Good morning, everyone. Thank you so much for joining this open talk today. I will be talking about can anyone become a not hope for me writing is oh complex process and for there are there are few things which which are characteristic of an author which distinguish distinguishes an auto from a writer because right Anyone anyone invite there's just no doubt in it when you're writing content to you. Anyone can write so riding is easy. But to be an author there's a there's a fine line of distinguish between a writer and author and the that line. I mean I write L can become an author but then that requires work. So today we I will be talking about you know, what what what are the key things that set one needs to do to? To become a writer or author to to tell your story to the world. So I would start with that first point where in that is so author by default. I mean at least I I always carry a notebook II somewhere feel that a person who is into a habit of writing or specially a poet author would always have a notebook and Pen handy. It is like a few people Gary. I mean how how we don't miss our cell phones anymore the same way author would never miss miss his notebook and pen or something. And I can be even in the phone. Now. The technology is such that, you know, we can note down things and then I'd been in in in in the phone to but that is important because what we do is with the notebook and pen and it's important to observe and because he I mean when when I go out I look at I mean I'm sitting I might be sitting in open Cafe and the other the lots of people around and it You know you end up observing people so the characteristics and that is very important because that's what you write in your in the story to when you have to describe a character. Those are the subtle characteristics like the person has a raised eyebrow. So the person might either be thinking something or the person is absurd. I mean by looking at a person UV know that the person's angry upset. So the same way that that that comes from the Keen sense of observation and so as a first step I'd say is anyone who wants to be an author first thing is try try to make a habit to observe things around two dozen each other the people everything the hustle bustle of Life try to observe that and so write down everything and and another part is that see I mean when when I am, I'm going somewhere or when I'm sitting somewhere. There's a thousand and one things we will just comes in my mind. It can be a small small figment of imagination. It can be easily enough. You can be anything but then it's important that I put it down on the paper because at that point it would seem irrelevant. However, it is when I have to sit down and write a story those those small small figment of my imaginations would come in handy. So it's important to note down all the thoughts to do not think about you know, whether it's relevant or not or is just a passing thought but then Get into the habit of looking at life like an author, you know and realized write everything down. Don't worry about what it is going to be at just write it down as a habit because then when you do have your big idea and you want to write your book, you will be ready to use that process in the material that you've already have to work with. Second point is that you know reading or reading is very very important to you. You need to start reading and think what if because you have to start seeing the world in a what if we keep your possibilities first story teach us and to take that tiny little nugget of substance and tease it into and make it into a completely something else. Have fun. With it and see the potential. I mean it can it can be utterly stupid idea that okay, like like today morning. My my daughter had a question that you know, okay. Just looking at the tree. She had a question that you know, what if the tree comes to life and I mean, I mean as a child we had the water if we had the imagination now somewhere we have lost it so we need to keep we we need to get back that imagination. What if we were in is it sounds utterly ridiculous still still think of it. What if So it is the point is that it can seem very tiny and insignificant, but if you can sense the grain of a story there and keep your mind open to sue those possibilities you constantly come up with new ideas on how to take the story forward. And how what to write about and reading is extremely crucial. If you want to be an author it is essential now, I have been I have been reading since my childhood. And I was like who would who would prefer reading something or a breakfast able to interview not making conversation? So reading I'm at because reading reading helps you in imagining because see when I read something or when someone very interesting or someone who someone few people have the have have the talent that you know, when they talk I can see a picture of whatever they're saying in my head so for me even reading does the same thing that you know, if the author or the writer has done Justice to the writing I can I can see the complete picture in my head of what is there in Words so and That that that that way your imagination comes you'll know so that so so it's important that you read and the third thing is that you know, write a book which you would want to redo not right for anyone. That is every I mean we make the mistake of writing for someone else people do that. They don't really tend to have for have or judgmental bias in okay from writing what the father's we are don't like it. No write it first person finally. A goal is right something which you would love to read. So if I go to a bookstore and if I know that looking at a book and you know, the the blurb reading the blob I'm like I have to get this book. So the same thing just put yourself your book there and think and then your idea there and think would would someone pick it up just by looking at the cover. I will just by just by reading few few pages and and be like, yes, I want to read this or and you're in a sense that you know. If you would want to read your own book, then I'm sure that you know people would also. If so, what you can do is think if you are a reader, what would you want to eat one way to visualize that is to go into a shop imagine that the book that you that would make you want to grab it off the shelf. So so if you are excited to read it, then then others would be too so do not do not go into what what others think right for yourself first, right something that you know, that would that would make you happy. And and if you are happy, then that's happened the then then the contentment and happiness would show up in your writing and people would end up loving it. So it's very very crucial right for yourself. Not not about others nor not for others. Sorry. And this is something that I do personally the fourth thing which is, you know, I don't talk about what I'm writing with anyone. I mean, maybe I am that kind of person but I've seen that, you know, most people are too I am very secretive when I'm writing a new book. I think I think that most authors are very fragile. They are like butterflies or or or or perhaps most they can they can be easily couples. If you're very sensitive which which I am it only takes the earliest eyebrow or you know a small remark and for about an idea and you lose the confidence in it. So I think it's my it's much better to let this thing's be in private that so that you can you know, you can you can be free to try stuff out without any fear of being judged or worrying whether it might not work the the minute you put it out there and ask for opinions from other people. It will just get in the way of your creativity. So, I mean there's no wonder, you know people people say that you know writers authors. They are they are they are lonely was not lonely. They did they work in in in isolation. And and I think that that is very much true because most created things would not would not work. Well query well by discussing because then the idea dies the moment there is a Cost question the idea of somewhere it dies. So and isolation is required. I mean and isolation does I does not mean that you know, you have to sit in a corner of a house or you know, sitting someplace quiet and all you can still be quite or UK. You can still have your isolation your space in a crowded Street, you know just tune out just just you know the world that was a the tuning out of the world can take a little practice but then different methods work for different people. So then you just need to figure out how you can tune out the world and then and be in isolation in your near the crowded place. And then the fifth thing that I would want to say is that I don't think about what genre you want to write about just hmm. I think that is one of the hardest thing as an author is to find your voice see what you enjoy writing there because let's face it you're going to spin it you're going to be spending a lot of time in this Zone. It better be something you enjoy and something which you can do. And do not be afraid of a false start. You know, I I had tried recently. I had tried to write something other than fillers and surprisingly I was getting to to stuck but then that that's bound to happen. You know I have for me Thriller comes naturally. So trillo fiction It comes naturally to me so forth over me writing that is easy, and I enjoy that too. But for me to write go to nonfiction it is a long learning curve. Oh, and I don't think so. I'm there yet to go there and nonfiction. I enjoyed reading nonfiction to but then that is not as much as I enjoy reading fortunes or a killer for that matter. So so I would just say that, you know, go ahead and you know, don't sit there thinking about what genre should I write in? Perhaps you'll invent a whole new one instead start off by thinking I'm going to write the story and you know, wait for others to put John Ray to it. What you have to do is find your story on find your voice and just write and Now another thing that you know, I mean I would say that many others go through this, you know giving up in the process of writing. So I would and many writers do that to there's no doubt then and now I would say that, you know, just go till the end go till then that's a 6 point that you know, go in till the end, you know, do not give up in between it is one of the hardest thing and it is the most important thing because so many of us have ideas for books. The first stage is actually write it instead of just talking about it. And the next step is to keep going till you get to the end everybody no matter who they are gets to the middle of a book and things. God I've had enough of this I use and I get bored because you see the moment you have a story and you start painting it down the story starts living with you and you get bored with your story and your characters and you hate them all and you can't think why you started this tour in the first place. But the truth is that you know, every book is hard to write everybody reaches a wall whether it is a writer's block or a plot hole or seen that you can't get past. You've just got to get to the end. Even if it's not the greatest first draft it it will definitely need rewriting. There's no doubt about it. But at least you how you have a book to be right. So just just go till the end and you know, finish finish what you have started finish your stories that is where you do not do not do not lose. Hope in your in your characters your story in the middle. Keep going till till you get to the end. And now since we spoke about I spoke about writer's block. I would like to then you you as author you would have you would end up having writer's block or seen a mismatch or you know, you get stuck on a scene it is bound to happen. So, you know take a break. Well, I would say take a break go go out. There's no point sitting in front of the screen and looking at at the word document and the cursor blinking that you know, what next what next that's not going to help move. From the story for some time go out with family gold with fans and friends have some fun around justjust disassociate yourself from that story and it will come to you it will come to you this it might take a day. It might take two days. It might take three days to if I take a week, but then the story The that thing that you're stuck on it will come back to you in the sense. The answer will come to you so and And I have seen you know, for for me lot of things work. You're in terms of writer's block. I go out for a walk I go just for a drive I go to drink tea, even though I can sit at home and make three but see but there no, I'll go out and have tea and just buy because when I am writing a story I it happens so many times that we're in in the crowd. I might end up seeing my characters or people who are like my characters and they're in that process somewhere the the Lucien just hits me out of nowhere and everyone has failed is not just about writing. I think of any any process in your life. I mean any problem in your life you keep thinking over it and you'll not find a solution but the moment you stop thinking about it and then you go back to doing whatever that you have to do other than writing or the problem the solution comes to you automatically, so it's just a time of you know, giving yourself the pause and I would say for a writer would put that plan so much about writing and see if I have to write the article which on on say for example a camera phone. No not a camera phone or camera and that guess there's not much of a planning. I mean evil planning that would go into the camera camera writing an article on it. It would just be okay. I have to have a first introduction and then a little grief and then the ending. Oh, however for author also the similar steps. Apply in terms of you know, you you need to plan out a plan your book. It is very important and it might take some time to plan it out. If you're doing it for the first time it might take some time, but then you need to have a structure. So when I I was writing my book, I generally write at home, but then when I was thinking of the The idea itself. I went around though. I was in the planning stage of the book. I would just go out and sit somewhere in public and you know, I mean II like the buzzing, you know wasn't being surrounded by people. I like the hustle bustle of life, but then I would still remain in my zone there. So I just write down the notebook and pen that I carry First Step that you know, I just write down whatever comes to my head. Just just put it down and since at that point since I'm planning my book most of the things The gel going on in my head are all related to the stories. So I write it down randomly anywhere and then I try to make a story but the different methods which will be discussing in the next open talks, but then I just write it down and you know, then then try to structure around the story around it. It is like doing a crossword puzzle sort of way. I'm sorry. The truth is that you can plan and plan but during the story something will change. Change and that's the way it is. But I find that you know, starting off with a structure a beginning a middle and the end it is vital. So and then there's no time duration that you need to put on on, you know, planning a book you it might take a week. It might take a month but do that before you start writing because that's very very important because that point once you start writing you might get carried away and go in a different direction or you know, you might lose the plot somewhere. So that's the reason did this planet Sage's essential because since you have planned a beginning a middle and the end you would have okay if I'm you would you would have something to go back to and see okay. My story is not going where I wanted it to go. So planning is very very important of And I would say last last thing that I want to talk about is rewriting. I I believe we writing or editing the work. It is very very crucial. I mean when you first right once you're finished writing your manuscript you in your head it is perfect. There's no one who would say that it's not because I'm your head you can see the entire movie. And for you it would be perfect. Now if you are doing it, you're I mean, I would suggest that you know, everyone should do the first editing themselves. So give a break your finish this story. Give yourself a break for one week to week a month or two months and then go back to your manuscript and read it and when you're reading it after a break you would have a fresh sense of perspective towards it it would be like you're reading it for the first time. And you need to have that or it's not even you would have it but you need to get that gets get to a stage. Where in you you the story is out of your system. And and now when you read it, you're reading you're reading it like you're reading it for the first time. So and at that point, you know, as a reader when you try to read it, you might I mean as also when you wrote it, you might not find any flaw in the story or the structure. However, when as after a break when you read it as a video Eder there are things which might feel my God this chapter is too long. I need to cut it short this is to I'm losing the book here or in the plot in a scene that you're describing of their the the character came the character is there without you showing that the character entered into the room or something. It can be technical or it can be just the flow of a story it can be anything but then you need to and you would find those cuz there's no one who can give a first draft pick. Perfect. Everyone ends up rewriting it all there might be chapters that you know, you feel that no this is causing a disconnect. We need to describe this out and that would happen that you know, you would end up stripping it out. And then it was important that you know, you find a person it can be a professional enjoy. It can be a good friends. It can be a family family member it can be anyone but you need to have that person who will read your work. And and and give you a perspective or stew. You know, what somewhere what is not making sense or what? Can we change or whether it is as it is good. I mean, yes, it would be good. There's no doubt in it because it's your story you've put in so much effort in putting it down. It would be good. However, there would be things which which can be fixed like the flow like the chapter length, or you know that you well most people I mean well when your chapter should For the buying and and with the bank so that you know, the reader is excited to go to the next chapter. So somewhere else somewhere you might end up losing that and that's what the third person would would be able to point out and you know, you can make changes to that and for being an author it is very very crucial you you might end up rewriting it once twice Thrice until you feel that. Okay now now I think this is done and Even if you feel it is done that still be a part of you which would feel that, you know, no it's not done. But then trust at that point it's very important. You trust the opinion of your editor or your friend who's working for you as an editor, so that that's very important every also would have the conflict but that's when you need to bring in the third person who can tell you that. You know, now this is done or this needs work and you have to trust the trust is very muddy. You need to trust that the person is selling them. telling you for your own good or you know for it is the truth and and and so rewriting is very very very crucial. And last time I would say that you know, or write the next you, you know, everyone has a story to tell everyone and everyone can learn and improve their writing. There are some elephants of writing which can definitely be taught sort of it is a craft that you can learn and you know improve I am still learning I would say even after one book I'd I'm still learning. It II don't see why anyone should not right there is there's nobody who's not interesting in this world. So why shouldn't you know, why shouldn't they tell their story and the process of writing how to become an author is something that you know, you can learn and and that learning would require because see if the observation likes just the observation part if you don't have it you you need to make a conscious effort to to do to get the Qualities of What Makes You author and not a writer alone. So so that's where that that can be incorporated but that would require works. So but but in the end it is still your story and you should get a chance to tell it you you write what you write. You can't decide what to write a certain book. I believe you're writing finds you so don't go thinking I'm going to recognize the next Da Vinci Code, or you know, I'll be the next Stephen King right the next Ask you if you are going to be the next big thing so so right okay, I did not see the questions here. Okay now I think I am I'm ready to take questions. Okay. Let me Vikram want to join? Hello. Hi Vikram. How are you? Hi, I'm fine. I'm doing good to Vikram. What do you do? Nothing just I'm got up. So what do you have to add or what is your question to this particular topic? Because because we also pick is about daughter how we can be like anyone we got so I would like to ask sometimes suppose I want to write something but I don't like I'm not able to align My All thinking's In One Direction. Sometimes I'm writing something and after that after a few days and my view like going to be It's like a little change a knife two things. I know the things. Okay, so that's the reason CR in the earlier steps when I mention that you know, these are these are see when you start off writing or it's just a you just get a small thought and you start writing about it, correct? So what you can do is start jotting down all these thoughts and then then start writing around this part. And and as I said go till then you know, that is something that you'll have to motivate yourself personally. No, I need to I have started this I need to finish it and do not think about what how it will turn out to be or how what people will say do not think about all that put you all your inhibitions aside and just right but first this plan it out as in structure the story or I would say structure your thoughts. So put all your thoughts down somewhere in a pen and paper or you know, if you in a smartphone somewhere in the notepad anywhere, but right all the time, even if it's it makes no sense. you have the thought that say for example, you have a thought about you know, you know, you want to write a you have to write a say for example a story about a murder and out of and then you you start getting a visual that no, I want to or visual of Visual of a robot which which fought for what that moment would not make sense, you know, I'm writing a murder story here and now all of a sudden I'm getting a thought of a robot. So but then, you know, just write it down somewhere down, you know, once you have all your thoughts somewhere return and you have to start writing looking at the thought you might be able to link it and put it somewhere or you know, correct. We were story around those thoughts now feel just a murderer and robot I can I can I can have a story where in the robot committing a murder Are the robot has witnessed a murder? All the robot is instrumental in the Marin the murder or it could be a luxury offer robot so it can be anything. So it's easy. Just just now I got so many thoughts a I haven't tried I did not write the but these are the thoughts which you you need to write down, you know, even it would make no sense. So the that answer your question or okay. I think we have before I lost my man thing wants to join. Hi, I'm Ann. How are you? Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello. Hello. Yeah heuerman, how are you? Yes. Yes. Yes you are. How are you? I'm doing good, too. So, what do you do on man? That's great. Sometime my tights and some poems in here. Wow, very nice. I'm also quit. So what what what do you generally write about your poems? Okay. Okay. So do you have a question or do you want to add any points to the topic? living in YouTube I'm sorry, I couldn't. Better Beckham planers what? Okay. All right. I would say that you know, that is something go which which your editor or you know, when you are in the editing stage that this this is a point which would be taken care at that point. Now I first thing is I would always suggest that you know, right in the language that you think if you thought Apostle Paul says in English write in English, you could thought processes in Hindi write in Hindi if it's in your native language be it. Oh, yeah. Bali or withdraw tea or anything or thinking is thinking that and writing that only and then the what the words might might not make sense. But the editor the editing part essentially requires you to you know to get the weather constant could the context and the emotion whether that is getting conveyed through that sentence or not and at points to the right the would want you to change the sentence has two or the few few words. It's to make it more reader friendly, but that is part of the process, you know at as and when you're writing you do not think about that. But when you are editing it that is the point where you don't have to think of it, whether whether the word that I've used is conveying the emotion correctly or not first and whether it is something which are either would understand or if not understand at least what would the reader be able to associate with the emotion that it carries then there's no need to change that. The reader can associate with the particular motion, then you can leave the word passes because I mean we can learn. So I think we have another person now look me and while this person why I'll be she's getting connected higher Beach. How are you? Okay before I'm sorry, but there's a question from sujal Patel. Can I just answer that and then we can we can take your question. Is that okay? I mean I don't not on call is on chat and I've been yeah, so so Patel has a question that you know, what is the difference between a content creator and author now content creator is nothing but a writer so writing is as I said, you know is the easiest thing anyone can write but to become an author you you need to inculcate or you know, get the habits to to of rewriting. He'll get the habits of observation become a keen Observer of emotions of body language of gestures notice your surroundings and going till the end every all the points that I've mentioned that separates that is what distinguishes our author and a writer so they are not essentially the same and you uni, you'll have to have to inculcate and practice few things in you few things to be deadly to become an author. Okay. So, yes, thank you so much a beach. Tell me what are your questions? I realized it at a very early age because I started with poetry first and II felt that writing expresses a lot and it did for me writing her is is a healing process. So I feel that I started at a very young age like with poems first and then The process of you know that I need to write my book came somewhere last year beginning that I need to put it down somewhere now. So how long does it take you to write something? A story or a book. Okay. I'll show a book A book a novel The full-length novel. I would say it would take at least two three months minimum for you for a for a person to write and or more also, it is no set timeline because he has I said that you know planning planning would require maybe a week for someone maybe a 10 days maybe one month and then the writing and then the editing so The process is a it can be long. There is no set timeline that you know, I can write it in three months. Everyone can write it in three months or if I can write it in six months anyone can write it in six months. It varies from person to person and there is no harm in you know taking a little extra time. It's perfectly fine. So like what's your schedule like how do you manage your writing and other stuff I would say that you know, it is important to have a schedule for writing. I mean, I I used to have that, you know, if I need to write at least three times a week have said time and space that I will write at this time on this day and managing schedules. You know, I would say I mean you need to take out time for yourself. Everyone has a busy life. So but then writing as I said for me, it's healing you need to have that that need time and right managing. I mean everyone manages A busy life. There's no I mean you just you just got corner somewhere and manage. So it is no rocket science, you know just rearranging your time schedule a little bit here and there and getting that me time for 10 minutes 20 minutes and and right. I'm not not a very difficult processes that you know the will to do it is little something which people miss out on. But I'm I'm too young, but I think I have a lot to say and express. So what's your advice for younger generation who really want to write something? What I would say that you know, I don't think so much just just start writing start writing. You know, it may not be a masterpiece. The first time it is perfectly fine. No one gives a masterpiece the very first time if it's perfectly okay, but what right, you know, like I I asked my daughter she's just 9ii tell her that you know every day write your diary. Or if not every day at least twice or Thrice in a week right here IDs, we even if it's something interesting right it you know, so that you get a habit to send down your thoughts when down your emotions and that helps. So I think it's important. I mean it can start with with as simple as you know, maintaining a diary when you're just talking about your day. It may not even be a storied can just and then that itself is in the story, you know writing about your day itself is a story. However still just just Right, you know right it's nice up with simple things and go from there. Well, thank you. I will yes, please do right do right and you know and then then you then then and maybe and and now there's so many online platform. You can post it anywhere and then there's house and you'll be surprised. You know, how many people appreciate writing so go ahead and do it. Or platforms. Yeah. Yeah, you can write it on medium. You can write on story mirror you can write on you can make your own WordPress blog. Oh, there's so many ways now are you or if you know you I would suggest in Australia because I also started somewhere on so you murder it is a good platform. Go ahead and put whatever you return there, or you can go to Muse in the iron and right you're right article writer by the article need not even be article as such it can be just your day. It can just be the emotions that you felt in the day. It can be anything but right. The enough options out there in the world now like how you make the things interesting in a story or like what are the elements? Will you use like while writing a story or something how you make them interesting to see? There's no particular process to make it interesting because see when you think of a story for you, it's always interesting for the author it would the most interesting things so Bill I would say that you know, it becomes interesting for the reader when the author has done Justice to the writing in terms of if my writing can show you the picture in your head of what I've returned then then it is interesting by default. Because all words can not make the picture in your head. Like if you're reading a newspaper, it would not create a picture because that that that would not give you a picture of what's happening there in in terms of you know, you're not have the imagery in your head. However story would do that as Tony ideally, I mean essentially a story is what transports you to a different world and for that, you know, the the you you have to be very descriptive and what you're saying because Describe the minutest emotion of how the I reflect how were the hand gestures how they were moving and you know you need to do there has to be I mean for for for for it to be interesting you need to bring out the poet in you and give give you a writing a poet take justice sort of so that it becomes interesting. Okay. So, where do you get your information or ideas for your books? I anywhere actually anywhere. I there's no such place or time that I'll get the idea. It just comes anywhere and then from anyone actually from a stranger from someone in family or friends. It it comes from anywhere and everywhere actually, because my mind is is a flickering object and it keeps going in different directions. And the idea is just a now that that's it said that's when you know, it's important to ask what if Well, whatever you see you how you should have the curiosity what if what if the birds could talk? That's another story that you know, you can build on it. What if this is just some start looking at it looking at the world with the water if lens and and you'd get ideas. So what you like to do when you're not writing? Okay, when I'm not writing I I I do other stuff which are normal chose of life. And if not that then I like to listen to songs. I like to paint II like the schedule is mm. So how are all your just play with my daughter? So do you have any favorite book like what you buy with you are inspired? I am inspired. Goodbye are my favorite authors. I will not say book books have been so many but then my favorite authors which I would get I can read any day is is materially and James had lychees II can read their books any time that isn't fiction and and in poetry. I think I can redo me anytime. So like what do you think makes a good story? What makes a good story that's for for other it would be always a good story is it comes down to you know, the entire writing of when you've written it down and and you read it as a reader at that point if you if the plot essentially I mean technically it's the plot which makes it interesting or you know lovable so the plot has to be Has to be something which which the reader would enjoy reading or if not, I mean c we can we have so many science fiction novels and science fiction stories in the market to all my clergy stories, but then you know the same what if needs to come from the reader to that, you know you the reader can also relate to that. Ok, as there is a possibility that this can happen or are there is about this some world where you know, this might actually be a reality so you need to have a strong black. which which which gives the reader also which forces the reader to think what if so like as a child, what did you want to do when you grow up? I wanted to be a doctor but I did not so no, but that was that was another parent is Parental pressure that I wanted to do that I was I always wanted to apart from that. I wanted to be an artist or a lawyer so there was no doubt in that and I think now I'm in an artist in terms of writing now so I I think I am somewhere fulfilling what I wanted. Okay, we have could you Okay, wait now Raj has a question. Okay content writing. Okay content writing is this is the last call that I'm taking? Okay content writing information about content writing II think I would take it up in my next dog because content writing and author writing away different of houses or hello. Just give me one minute. This is just a minute. Okay? Okay. So Dodge content writing is is essentially just writing, you know, you have a topic which is given to you and you have to write it is more of an information download. I do or information sharing it is not a story so content writing and writing and becoming author are completely different poles apart. So our maybe I would schedule I would have an open talk on how to have great content writing skills. I'll do that in a separate not not on this. This this show particularly. Okay. So yeah. Hi. I'm back to you. I'm fine. How are you? I'm doing good. How are you? I'm also friend for a RuPaul now, so well, what do you do? I'm not taking no one seat on the chair and took Bill. Okay. So do you have any any particular question in on this topic or do you have any point? Did you hire an attorney? Basically, I don't have any particular question. But I call you for some conversation puzzle for General Conference session for like improving. My language is Candice. Okay improve your language is okay. I so if you want to well, I would say that you know, start reading and writing and then that that takes their that did that I mean, it sounds very easy it it sounds very very separate answer. But then that that is the core of you know, how to re how to how to become a fuel in speaker for any language. I'm not just talking about English Beat any language that you want to learn start reading in that language and start writing and Would make you a better Communicator automatically. Yeah. Yeah, but where are you from? II live in Hyderabad now I'll be sued on if you have any other question on this topic. So I would take it up or else I would want to end open talk. I have some work that I have to get back to. Okay, so all right. Now as I said, okay, so do you have a crush? Okay. This is the last call after this I would be ending this open talk and we I would be doing more open talks on writing and on writing content writing to and also on writing as an author that would follow up in every week one. So, this is the last caller. Let's see. What Subaru has to say it's connecting? Plausible. Yeah. Hi. How are you? Hello. Yes. How are you? Suppose I am fine, ma'am. Okay. So what do you do? I'm English friend. Oh, that's great. I want to be a good daughter. That's why I'm calling you. Thank you so much. So so Dad. Do you have a you have a question in mind or do you have anything to add to this topic? What would you want to do? I want to know about how to become an author. What are the things I cultivate daily to become an author? I would say I'm in the end I opened up with on that only but then you can listen to it if you have joined in late, but I was just to just to answer or you know, just give you the starting step would be start reading and writing daily. Make it a habit to read and write daily. I mean, it can be in any language that you want to write in but then start reading and writing in that particular language as a daily or you know twice a week twice a week make it a practice to do it often. And that would that would take you there to you know to to writing the next to you, but my English is very bad memory, but I know English I can understand. You know, that's just don't write in English, right? You should write in I mean, I always tell people that you know, there's no reason for you to do write in English if I could I would write in Hindi but I unfortunately I'm not able to because my thought processes English now, it's He difficult for me to write in Hindi. So if right in in the way light right in the language in which your brain things whatever your thought languages right in that language when you don't think about question. Are you listening? Nobody know that then you'll be doing Injustice to your writing because see the emotions that you get. What is what what language do you think is? I always thinking around that are one to two years or three years back from English only. Okay, if you if you think in English that then you can write in English, but then then you can be as I said, you're not start reading books in English are in English start writing every day, you know, it can be a simple exercises writing your daily diary page, but right, you know and and slowly with time you and do not worry about you know, whether the grammar is fine and all that that Comes in editing just just for it out. So no writing is a very healing process the pour it all out. Yeah. Then what do you do ma'am? I right. All right. So what are you so much for your question? I as I said, you know, you're the last color for this open talk and it was great or thank you so much everyone for joining me on this open dog, and it was a very nice experience sharing my views and I'll be doing this every week and I would sell start up a separate Channel where and I will talk about the Legal aspects of a lighter which which includes kind of content writing at all, but and then this channel particular due to how how you can become author and how what are the different ways how to have different the different methods of storyboarding how to make your characters how to make your plot everything. So I'll join again next week Friday same time and hope to have all of Of you there to thank you so much. Bye. Bye.