Hi lovey know I love Lena. Welcome back. Yeah, thank you for having me again on such an interesting topic and sometimes I feel like you always talk about me. I love to talk about people who really have the real experience in life because you are the person who is very much aware of the facts and circumstances as we also belong to the same Youth and being in our Ju You know you get interacted with number of people so you are very much aware of the social issues that are we that we are facing today. So you are the very right person for me to be with ya apart from this social issues. I believe that you pick up the topic that I am currently facing in my real life like you talk about obesity you talk about yoga you talk about other issues related to the health. So yeah, it's really beneficial to know something really interesting. Seeing that comes up with you and your knowledge and the fact that I'm aware of. Definitely I love to share them with all those who are listening to us so that we can spread awareness and we can let our youth know that how beneficial how important our life is to us and to have a good life have to maintain a good life. Then you need to be very cautious. Then you need to be very careful about everything that you do with your daily routine special. Lee you need to pamper yourself you need to keep yourself healthy, I totally agree with you that we need to pamper ourselves. But today's generation is pampering themselves by having a lot of junk food, which is leading to obesity. And this is why I choose the topic that what are the effective measures to get rid of a bear City. So in general the people who are listening on this platform, I just wanted to confirm And there are a number of problems which will come with obesity. So this is what the reason is that I am here to discuss the effective measures of decreasing the opacity among people. So yes, so before we jump off to the topic directly that what are the leading problems that causes obesity. I would just like to let know people that what actually the Obesity is According to me when people are thinking that they are getting overweighted the term obese clearly describes a person who is very overweight. If you think that your weight is normal according to your height according to your body the strongest the balls and the other weights that calculates your the measurements, so don't be You so much very conscious about how you look I your belly fat is a overweighted or you're getting some fat their hair and whatever some people Tom themself as obese whenever they found their belly feds are getting much out of their control, but this is not only how we can just um that problem as the Obesity it termed as the overweighted personality. A lot of body fat that even after your number able try you can't even able to reduce it. So whenever it's not getting reduced you're not getting rid of your body fat, it is called obesity and whatever you are eating whatever you are drinking, whatever and wherever you are having the food where it's-- whatever the stuff you are in taking in your body. That is letting the weight body weight grow. And turning into the fat this is called the Obesity in the technical and the scientific language and it's a common problem in India these days and even at the other countries, I must say Monica and according to the research here. We are also talking about youth. So let me just tell you in more UK today the estimated effect around one is every for adults and around one in. Five children aged 10 to 11 and in the age group of 14 to 21 is obese. This is becase of all the kind of junk Foods. They are having they are not having the healthy and the cautious food. They need to intake they are not taking the green veggies in their diet. They are not exercising. They are not doing the physical activities. They are not getting involved in other activities that can sweat their body that can make them fit. Instead they are sitting and sitting and eating anything and getting obese. So this is what the clear definition of obese according to me is and yes, you ask me some questions about the Obesity. So defining obesity is not much difficult these days as I already told you the definition in my terms, then there are many ways in which a person Health in relation to their weight can be classified Monica. But if I talk about the most widely used method is be a II guess body mass index because I have been to gym so my gym person my gym coach used to calculate this body mass index so that he can suggest me a well-planned diet what to take went to take how to take why not to take it every two are he want me to eat because that how our body will get circulate the proper and the pure blood until unless you will have such kind of a diet routine diet chart for yourself according to your schedules. Then you will be definitely misleading yourself. This is what I think that people need to first of all if they want to control their obesity. They're overweight. They want to reduce it. Then they need to be perfect with their diet either avoid a carbs avoid other things that are causing a fatless body to you then you should Take measures to control it. Yeah. Whatever you be like having users don't even want to work in a way that you know, what you people do. So in the earliest years of working that we need to understand something. We need to manage. Our that this is something that you need to understand so that we can promote ourselves and even also help people to understand that what needs to be done for being in such a culture. And the we are in the world of technology so metabolism machine. Yeah, yeah. We can maintain ourselves and we can relate to be so according to me. The first thing that we need to keep a watch on is not okay, if we are having to have and not though the process the cereals. Yeah, we should be shouldn't have barged Ravi. Who are these kind of things should be added in? Our great cause and always as I have always thought that we should have like the media. That's really a great chart that people should know about and Monica are like you mentioned about the causes of the opacity and also you are telling people that how you can avoid being obese. So here I would like to mention the risk of the obey D also so that people not only get aware about how to stop getting obese how to control their obesity but also the side effects and all the dangerous factors that they can lead to if they will not control their opacity. So the number of people who are listening us and who are telling that they are getting a much weight these days they are getting fat so it's very important to stay. Take steps to tackle the Obesity in today's world because Monica as well as causing obvious physical changes is a must and it can lead to a number of Series in potential life-threatening condition is like if you don't know about let me just mention here the few of the diseases that can cause due to the Obesity the type 2 diabetes the cancer bowel cancer breast cancer. These are the summer type of cancers that can be caused due to the Obesity then also called. Any heart disease is another major problem that one can face if they will not control their weight and if they will continue getting over waited and waited and they will not do something about to control or take the measures to control so they can also get the heart stock. Also another side effects of the Obesity could be the the affect the quality of the life your life along the number of the eu's you are going to live will get Reduce if you are getting obese because your body function is not getting appropriate in the proper nutrition that it should get it should will it will not be getting the proteins and such amount because your body will function in another way. It will keep on fighting with some other proteins in the nutritions that are required to make your bones strong your heart strong and if all the nutrition and carbs, and the number of proteins are The body will be taken by bone strength higher than how will other body parts will function that will cause you the psychology cool problem that that includes depression and lower self-esteem people will face health problems. They will feel embarrassed and being in public. They will feel body shame. They'll they'll just started judging themselves that no, I'm not looking good. This body part is over affecting. This body part is visible to all of us. Of us then people will start the judge Stingers. Then they will get conscious and the causes of web obesity are these days are much more dangerous than we need to be practical to solve about it stopped taking the calories. Stop taking the fatty and sugary Foods also set the start getting indulgent the physical activities the more exercise the more excess of energy is stored by the body as fat will let you down it will not Let you move further and it will always be turning you into the Opie's. So with the platform of this open talk. I would love to tell people that yes. Yes. Please take care of yourself. Please. Stop getting much involved in the mechanism. Just start being physical start being practical and start learning how to live a life. You need to be energetic. You need to be muscular. You need to be flaunting your body because this is what you meant to be. This is how you can live your life in a beautiful way because your body is the love you are just like a butterfly and you have wings you can do it. You understand today Isaac earlier. I mentioned I will choose your just people whole grains to the net and then number of steps that we can follow hand in using those steps into our day-to-day routine will help us to maintain Body Balance and even get rid of I would just like to mention some kinds of you should go 40 stapling play for rajma. Yeah. Go and for our taste buds be your take things, which is saturated, which is packed food. We we are dependent upon we should avoid those things and even the thing that we people think that these days having a lot more is making them a waste, but I just want to mention your the 50 was in the fact we can take which is visible. They have not invisible fashion should just we should people be like a lot of butter a lot of B and cheese and creamed fish. Yeah, all those all those ingredients that causes the fat you can have their like a cheat meal. I would like to mention here that those people are having another disease as well occur along with the Obesity then they should consider their dietitians and nutritionists who will plan your diet chart and accordingly. You can have the number of cars and calories that are allowed to have it in your diet. That vision point but the default since and what I believe is that before spending money and Consulting with the dietitian if we ourselves very classy. We know that what is required what we try to do with the name of that. Yeah, and in this case, you will have the different variety and you'll keep eating eating anything and you'll tummy will be full already. system Yeah, do the generation what they are believe in. These are things so distant that we can take and we can get rid of obesity. So this was the last thing I believe that I definitely because these conversation on health issues will definitely be getting stressed and you can't get The conclusion on and all at once because the health is with the wide variety of the concerns and the topics we have to discuss about so definitely we can have the part two of this opacity because it's a the most concerning topic these days and accordingly. I would just like to end the conversation again on the same note as we usually used to have that changes are the part of life and if you want to change your life, you need to begin your journey with yourself until unless you will be changing yourself. The word will never be changing. Hopefully we'll discuss this part two of this topic again. Yeah, definitely Monica. Thank you for having me again and good night.