Why start up at that time? What was the motivational? Who did you look at or what made you think that's a good option? So it's very I think today's are immature but we saw like my co-founder Bhanu and I we ended up seeing the social network around 10 15 times. So that that. Yeah, the movie we just been through it like 10 15 times in a week or so. And other than that at the same time this realization that the people who graduated they had to start from ground up. They never the IIT platform only gets you to a certain level to build beyond that. You need to build your own platform and this realization plus the movie and then TechCrunch was getting a lot of Fame. They were doing good SEO work at that point. So we started reading a lot of trick TechCrunch and got really excited with the prospects that were happening and I think at the same time around 2011-12 Tesla made a comeback from being you know, the one of the companies at were Made fun of in the in the Valley Circle it became the darling of Silicon Valley and you know all those stories coming together just made us feel. You know, this is the right way. This is the right way to live your life. You should start up like a irrespective of what age what time you're in you should start off because this is the only way you get yourself a chance to get to the next level to to a platform from which you cannot come down. Okay, so you started even then violent college Yes. and And what are the so I didn't tell my parents that I was working will start. Did you have the chat chat idea then or was it other things? no no we started with a real estate portal. Okay. That is why I and it was named Mahola. That is why the company's name is Mahola Tech private limited and share chat is a product that we figured out in 2014 December if it took us two years of product learnings to figure out that It's not the idea. It's not you know, you're cool gut theory that makes you win. It's a need whether we're where you can really understand that is something good to have or a must-have understanding this first whether a consume whether you're going to be a must-have in a consumers life or not, second understanding how big that opportunity is and third executing your vision. I think these three are more key than building a cool product because you product will ultimately become cool. what's what's more cool if your company lives and your company grows, it's never cool to have a cool product and let your company die and a company is much more than a set of features and a set of products. You know, it's it's a it's a it's a way of building and solving problems. That's what a company actually signifies. Yeah.