Hello. Hello. Hi Abhishek. Hello. Hello inaudible. Yeah inaudible. Yeah, it's great to connect you on this platform. And today I believe that we will be bringing something exciting for our listeners. Like you are totally like deeply involved with the food varieties and am completely devastated with in travel is mm. So this will be for the people. Yeah. So first of all, I would like to thank you that you accepted my request and wanted to know bit about your interest towards the food how it initiated initiated when I was in my mid childhood age. I was in a army area Army Cantonment area and there was a lot of varieties of food. So I had the experience of push seafood non-veg dishes many Cuisines like Chinese dish type type Cuisine. So from there on started emerging and till now I am very interested in this topic. Well, and that sounds really interesting and I'm glad that I have connected with you. So moreover. I would love to know more about the food varieties later on but as today we are talking about the travel comfort. We are sharing our experiences on the food from the dead different variety of the food activities. And other than that the cities that are famous for one particular dish. So would you like to discuss about the same? Yes, I will be interested but more likely I will be talking about like we have the non Zone we have the veggie. Oh, no, that's one of India's 4,000 of India and is one of India's. Well, yeah. Yeah, so like you know that we are living in India and Indian food is generally known for its spiciness and every single spice used in the Indian dishes carry some of the nutritional as well as the medical properties and they're like you mentioned about the north east south and west zone of our country. So these kind of food includes ethnicity languages among the cultures of the food food habits and the tradition, you know, I love to So the for variety whenever I visit certain places, so if you are talking about the south places now here, I know the sound dishes which is known as favorably known as the with pom Sambora. Idli Dosa and a much more like this and there are also the famous varieties made up of an arterial like or many other varieties if you are talking about the from the south Zone, it's it depends on what is the taste of one particular person. And there are also Seafood varieties that are easily accessible and available in the South zone. For example talking about the exact Yuki bibingka calf real it's completely the go on Curry right the beef chicken pork whatever you can include in it people used to give the pleasure to their taste word. And also love Nina you might have heard about Curry patta is the main element in all the dishes which are being served in South. And for India, yes, definitely. So I'm not much into the food variety. I would love to know about the about the North in food, which is the favorable dish that one could try definitely whenever they are visiting the north side of the India in Northern side of India. You know that there are a lot of Chinese Chinese Cuisines, like dim sums more most Shaw mean people can try that. It's a fast Food kind of Cuisine so you can have it all at your own time disposable time. Okay, so these are basically I guess another Chinese food completely. Right right. I have collected or added spices structure to those kind of food dishes. Okay, so that slowly and gradually evolving those kind of dishes for the culture of Northern India. Okay. So, um as we all know guys are that India is Land of diversity so they key in each Zone whenever you are visiting you will definitely gonna experience the different kind of food your taste but will be and hail the diversity of our country the amalgamation of the different cultures. You can definitely see in the aroma of the food and as a mistake here. I always love to talk about the travel. So people we usually visit to some cities or some states or some countries because they are more of the foodie people. They love to quite different dishes. They want something really different out of their routine. I have also heard about the not for hair you mentioned about completely the the the stuff the Chinese cuisine, but about Biryani is also one of them, which I like I really love it because the bound with the Biryani of the ancestral people and the in Can people the the dish they made in such kind of an excitement of taste word that will brings you the infusion of the spices and condiments combined with the long grain basmati rice. Bring the water in your mouth. Definitely you can't get rid of it. This is the Royal dish. I have ever tried in North the city of our country. You're very character you have finally brought the water in my mouth right now, so you're very good. Director their ancestral types of Cuisine like that. I would be yummy. Yeah. Yeah, so I had to have you travel somewhere because you want to try the particular dish again and again, you can't forget the taste of that dish. From my personal point of view every dish has his own speciality. Yeah. So whenever I go to a place like the most Northerly region I have went with our state of the country. So there is you have lot of popularity for the Tibetan food, which is applicable and from our way to the city of there alone Ricci case. We'll do our and Missouri. Okay, if you can get those types of food at your own disposable time. Okay, right. So here mr. Da Chuan is asking what is your best food experience in your travel? So here definitely I would like to answer recently. I heard your conversation as believe with the Abhishek. It's there you guys were talking about sushi and later on when I heard that conversation I heard commented there when I visited to Abu Dhabi that was my first experience of having sushi there. It was very unique dish for me because I have never tasted the kind of flavor that it hadn't and you very well explained - money that you need to solve that dish to yourself with the three kind of an ingredients. They should be the soya the ginger along with the sushi and I forgot the third one, but yes my fancy offered me. The solution because he's a chef so he himself made it for me and I requested and there whenever I will be visiting to that place, please please please arranged So eventually when I was coming back to the Daily from the airport, so he just suddenly surprised me with the sushi box and there was a mind-blowing and you won't believe I have hosted a many of the events and earlier. I don't use to have the chicken varieties or the non-veg. Alright these whenever I host some events or visit to some event there. I found a sushi and I jumped off to it. I thought I was the comment serious for me. Okay, let's have it before it's gone. Definitely. I was the kind of thing. I experienced there and are talking about the eastern zone of the food in India. I believe Abhishek, there are mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Indian food, I don't exactly know deeply about the food varieties that you can found in the Eastern cities or the states. Can you please explain me about the eastern variety of the fool? So whenever I will be visiting the visiting the eastern part of the country. I can try those. Yeah. First of all, if in the VIP section you go you must be thinking about the first thing is which comes to mind is rasagulla, okay? So you can have that in mind before you go to Eastern zone of India and on the non-veg part. You can have a variety variety of seafood. Okay, fish fish are bronze and that kind of thing, correct? Okay, and what if I talk about the western part because we have already discussed about the northern and Eastern and other than Southern border and the best part is yes. So on that part is the region of Gujarat where you are most likely to get kachori. Have you have had? Hello. So apart from kachori what else we can try there because in Gujarat region I have visited there twice. So I had the khakhra for fraud Okla and I had the huge tally that comes with the 16 different varieties including the Swedish and also some crispy stuff like popper and the Roti in different kind of flavors. Also the curry curry was a bit different as of Punjabi dishes and also some kind of thick and the little bit I can say the crispiness. Is there the spiciness is there in the curry? Yeah. So I think along with travel you or yourself as a lot of experience on food, but also mentioned I appreciate that traveling means the person who are completely foodie whenever they step out of their home. Before they begin with their Journey they think about the food. I really honestly mechanical geometry. This is the kind of the mentality that all travelers do you do have and specifically I am the hippie the person who is a always ready to travel anywhere. Anyhow, in every certain situation if my friends or my family members or any random person will ask me that when I would you like to travel we are going at this place. This is a one-day trip or something like that. I am always on with them. And doesn't matter that I have to take leave from office or whatever character if you're right. Yeah, that was a really good to know about different kind of fever food varieties. I'm really a surprise that yeah in India. There are four zones not East-West out and every Zone having different dishes different species different flavors and cultures and according to the cultures. They have their own. Our own dishes which which which we can explore and I guess you can talk about all of them in a list every day. You can pick home one dish and you can explain a whole lot of information for the people. You're right as you can already also that I'm already having a talk show on Food. So I have a lot a long list of how many foods I can talk on particular about. So also your point also you discussed it in your earlier. Talk shows, like you should visit your own states of India before going out of it. Exactly. Yeah, and you also told about that you keep journal and a blog site if there is a distance me to the interesting person and I believe in maintaining the travel diary because the the people who are expecting from you to bring some sorbet. Owner from that country as a token token of love or token when I collect kids. I keep the bills and I also used to keep those now what we can say the rappers that I have already eaten the stuff like of the chocolate of the tickets are that I have purchased to visit Abu Dhabi or be in the aquarium. One believe I have maintained one travel diary where I have pasted my boarding pass my ticket home. Whenever I used to visit be a tool of the Hannah we Chandigarh beat Mumbai. I have everything in my travel diary. I used to keep my boarding passes. I then make a photocopy of my travel ticket then whatever I purchase from that place I use that stuff and keep the referee safe and a to paste in my travel diary. So that I could have the memory. Yes. I have purchased did I have spent at this do this money? That's perfect to have them and resourceful and also a proof that you have gone there and like that. Yeah, I believe that. Yes. I show me some proof you have visited to that place. So this is my kind of proof of saving memories. I just believe that this this King I will pass on to my children whenever they are going to come in at word. I will show your mama was a travel freak. So it was a really nice talking to you. I believe I'm actually saying oysters are very tasty. I haven't tried yet. I don't know about Abhishek. Honestly speaking. I have tried once when I was in Kolkata, okay? It was not a very hyper restaurant, but it's a in a local place. So it was worth trying on. Okay. So according to your recommendation definitely I didn't go for it for one date and I would also before we end up this conversation. I would also like to mention that for the first time I have tried bronze when I went to the gulf country. This was the first experience. I haven't give it a chance to Lucy food or something like that in go itself. Hello Gigi, and that place is completely the see a completely the like against a rush to with the seafood where IDs but even after being I haven't asked non, which I was completely live on no vegetarian food. Are you serious? How can you go? Where's after we non-veg? We even being in Goa I for seven days haven't eaten any non veg variety because the person who was along with me was pure vegetarian and because of her I have to keep myself very calm. Okay love me. Now. You'll have it in another place. I will not plan any other trip with any vegetarian person whenever I will be visiting to the non-jewish place. Yeah, because it's very I thought you compromise. We should never compromise on these kind of things. If you are friends with someone Fires for once hmm, right, correct? Yeah, so furthermore, I would just love to be in conversation with you and it was great talking about the food and literally I am fulfilling foodgasm. How ever I am one died is I'm controlling yeah. Control it by having more Fitness level thing or more and you can have the same thing on food side. I would just recommend you to talk about the diet food so that people like me can hear your conversation and could execute some tight plans and on a daily basis can have the different varieties of diet food as well because I am alive these days on only soup and lesbians and what we say the soya Chuck It's and also the the corn sweet corns. I'm just taking these kind of a food honestly. Love you, and I can't imagine a person being alive on those things. That's why I'm surely you shall have a show on that diet food mixer people like you can also have a interested. Yeah. This will be interesting to know and definitely I will hear your whole conversation whether it will be of half an hour. Okay. Thank you for having me. And thank you for sharing your time for having conversation with me on food and traveling. It's really nice knowing some interesting facts about the food correct levena. I was also delighted to have been part of your toxic. Yeah. Thank you so much. Have a good day ahead. Bye.