Hello. Yes. Yes. Hello listeners to my talk show foodgasm. I'm your host Abhishek here. We talk about the loop local food experience with the people who have experienced it today. We have a very special guest with us for like before pardon bhagat. Welcome to the show Welcome Sheikh. I'm glad I'm again here. Yeah. So today also, we have a very unique Which is Monday Biryani so organ tell us about Monday Biryani. Yeah, Monday be any size is original lemon actually saw a Georgia native Arabic dish. Oh, yeah. It's another dish not Indian and I think many Indians also don't know about it only in South Indian States and in deletes popular actually. So Monday is different from DNA is not the way it's served is completely different from others in general normal brain. You will take a plate and you lead but here when you go to a Monday Biryani Center or any restraint use your they will keep your men. There is there would be no any chairs or tables you should sit on the floor. They'll arrange you and there will be big plate. I mean around it will be like five times the normal plate you eat. Yeah, and it's not it's not mean for one person means Monday means you must still be must be two persons to eat it. They'll not so for one people anywhere and The big plate and also upon which the rice is spread. The Monday rice is spread upon which comes the big full chicken. I mean if it was not been cut and pieces in nothing if the full chicken the full it will be cooked and it will be placed on it on which comes the dry fruits and some carrots and some kid. I like that the whole turkey TV series that they serve a whole turkey and you have to share it with everybody. Yes. Yes a whole little over the purpose. You have to eat it with someone. It's about sharing your food and as a very good concept of this. Yeah and see when we scroll on internet or Instagram. We will see some post like that tag a friend who can complete the whole food and they will be played and open which convicts Biryani. Have you ever seen that not heard about? Yeah. That's that's actually a Arabic Arabic dishware in Arabic Arabian States. They will serve it like a whole 10. Under people will eat on one plate a hundred people on one plate hundred Pips one plate and they'll cook like that and they also like that. That's the what a background of it. Oh, that's not too normal route seems like trusting concept. Yes. It's like a very special dish for Muslims on Edith and they will for every occasion. They will cook like that and they also for many people only one plate that's speciality of it. Oh, yeah. Very much a fan of the spices used by Muslims like their dish very exclusive and unique. Yes. See you have heard about many spices of where where they are used for many dishes and one interesting spice. I will tell you which is used to cook this Monday. I think you you wouldn't have imagined any time that so even this will be used to cook like that the spices that yeah, you know lemon right right after school. The lemon you'll just throw it away. Right? Right, but that that lemon will be dried. I mean they'll build ride until they become very hard and very black is thing and then that lemon will be powdered they will be grinded and that will be used as a spice here. Are you kidding me? No. No, I'm not kidding you this is like this is where it differently we can differentiate from normal billion and Monday William. We just yeah, but that but that that thing is how much how much the more you is that that will get the more tests in this Monday with an issue. That's very interesting. And another part of cooking here is that we're in normally when have you ever seen the process of cutting the meat I've seen in the motor show. I'll see light with Alex. I mean when you take it whole lot of whole Board of chicken cut into pieces and the Lex part will be removed and no one you maximally no one cooks that so but here the process starts from taking that licks and boiling them the process starts here. Okay, how start Monday the preparation is like we will see like it's a poisonous food. I'm poisonous Miss not it harms your body. It will be cooked slowly how the poison enters your body very slowly. It's like same here. We will cook it for or five to six to seven hours depending upon a chef or cook five to six or seven hours exactly and see that you will feel with when you eat. It should yeah. So what exactly happens here is you not find any muscle. I mean the rice will be played the rice will get a color and Aroma and taste but rice will not have that Masala. Have you how you get in like beer and chicken? Biryani? Correct normal some Biryani when you You'll have some what Masala I have to the what like must access Marcelo to pieces or rice, but here it will be like plane but when you taste it, that's when you know what exactly it have or it consists of correct. When you come to the preparation, there will be four steps here. I'm in four different preparations. You should have and see when when you must have chicken. You must eat the chicken you have already what ate chicken biryani right you will get some Curry so some gravy. Is it right? Yes, that will be prepared separately that will be paid separately for having with this be any but in Monday when you cook when you cook starting cooker for Monday in that only you will take the gravy. I mean how you I will explain you you'll take a handy or like anything you will have some what onions some spices some and for that you will add tomato sauce tomato. Puree. Yeah, and that will be after boiling or after cooking that You will take that as a that is gravy for it. You not sufficiently cook. You'll take some part of it for gravy which you will you will what pour water which water you will also cook you'll take a big another handy and you will what take some water and in that you will add all the vegetables which ever you have in your home like Carriage some mushrooms or you will have what Khumba every every vegetables you will place in it and in that you will place this. Slick's I said like chicken legs or that pieces. Okay, that bone remains bony reminds of any meat you will place that as you will cook it for three to four hours. All right conine. You will add some spices also like green cardamom where it cardamom pepper and all these and you will cook it for 3 to 4 minutes that's called what the remaining the water the water gets all those Aroma all those from bony and vegetables all this Aroma and this water will be added to that tomato puree. I think oh, yeah and meanwhile, you will take what whole chicken whole bird whole second word and will what will marinate it will act. So we'll play some spices and we'll magnetic for one hour and see when these Masala is cooking. I'm in which I said we'll add some water like this muscle is cooking. We will place some some like will place Chicken in it. Not on in Masala will place some Um lead or anything small it upon which will place this chicken. This bird will not add into it because the vapors from those Masala will be infused in this chicken. All right. Yeah when it's half cooked when it's half steamed which the chicken will take. The chicken will take the chicken and we'll add basmati rice into this Masala. And again, we will place the chicken on it chicken on this. Yeah exactly this chicken when a glass is half. But this bird completely cooked will take it off and we'll cook that rice for one to two hours in on a very long low flame. All right, but in Indian style, this is the cell but actual style is will not cook it on in normal Hyundai or anything. We'll put it a will cook it in a clay pot that is digged into under our under level government underground acquit a piston will dig a pit in in the land the land the Earth and then the lad and we'll place a clay pot in into the bottom of it and will cook. Look in that not on on Earth will cook it underground. All right, so it's like we support some ashes or some old with coal. Oh William with coal or charcoal or charcoal or will call normally call and we'll cook it cook it in underground pit but a audience adopted some style and we'll cook it in normal Skin Kitchen only but the actual process is there like that and after it Cooks we will and now there are different types of Monday. Like for her Monday or grilled Monday or thunder Monday processes that in every type of money that ICC the cooking of rice is the problem. Right how you cook it? Yes, right. Now the chicken it is what it is grilled or either other either it is baked or it may be tossed. I mean it baby work just fried. So according to that the name is like that there is another name called Mud be in mod b, we will Grill the chicken if it's chicken is just cook like before I said, it's very just like cooked in in the masalas. It will be like Monday. The name defense and for how Mondays under the type of Monday where we will cook them will what toast the Monday for three to four hours very slowly. So this is the process different and the rice is same in everywhere and we can replace it with either if you want Martin or Martin if you want fish you can replace with fish and the rice is same and we can have it. Yeah, so normally I would add that Briana is a very simple process. You just have to put masala. And you just have to marinate chicken and just cook it and serve it in one hour. So you have said that is seven to six seven hours. That's very extreme for the one individuals like to have their food within one hour. Like I am hungry now just chicken biryani is simple and norm and the process you told us is very formative and it's I think our listeners will be also informed. Very well that this is a very complex thing to make but once you make it it will be more than what it yeah more than worth it. And once you make it and it the second time you make it will black out can do it. All right. So tell us about your experience like one was the first time you had it. How did you feel about how is or how was it different? You just size of I'm just remembering that one thing that you have to put the powder of that right lemon. Yes, yes. Yes. Yeah. So when when I when I when I first had it just I heard from friends. There is a quiz in called Monday. It will be very nice. It's like when you eat when you're bored of normal Dum Biryani just have it you'll feel different and then I went to Monday Center and with my friend along my friend and I the the seat firstly the process. I mean the serving it's different we should sit on the floor. And we'll have some big plate when I first ate. Okay, it's very normal. Okay, it's not that effective as because we'll have some what we should have. We feel we want spiciness in everything. We want right color when you feel of Biryani you think spicy but it's not spicy and then when it with peace or that meat, I feel something different and the first time my experience was okay. It's not. Oh my God. It's very awesome. But for the second time on the third term and And the number of times increasing and it tastes I mean I'm able to appreciate it stage and I may be able to appreciate the worth of it or in that seems so wonderful. Yeah for the first time you feel okay? It's not that effective as Biryani but when you eat and eat and you will taste it when I got to go look at it and the flavor is the which comes out when it's in your mouth. That's very alluring and the combination then the lie I said Also, we will extract it from the cooking right and but people prefer, you know my own he's right people prefer to have it with my own is more and I have my own he's without super with will have it mentioning. And another thing is that whenever you go to eat Monday firstly, they're not bring you Monday. They will bring you a soup chicken soup. And the reason for bringing it is that for a good digestion when you get whole Monday you can digest very perfectly because You will not come the next time better. So give you a chicken soup. Wherever you go. They will give you a chicken soup. You will have it and you have Monday and you will feel like you you have a seat in a very large spices of food like that. Alright, alright, so our in Via comment from look, you know says that it's just like sushi. Do you have any follow-up on that? Yeah. I don't have a shoe. See this tire heard it then one are not talk to you but not much aware of it, but maybe I will Look into it. Yes. Okay. So we'll try to have that conversation in our next talk show. We will talk a sushi versus Monday. Yeah that very big topic that house is my my personal recommendation to have it with fish when you have it with fish. I mean when if you are fish lover, you will really what you'll get this this this this will be your favorite forever because you will get in fish. Each with their very big fish they will not cut in they will not cut they will give you a very big fish with it. Anyway, you have a chick you a full bird. Oh, but with Martin, they won't give the lab because they can't afford it. He'll give pieces. Yeah, unless the Martin will be a whole goat or that big play. The whole goat will be given will be sold for that people who eat with hundreds and hundreds of people on one plate. Correct, correct? Act so I recommend my listeners to try it. Once we are from chicken meat and fish not Lisbeth directly mutton unless you have to stop all your whole neighborhood never judge it when you have all the first time just have it and just eat it again and you will feel that. All right so our end it was a lovely talking to you on my show. Yeah. Thank you. We shake this reply from yours was very Formative and we hope we can continue more regarding more topics. Like loving Lisette is like sushi. It's very entertaining. We hope we can talk again later. Yes object. Thank you. Thanks to all our listeners for listening to our show. And I request you to like And subscribe. So we keep on updating more shows for you and with more interest and with more confidence, thank you. Yes.