that I know the market is very good. Tell me I was like it great some of those comments funny somebody saying funny we are so glad that you miss that bus I think everybody is very happy that you miss diverse miss the bus somebody's asking please give me a coupon. So that was coupon. Do you have a coupon with you or you you pay full price to travel? Yeah. Kings and she does use the Amazon paper coupons. And so I think she always manages to get some discount if you don't have a kind of a Founder coupon, which is given to you a lifetime. So last I think funny we have already spent 29 minutes 32 minutes, and I don't know the time just goes by when I talk to you but the last thing killings asking how do we scale bus operators in outside cities? Because you are based out of Bangalore probably practically possible for you to go to MIDI velocity board talk to these operators, but when it comes to talking to people in Hyderabad Telangana different cities, how did you do it? Yeah for us. It was very interesting. So we started out of Bangalore. And so when we sell a bus ticket, we were selling let's say from Bangalore to Hyderabad or a Bangalore to Chennai or a bang go to Bombay and these customers were going from Bangalore to Hyderabad and they had to come back. So we already have a ready-made customer in Hyderabad who knows about red bus goes use red bars to book a ticket from Bangalore to Hyderabad. And he's now trying to come back the following week. Right and it was very like obvious to us that the Nick City that we need to get on board is Hyderabad because there are already customers who know about Red Bus and who will book if that inventory is available. So we went to the Hyderabad bus operators and told them sir. Can you give us the inventory? I mean by then we knew how to pitch to a bus operator. So we did the same we made the same pitch to The High dribble operators and we got got inventory from Hyderabad to Bangalore. And as soon as we put it on our site, we started seeing some sales because because of these customers already. This is very very different from let's say if we had started in Delhi, right? None of our customers are going from Bangalore to Delhi in Delhi. Nobody knows Red Bus. Maybe there is nobody who's coming onto our website. Nobody even looking for a seat and we going to pitch to operator there we could not Show sales, we will not be able to show sales to the operator in Delhi. But whereas in Hyderabad from day one when we show sales then Hydra operator will be very excited and his confidence on our system will go up because from day one he seeing sales. So that's how I actually we followed our customers and expanded all over India. So we did let's say from first thing is from Bangalore to Hyderabad and Bangalore to Chennai then second third city was Chennai and once we had Hyderabad in China the people who are going from Hyderabad to Chennai also, so that's another like that we got then we did from Bangalore to Bombay from Bombay to and the botton Ahmedabad to Delhi. So that's how we got our daughter negative pickle viral Loop. So you you the customers were telling you where to go next. So wherever your customers are going you are going with them. Probably you might have booked also seat along with the customers in that. Let me also go to Hyderabad and figure out how will he come back? If I need to come back, absolutely our official mode of Transport until really until I think almost we sold the company was bus and all of us had to travel by bus because you can empathize with customer. You will know what when they're saying something right when they say it started at the Harbour the hotel is not good or the washing machine. I mean, you know all those things otherwise you will not know so we had to travel by buses. And there are indefinite period piece of advice. It's like dogfooding. It's like every brain using including top management, right? They would definitely ask you to take flights to Hyderabad, but you would insist to take us absolutely must do it. There is no two things about it. You are not you are not so busy that that you learnt have time to type an D to spend time with your customer and then if you are so busy if you are startup is keeping you so busy that you don't have time for your customer then if you're wrong, in fact, if you are really fits facing that problem when you are traveling to Hyderabad you through bus and you think that the time is not well spent probably the next business idea might come that that means to engage your writers your Travelers right on the bus. That is how you kind of find out next. A set of ideas great. So funny we are we have run out of time Nadeem is requesting that how to handle manage resources in a tech startup because it's a big competition in do you think issue in start-up you see lot of issues employees. So final question and then I promise you to find the question that hiding for a start-up right when the startup is very small specially Tech talent in Bangalore is super pricey. How do you and you have invested in a lot of companies and you have seen this Element bus and other portfolio companies of your words. So how what's your advice of hiding early set of employees for a startup? Yeah, so I think yeah one thing is it's very expensive now it is because there is so much demand for good talent and very early on we may not be able to afford that kind of a thing. So but as entrepreneurs we are always resourceful we figure out options right? I mean, I know some starter which have set up their Development Center outside Bangalore, right? They've gone Smaller towns and we all know that Zoho is built out of a small town right I went there is Talent. There is a lot of talent in coimbatore even during Redbirds days. We used to hide from coimbatore even now I hear startup Founders say that they hide from coimbatore. So there are lot of these there is Bhopal is coming up. Well, so there are all these things and I've also seen in the in some of my investing companies they went to vary A small colleges and they got the top topper of that college, right? So there are all these hacks to find good talent. And I think we need to figure out these hacks talk to fellow Founders and yeah build our team create and when questioned the funny why red balls, why not black bus yellow bus pink bus purpose ha ha ha. Yeah, so Yeah, so basically, I mean we wanted a color to be named in our brand name because we thought okay whenever they see that color they will be reminded of our company and on and then once you decided on that we lived at all the colors and we said we want a color name which people will not make a steak off Awesome, so called it a yellow bus right? I mean why e LL o w right yellow can also be spending like by ELO. Why is also yellow right? I mean if you don't want to get this real right spelling, but if they tie ylo bus, they'll go to a different website. So we said, oh we can't afford that let's choose a color which has the smallest spelling and which cannot be misspelled and that's how we are had a trait. It's just re D and you cannot feel it any other way, so we thought okay, that's how we chose red and the school bus or some and it did take did you have already but also people calling? I don't know, but it was not available already booked by UK. I think movie production company or something like that and we had read was dot in and at that point in time for anybody a website is They will say it was not come so many times people said that red was not common Etc. So so to counter that problem, what we did is we have put cotton in our logo itself. So if you see our look die right away, wherever red versus what have I got in behind so that you are you find out a way Out of it, right? I mean you've got a mistake and you don't say that it is an act of your world. Did you end up buying it later on or you have not bought it gir later later. Actually. Yeah, just when we were selling the company that conversation was happening and yeah, he bought it you keep it confidential how much you paid for it. Dude, I actually very less that's what I was saying. Actually that uk-based company was kind enough to sell it to us having for Less Price. I mean, it is some price but it is not like I'm not answering that red bus became a big brand in India. They could have charged bomb out of it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. They could have really gotten more money, but I think because of your good karma funny. You got all intangible benefits. You get out of it great. So funny a yard. Really? I think it went like 40 minutes, and I'm sure there's so much to talk to you about but let's keep something for the next conversation and I wish you good luck and keep doing great work with Telangana government. And yeah and let us know how can entrepreneurs also leverage what you are doing with along and government. Probably we can do that in next open Talk. Sure. Thank you. Thank you so much, and thank you for everybody. Who's listening to the podcast. I know what is this is sorry. This is not a podcast. This is open talk you category in itself. Thank you. Thank you and wish you all the very best. Yeah. Goodbye.