Okay, so we are live here again. Good evening guys. So let's get the show started today. I'm at today's episode is all about my new book. Yes, my new book has been launched and I would like to share this happiness with all my listeners today. So let's get started with our listeners. Hmm. So today's our Tuesday, I think so if I'm not wrong today is Tuesday. Tuesday means to use day you have to use this day as a double time to use the so we're going to use this day and They also we are trying to have some fun some musty talk and everything. I'll be answering to a few of my of your questions regarding my book or everything or like I would like to share a few things from my book and I'm really excited about this is my first book guys. This is my first book which is been a being published. So guys please drop in let's start the show today. I'm like, I'm literally waiting literally hoping Italy like have desperate to speak with my listeners today. I'm going to come on fire today. I'm on fire and the today's session will be not at that long, but still guys, I need you to come here. Listen to me. I want to listen to you. So let's get the show started that I'm going to really really desperate to speak to my listeners today because I'm very happy. How can you say that like a bhag bhag kosher my eyes. I'm going to I'm very happy. That we have I mean I didn't use it as guys I need some comments. I'm like really saying that I don't have a literally any topic plan today, but still I came here. I have just finished my office work. I just came back to my room and immediately. I started the podcast see that's how I'm excited to share my happiness with you guys, but I'll be officer and I'm right on to the podcast. So I'm today's topic which I have given the at least as a my new book Let's have some chitchat. So first thing is about my the menu book which happened recently published which was published last I decided to 2:00 in the morning and I was so excited about it. I was unable to sleep ever after knowing that thing and everything you can find those books in Amazon and Flipkart. So let's wait for some more listeners once we get a once we hit some listeners then we'll see. And discussing about my book and then we start discussing about the things hot, how was your day and everything I am like I'm literally literally literally literally waiting for you guys. I need your messages. I need your text. So let's get this show started. Let's get the show on the fire. Hmm. Oh definitely. I'm not gonna sing boys because of my eyes. My voice is like horrible horror movie horror movie. So I won't think I just hum. I just hum. That's it. Thanks guys. Keep keep keep joining to this podcast and I'm very eager very desperate to talk to all my listeners now. So so till the time we get more listeners. I'll just go with some affirmations like some some kind of readings. So let's have a let's start our podcast with some good. Example a good pointers, which you can use in your day-to-day life and professional and personal life to make your life much better the way you communicate. I'm like, these are the things which are learn from a ton of books. So first thing I would like to say that make people feel important and do it sincerely. So this is one of the important terms we have muffle muffle salaam here. Let's join with Marvel's alarm. Let's see what muffled alarm has to say about today's topic or like what kind of chitchat we are going to share with him. Mmm, now fools we are connecting Bravia connecting. We are connecting via connect. Contact kitang. Oh my God. Hmm 800. Hello. How are you? Hello. Yes. Can you hear me? Hello Martha Islam. Am I audible do you yes, it's yeah. Yeah, how are you Hi, how are you? Yeah, I'm fine and you I'm doing tell feeling great. Thanks for asking. Yeah, you say that you're very enjoyable moment because your book is lost. Yeah, my bouquet is launched. I'm like, I'm really happy and excited about this. My first book though. This is my first book. Yes to me. I know what type of book is it is it's about family relationships and everything and the title of the book is a I'll keep it suspense for now. Let's hit some more listeners then I'll tell the title of the book. Okay, and it's Yeah, if it's available for you, then it's no big deal. I mean like a it works for like families and relationships and understanding and motivation for some music. What can we do to make our relationship better? I'm like, ah, this is the these are the times when we have this stressful condition. So let's get the show started. Okay, we have one more request here on national soccer national sake just give me a couple of minutes so that I can have worked with mahfouz alarm first. I'll definitely need to talk with you too. So, please have some patience. I really love to talk to my listeners. Yes muffled yelling. What do you think we can chat about Ray? Yeah, I'm really interested to know about your book and that's why I'm doing this. I'm broadcasting. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm like, it makes me more happy when people say that they're interested about my book. I mean like it's like it's my two years of hard work. I'm gonna from time to time the do the book is not big small one. I made sure that it is compact enough because every nowadays we are lost. We are all a lot of busy. So putting into pages of like a hundred will be more than what they can handle. So the book is of like literally And is six pages with all the information with all the experience, which I have gathered in my life and it took me two years to finish the book. Two years. Yeah, two years two years. I mean like you eat that many experiences here in your book. Yes, a prayer plenty of experience with our mainly the thing is that it's about like how we can enhance our relationship by understanding each other. It's about a mutual understanding to I'm like this. This is what is necessary at the successful country that's been all type of relationship how canst not all type of relationship a specific one, which is very important. For us for our life a specific relation is what are mentioned here, but this can be applicable for the relationship. But at not that level which level you can apply for the specific relationship. That's me. It's particular on Pam family relationship. Yeah particular and family are in family to particular for one more important relationship. So marvelous alarm just give me a couple of minutes. Can we have a word with the animals are kept till then? Yeah. Okay, no problem. Thank you. Thank you so much just can't be correct me back. Once again, once I am done with pneumonia. I'm like a yeah. Thank you. Thank you for understanding as well. Thank you. Zoya varghese Out of work, we can't do anything about it. I'm connecting with sake now. Let's see what a sahib has to put into our topic today guys. Come on. Hurry up join the podcast. I'm very desperate to tell you about my book. Let's hurry and I need to teach at many things with you guys many things. And do drop some comments, whatever you feel like glue more happy. We have one more request from Sunjai bishnoi sanjib is now I would like to request you to hold on for a couple of minutes because right now I'm getting connected. Okay, we'll get connected with son Jared now because of some issues. I think it was not connected with a small we are connecting with Sanjay. Hello. Hello. Hello, dr. Evening. How are you? How are you? I'm very well. How are you? I'm doing terrifically great. Thanks for asking. Asking it's my pleasure. Yeah, where are you from? I'm from haryana India you are from haryana India. Yeah, I'm from many places in India, but I've been to many people so I got a lot of particular place because I love many places RBI. I love going to places. I love to be at places. I mean like that's one of kind of my hobby like more of an intuition ambitious intuition to be at that a new places. Oh interesting. Yeah, I was He have been to haryana know I had never never been to Hyderabad. I would live love to come to her and I'm just waiting for the opportunity because I heard that Harry and Willis. He's like awesome. Yeah, bro. Haryana will see and hear me to remind kids. They are fantastic and something they make with that horse gram right chanak is at coach Bennett. I'm like, what is that? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah it is this, you know, helva and what you call this. This Channel and check the I do I do I do look for the city's I mean, like I'm very interested about learning of all about new cities to I was in Hyderabad Hyderabad is a place where my education and my entire life took place. Then I was in Bangalore then I was in Chennai Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Pune. And then what is that Tamil Nadu? I'm like a Kerala. Yeah Kerala, then I was in Assam for few days. I'm like, I like going to places man. This is only one life I have so I should make sure that I know my country. Exactly. It's it's great to know that you know, you are passionate about knowing your country knowing your culture Sunday. Just learn to get your connection once you already okay. So can you hear me right now? Okay all belong. So do you have any specific topic to talk today is my topic is about my new book, which has been launched yesterday night at 2 a.m. In the morning and I want to chat with some. Yeah. This is my first book man. I'm really happy about that on the first thing which I'm doing after launch of my book. Is this podcast great, man. I'm really you know, I'm looking forward to see what's what's in the book. So yeah, would you like to tell a little bit I would like to make it a suspense more than telling in a revealing it right now because I am waiting for hitting 50 listeners. Then I will announce the name of the book and it's mostly about like family relationships love caring and everything. I bought empathy and understanding about relationships to so that how can we manage our relationships with the Better Way by understanding? So that is the and it took me like literally two years to finish the book. It seems interesting. So how many listeners are listening right now now we hit 23 listeners right now. So I'm expecting that will be hitting 50 soon guys. Come on, please join a fast through this podcast and desperately to announce all the details of my book. Come on my God. Oh my God here. You are energetic guy. Thank Thank you. It's good to hear that when people call me energetic. I feel very positive. I mean, in fact my energy goes to double VI, you are very optimistic. You seem very optimistic what of like I'm a possible to stick. I create the possibilities. I don't wait for opportunities. I create the possibilities possibilities will lead to the opportunities which we need to develop ourselves. Yeah. I love it. I love it. So subjective tell something about yourself so that our listeners can have a word about Who our son Jeb Bush know he's okay. So Sanjay bishnoi. I am a 20 year university student. I'm pursuing my graduation in agricultural Sciences currently in my brief and earlier and left with one at half years to complete my graduation and resting. Yeah, I speak write and act to inspire people. I am passionate about talking having deep talks. There's a there. Break, there's a break in the voice. Can you repeat what you said again? Okay last one. So I was saying I'm passionate about you know about inspiring people captivating them and that's all. Well that's it. That's really good. That's really good. That's that's a shooting out like positive vibes man. I really love you man. That's a great thing. That's a great thing you're doing that inspiring people have said so wonderful if you want job. I'm like, I literally love you man. Yeah. I'm humbled. Great Point made by dr. Amy. Thank you Anna. Thank you so much. I appreciate your appreciation of appreciating me right now. Hello. Mr. Amy. Yeah. Hi, and how are you? I hope you're doing great. Yeah, and it's so very from an end. I think on and these from planet Earth which is in solar system. Yeah, that's why he's so on and it yeah, Anand it are indeed on and oh Baba. Yeah. I don't be saying doing good. You say what should I say? Yes, you are doing good. I'm very happy for that and I'm saying that right now, I'm really happy to have my listeners here. Come on guys. We hit this are 27 people listening to us. Let's make it 55. So I'm very desperate. I need to speak about my book too. And I would love to share some info regarding that one and I need some feedback from you guys that what should I be doing next with my book and what should be the second edition of that thing. So I'm really loving this thing, which is happening right now. Now, come on guys. Let's hit up to 50 listeners right now. So, dr. Amy, would you like to tell me about yourself a little bit more like your qualifications, you know? Can you hear me Sanjay? What is happening to this network? Yeah, I think oh my God, I still okay. Okay, I'll repeat it. So I was saying would you like to tell me a little more about your professional life in my professional life? Oh, sorry. We had a discussion with Sanjay Sanjay. I hope you are still listening to us. I just answered your question. I was an English tutor motivational speaker a professional animator work for like many animation companies. Then I worked as a writer publisher of a few topics. Then this is my first book which is being published and I'm a public speaker and a Love Guru. I call myself doctor. It's not because I call myself my friends do call me. Dr. Fleischer life issue. So that is the reason I added the title as Doctor Amy. And they saying would like to know more about your book little bit short on and we have hit 31 people listening to us right now. Once I hit 50 listeners, I will be telling a lot of things about my book and even I'm too desperate to share many things with you guys. Oh, we have a request from another join the call. You are welcome, bro. You are welcome to join the call. Hmm. Hello brother we have live on open talk with Anand. Hello. How are you? Hello. Hello. Hello hello hello hello hello. Hello. Hello. Am I clear? Yeah, you ought to go right now Crystal Clear. How are you doin? I'm good. You say I'm doing terrifically great. I'm very happy today. And what about you? How was your day? My day was good and I'm smiling wider. Very good. I hope you are still following the instruction, which I told you about on the day, which we are having the topic about how to be happy every single day right how to be happy every single day. I still remember and thanks for that. It was really it's really working. Thank you so much. I'm really happy. I'm really feeling good that a few of my tips are being helpful to my listeners. I'm very happy about that ZZ. Mr. Amy. I think try to talk a little bit gentle because it's too loud and then too fast. Thank you for your kind information. I'll talk to bit a bit slow and be gentle. Thank you so much. So you're coming with book know the book has already come pretty. Okay. So what's the name of your book? I will reveal it. Once we hit 50 listeners. We are right now at 36. Okay. I'm waiting. I'm also tell me something about your book. It's more about like family relationships and everything at present. The book is only sale at India. - but in a couple of weeks it will be available in international markets to okay. That's really great. So, it's your first book. At this is my promise to you have any planning to write more books? It depends upon the response that how am I getting the feedback from my readers from our listeners? And what should be my next topic on the book and depending upon that I will be planning on the next book. And this one too was like a motivation from one of my friend that I speak. Well and I understand people well, so why shouldn't I try writing a book so I started it as a trial work and it went pretty well. I gave it for proofreading and Publishers were loving it. So they approved it immediately and the book is Live Now find it on Amazon. Flipkart to how you go to Star I too saw that today. I'm like, I'm really happy that I got star in opendoc FM that to in very less time. It's like my sister. Yeah. My book is also available on Flipkart you got star Is it yeah because open Talk have some you know connection with Flipkart, you know, there is a application bodytalk so you can you know, when you have some points you can go and shopping there. So maybe that's why they did that stop because your book is available there. So is that a maybe I'm not sure let it be whatever it is, but I'm really happy to have a star and I'm really happy that my book is published and I'm really happy that happiness with my listeners right now, and I'd be more happy. A to see more comments from my listeners. We hit 41 for listening to us right now or nine more to go. Come on guys make it fast. Let's make it half century of people listening to me right now so that I can reveal more things about my book. And what do you want? Actually it's what you want for to know, but you know, it's just they don't substrate. It's just this whole like how many people came on your broadcast? Yeah. I know. Yeah, that's why I hit this target for Also that 150 then we'll be going to next thing. Okay, so I'm waiting once it's Kit will fit between give me too. Me too. We have a request to join the call from vinod. Okay around I shall we have a talk with vinod one? Joyous your service sir. Thank you. Thank you. I will hear listening because I have to make sure sure sure sure. Thank you. Thank you joining me with you. Thank you. They know then a couple of minutes. I'll be joining with you. We know that. So we have a connection with we note hello. Hello. Hi. Good evening, sir. Hi, we know the how are you? I'm fine. What about you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? I am from Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh. Wow, that's wonderful place. And would you like to share something special about him module, which I don't know. Yeah, actually, I'm not sure something but I am going to say that I want to know how to improve my English communication. So you want to know how to improve your English communication? Okay, we know so to improve your English communication. I already made a podcast on communication and English learning tips. Now you can listen to that one too. And I will give you some more tips. Right right. Now, first of all, you will find this books with a called as self help books, okay. Okay. Hello. Yeah, I'm here to you. Yeah, these are there are some self-help books which are in very common in language. So what I want you to do is that get few of the books which are not that costly and start reading them out loud loud. So that first of all you will understand to build a characteristics about speaking English because see our tongue is not that mature enough to cope with the accent of English. So by reading it out loud, you will be training your tongue and your brain to speak it again. And again, once you do this next morning every morning you have to do the first thing when you wake up early in the morning have a glass of water go freshen up then go in front of the mirror and start talking about anything entirely in English, but you should be looking at your face while you're talking. Okay, why I'm saying is because we had this inferiority feeling of scaring that what if I speak wrong. So once you start looking in the mirror and you start speaking, you will be literally portraying yourself and you will be starting to build self-confidence day after day day after day you will be building enough confidence that you start to speak English. Don't worry about the people who laugh. Oh don't worry about the people who discouraged because you are doing something which they can't so it's okay the one who loves today will be appreciating you once you achieve your goals of What you are ought to learn. All right. So first of all, you should have a confidence second one more than confidence. You should have discipline make up. Picture time that if you are reading a book today at 4:00 p.m. The tomorrow's you should be reading at 4:00 p.m. They offer tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. The time should be fixed because your brain has to train itself to understand that this is my reading period This is my learning period This is my learning time then second thing what you need to do is that first of all practice it out loud then again mirror practice is very very important even today. Also, I will do this mirror practice morning 4 to 5 is my mirror practice time. I stand in front of mirror and I take some random topics and I continue to speak for one hour. Like I have a bit of gaps to have some water but still I continued till for a 1 or 4 to 5 in the morning. I do this mirror practice every single day. Okay, so the things which I have tied in my life are the suggestion which I gave to my listeners to the people who ask me how to improve English because I think that still I'm a learner and I need to learn a lot. So at the beginning stage, this is the stage where the am giving you all the suggestions which are effectively workable for learning a new language. It could be Philippines. It could be Japanese. It could be challenged whatever it is until unless you to mirror practice it will not be like sounding like a native native language for you. So make sure that you are disciplined about the timing time management is very very important when you read a book or like when you practice about English and this is the reason which is we should keep in our mind that we shouldn't be scared about a trying something new. Anything else I which which I could help you with no. Yeah actually said most of the people were coupler is not good then you can't speaking no, no. No, we're not be nosey. Nosey. Nosey have to listen to me carefully don't go into this vocabulary monster right now. Okay, forget about vocabulary. Do you speak Hindi? We know do you speak Hindi so your voice is not clear. Do you speak Hindi? Yeah, I speak. Yeah see understand one thing when you started to learn Hindi. Did you started learning with the grammar? Hello, did you start he learning Hindi with grammar first? No, sir. Yeah, because see we consider Hindi as a language. So we start speaking first then least. So what I suggest you is that go will go with reading the books and go with practicing every day in the mirror and I try to follow some YouTube videos where they will tell you that what has to be done don't go into this grammar and vocabulary immediately. It will distract your focus. So once you have our normal basic grip on Then I suggest you to go to vocabulary and grammar. Because if you want, yeah. Hello, you know. We hello. Yes. We know. Yes. This is I'm saying, you know what to make a sentence then how to make a sentence. So first of all start when you wake up in the morning say what I want to do is that when I started to do this mirror practice, I don't have many topics. So when I stand in front of mirror, I start to describe my room so the chair has four legs and the chair is in the corner. Okay, so I sleep on the bed and I wake up in the I like my friends and I love my family. See these are the things which I start saying very simple sentences because you have to feel that you are an infant or we could connect OTA but just imagine I to chori chori sentences is not gonna look very minut sentences these play very important role while you're learning something. I mean like the bed sheet has to be fold and the bed has to be arranged properly then again have to get ready for school. I have to get ready for college then once I go to college I will focus on my studies. I will listen to them and I'll make new friends. I'm like, these are the small small sentences, which you should practice in front of mirror. Once you start building confidence, once your brain understand that these guys so much into learning this language. Your brain will also be supporting to understand the consequences because this is important for you. We have two more requests here. So we know there's just a stay on the line for a couple of minutes more. I will have a word with Vijay first then with the pushpin Dorita. She and a anyway, we crossed 50 people listening. So I will be telling you about my book to we know do follow me on open Talk FM will be having more information content soon enough. Hello. Hello, it's actually your voice. Hello. Yes, now your race is clear, sir. Yeah, whatever saying that we have two more, please will your way open sometime? Yeah. We know just secure network. Once I'm gonna get we get back in with connection with me. I'm still here for like more couple of hours maybe which depends upon that content which you are going through right now. So we have one more. Oh my God, it is still connecting guys. Do love the podcast. You see a heart symbol in the upper right hand corner just hit with it a we are connecting with which which are right now Vijay mechanical engineer live or okey-dokey. Alright. Hello. Hello. Hi Vijay. How are you? I'm fine, sir. Very good. That's good to hear that. You're fine. Where are you from? I'm from Dragon Boat reconned. Okay. So, how are you doing? I am just joking now. Wow, health-conscious. Very good. Very good. I like it. Actually, I just download this open talk before five minutes. Okay, five minutes. Yeah. I certainly connected with you. I like your conversations with thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much. Thank you, sir. So, please. Please English English. My English is weak. So you are you practice English with me? Yeah, sure. No problem do follow me on open talk and we will be having a lot of conversations on English to and planning and tag show on like English speaking you are you on On speaker because I am listening my voice back again. You have your service just open the speaker? Okay. So what I'm saying, is that do be connected with me and we'll be having a lot of sessions on English from Basics to Advanced. Okay? Okay, so you don't have to worry about and never say that your English is weak. Okay. See the thing is that the thing which you have started to learn? Okay. It is new to us. So you shouldn't say that you are weak even after learning it for two years you are able to do it. Then you should say it is weak. But now you are the big so make sure that you should say that I I've started to learn English never say that my English is weak. Okay? Okay. Yeah that that we should have positive ID to identify important because of we should have a positive attitude towards whatever we are doing because we should understand that our brain takes a things in a positive way. If you think that it's a week we are using the V codes negative words is What is that then it will be creating an issue for us to understand something new. So that is a reason I always say that I'm a beginner. I'm a learner I will be learning. So that's how it will be. I'll remove it later and we have one more person pushpin Dorita. She improving myself is also ready for the call Will. I will be having a connection with him soon. Yeah, so we J. I think you heard the tips which I gave to be known for. Practicing English. Yes, sir. Yeah. Yeah, I do suggest you to follow the same tips. I'm going to get you it is very effective while learning English because I never suggest that level grammar or like learn vocabulary. It will never help to develop English. It will help to develop the subject. We are here to learn English. We are not here to learn subject. Okay, so practice those things I in the beginning it will be hard. It will be tough to like do the mirror and practice only to read a book but slowly slowly you will Have a grip on it. Eventually. You will see a drastic change in week one and we are day 1 and day 7 T. If you really want to see the changes do one thing while they were you're reading one page of English recorded in your mobile on the seven-day also read one more page of English everyday and recorded. Now, what you will do is that you will compare day 1 and day 7. You can see the Improvement all by yourself. You don't need anyone you on that one that will boost. Up with positive energy to do new things. So one question is I have one question. Yeah when I practice in a mirror, right? Okay. So, how can I we means how can we get a result on that or see the same thing? As I said you can wash record your English reading? You can video record you are malpractice to start your selfie can keep in your and record the day one and regard to got two day three day four day five till day 7 and check day one and days. So a method you will find the Improvement. I get many mistake in that and second to so mistake. The mistake is comes before how can I will find my mistake? No, no. Not like that. See first of all when we are kids, okay, imagine that you are were two year old kid and you are trying to learn to walk. Okay. Yeah first what will you do? When you try to get up you will fell down is it you'll fall down again. And again, what do you do? You will cry cause I'm gonna gay again you will try again you will fall down it will it will be continually for a couple of weeks then suddenly, you will put off a chair support of a table support of a wall then you will start. I do stand First Once you make your balance then you will try to walk Isn't it? Yes, so this is how it goes. We should make mistakes. We will learn from our mistakes. Once we learn from our mistakes then only we will be able to improve something. I'm Galton occurring Adam signifying here answer. Maybe he got drunk. He doesn't have any mistake Curry to win the tourney Gil, yoo hoo. Kaneki made a mistake Curry to Columbia Valley mistake in history. First thing you shouldn't be considering what mistakes you're doing. First thing. You should understand one thing that you have to focus on a topic first. You have to discipline yourself on doing the same thing again. And again, then you have to brush it. Then you will be able to understand that what mistakes you are doing all by yourself slowly slowly you'll be learning it. Because if I try to speak in kannada right now, I will be having a ton of mistakes. Hmm in the same way after a couple of weeks. I'll be catching the words after a couple of months. I'll be catching the sentence so slowly I will be able to learn so don't worry about the mistakes because we all do mistakes mistakes are the things which makes us go to the next level. Yeah, right just a second honey, but I think so any bro. Are you really motivational speaker? First? You have to change the way you're talking. It's sound really annoying. And anyway, I'm really sorry that you feel that my way of speaking is annoying. But this is how I speak and if you have any other ways of speaking, so do let me know. I will definitely try that for sure. So we just give me a couple of minutes. I'll have a talk with the push pin the okay, sir. Okay, okay. Okay. I even doubt okay, which I just keep listening to me. I'll be having about the push pin the guitar. She and then we have John or something here. Thank you so much, and you can connect me with any time you want. Okay, sir? Okay. Definitely I have to do. Yeah, thank you. Do do follow me on open top for sure. I love to hear from you. Yeah. Thank you. Department which abiding appetit so we are kind of thing with push pins are hitoshi now. Hello. Hello. Hello, how are you? Hi, how are you? I am fine. What about you acting? Great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? I'm from Delhi. And you right now I'm in Bangalore you are from Bangalore. I'm not some bangalow. I'm from Maharashtra. But my education was in Hyderabad my job in many places. So right now at present time in Bangalore, okay? Okay. So basically your hometown is Maharashtra now you are you are living in Bangalore. Yes. Yes. It is cute. That is also a very good place. I think Bangalore is a very good place earlier. I love Bangla the climate. I just literally love the climate of Bangor. It's very comfortable for okay. Okay, that's very good. So I want to ask one thing. Yeah. Are you PhD holder? Why you add doctoral me? Then you should go through my profile. Once again at the end. I have mentioned as a doctor of Life issues. Okay. Look I actually sorry for asking. Actually. I install this app last two don't don't be sorry. Push pins are don't be sorry. First of all whenever you have a doubt whenever you have a question, you should ask. You should be never sorry for asking a question. Okay. That's a that's a good thing now. You should be never sorry for asking a question. You should be never sorry to end something. You should be. Okay. Okay. We'll remember whenever I want to ask any question. I will not say sorry to anyone. That's good. That's really good. Okay, so I want to ask actually my English speakers not so good. Can you give me some advice is any tips for me? As with vinod and Viola was with Vijay. I will suggest you the same tips, which I have given to this correctly sir. I can't understand that. It's Achilles are I'm explaining myself. Actually. My life is going well in every aspects of life and no but there is a problem of speaking confidence Lee English like louder English. I want to speak louder and confidently can give that is the reason that is a reason mirror practice will develop confidence level very fast Okay, first thing I saw do that is mirror practicing by will do testing any other any other tips are so I'll definitely give you a few more tips. First of all, make sure that you have time management. Okay, you should be managing your time efficiently by giving particular things a particular time. For example for reading book. You should be having a fixed time every single day for Mirror practice. You should be having a fixed time every single day means like it should be a habit. It should be going to happen. Okay. Consistency matters in learning English rights, it does. Yes, it does. I have been doing this mirror practice in three years. Okay. That's a very good and amazing you are doing bro practicing lost three hours. Yeah still still today. Also, I do the same thing every morning in from 4 a.m. To 5 a.m. Is my mirror practice time. So I do that every single day because learning will never end. It's a never-ending Posta. Okay? Okay, can you Tell me how you practice them read practicing. So first like and Broad topic, you can take any topic you can take topic as a nature. You can take topic for like some books. You can take topic about yourself. You can take topic about friendship relationship. It could be anything. You just have to connect make sure that you're continuously talking about it without stopping. So here what happens is that our brain gets trained to use the words which we have learned so slow here is a there is a problem then when I used to speak my Rainbow will be blank value speaking. I do not know some birds. Like we should have knowledge in what topic we want to speak. If we do not have knowledge. We can't speak or practice English see just reading won't be enough to remember words. So you have to use the words again. And again so that your brain will be habits waited with the words and those words will be fixed in your mind. So then only you'll be able to use them naturally without thinking okay. Well, I will start reading your braids. A I will start any topic with every day and I will practice mirror practicing also any yes, you should do it any topic. You can take any topic e-even you can speak on Pleasure. Is there no big deal, but you have to continuously speak even you can speak on pajamas on what is that? Pajamas are like small short pants, which will be a daily time. Okay, okay further must soak a key. So that it doesn't matter what topic you're choosing. The only thing which matter is how long you are able to speak on it without stopping? Okay. That is our biggest thing the biggest problem for me. I used to speak for a very little time. For example, if I have knowledge and information I can speak and I can go for that wherever the information and the knowledge will End up I used to start like fall in my speaking. See that is the reason I am telling that we should be consistently practicing every single day so that our brain will be habituated with the words. Then we can apply them in our real life when we are speaking with other people's first of all, when you're looking into the mirror, you're building a self confidence in yourself second thing you're practicing it that means you're training your brain third thing you are giving time so that you are tongue-twisting will not be having an issue with that one. So, Deliver doing one thing you are practicing 10 more things coat. Okay, sir. Are I have a one question more? Yes. She did Sir. Can you tell me how to improve vocabulary? I used to IR verb when I want when I want to speak. I used to forget birds like see a good vocabulary makes conversation. Very good question that that is very good thing. But let me tell you one thing. We should learn alphabets first before learning the words in the same way. I just you you should go to vocabulary. Once you have done mirror practice at least for a month. Okay, I will practice practicing for a month and after I will start on vocabulary section. Yeah, because we have to go step by step. Okay. Okay step by step. Okay, sir. Nice to talk you I will do that thing. And if I feel you face any problem, I will contact you definitely do follow me on open talk to Avail be having a lot of conversations on English. We'd be having more topics on like communication body language interview skills many more code. Okay, and actually your title is my new book Let's have some chitchat. What does it mean? Yeah. Actually the thing is that I've been writing this book for like two years. And so finally the book is published as today. So I was here to announce this to all my listener. To share my happiness with all my listeners. So I thought to reveal the book name once we hit 50, but I forgot now we had 93 so my dear listeners are let me tell you one thing. I have been working on a book for like two years. It's about family relationship and goals. So the main thing is about empathizing with women and understanding them. So the book title is understanding woman is easy. It took me two years, but the book is not big. It's only going to transport of 76 pages and it's available both on Amazon and Flipkart and you can have a word to cook UK. Okay. Okay. Have a nice day, sir. I want to go. Josh Miller. I hope that the instruction which I gave you a helpful and literally do practice and everything. I will practice and if they were helping for me, I will be very thankful to you sir. I'll be more than happy that I would be of any kind of help to any of my listeners. I'm like literally that's a good thing. I feel happy when I help people the steering wheel Theory to okay. Thank you, sir. Have a nice day. I'm ending this call. Thank you for spending. Thank you so much. Goodbye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye. What's your living time Drew Patel? I'm living every single time. I'm like a I'm unable to get the head and tail of your question, but I feel alive every single second of my life. So I change my profession from time to time if I don't like it. Drew Patel, can you be just be clear with your question once again, please? See the way I live. My life is like a bit unorthodox. I do different things at different times. If I feel like that I have completed my engineering and Computer Sciences I worked in post is I worked in before and I've worked in many other companies, too. Lifetime on this app. Okay, Drew Patel. I'm live on this app everyday at 6 p.m. With different topics, but today I didn't choose any topic the only topic which I chose was like my new book and let's have some chitchat. So we are not focusing on to any topic if anyone is asking me anything. So I'm answering to those things. If I don't know then I'll be I'll make sure that I understand that I learned that first and then I'll make sure that I'm delivering that to my listeners. He asking when you do this open Talk broadcasting. Yeah, I did answer to that question and we'll come on. Thanks for clearing the query to me. It's really helpful to mean. So every day evening 6 p.m. I'll be live on open truck FM and I will have more topics on communication skills body language interview skills interpersonal skills critical thinking communication collaboration and creativity to so guys. I do request you to have a look at my book. It is available in both Amazon and Flipkart to the title of the book is understanding woman is easy with the author name my name Muhammad Imran. So guys hit me up with some queries question. So you can just come live have a talk with me. So we will be ending this podcast and like more 20 minutes 20 minutes is the least which I will be able to give this. Mmm-hmm. And guys do Follow Me Do shower your love that will be motivating me to freeze some more content every single day and do share me the topics with you want me to speak on so I'll be more than happy to have some content some guidance and some more tips from you to because learning is a spectator sport until and unless we learn until unless we apply we won't be able to develop ourselves. We won't be able to go to the next level. So this is what I think about a life perspective learning is a Spectators sport. So we should be learning every single day by looking by learning by practicing by doing by writing by drawing. Whatever. Maybe that means we should not stop at learning. So this was my first experiment with book writing. So even before I have written many generals and I were jealous and everything but still this is my first book and the topic is like a we can have a happy relationship with our life partner. The thing is that we boys we men have a different kind of mindset. We our mind is completely different and women's are thinking and their mindset is completely different women. The thing is that I'm here trying to explain we have a myth here. Oh, it would or cancel. So the main concept behind my book is at how we can empathize with the woman's view of perspective. We have met here. Are you doing a job or business Drew Patel? I am working as a manager of a facilitator for a company. in Bangalore Mighty saying hi. Hi, mate Is it a myth or a Mateus? Let's see. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi boss, can you hear me? Hello? Hi, mate, how are you? Yeah, I'm pretty good. How about you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from? Well, I'm from Indy. Unable to hear you properly, please. Could you please check your connection once yeah, maybe. Yeah, it's still breaking. Oops. We had a disconnection with myth. And you guys I hope he will get disconnected back once again soon. So guys hit up hit me up with the questions which ever you want to ask me. I'm here to help you. I like we have like more like 17 minutes left before I end this podcast. I'm really loving this guys. Thanks for sharing. Your love do follow me. It's porn at boss. It's okay mate. I can understand Rupert William also computers engineering students. Can you please get Which language is best? So Drew Patel all the languages are good to go with but I would I feel more of like Java is the best one at right now on the market though. They are though. There are other languages very competition. Very learnable. But still many of the companies is still believe in Java a lot. But once if you try to get into the Java, then you should be make sure that you are ready for every single update because Java is like a hard-on thing to learn once you learn that you'll be having constant updates on that and you have to make sure that you are updating yourself with the constant updates of the Java 2. So you in nine other hand you can make you can learn python to python will be like a helping hand. It's very easy to learn when compared to Java and python is a programming language to that. Is this kind of go to go with the python 2. So first preference will be like Java then it will be like python but old is gold so we can have a CPT too. Anything else guys, which are you would like to ask me I'm here live for you. We are here. We have had 114 people listening to us. I mean, like I'm really loving this thing, which is happening right now. Thanks for listening to me and I would like to give a brief on my book. Once again. I have a recently got my book published with the title understanding woman's is easy. I'm like, I'm just trying to clear the air clear the myth that understanding women is a difficult task. It's very easy Once We alter our thinking about Sweet rice to start advertising with their perspective of thinking it will be much easier. I interviewed many women the 1:1 relationship the one who broke up the one who are were married the one who are getting to going to get married, like what are the expectations and everything depending upon that I have written a small book. I made sure that it is compact enough so that it won't be taking a lot of time from you. It's can spot of like a 76 Pages not more than that, but that will be helping you to understand have an empathy towards what a woman needs in her life and what you To make your relationship better. So do go to the book is available both on Amazon and Flipkart. You can just have a search with like understand understanding woman is easy with the author name Muhammad Imran. That's my full name. So I would be loving to hear you from Once if you go through the book to get content with your open truck and share your views about. How was the book and what can I do to make a better things going on? So guys hit up me with some questions. Questions or like you can just come online and have a talk with me. We have a 14 more minutes left before we will be adding this podcast today. So today's is a small podcast. Actually. I plan to have a co-host along with me but was not possible because my co-host was a bit busy and how one works so I'm doing this solo right now. We have black. Let's connect with black. Let's see. What black has to say? Hello. Hello. Hello doctor. I mean, how are you? Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah, you are able to me right now. That's why Crystal Clear. Hi black. How are you? What's your name? Dr. Amy. How are you? A black we're having a connection disturbance is your connection GERD. Yeah, I guess you were sound is noticeable to me. But your voice is breaking here. I am unable to hear clearly. Okay. Now now good. Yeah now you're audible. Okay, thanks. So you're the topic is my new book. Let's have some chat. So can you please tell me something about Yes means like I was working on this book for two years and the topic the title stands for it, like understanding woman is easy. So we find like n Number of means questions and problematic things which you can face online that understanding woman is a very difficult thing. So I thought to take an unorthodox path so that we can make sure that understanding when he's not that tough, even though to be like two years to finish the book. I made sure that it's a small sweet and short so that everyone can make use of that one. So it's available went public there. It's already published in its live. You can buy it from Amazon and Flipkart you have to just search for like understanding woman is easy Muhammad Imran. I'm like, that's the author name there and That's my full name. Okay, you're given moment. I'm wrong. Yeah CDs. Okay. So I think I must name a salaam alaikum then walaikum. A'salam. What happened to live about Godot? So, dr. Amy, it's your profile like Is your real deep? Yeah, that's my real DP. Now you're looking like decent is it you are the only person who said that I look decent. No, you are looking this in for like for my opinion like I think that the people who have a long here they are this is it then I'm the decent guy Dan tobacco right now. I have the longest hair when compared to all the guys. So, can you please tell me like when you have start your writing? Can you please tell me about something you were writing like yeah you see. It took me two years of time. So I made sure that I actually used to write blogs. So one of my friends suggested that why shouldn't I try writing a book so I was not sure. What is the topic I should be choosing to write on and I had any of her friends who are girls and their relationships are married and some are like a broken up under there are many things were happening in the life. So I thought that I should I should give a brief on the things that have women think and what we can do as a man from our side to make our relationship. So I you know, I already I also like I had also read the book that the name of the bed. That book is men are phenomenal and women's are from us. Yeah, but that's because Google is also it's like it's all about the relationships. Yeah. Yeah. It is about the first party about both men and women but here my first pick is a woman where men what men can do to understand them to make the relationship better. Absolutely. Yeah, so I have taken this way. I would like to I would like to buy that yeah. Yeah, then you can buy it from Amazon and Flipkart just have a search for like understanding woman is easy and with my name. Yeah. I think else would you like to add flour? Let's have some chitchat kind of course upon your how was your day today? Yeah. My day was still burning because I didn't sleep last night and I just woke up at 12. Yeah. I think I'm just killing my time. Yeah, but I enjoy I enjoyed it today. Oh is it? Yeah, whatever. You see about my each and every day is awesome. I make sure that while I'm sleeping. I'm happy that today is day was awesome. I have to do something. It will make me feel happy. Yeah, absolutely. Oh, we had a disconnection with him. Sorry black. I think there's a network issue. I hope you will give be back online again. It's good talking to you. Let's have a connection with Muhammad Shah Rukh. So we have a connection with Shahrukh here jobs an advocate. Hello. Hello. Oh, we had a disconnection guys, please. Please. I request you to check your internet connection once before joining the call. I'd really love to hear from you guys and it it me. It hurts me when the call gets disconnected now. So make sure please I request you. Please make sure that you have a steady. Then connection so that we can have a proper top. Hello. Walekum as Salam, how are you? Alhamdulillah I'm doing well Sidra of Zola Advocate you and Advocate. Yes, then I should be very careful while speaking with you because see Advocate have this key knowledge of how to speak so I should be very cautious about choosing a my sentences my words very carefully. I'm just I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. So, how are you doing? Well, I'm doing a little bit but I Am Understood I am in last second last year. I will be in tala next year inshallah Al hamdulillah. That's a very good thing and Sidra I would like to ask you one thing. Are you listening to me? Previously? I'm like a when the session started I was talking about my new book. Sorry, I don't get what are you saying? I was saying that did you listen to me like four past five minutes. I was talking about my new book. My new book, not at all. I didn't listen Joel. Okay. So let me get I'll just give you a brief about my new book which is published or so. I too want to have a word with you that what I was doing. Would it be of any help or like anything? So the thing is that I was working on this book for two years. So mashallah it got published yesterday and I it's live now on Amazon and Flipkart the topic. I'm like the title for the book is understanding women in easy. Which one topic sorry Idol is understanding woman is easy. Understanding woman is easily is easy. I mean like that is the title which I have given to my book because I want to have a perspective for men where they can understand women from their perspective. okay, and so that is a come again. I said first priority is woman. No, I'm not saying about the priority. I'm thinking about understanding I'm saying about empathize. Okay? Okay. Okay Sydney percent. Yeah, you can say significant to but the thing is that we men have a straight mindset where women have a bit diversion which is like very keen so if we pay attention We Men pay some attention to a few of the things then we could make the things much better. That is what I think. So I had this conversation with many women. I interviewed a many women to the core in depth in detail. I'm looking for many hours before I come up with any topic. So what way what they desire in their life in from their life partner. What kind of understanding they are looking for? So that is the thing which I have worked on and as a men myself and I have spoken with many men to that water there is point of view. So depending upon that it took me like two years to finish the book and it's live now. So that is the reason I'm here to share a few things about my book apart from that normally would be having topics like communication skills or like English development or like how to make yourself motivated. These are the kind of topics and normally choose. Okay. Tell me is it your is it your book you have? Written in your perspective. Yes, it is my book. And this is my first book. Okay. Are you writer? Yeah, I'm a writer and normally I used to ride blocks generals and everything but this is my first book. Okay? Okay, that's good. Nice to meet you. Thank you so much. Nice to meet you too. Dos it dry. If you do have some time at that to your advocate, so it will be much more beneficial for me that if you Get a hold of to one of the books and give me feedback someday soon. Okay now I not sure. Yeah, I would love to hear from you. I mean like you can get it from like Amazon and Flipkart and like it's available. You can just hit the title, like understanding woman is easy Muhammad Imran. So you'll find the book. And you follow me on open talk. I would love to listen from our listeners. I mean like it's been like only four days that I've been using this open shot and I'm really in love with it. Okay. Yes, we do. I have installed this app from before 3D Rose, but I have no idea more about this app how I they can use as well as how I can create the any group because I have no idea about this. This app is very simple to use are from time to time. You'll be able to get it in a very nice manner. So as being an advocate I would I would suggest to you that you should start some podcast to I mean like I don't see many Advocates here so you can have a successful podcast running here for yourself. So don't delay, you know, you know, you know why I joined this her because I want to go I will I will attend as your network, so that's why I'm using this. I want to improve my English skills as well as speaking skills as well as business people. So I'm using this help. Yeah. Okay. That was a disconnection. Just can you just repeat what you said last once again because I want to attempt as exam next year. So that's why I'm using this ad because I want to improve my English skills at least Wow, Masha Allah Masha Allah Subhan Allah. That's very good. That's very good. So there are so let me tell you this like you cannot take it as a hint from a friend do startup podcast. Once you start speaking for a topic and once you start conversing with other people, I'm like that literal life practice. Okay, so it will be helping you a lot instead of just listening and having talks with other podcasters. You should have your own podcast and you should be helping others to understand what they need to know and sooner or later you'll be Having a grip on how to communicate in English in a proper way. I'm like that will be boosting little posting to our Learning System. So do start a podcast. I'm really really I'm really waiting for your podcast to I'm like you can do wonders may look very few Advocates here. So you will be having a good height. Okay, that's good. Thank you so much. Well, where are you from? voice breaking breaking I hate this network connections while I'm speaking with my listeners this app not work. Yeah, I mean like still so there might be a few bugs to be fixed because open government still new right so it will be updated soon. I hope so might be because I don't think so. It's Oops, we had a disconnection Citra. I'm really sorry. We had a disconnection here to do follow me on open jock FM. I would really like to hear from you and we have here one more connection from meeting. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hi Hi. How are you? I'm fine. How are you? I'm good. Where are you from Eden? I'm downstairs in India from Kerala from Kerala. Okay. Can I see a beautiful place? Yeah, so mean and what are you doing engineering second year. Yeah. I'm doing secondary and cheering. And now tell me what like a how are you using this open? Talk for like FM? I just installed this application so I don't know about this application. So then only okay. So let me tell you about this application open doc FM there was open toe cap. We're used to call people to improve English. But this FM is like you can podcast where many people can listen to you and they will be different topics like communication English engineering IELTS many different topics. So it's like a learning platform for everyone. So I have recently started to use this for like from 4 days. So How is her Arabs experience for this application? I'm really loving it a lot. I mean like I like talk to people a lot. So this is the reason I am loving this app. And today's my topic is about nothing. We don't have any topic today previously. We had topics on like a only English communication then about how to make your day happy then about like how to be motivated. So we did many topics. But today I have chosen are quite simple topic. Let's have some lunch, okay. Basically, where are you from? I was born in Maharashtra solar power, but my bought upon education everything happened in Hyderabad then I shifted to many places. But right now I'm in Bangalore. Okay, so my dad's Again, my day is what else you should say million. I would like to I would literally love to hear from our listeners. So you should say you should share something. How was your day today? It was good. I went to college then I came back. Then I'm just and now I'm just talking with people. Okay, very good. Very good. Very good. And the median do follow me on open talk at once. Oh you when you're hit on my profile. You can just see a follow button. You can follow me there and you can connect me with all my shows and I would literally love to have all of my listeners on my shows when I'm live everyday evening 6 p.m. To 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. I'll be live. Okay, thank you. Yeah, it's really good to hear from you. You have a very sweet voice. Thank you. Yeah, I mean first of all I thought like if some kid is picking with me no. No, I'm not kid, but I might not kid. Yeah, but you are your voice is so sweet. I'm gonna get you for you. You are like literally sounding like a small kid. Look, it's good. Then you should say. There's something about Kerala Helens really do told me right before the city as it is I but I never got an opportunity to go to Kerala because normally I do get transferred from place to place a military looking to go to Kerala ones Himachal Pradesh ones. Haryana ones. I have you destinations to left to travel. Oh, you're the one always come in Carolina you always welcome. So thank you. Thank you so much. If you come here, I will help you. I will guide you don't believe that so night of if you get any test just come your show. I'll definitely come on do follow me and we'll have a connection study the if okay, if I do come to Kerala, I will be literally needing your help and I thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being so generous. Morris, okay. Thank you. So so I took a job. So you are working or us today? No, I'm working right now, but sometimes I'm student. Sometimes I'm working because I change my profession from time to time. I mean like if I feel good in one job, I'll stay there if I don't feel then I change my job. So that is why you can see in my profile that I'm an English tutor motivational speaker writer public speaker Love Guru animator. I was working as an animator. I worked in baahubali to I'm like the Baton of things which I did but if the door if I feel like boring that I leave the job immediately. I choose some other profession. Well great. Because it's not that if I did only engineering that I should be an engineer who said that I can be anything what I want. Yeah, you really are your rights so bad people are singing, you know, if you are doing studying one thing we will just leave it the doable. Yeah, that is a reason so we don't have satisfaction happiness in our life. So I follow my heart. I follow the happiness so that it is the rate of change my job. So I don't care about what people think about it because until and unless I'm not happy, I won't do that. Well, they see that is the reason for salaries to I worked as an art teacher. I worked as a like VFX teacher then I work for like some freelancing Works than movie works. Then again television works. I've been to Mumbai Pune Chennai Kolkata then again and like what is this now in Bangalore? If I do go to places, I mean like we have only one life, right? So I will make sure that at least I have covered entire India by the time I get married. Good. I'm telling me something about Kerala. Look at it's interesting to me. So let me hear about it and you can talk about the festivals of the culture whatever. It is. Actually we have on Festival like, you know, you do have a head like a honor. Yeah, what am I heard about it? Oh, no. I mean like there are these people who dance in that costume with those are brightly colored costumes used to say. No. It's like said decided other recent months. breaking your voice Well, maybe networking shows. Yeah, and now you're clear. It's know we used to call like know that side. It's left set aside your set Moon. Yeah, I heard it. I heard it one of my colleagues boost to be some Kerala. I mean like when we better when I was in China, I'm like krishnagiri. It was a place and their work in a school. So they had this onam Festival there and they were like an wide status with their Hayes made into a barn with flowers. Like it was looking so beautiful. Haha. What are your hobbies? What are your hobbies reading Birds traveling and music music. I know I love to listen to music. We love to listen to music. And you said you liked reading book too. Yeah reading to then in that case. You should try my new book, which is recently published. Oh, okay name, please. You can find it on Amazon and Flipkart. The name of the book is you will be laughing at it because it's a very interesting topic. The name of the book is understanding woman is easy. Okay? Okay. Okay. Yeah, I will bring ya and it's available online for now, but like after a couple of weeks it will be available in international markets to so if you want to grab a book then you can have it on. Like Amazon and Flipkart to just type for like understanding woman is easy Muhammad Imran and you will find the book. Yeah and Marine anything else you want to share with us. No, nothing much. So thank you. Thank you so much. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Have a nice day. And you follow me on open talk will be having more conversations and more topics when enough have a very nice day. Okay to take a bite. So guys we have here. No, really. No, really. I'm really sorry to keep you waiting. I will be contacting you in a minute. Just give me a minute. I'll be connecting with you. So. Let us all be and the podcast. Mmm, hello. Hello. Hello, can you hear me? Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? No, thank you. I can help you. Yeah, how are you? How are you? I'm okay. How are you doing? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Where are you from New Delhi? Afghanistan and we are we are there is no I'm from India. Yeah, good. Good. Good. How are you? I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm doing really great. Thanks for asking man. Thank you. It's my pleasure. What's up? What's new today is like not nothing much. But my new book which has recently published and some chitchat with my listeners and our K. That's great. Yeah, what's that about? The book is about have a man can understand a I suspect you and then have a wonderful relationship without any conflicts. So sorry, we have a disconnection with no really. I'm really sorry for that know. There's a network problem guys. Thank you so much for listening to me and showing your love. I literally love this do follow me on open Talk FM by hitting my profile. You can just click on the follow button. I'll be really loving to hear from you. I will be really I really love to have a conversation with you guys. So to and upcoming sessions will be having many more topics and we will continue our journey with my add your co-partner Aroma on every weekend having an episode about exploring Bangalore. I'm still new to Bangla. I'm still exploring it and I'll be showing you the live experience wherever we go. We'll show you the live experience with full musti, Masada. Maka will be have a lot of fun in that and every day evening 6 p.m. I'll Be Live or overtalk FM with different topics. So do join me and let's learn together. Let's have fun together. Let's make life a musty one a great for happy when I Jolly well, so guys. Thank you so much for listening to me till now. I have a very Happy day happy week. I'll be like happy Tuesday to use day. So we I think we have used our day very well. So thank you so much, and I would like to say once again. I do read my book, which is available both on Amazon and Flipkart. Just type of understanding woman is easy Muhammad Imran. You'll be able to find the book. So do go through it, and if you go through it do give me your feedback, and we'll have a discussion on that too soon enough. So thank you guys. Thank you so much. Have a nice day. Have a very good evening. Good night. Take care. Love you all.