Hello to all listeners to the to my talk show foodgasm in this show. We talk about food experience of the local Cuisine or dish with individuals who have experienced it today we have with us. Mr. Aryan bhagat who is here with us to talk about his recent experience with others. Welcome to the show are in. Yeah, welcome Sheikh. I'm very glad. I'm here with you. Yeah, I'm also delighted that you are here with us. So Arden of what dish or cruising you are going to talk with us about I'm going to talk about the perfect chicken Dum Biryani, which is very famous in Hyderabad and South Indian States. All right, so you have that perfect before that chicken will be any are there are all almost made my experience good. So the chicken the median is exactly I mean the it's a very famous dish. Hyderabad generally and it's different from other variants in the process of making big where it is made them the difference between them and normal billion. He's normal Brilliance. You click by what mixing all the ingredients and just cooking for in the bond and just eating and serving like that. But in chicken them be any the process is entirely different. I mean the process right from the starting of marination of chicken to cooking it. The process is what it's a very complicated. And very easy at the time I'm a complicated is what I am saying because any step that you miss it will ruin your dish and any step you follow simply and the dish will come perfectly. That's what I mean. Yeah. So what is different between chicken Dum Biryani in normal DNA is that in chicken Dum? Biryani will marinate the chicken with the whole spices of garam masala and chicken masala and all what mint coriander and all these with curd we marinate that whole Masala for fight to see Those in the refrigerator and after refrigerating it and marinating it. Then Alternatives of the five six hours will cook the very fine basmati rice and the cooking process is very interesting here. And when we see the cooking process will take a huge handy or like Ting and at the bottom of that will place a chicken or the Masala we marinated before and we'll spread it as a layer not as a whole mass will spread it at a spread it as a layer and upon which comes the a rice and and the rice you place upon that is will be in layers and see here. The interesting point is that that bottom layer. I'm in the bottom rice layer is what it will be like about 60% cooked not completely cooked rice. All right, you could be on the bottom layer of that Hyundai will keep the rice that will be of 60% Coke and the Ebola it will be of seventy seventy five percent and the top layer will be like that 80% of cool because the process wise like Because the bottom always extractor absorbs more heat. So the 60 percent rise means it can take the minimum the absorbable amount if there is more cooked rice it will burnt so that's the reason the rice will be led a 60 percent 75 in the 90% cooked and on top of that will chop it with a topic with the coriander and brown onions the to which is already fried and then it is cool. The cooking process is again interesting. In part will cook it in. The regular intervals like will will take the handy and we will what we take a wheat flour or something and we'll wake will wet it and we'll cover it completely with the top of anything. And so that we any evaporation should not go outside so we should not let the let escape the evaporation from it. So that's what the missed call so every muscle or every spice every operation should be inside and then the hand is placed on a Or anything and then it's booked for ten ten minutes on high flame will cook it into 10 minutes for high flame and then we'll cook it in five to seven minutes on medium flame after we cook it and we'll take a what Tau like thing and we'll place it on here for 5 to 7 minutes. We'll cook it on low flame. So that's yeah that's exact purpose and never taste Billy any just after it cook. You should wait for more 10 to 15 minutes. So That it completely dumb. This is where the people what failed to step. This is the step with it completely what Adams from top to bottom and then open the lid mix it perfectly and have a very delicious beginning. This is the exact can the median or the perfect response form response on your file type like those things so that you can have all I must have all of that debris onion. Yeah. So are you took my question? What is different from other? Briana's? Yeah, if you take other vision is like there are many other billion is like cheetah, not Biryani and Amber B&E with the process is like that when I said that the Masala is place at bottom and upon the rise where the Masala is mixed with the rice. All right. It's not in layers. Everything is fixed and cooked. T' so it is the main difference and there is no intervals of time. They cook it on normal flame on some medium flame for 20 to 25 minutes. And after they cook they will serve it directly. So this is a different record. And this be any according to the places the cultures. They are modified it like there are Amber Biryani in Tamil Nadu for that the rice they use is not basmati rice. There are special bicycle Amber eyes. So there you guys and they will mix up with the what the Masala which Married just for 10 to 15 minutes north five to six hours and they will prepare it so it different according to the culture the idea of adopter. They modified the process of cooking the more and they modified the way style of cooking and they're serving it like that. All right. All right away. Are you have explained now? I'm thinking like what should I do? Should I order after this talk show or not? Emotion for the people of all right. Well very right about this. Yeah and to our listeners also want to tell you guys that are N is a medical student and he's also a good cook and also a good foodie. Yeah, so please tell me about your recent experience with you had about the chicken Dum Biryani. It's just not receive experience is Metro teenage Sirota diary. I usually yeah usually have the big yeti whenever I'm happy sad. Whether whatever the emotion it may be but but I will have any limits because eating exercise that muscle is feeling but then my stomach so I usually have it whenever I get time or whenever I get and have Anaheim pocket money too because every time so say is I live in Karim nagar in my state which is different in which is far from Hyderabad, but it's like second place where we have billions various kinds. And you said Karim nagar? Yeah and here the Viennese. Yeah, not just on Sunday wickets. There is a very famous Botanical pot billion. We're partnering with the same process is cooked in a clay pot. Hmm and that that tastes more than a heaven you just taste it and you will be like, oh my God, I am I should have it more and more. I am not driving why I'm in the top. So right now Yeah, and the perfect combination for the billion. He's a writer, you know like that. Yeah, I know. Yeah, right. There is a perfect combination and some people will have that mean check me and the both what the comet combines with it and you can have it for full. All right, so my personal experience my personal suggestion. Is that tire like a soft drink along with chicken biryani or chicken dishes? Yes. Yes you have. Absolutely, correct. Having some soft drink makes it more. Kick Do You Hear What kick and more like the thing of nice but that matter I have not tried any anywhere because you have to wait after hitting cook for at least 15 or 20 minutes. I usually make it cooler faster and then just took it for myself in the leg piece and then all the pieces TN taste very good with like piece rather than any other piece with you. Right. That's the main this amazing. See that's where there is this different kind of began his in these two like like PG&E normal breast piece viviani. There are different kinds of according to the people's demand, correct? Yeah, and many people like it with queries. Also. Yeah, some people have it with chicken gravy or some other what brinjal gravy and yeah, it's different kind of according to places or go into the personal habits. They will change the thing they have with What is your personal favorite manner of having chicken but Dum Biryani? Yeah, whenever whenever I have a beginner, I order busy. Any the way I eat it. Just I like I like I like it to have it right there more and the way I have it with I should I must have a piece with it without it. I won't taste it and whenever I ordered I will call the restraint and I will say to have Eric peace and I will have like peas and what? First I will tell people when they order a when they cook then just keep it in their plate and eat but you should mix everything of the billion you get first because the must the Masala you get it will be what like a mass in some place and other place the rice will be playing. Yeah. Yeah, because the in while cooking the Messiah will be in the bottom and the more the rice they will get the Masada. So the first process is what makes the entire be any further. Stand you can eat it eat it eat it with the peace and with the lemon squeezed and with a onion as a side and have it this is what I was wearing when I can have next time you see you must have you must have you're very lucky that you can cook yourself also, and you can manage in your pocket money. Also that regularly you won't regret this is you can order for all. Powell because of this gamma times we give are getting it for some lower price is right, right, right. Right, right. Yeah so that we can have that we can enjoy that and yes, and yes, all right to all the listeners. I'm sure that you must have liked it this talk show with us and we are sure that you're going to try it like Aryan explain and we are very thankful to RN for With us in this talk show. Yeah. Thank you Abhishek, and I'm very glad I'm here and I shared something with the people over there, and I hope and hope in the next next we talk we talk about something else. You'll have somebody anything. Absolutely. Yeah, you look forward to having a talk with you again. Next time. He is sub-second. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Bye. Bye.