Hello, Angelina Hi, how are you? I am doing superbly good and thank you again for like joining this time with me because I usually, you know, call me and you used to have conversations with me right on health topics and other zones. Also, you used to discuss. But this time this Opera Doc is for me particularly. So thank you so much for joining me first. And how will you now I would like to ask? I am doing great and it going on with you as I know that you are a person who not covered and to today you made me join with you to just have a back to the budding track because I am or I did do everything from you as I know that you are retractable sleeve. So today I would really want to know. The one thing that ever do with me the stand. Yeah, thank you so much. First of all for appreciating my work and my interest words. And I love to travel so I would love to tell you Monica that traveling is always good for mind so hard body to get connect and this is the best option when one can relive their life. This is a moment where one can enjoy themselves and basically today every single person is involved in traveling and they want to explore something new and an exploration doesn't only include the places. The mount is the sky or the Field but also the variety of food the ancient ancestral things that that particular place have their and their museums and much more is there to explore but you know us some kind of information I would like to share about traveling is that you whenever visit some different places you see them different as from where you are going and from where you are traveling and reaching two different. He's like for example, if you are in India, and if you are traveling to another country, so what you will find is the new type of environment new people different culture all at one place. We always think that India is Multicultural country. But apart from these I would like to share many other countries are also there where nowadays people are migrating and reaching for initiating their new life. They are settling their careers there. So yeah, it's always good to travel. But majorly let me tell you I always have travelled in India and our India is very stupid or fantastic and the Beautiful Beautiful. Nobody needs to go out of this country until unless you'll explore all the states that are present in India. Yeah, the creation that you was very good that is there any benefit of traveling so particularly my discussion is this only and I am very glad that you raised that question see what happened Monica. We always think that whatever we are doing it should be beneficial for us and if we are spending a lot amount on traveling like we are making expenses of flight tickets bus tickets food and We are shopping. So these all things required something that will really be worth it. So yeah, there are some benefits. I would like to mention as a key Point here that it teaches you about the word. This is the number one thing that everyone should keep in their mind because someone said I guess the Saint Augustine and I really admire this thought because he said once the word is a book and those who do not travel read only a page and from this. Quotation, I always learned that we have many new places to explore we can relate our life to them that if we will be staying at that one particular place how we will be how this country or this city or the state will be different for us how we will be surviving there and traveling can teach you more than any University course because you have much more to learn every day. You will step out you'll know that instead of Traveling via bus you can walk because the nature the freshness the waterfalls it will attract you and they will teach you the peace the Serenity and much more than that. You will love to stay there forever. But unfortunately one day you have to be back so you learn about the culture of the country you visit if you talk about the local people's then you will likely learn about their thinking's how they Perform their daily tasks what are their habits? What kind of a cultural tradition they follow how they get involved into all the Traditions that their ancestors has provided the information about and history as well. As of that particular place. They are forged their food there something unique you will found and you won't believe I went to GB and I found some good type of stones there which are very unique and different. I just dropped. It there because earlier I wasn't knowing that it has some special quality. But when I was coming back from that place someone from the local told me that why did you just throw a throat that stone back on the seashore? So they told me that it has some unique quality, but after I realized that oh I missed something big then they told me that really it's very good if you will take it with you. And after that what happened that I just felt a little bad Omen a Miss Korea kind of thing or then again, I wasn't willing to go that much down again because that place was restricted and still because I just took the 15 minutes permission to be there. So yeah, I learned something that whatever you find unique at that place. You should pick it up and apart from this benefit of traveling is a teaches you about your Homeland that where Are where you are living it all it also have some special qualities because if you travel you will not only learn about the foreign cultures, but about your own as well how your culture your tradition your lifestyle your ways are different from those people and some sort of change. You will notice that there are cultural differences and we'll find out what makes your culture unique. Have you ever notice Monica that people from foreign countries say America Australia and from other places as well as well as they are visiting India and they are reliving our culture. They are following our culture like for example in the Krishna Monday in what that this is Brenda one, right? So many of the foreigners are living there and now adapting that kind of religious forms and you can find many Let airport Anna they are carrying the religious folks. They are getting the sculptures and much more. Yeah, go to this is the only thing that I feel very fascinating looking into our culture that there is number of diversity in our culture and the foreigners are adapting that culture and it's felt so good when you see somebody who loves your culture so it gives more value to it. Like we should value it more because other people are liking it and we should also follow it and like they are doing it. Yes, very true. And I would also like to know that I have you been to any place where you just wanted to find the p is the serenity you want to close with the with the nature because your everyday style lifestyle is very stocked up in your work routines office desk. I probably love to go at a place like where there is a hilly area. And yes, I have been into a very hectic OSHA do love my life where I am into dog and I every third month. I felt like yeah, we need a break. So for that break, I should be requiring a place where A clean environment a peaceful environment so that I can just live my life for a day or two and I can just come back with the great positive energy to put myself in my work again. So it was like the images. I just wanted to be at a place. So mountains are the best place to be there for ya and accept all these things. That's a really very the I can say the reality of a each and every individual because they are stocked in their work. They never find time for their family their own selves. So this is the best way to take a break and just regain the positive energy. So like when earlier you was asking me the question about the benefit of traveling, so let me just tell you some more few points and also to the listeners who are joining our open talk and listening in later on the only theme which I will be following is the Traveling so whatever the questions you want to ask me. Then you can share an open talk on this conversation. We can talk a lot lot about it because I can say that I don't have enormous experience. But yeah, whatever. I am having I would love to share I would love to talk about and before I leave this conversation, I would always like to share my experiences. So I would mention here that a traveling always teaches you. About yourself. So Monica whenever next you are going to travel just make sure you can learn a lot about yourself through traveling what you can do. You can observe how you feel being far from your see it your city your country. You will find out how you feel about your Homeland. Are you missing it or not? What kind of a difference you want in your daily life? You'll realize that how you really feel about foreign people what they think about you how they look at you what kind of imagination of digitization you are creating about them and you will find out how much you know, or you do not know about the word and yourself. So you will be able to observe how you react in completely new situations and you will test your language. Are you comfortable talking to the people? Are you managing somehow the new things that isn't in your pocket and you want still to survive somehow and the orientation has your social skills will come out and Somehow by battling if and but you will love to stay there. You will just manage somehow that yes, I have booked my ticket for 10 days. So I have to somehow survive here and you want to live there. So you'll learn some new things and you will not be the same person when you will be returning home. Say for example, I have been to the another country. So when I was coming back, I was feeling little weird why our country like India is having such kind of a smoky place. Isis because when I left another country, so it was different and when I arrived back to my homeland, so it was a unique experience. I was wondering why our cars are small in size by our drivers are driving on the right side. Not on the left side why our roads are so much for you today and why this dirt and dust is all there. So this was creating the insecurities and you won't believe when I was riding scooty. Yesterday, so I just learned from the another country that people are very strict about following the rules and regulations, especially the traffic signal somehow when we are in Rush when we are in hurry, we are getting late what we do we jump off the signals, right? So from now onwards what I tried that I have to change if I have to change my country. I have to change myself first. So I started following the signals first of all, this is the change but I noticed in my myself So true to begin the change we need to make a change and a self first then only we can point out onto others that this is the thing which is which needs to be changed. But I also believe so that is so true that change begins within self. Hmm. So there are many more benefits and for which I need very very very much time to talk about. So if you would like to join me in the next open talk as well. And if you want to know the more benefits of traveling and if you are willing to travel at some new places so I can teach you and I can get you some tips majorly. We will be talking about the benefits of traveling itself the part 2 will be of the same conversation. So yeah, I Some more and more time and for now, I just think that these kind of tip are enough for today so that people can learn and can schedule their vacations according to these tips and how you loved it. Like I would just like to know the feedback. Is it valuable? Is it good for you? Are you getting something from these benefits that yes, this will help you in your next trip. Let me know first of all, I would like to thank you for this that you told me benefits of traveling today. And I didn't know that traveling has so much of benefits. So definitely you just made me feel that I need to travel and for sure. I'm going to take dips from you regarding traveling and I would love to again come back and join with you on learning some more benefits of traveling so that in future I can just keep those points in. Mind I can just make a checklist of something so that I can see what are the changes what the benefit that you told me whether I can just discover those things within myself or not. So this was so helpful today. And for sure I'm going to travel and I am going to play a plan my trip after taking advice from you how to travel where to travel when to travel. What is oh so nice of you so nice of you know, I'm gonna be with you and I'm going to be on the show. Even if you are talking to somebody else well, thank you for spending your time as well and thank you for talking to me on this topic and let me just mention here that traveling is all official for help. So usually or topics are on here so we can also bring these kind of discussion. So that will help your health and other people's as well. So thank you for joining me today and thank you for making this open talk on the travel and I hope next Journey whenever you are going somewhere even on the The way towards your office and you will find something for yourself that is new. You will learn something new and you'll find the change in yourself when you'll be returning that from your office to home sure and I thank you wanna go. Have a good night.