Hello. Hi when chica I love lean. So I am also good and today I just scheduled this conversation to have a conversation again on traveling. So do you love travel and I just want to ask what have you learned from the last conversation we had on open-top like a we have I have learned many things about traveling and I have came through very different facts of because of you and we also be going to talk about crafting some more things about traveling. Yes. So once you gotta have you ever wondered that there should be some benefits of traveling that people mainly think about that. Yes. This could also be the beneficial for health or for your good sake of holidays. Yeah, there are many benefits like basically what people search about benefits are like the first thing is why do we like to travel the purpose of traveling in the point of traveling and why should we all right? I to travel abroad or overseas nowadays occasion belong people ask all this all the time that I have been one very good friend who just doesn't get it at all her that's okay. It's not only for everyone but I have been thinking about the why why do we travel? Okay, so there are occasionally cause people a lot of traveling and you have might have heard about the solo Travelers the hippies or the foreign tourist who Emily goes to visit different countries different states, they love to explore because they think that they should learn about the different culture the different tradition. They are living in we can think about like this for an example today. In other countries people are settling down. They are migrating from India to Canada to Australia to UK and to numerous places where the job opportunities where the employment facilities are much more these days but apart from this people are More attracted these days towards The Monuments the locations. The exploration facility is the traveling the facilities that countries providing and if you have heard about the Brazil latest news on Brazil was that the president or I guess the Prime Minister there let the Indian people traveler to travel there in Brazil just to promote the tourism there for free Visa, right? So these are the kind of attractions P the people of different countries are trying to make so these are also the key points. That one should keep in mind that they are not traveling for free but yes their love for traveling made them do so. Yeah. Yeah. Let me tell you a story of mine. I am a lifelong traveler. Actually, I've always wanted to be on the road exploring fascinating places and calmly the most fascinating part of the world has Asia like after having Many places where we have your life that travel would be the single most important part of your education like our education. Yeah, we travel so many things in full time of six years. I've traveled so many where so many places like nice. I'm good to know and glad to know that you had travel for such numerous years, but also for it's fun for those people who randomly used to visit like with the family who's posting used to get it done in every month from this place to that place. As they have endless we traveled over the train say people travel to visit friends or family in other countries for conventional work and employment opportunity. Yeah. So let me just highlight such points such key points that why people always keep on looking for the places the different places out of their state or out of their country because there is some kind of a love that we are unable to understand that we are not Chilling in our daily conversations and also sometimes we miss because we have compiled the list of reasons on the daily basis that yes, it's necessary for us. So why everyone should enrich their traveling skills are their life without the word travel and while we are at it and all these reasons can also be taken as a motivation one speaker for doing what we do at are track. So the first reason I would like to mention here that traveling is easier than you think really of that traveling around the world shouldn't be hard and I think that people should not only think about traveling out of the country. They can travel in their own stay their own cities. They can explore something really very new that can offer them to learn something to enjoy something about and these days in India also very much new Innovations are going on like we can see the actual Tower itself and rohini sector, right? So these are the ways that way Lower our cities and we should know that where is something new construction is happening or what is going on with us. So actually I would just promote the traveling to Mark our self the most peaceful person at that particular place wherever we are visiting so believe, we believe that traveling around the world shouldn't be that much hard. It's actually something everyone should able to do at least once in their lives. Maybe on the new year maybe on their wedding occasions may be on there. Some special occasions. I must mention. Yeah, but basically for the pleasure of no work work work on your own terms as a digital Nomad basically a travel blogger blogger stomach for pleasure and to research a future blog post. Yes actors in general is travel to get ideas information for their work and people now to escape. Yeah so that they are traveling to one city or another one another country. They are noticing that what is the something different and something special about that and they are blogging they are writing their Own experience from how they begin their Journey do how they ended up what they did in between in which hotel the state and these are the new innovative ideas and ways to tell people that how you can plan your traveling on which of course I would love to do another open talk with you or with some other people who might be interested in traveling but let's come up to a back to the point that why people love traveling to another idea maybe according to me is to open their eyes. Have you ever heard of the thing that you are Apple of an eye because look at the Narco Katara. So whenever you love to know something new in yourself people want to open their eyes people want to know something about themselves people want to know something which is really missing like their skills. There are their personality which they have missed due to some other reason so to open their eyes and if you are open and willing travel will make you an incredible. More well-rounded human being according to me and that's really the goal. Isn't it? This might be something interesting to plan according to our future according to our situations and what we think about rapping. Yeah. I will call people are trying to say it's artists themselves for they do not they do not have to travel same same every day. No more attorney. No car that needs repairs. No broken TV. No unnecessary post worry about really I agree. Clearly, I agree and all Also, I would like believe travel changes them for the better. Yeah, because that's important for us. We can't live the monotonous life every day. No, we can't eat the alcohol every day. Just like in Georgia. You jawaani Hai deewani Ranbir Kapoor Mithun, you need everything something new new taste, but your taste were required every day. Our new taste. You can't eat say my unease or seem sandwich again and again, but some people love to eat the same food, but it's not similar as of to the traveling because traveling helps you learn who your What according to me whenever I visit to new places I faced some challenges some opportunities to deal with the taxis to bargain with the fairs to shop something in very low budget and to adjust something somewhere where I can just manage according to what I have in my pocket the our money I'm talking about. So it always give you the challenges it lays at your feet help you discover who you are in a way that's only possible on the road because that helps you know that hat what cause you will be able. Able to survive and how exactly basically people travel with partners of family to strengthen bonds and relationship and jump more quality time together people travel to make friends and find Partners travels a great way to find a life partner actually. Yeah, and also once Rica as you're talking about that people are traveling with their Partners, I would just recommend somebody or some day one should travel alone. They should explore the city or the country wherever Wasn't into for example last time I will use it to do by it was my solo trip. And I enjoyed thoroughly and I would just like to mention the key points that what you can explore at. What city and what state some some other day, but the topic here is why people have to travel whenever you will be traveling solo. So you will see that you have that skills how to manage on your own how to how to just plan something on your own how you alone will be Surviving. Where are you saying? How you will be talking to the people the different language different food see the way was completely different. It was totally the gulf country. It was totally the Arab country. So there was a everytime non-veg in the meal. So people should plan their trips accordingly whether they can have non veg in their meals completely or not. So this creates the meaningful relationship with that City or with that country whenever you will be coming back because people you meet while on the road because of some most valuable name. In your contact list might be you might not be knowing them before but after when you'll be coming back to your city or your country, there will be definitely a friend no idea. It is talking about solar trips. I would like to add that that is so adventurous and you have to use it like a new place where nobody knows you you have no choice to your reputation. They're good or bad basically people have to travel and learn about the other cultures to learn other languages and you know, whenever you will be mentioning that place about I would like if you're recommending the same place for someone else to visit then you'll be picking becoming this map visitor for them. Like you will be there. It feels like you are at that particular place and you are the guides orally for them. These folks give you a glimpse outside your hometown circle of the friends and force it to taken new and refreshing perspective, I believe and I don't you think so traveling will develop these skills. You don't know you had like have you ever felt like That you have learned something new whenever you visit it to somewhere out of your hometown. Have you somebody and we always we always learn something new by traveling and we used to go through very different things if used to explore world and we used to explore our cells within basically. Yeah. So also I would like to mention about the skills that people learn basically because as we are highlighting the key points about why people have to travel so this is one of of the foremost reason that traveling develop the skills. You didn't know you had before sometimes you know, and yeah only far from home that you realize you have got some skills. You have never used its travel that brings them to the surface and makes you smile satisfied to have reached the Mountaintop or cross the gosh or help the Villager clean up their storm or even to have successfully ordered a meal at rural Chinese restaurant because before you haven't even had the Chinese, but if you are at some kind of a Israel no other option is available. Then you will learn that. Yes, you can also taste these things and that can also be the food which can be loved and it's also I would like to mention that the reason of smile foremost for me is the traveling whenever I visit any place any place out of my home is like like dream come true because I noticed people what they are doing what they are wearing how they are behaving how they are eating what the culture they there they are having for example, if you will visit Himachal so there will be some girl Polly people's the pahari people's they'll be having those different dishes. They'll be treating you in another way. You always exactly self you are in India itself, but they are different traditions and cultures. There will be following like whenever I was visiting to the mountains and was a waiting for the bonfire section what happens usually the entire people who are staying in the resort they come Out and they sat around the bonfire and they all used to enjoy completely no matter we are unknown to each other no matter who we are just at that moment. We are like a family we enjoy we dance we joke around we have food together. So this is completely the fun. This is what traveling make changes in someone that gives you a good vibe that gives you thoroughly a new life to live on. And exactly we used to learn so many things we just explore many things and actually let me have this is the main thing there are many reasons to travel and people love to travel to really like yeah, there would be very few people who would hate to travel and they don't like to travel. And this is because they don't know the magic that traveling do on them after you will and you will learn that yes it you should do it. And if they aren't that's a fear or due to some scary or a scary disease. So after one sky you will be traveling to some different places. It will be a miracle. You will know that why people love traveling those who are a regular traveler or so, there are few people who are mentioning in our comments that That it's a great topic. Actually Jen commented ERM man said hi and John Paul said great topic. And again, I will shake this to said relevant reasons. Once you kind of lean on great. Thank you everyone for joining us and thank you for sharing your comments and views on our topic and at last one Chicago, I would just like to know some reasons that why pot personally you love traveling because this is a conversation created by me on the open top, but I also wanted to To know what's your viewpoint on the same that my if I'll say that you will be given the seven days holidays then why would you traveling to and and where you would love to travel like Lavina there would not be any reason to not go there. But basically I love to travel to expand my mind into challenge perspectives. Like okay. I used to I used to love to enjoy Sports and Fitness so you might be visiting to some adventurous Place definitely better. Activities another adventure activities. Yeah. Okay. So let me also just mention here then as you have mentioned about the adventure. So people also love to travel because travel means Adventure completely ziplining over the jungle canopy and the Peru successful navigation maybe at the maze-like streets of Venice. Have you ever been to if not, then definitely you should visit the bartering of the best prize in the traditional markets of Himachal and the Small roads in Manali and then I like to mention that there is something like Backwater in Kerala some River Crossing in Manali then again in rishikesh. You can have river rafting. There are numerous reason in India or itself that where you can have the Mountain hiking the tracking the other activities like snow skating I skiing etc, etc. The paragliding in Buddha billing. There are many many places which is all about traveling in a for the adventure. So if you are planning any vacation guys, if you are planning any holidays with your family with your friends and colleagues or solo then definitely do visit all the places that that that offers the adventures to you because after The Adventurous activities, you will be the new portion. You'll see the word differently like one cigar a class. I would like to mention that I I've been to Goa. So we're in the middle of the ocean. I had a paragliding in the sky diving so that completely turned me into a new person. I was so excited the Open Sky the blue color of the sky the blue color of the ocean underneath me and I was like, I am in the mid and I was flying it was dream come true that yes. God has given me wings and I am flying. So this was completely a very loving I don't know. Why do Look like to travel and there are few people who don't even love to visit the nearest places because they have some fear might be and definitely if you will be taking an initiative to take them out somewhere then definitely their perspective their point of view will be changing for the next time and they will definitely say them themselves. I guess I would love cuddling this topic is never ending and we have to put whatsoever things are. Yeah. Yeah. So let's end this conversation here. And next time I would just love to know something more about your travel experiences, and I would love to share some other point of views on the traveling itself that we're to travel and what are the key benefits, and also what people should keep in mind before having. So would you like to join me for the next conversation as well? Yeah a short of lean and thank you so much for riding with me for hiding with you. And yeah. Thank you and have a good time and thank you for sharing your views. Is again, okay. Thank you so much.