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Hello and welcome. I'm Ali from Pakistan and created this open talk to improve my English. So if you are interested to improve your English like me, you can join me. On this open talk. In fact, I have no topic to talk and I just want to remove my speaking skills. To get some more confidence and learning new languages and new things. Always seems interesting. So if you join me. Okay, welcome to all you listeners. And I'm going to tell you that I'm not here for a speech and I'm not a presenter. Just to improve my English and I speaking skills. I created this open Talk. so I would welcome anyone. Guys, you can join me for a conversation. I don't know. I don't know. What is that sound? It is quite annoying and it is disturbing. And I don't avoid why this applications especially in the starts with no one is listening to you. They play this sound I think they they play this sound just to keep you. Keep you busy. I don't know why. and I think the owner of this application should fix this issue. Because this is boring and this is nothing making no sense. Hello people. Our I would like to have a conversation with you people. And right now I don't have any topic, but if someone joins me. then I think we can proceed our conversation and we we could have some good topics to talk. More and more people are coming and more and more people are listening and thank you. Thank you guys for listening me. I neither I would say I'm not a two. I'm not here to deliver a speech and to deliver a lecture, okay? Hello, Deborah, welcome bro. How are you? I almost forgot. What about you? I'm doing well. Thank you. Thank you for asking. He's good. So where are you from bro? Yeah, I'm from Bangladesh. What what about you do this open? Talk to improve my English to improve. My scale is what about you sultry have your eye on ago in Android for my hair study. That's why I need to take I else exam. That's why I'm here to improve my speaking in scale. Yeah. When are you for example? I'm planning to take aisles exam on Mars and Mars. And now what about the minimum requirement or required band? Yeah minimum requirement is six point five NOS not less than 6 but I am planning to escape minimum seven. Okay. Okay, I would wish you the best and so, thank you. Are you preparing for your alarms exam four days? Yeah, I am preparing you. So did you join any Center? Yeah. Okay. So what about you bro? Did you enroll yourself in a risk factors? No, I didn't enroll me and I'm preparing myself this good. The minimum required band I should get a six bands and no less than five bands in and respond to the program. I want to go to Australia. The skirt is very nice country. What about you onuaku Canada? Okay good place. And Canada is always been my dream to less. Yeah and wants to do a students undergo in Canada. Don't know. How are ya most Indians pakistanis and bangladeshis are attracted towards Canada. And I don't know. Why either one thing is that Canada provide many more facilities than other countries. It's one of the biggest reason behind it. The why are you prepare Australia for your highest destination? Oh, okay. So tell me about your life. What do you do in your life? I'm afraid of monsters and I am all set dropped it in a bank. Yeah, so and whatever you do, whatever you do, so you are a busy person. Yeah, I am busy little bit not too much. But if you are you are doing a job and you are studying the same time. You must be a busy person. Yeah, tell it so hot about your story no job for the reason. Unfortunately. I'm jobless right now. Bye bro. I have a degree in engineering and I couldn't find any good job in my country. Hi. You know bra the job setting at the job sector is very bad here in my country more and more people are getting unemployed everyday. Yeah, I know about it. Yeah, it's more than our country. So it's very disappointing government should take expanding government should Este take a step to solve this problem. Yeah, I think the government are doing nothing for us. They are just they are just interested in what's there but they're busy they're nonprofit making money. They're just making money. They don't want it. They don't care for the don't get the citizens. Yeah, so let's talk about health. Are you are you satisfied with Healthcare provided by your government in your country basically brother. I am not satisfied for government service in every sector I think and they are getting a corrupted every day. So I have nothing to say about the system of comment because I think they are kind of ball should system in our country. And they don't have any attention to this how much citizens get the service or not. They don't have any attention about that. The only basis you dear Prophet. They only try to making money and they are in power. Okay. What is the condition of hospitals in your countries God? Yeah, I you know country there are lots of government hospitals here, but problem is that government offices provide many facilities for the patients but the phaeacians don't get it because of the problem. Is that corruption? Every sector still being corrupted there's the problem. If I have money, but in if the system don't work properly, it's nothing it should save the system first. Okay, if I talk about the situation of hospitals in my country, then the situation is very bad, very poor situation. Yeah, and he suggested do Libro in Pakistan. Sorry, sorry Krista state. Which city? Do you live in Pakistan? Are you are you asking about prankster? No, I wanna know about your City. Please city. Do you live right now? Right now? I'm living in Islamabad, which is the federal capital of Pakistan. Mmm, this is good. But I think in the capital there are lots of for sanity of job. Is that correct? Yes, but not for engineers and Technical persons. Actually. The problem is there is no industry in my country. So and the engineering jobs are more related to Industry, especially the manufacturing Industries. So we are we are. Sing on importing goods from other countries and we are not producing our own or on Goods like automobiles motorcycles and that kind of stuff. So we are not making things in our country. So it is obvious there would be no Java or technical persons. ya think It should go in after that. Yes, and that's what I'm doing right now. I am preparing for my exam. What is your dessert score bro? My desire score is just above 6.5 would be okay for me. It's soccer for everyone, but is it your desire to school? Bro, because I'm not going for Education. I'm not going for University. That's why oh, you're you're going for that General tray General training. So in general training if I managed to get six point five bands, I would be happy with that. yeah, but if you want to get If you'll be able to get a good Vantage going Alliance exam, it's being a plus point for yourself. Yeah, definitely certainly would be it would be a plus point for myself. Yeah, and if you want to apply for the scholarship you need a hybrid is green Isles exam. Yes, bro, but I'm not going for scholarship this time. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I but then what about you bro? What about your family? How many brother sister to happened? Yeah, I have two brothers and I'm leaving my friends and we are we are living together and a house. Yeah, as far as I know priced any color to it for yeah, he can say I couldn't I couldn't comment on this issue. I heard many people but personally I didn't find them very beautiful very yeah, why bro? I don't know. Yeah, there are different type of people living here and some some some have fair skin. Some are some guards are dark, but overall it's okay, but not very brilliant. Beautiful. Yeah, beautiful. Yeah, but I don't know. Yeah, it's different men were men and city-by-city your iPad. A Pakistani girl beautiful than our country. I don't know what yeah, but in my country also be forgot the climate, I guess. Yeah, it's you know, obviously it's defense on climate because of extremely hard in our country this region. Maybe I don't know. So what about yeah. Yeah, you know, bro. Yeah, my country is lower hot Daniel country. So it's the moderate either in our in my country there, so. People are not too much. I didn't not too much black. They are moderate. But in Pakistan, we don't we don't have black people I yes people are having a fair skins like India and I don't love Puri skin bro, like the skins of North India and I love dark skin. Okay, you loved our skin? Okay, bro. Yeah, what about you do like ice cream? Yeah, I like their skin, but not much like we have the guards in Europe. Not that kind of curls. Hmm. It should be East on girl. I guess I like a strong girl. It's good. Honey, you want to go Mary? I'm not expecting my courage and next five years. What about you? Yeah, I am also seem to have your II don't have any plane to go to marry early. I want to planning for my hair study and I will be settled in my personal life that time. I will make it easy ssion to my if you have any chance to marry and Canada, what would you do? Optical in Canada Or people going Canada or consume a bro. If you have any chance to marry a Canadian Guard Cutter going I never I never married after going. I will Mariah before going if they if she offer me you should marry me and I will come I will come here in my country that time. I will try to marry her. Otherwise after going Canada. I never meant to be a Canadian girl. Okay, I'll be goes marrying again adding Indian girl would open or far PR permanent residency or Mexican national team for you. It's not a big deal grow. If you want to be able to if you will able to go in Canada is quite easy, I think so, it's not a very good but I love my country girls because of get to create then Canadian. Yes, certainly your Right, and that's why I want to marry my my country's call. And you know cultural is a big problem. If you marry a different culture call, I think it's being built up to manage with her to day life. Yeah, you can't you can't force a Canadian girl to live in Bangladesh and she wouldn't like to list and Bangladesh for look for a long time. I guess. Yeah. Yeah, obviously, it's very commenting. Actually, you have to leave your parents and your family for a girl. Yeah. So it is not going to be a good thing. But many people do this thing, you know, just to get a nationality or permanent residence. Yeah, and you know, it's also Rick's group because of if she wanna complain against you that time you will suffer. Because of this their marriage not last too long. Yeah, the divorce is are very common in European Society. It's a common thing. It's a normal thing. Yeah, but here in in our society in our culture. It's a big thing. Yeah, you know culture diverse urban area. Yeah, especially in the Muslim societies. Yeah. So a Muslim. Yeah. Okay, but in the doorsteps society is by Counting. Okay. Yeah in Western Society, it's normal thing. It's not a big deal for him. Yeah, it's not a big deal bro. So if one ago in Australia, I think you need you need to show a huge amount of bank statement. Is that right? You want what if you wanna go and get a Australia you need to show a huge amount of Lancaster oven? Sorry, bro. I can't catch you. Can you repeat this for me? I wanna tell you if if you want to go in Australia, you need to shoot a huge amount of bank statement. Okay? Okay, if the Red Room no and my guess this is not right. Then tell me because if you want to if you want to go for Education, if you want to study in Australia, then you have to show some amount in your bank, but in Mama's bro. Quite a reasonable amount I guess more than but in my country, it's more than 40 lakhs. Yeah. Yeah. It's time for us. Them but in my case as I said, it's a special visa and I don't have to I don't have to show money my bank statements to the Australian government because Australian government granting visas to the fresh graduates and it is a special Visa. It's not like and it's a very short Visa if I say only you can stay only two years. Using this Visa in Australia and after two years either you have to take admission or lift the strela immediately. Yeah, you're right, but you need to show. In a tissue, no brought this Visa. No, no bank statement is required. But in my country we need to show. I know there are different kinds of Visas. So in this really, yeah, really, there are four. If you go to the Australian website the Australian Visa websites, you will find the details of each Visa. The script what's the name of the canoe? So tell me the name of my Visa is for seven six four seven six. You can you can search this Visa in Google visa for several States Australia, and there is also a reporter. Hello. Yeah, bro. We support the future for seven six. Porcelain 6 yeah. It's a nice conversation. I will talk to you later camera. Okay, but I thank you for your time, and thank you very much, and thank you and see you later. Okay, I had I had a good conversation with the guy from Bangladesh. And he was very nice. And I am now I'm open to any conversation. I would like to hear from you people. So anyone can call me? And I would welcome all the hell you all the new listeners. So thank you for listening me. Anyway, this is not going to be a particular radio show because I'm not a presenter. I'm not an RJ RJ. I'm just want to improve my speaking skills just to improve my English and that's why I created this open top. So if someone is interested and calling me. Then he should call me and we could have a good conversation. so listeners, I think I should go now because no one is connecting. Okay, I should wait for two minutes. Okay. I want to talk about Health Care Systems. And what is the responsibility of the government to provide Healthcare to the General Public? Especially in my country. I'm not satisfied with the conditions and especially the situation in government hospitals are very bad and the doctors whenever I whenever I visit a doctor in German hospitals, they are just using their mobile phones. They are just using their smartphones and and they pay no attention to the patients. So you people can tell me about your country and how can the government can improve the situation? We can also talk about the health literacy because in many areas especially in the remote and poor areas. The people are not aware of your health. So the government should start new programs and should take new initiatives to educate people about their health. And the other problem is smoking. So yeah smoking a serious issue, especially the government should take steps to ban smoking in public. So let's notice. If you have any interest in conversation and sharing your ideas, you can join me. I'm here to talk with you. and I get so many of my listeners are new and they don't know how to connect so you can click on the option join the conversation. And you will find me on the call in case you don't know how to connect to me. Okay. So no one is coming. It's okay. No problem. Okay, guys. Hello. Hello and me bro is though. Hi salaam, alaikum Salam. How are you? Bro? I'm fine. Tell me about you. I'm pretty I'm pretty good. What about you? So tell me about the conditions of hospitals in your country. Are you satisfied with that? First I am from Ghana. I'm from India. Okay, and the state was when goal and you I am from Pakistan and I created this open talk to improve my English. What about you Samir bro? I'm a long to engine. I am an engineering student and my communication screen is not so high in that's why I'm here. Improve my English. Same condition. Probably we are on the same page I guess. Yeah, so I'll tell what kind of engineering are you doing? Software engineer? Okay. It's my heart cost you. And with your do you study? What sorry in which year? Do you study? I mean the last year and after two or four month? I'm going to complete my graduation after that. I will you join join some it companies for an internship probably. Yeah, you must be working on your final year project right now. Yeah, you're right. I'm working on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Yeah, so tell me about your funnel your project. Or my finalists are project is based on Diabetes prediction using some data's and arguments inputs. It is totally based on machine learning and data analytics. What about about Hardware? Are you using any kind of hardware for that? Any kind of microcontrollers? No Devon. My project is totally based on software. I worked on on the platforms like Google collab which support our machine learning so hard weary requirement is nothing in my project. Basically, okay. Okay, bro. I got you. So learning is very very new field and I don't have any Idea about machine learning, but I wish in the future. Maybe I should know this feeling as well. You know machine learning is in nowadays or machine learning is very trending topic and we can see its application everywhere. It is a it is generally used in a health health department suppose a my project was about how much It is prediction of an person using some inputs from the person like his body mass. Index insulin level skin thickness at Etc using this data's from the patient. I can create a model using machine learning that model will be helpful to predict the predict the diabetes situation diabetes. Condition and it's symptoms. That's that's all you are making an algorithm for that. Yeah. Yeah. I have used different types of algorithms like CNN linear regression logistic regression. What is your qualification? I have a degree in electrical engineering. Okay, have you completed your electrical engineering? Yes, but unfortunately I'm job has now. So what is the reason? I didn't get you. What is the reason behind joblessness because bro, you know the situation is getting worse day by day my region and there are more graduates and there are less jobs. Okay. Also, is there a how many companies are there in Pakistan it companies or Eurocode apartment companies, which is basically oil companies must I mean company of Pakistan not another company brought the companies are the the it related companies. There are many activated companies, but the the companies related to my field they are rare. Okay. Yeah, I can get you here is the hair. Is the situation is almost same but I can say if he if someone has electrical engineering as it has his steam. Then there is some provision to got placed in the MNC companies because in India, there are many there are many MNC companies who are who are trying to recruit the Other departments who are recruited departments other than i t so here is a provision to God placed in the it companies doesn't he doesn't read or write and I totally agree with you but the point is for technical person, so there should be an industry a well established Industries and there is no screen. My country we are totally dependent on other countries and we are importing the things like Automobiles and chemicals and we are importing all the all the stuff from the from other countries. We are not producing our own products. So in this situation, obviously there would be no Joseph for a technical person. Yeah, so what are the Technologies you know? Yeah, as I said, I have a degree in electrical engineering and my field is electrical and electronics. Okay. So what is the particular Technologies, you know and your project was based on that talking about this? Yeah. I have I have some knowledge about microcontrollers. I'm sorry. I'm not exported microcontrollers and I can program in C language and some Assembly Language and the core and my core field started designing. I really love I really love this field. But but it is very hard to find jobs later to Circa designing and electronics designing if you know these kind of things. Okay, do you know other language than NC python Java or anything Not really. I have I have some background knowledge about HTML and CSS. Okay, that's what that's that's our belongs to web development. I think so. Yeah web development. That is it is not my field. But I just done it. I just did it for fun when I was studying at University. Yeah. So what is the placement percentage? What was the placement / 2 percentage? nail polish in your batch I think so 75% Okay, just so it's mean you have some is lack of marks or any other thing. Behind the joblessness. What are the reason behind the joblessness? I don't think so. I have a good GPA. I have a cgpa of 3.34 which is equivalent to 85 percentage. That's fine. So I and and you said your college placement percentage was 75% So yes, it was not a college. It was a universe. It was a lie. Okay, so, how can you left having some good kind of cgpa? from the placement Now bro, I don't think so cgpa is more related to job in my country. It is all about reference and relatives in some specific Industries. Okay, I guess you got my point. Yeah, but in India the there is nothing about nepotism like, you know in nepotism. What is that the focus of its Diane de poitiers. Mmm. Mmm. You are you are favoring your relatives and your brothers sisters, but in India, there is nothing about like a nepotism. Our selection process is very very strict firstly. There are three rounds in our selection process of placement, but I think or talk about government procedure. I'm talking about private jobs. Yeah. So in private jobs are there is no specific criteria if your father is working in some industry, then he should be able to place you in a position in that industry, but he'll nothing like that. Nothing like the situation as you you you are facing here. You have to you have to crack the interview by your own bio. Ones otherwise, no one will be going to place a place you are definitely to have to show some skills. Yeah, Dubrow. I will talk to you later. Okay Brown. Thank you for your time. We had a good conversation. Anyway, inshallah. We will talk further after tomorrow tomorrow and Angela. Love is a lot nervous. Hello, can you hear me? Yeah, I'm able to hear me. How are you, bro? I'm fine and you? I'm doing well, and I'm only from Pakistan and I created this open tag team here. And what about you actually same as you I will install this application form improve my communication skills in English language. So I am from Gujarat and dawat, India. Okay. Nice to meet you, bro. Yeah, you do and completed we see in 2018 and right now I am also blessed. Actually, I left the in chopping my from Tech minor. Okay, and let me about your qualification. I mean your major field. Actually Hurtin PCA in computer, but I'm not interested in shopping it field. Today, I want to become a businessman. So wow. So, do you have any money to start your own business? Actually, I have no money, but I don't think like if you you you start your business for basic needs is money. I don't like I don't think like that. Now you're right bro to start a small business you you don't need a huge investment. Yeah, right. So you are going to open a small shop in your village or city not like start to open a small store or shop. I want to start my on milk dairy like a mule. Okay, that's a good business and production for a small production based. B2p like Bro, I appreciate your planning you have good plans, and I hope you will get success in life and in your business in the future. and tell me about you. Actually, I already listened your and I forgot that name person. It's another like community in sake right now, right? Yeah, he was coming home already. Yeah, so I've already listened you both of you guys talking conversation. Yeah, we were discussing the couriers options in my country and I said it is very hard to find a job related to my field. Yeah, but there are many option in other countries. You are liking you are in an electrical field right now. Yes. I'm an electrical engineer. Okay. So, what's your what is your bitch? It's a 2019 2018 or and he didn't 19 and nowadays. I am planning to move to some other country to find a good job. In which company you want to? I'm not I'm applying for a Visa. Okay, so basically from Pakistan or any other nations. No, I am based II belongs to Pakistan and currently I believe it on Capital. So do you have any experience regarding any field? I have at once experience and electronics designing, okay. But nowadays I'm focusing on my speaking skills. And because I'm expecting my exam. I'm expecting my Arts exam next month and I have to score at least six bands to get a Visa. So right now I forgot all about my engineering and all about my feed. yeah, that's in very important topic like in improving our English because if you are in Want to sit in any other country or if you want to become a man? Your career goals. So it's very important for the English language. Yeah, bruh. Okay, let's talk about health. Yeah, right. So are you are you satisfied with the health facilities provided by the government in your city? chili if you talking about health facilities, like government base hospital, so Not a very well if we see about health priority buddy, yeah divided it's an increase the quality of or all the government base hospitals like in India. It's a civil lawsuit has a very big Chan Civil Hospital. Yeah, so lost because there are also working in Pakistan. Civil Hospital In Pakistan civil lawsuit. Okay. I have no idea about in Pakistan, but I was very familiar about India in Sailors Whittle so Indian government's our day by day increasing the qualities in all government hospitals. So you mean you are satisfied with the current situation actually under progress. Runs and I can say let's say someone someone goes to a nearby hospital and he is in very serious condition. So wood wood or they should because sometimes my country if someone with the very serious condition go to a government hospitals, they they shifted to a private hospitals by saying this you don't have any facilities. Sit at the to facilitate you actually India there are many villages are and in the village is not available at sunup primary facilities. Like if any person are injured in many switches and so there are no facilities available in primary level, but if you talk about inner-city condition, so It's not equal according to my expectation, but you can set something which it is not good, but it's okay. Yeah, it's okay. Okay, and or do you think the government should band public smoking? Actually public smoking it's and personal opinion. Yeah. Hello.