Hi, how are you? I'm fine. How are you? Mabel? Cool. Take water body amazing or thank you so much. First of all Ketone Emoji. Join Kia, or may I just want a bad girl? Tell us something new about the traveling which is somewhat relatable to our life and a majorly people keep on asking me certain questions. Like why one should travel. So this is my second episode. I'm doing with you on the same like my theme is entirely based on traveling. So the question raises, it's my one should travel. What do you think about first of all let before I would like to explain something or tell people about this reason I just want to ask you what do you Ink by one should travel basically traveling. Driving is like a basic need for everyone and everybody nowadays. Everybody want like to be freely and want to travel like like a word according to me. Yeah, it gives you a sense of a freedom and you want to explore new thing and there are multiple reasons where which I can let people know that why you should travel because this is something that could rejuvenate in you and why do people leave their home and wash all their Glory This is the only simple question that every traveler or the non traveler has the reason why people love to travel are very advanced yoga and very personal. So I let me just take you to the motivations and let you see the Rings true for you that will help you in future. So would you like to hear some? Yeah, sure. So first of all, I let me tell you that traveling is good because it challenge you the one and the foremost reason I can give you it's challenging yours or you might feel like you are stuck in a rut in your daily life or your earring for something exciting and different and you're craving new experiences and new challenges travel is the ideal place to test yourself. You know, whenever you visit somewhere you visit something new and you try to explore something really very interesting that let you go beyond your limit and get them outside of your comfort zone. So you'll Learn leaving your comfort zone and to experience something which is not of your type. You will discover how resourceful you are. When you are exposed to new places people and experiences. You'll be exploring very different kind of categories like in terms of food in terms of places in terms of varieties tradition cultures and much more. Maybe it's finding your way around a busy City and everybody I think deserves a break or I Can say that it requires to give peace to your soul to your mind and your daily routine that keeps your keeps yourself stuck into one particular work the monotonous life. You need a break. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and another reason if I could like let you know so you will be also charged and happy to know that traveling also let you overcome some challenges that will bring you Joy and energy for future tests. You'll realize how capable you are and you can build your build your confidence. And you know, when first I went for the solo trip it gave me lots and lots of nervousness that how I will manage my Expenses. I have never been out with my without my parents. How will I arrange my food? And where will I stay etc etc. But the Christians in my mind, but when I started traveling it just give me lots of confidence my fear was all away and this helped me to also look after the another aspect of my life like in terms of my work profile and much more and secondly, I would tell you and I would like to highlight this key Point people learn from traveling now you might be having Uncertain question that what what kind of learning travel could give so I would just like to focus such points that nothing is a strong reason why people love to travel they want to experience something unfamiliar with a key life may whatever they have been through. It's completely different and they also leave with new skills and knowledge, you know of when I went to Himachal in GB. So what I learned the hand picking the the bluffing and the other stuffs that Resort offers and there was something like bonfire where everybody is knitting and yawning and other stuffs were also going on and I learned guitar at that place. So I learned something new that gives me happiness that yes, when I was back from that place. I had some new kind of a quality new site a new type of a skill in myself. So seeing the word is more educational than a high school or a college class this Contents crash course in discovering how the rest of the world lives actually will cover all the subjects like history. For example, The Monuments their Geography about the locations how you will travel and sociology like about the culture the tradition the people like to live through like every decision every destination something you need to teach visitors and immersing themselves in a completely different world is the best learning experience. Yeah, very true. And I agree with this fact because every experience is sort of different and take you to different word and also my one chica, you know, people may travel to launch something specific means a new language whenever you will visit another country. I have been to Dubai. So I had a sense that I should learn Arabic because I want to settle down there. Then a new Corrosion I ate sushi there. So I am nowadays founding Sushi everywhere the aspect of a different culture. I felt like there is something unique something really very different how people dress themselves how they used to follow the daily routine and much more and what you feel about learning exactly. This is what we learned from traveling and this is what we told we handle about. This won't have enough. I would like to say that insult are basically we we just look at everything and I totally agree with the fact and as you mentioned that There will be different ways of doing something so they will go again more awareness to new custom cultures, whatever you nation and because you are actually experience this learning in the real life not reading in a textbook. So it will stay with you for a longer time. You can apply these things every day at every other place. You'll gain a deep sense of satisfaction with the new skills you have learned and you will love to do practical with all those things like for example, if you have learned a new New language then you will also be asking your friends and the people around you that come let's learn something new. I have learned this thing. Would you like to be the part of this learning with me? So this is something really amazing that can just encourage you motivate. You will give you a power of creativity and much more. So would you like to share something that allows people to learn something more about why people Travel according to your Viewpoint Media is he or she is you get a Content a different kind of content from traveling and expending and other reason why people have people love to travel it. Will it helps up helps us to open our mind and will realize that there is no one way to live to live life like will meet new people from other places will show that that your world is our world news is the same as everyone is exactly this thing. I have mentioned in my earlier conversation Monica one sugar that meeting people at different places at different time zone at different country will always keep you realizing that yes, what has something different to offer you, you know, you can't imagine how different life is another place until you see for yourself like nowadays. What I imagined for myself is let's Move out of this India. Let's explore some different countries. Let's see the beauty the enormous the beautiful nature and the white full Centric view. Is that countries offering us? I know India is also very good and charming and attractive and more of the traveling places are present here. But if you will step out of your comfort zone and out of your country, you'll be having the bang on experience. I must say and everything from work to family to believe to entrust This is not what you might expect from your own experience. I believe that different setting will also help you discover and consider fresh ideas. You hadn't thought of before you'll come home with different Notions and possibilities. You know, when I first started traveling I started writing solo diary then on my next trip, I'm entertained the travel Journal then after that I started maintaining blogs and then after next trip, I started but maintaining a scrapbook which have some different pictures and different monuments different places and different cities and different countries best views. Exactly. And this is what we learned from traveling basically everybody in this world is full of traveling and it's like very creative in different thing. Yeah, so There are few more points or two three. I would like to mention that why one should travel and this is the only the topic we are discussing today. So I'm encouraging people to step out of their daily routines and follow something what their soul wants to do if you want to feel relaxed if you want peace in your life, if you want to get out of your magnet on a schedule if you want a break if you want your family to take out for a vacation then get in touch with yourself because Will allows you to do so getting away from your home gives you the opportunity to reflect of your life. And if you are in need of some time and space then let your mind wander and take stock driving is one of the best way to learn more about yourself. You'll know how to adjust in out of the comfort zone situation where there are no facilities like home available how you will manage? So new set of issues in a possibilities will provide you some more options then another options. I would like to mention on the reasons why one should travel is appreciating your life when you are mired in your daily life and Chicago. It's easy to lose sight of what you have your eyes are open and you want something really special about yourself. Then the days you are spending at your home regularly and you aren't finding something really very mesmerizing and attractive at your home because usually I'm gonna get it up like oh Madonna Eric Carmen. So now after you will come back your home. You'll feel that what's really special about your home exploring and other places will give you a fresh appreciation for your hometown your country or real life. Once you are back you will feel really lucky to live where you do you'll see that there really is no place like home. If you look at the actual not Kabuto Kirk why so do you like to mention anyone point before we end this conversation that yes like your advice that After hearing this conversation why one should level and what kind of a motivation you want to give to our listeners who are listening our conversation about this traveling? Girls are guys against an entrenched again strengthen important want the latest report sides. We have been through the reports and names multi-generational travels as the top of the trend of the air travel with video family also made the top 10 trending. Wow. We demand ball families don't have much time together. Yeah. This is the something new information I got today and thank you once again. for mentioning this and I will really go through this virtues luxury report and I will also love to learn more about the lifestyle and a relative spread across the country and the world and the families those who don't have much time to spend together regarding this traveling Journey so that I could just create some more extensive episodes and more interesting conversations to build up with you to know more some interesting facts about your daily life and why one should travel and something To travel and different aspect. Thank you so much. Once again for joining me today and sharing your wide views on my topic. And also I am very grateful that you joined me you share your time with me and you share your opinions. And also now I would love to have some more conversations with you on this traveling. Thank you, and have a good day and I believe Julia Milling in the Barra AC mode. Everybody can agree. Thank you so much.