Hello. Hello. Hi Abhishek. Hello, Lorena. Hello listeners to my talk show foodgasm. I'm your host Abhishek here. We talk about the local food experience with the people who have experienced it today. We have with us love Lena a radio jockey motivational speaker. Chavalla, and this is what so we have her here because this is what shoot suit. Hazard to this episode today so welcome to the show Lavina. Thank you so much. I appreciate you letting me know. So today we are going to talk about your recent experience, which you had or you think will be beneficial for our listeners today as well. Yes, definitely. So let's notice here. I'm going to share my personal experience about the healthy diet that we can opt on a daily basis because the thing is we regularly Zuma some junk food some homemade food some other remedies that we keep on trying say for example on Sundays you want to enjoy the party system and you went to Pub half and with friends you get for eat out or the dine out. These are the things that are affecting us completely day by day because what is happening? We don't know the benefits of the food but still be a zbyszek always keep on talking about the food V people. Enjoy. So it could be anything with the male with the chicken that includes veggie platter or normally the soup or the other alcohol stuff so that you would like to have along with your food but this is okay. If it comes only for the fun part for the enjoyment purpose, but what if we are not feeling good on a daily basis like we are getting healthy. We are facing our problems like our tummies are belly is getting fat - Friday we are having some extra carbs and when you are calculating your BMI, it will coming a lot more than your expectations. So here I would like to share some fun. Loving diet. If you want to follow then definitely you can do because this thing helped me a lot as I told Abhishek also that in two weeks. I just lost a 2 kg weight, which was very difficult for me to lose because I am a person who used to work 24/7 and not actually I can say 24/7. Yes, my daily schedule counts on 18 hours per day as a working lady because early morning I get up at seven and then get ready and leave for my office because it starts at 8:30 and from 8:30 to 130. My schedule is very packed. I can't even eat. I can't even drink something because I am a radio jockey and in my studio the environment is a sir that I can't afford to have a food. Gives that that's the restricted area Abhishek, right? So after that I have to come back home. I have to prepare some other stuff. Then I have to record some audios. I am a Storyteller. I'm and voice-over artist. I have different protects the lined up daily. So my schedule keeps a completing round day and I have to travel somewhere somewhere around all India radio and the stuff like that keeps on happening. So I get very less time to have junk food. I don't get much time to eat any of the proper food that can be prepared by my mom in early morning. Usually what happened. My sister went to the office. So my mom is preparing stuff for her. She never asked me. What would you like to eat? Love Nina? Because the thing is she know that I am very very busy these days and I don't get much time to eat anything that are bread that has been prepared by Mom at home if she is cooking something like Dory 10-day Bindi like any green veggie. I'll ask her that keep it aside for me. I'll have it in afternoon while I'll be coming back coming back to home and in night. I used to have soup soup, which is completely based on cabbage and onions and tomatoes and these days and then prices hiking its 150 rupees per kg. So I am awarding it not having much so these days onion, but we can say See the onion powder is available in some grocery stores and other 24/7 ever-ready stores. So I purchase it from there. Otherwise what I can do or what people can do they can have a spring onions instead. You can replace normal onions with spring onion. So this will be very helpful for the people. So this is a kind of food or the experience these days I'm having which is helping me to reduce the weight as well to maintain my And to have something really that my body needs lost of lots of vitamins lots of proteins and rich in carbs and also the amount of water equation that my body requires. This is the kind of diet. I'm having these days two times soup completely dependent on it. Alright, so to some melt Summit all of you mean to say that you can have fun food also. So but you should have it in control Manner and if you are trying to have a diet meal you should also have that in also in controlled manner because if you definitely try to get arrested yourself completely then your body will support. Yep, true see what is happening these days. We are not taking care of ourselves, but we still want that. We should our body should be in shape when people say array to motel agree array your body is getting out of shape body shaming houthi a then this thing hits directly to our mind and then suddenly something gets tries to our mind that oh, no, I have to work hard and what we people do we felt bad and at that point we I feel bad that we keep on hitting ourselves very badly We join immediately the gym because someone said that you are looking fat we keep on doing the exercise continuously. You're focusing on exercise gyming diet everything in a day, but after one week you stop everything because we people are expecting the results in 1 or 2 or 1 week 1 1 2 days or one week, but which is not at all possible. I'm not saying that don't have junk food don't go for dinner. Don't go for it. Without don't do parties. The thing is just be little controlled. You can give yourself freedom to have such kind of food once in a week because even Abhishek I have read somewhere. I have told my listeners in Australia that even junk food is a necessary for our body because if we are leaving it completely we are avoiding. We are cutting it off from our diet then our body will entirely be a habitual of having proteins irons and Items and other stuff that are required and then if in case in the case of emergency, you are visiting any tourist place or other countries. If you are having some kind of a food then your body will hit you back. You'll have some kind of disease. You'll start vomiting your body will not accept that food. So just to remind the taste just to let your body feel the way that it's ways. So keep eating the junk food, but it's not like that you have to take out the whole day for The junk food like from the morning you started of having Pisa. Then you are ordering burger. Then you are having pasta. Then you are having more moves and then you are making so many other means no not like that have something really that you love our say for example Pisa in afternoon, then follow your normal diet, right? You can have whatever you want to along with that coke diet then again something that gives you the pleasure. So to remind So taste buds the taste of that particular food. It's required, correct? So the other beneficial yeah. Yeah, you're asking something. No. No you please continue. So the honor the benefits of this thing is many more. I would love to explain but I guess we have a limited period of time and because if I'll keep on chattering on the same topic it will take a day or two to finish it up. So the next day long discussions, we can't have that in all summed up in one episode, but we try to do our best. To to maintain this topic to our listeners. So from this perfect reply of yours. You have also answered my next questions. Like what are the Alternatives of these kinds of food? Like you said the onion powder we can also have that we can have some protein related Diet also and the diet which are good in carbs. Also. Yeah and also the rich in vitamins so instead. If you if you people are getting bored of having one monotonous or died you can have paneer salad. You can have spinach salad. You can have something in rich in salad that you love to have if you have olives available if you have lattice available, if you have cherry tomatoes or normal Tomatoes indeed, and if you can have mushroom, so prepare the salad the salad by sorting it for 2 minutes. Probably don't cook it properly and Let It Be The Raw one because otherwise if you are cooking it completely it will lost its vitamins and proteins will die completely to iconic a couch use nrega, so it will be just made the stuff or the vegetable you are in taking but it will not benefit your body at all it will just be the I can say the undigestible food for you that will just come out of your body as the ETA so instead of having the vegetables completely cooked like completely boiled losing its color. It's not good. So keep in mind whenever you are cooking anything just keep the original color of the vegetable available. Also, you can be Dependable on Broccoli. It's very very good. It's very good in protein iron and vitamins. Also, have you heard about the cabbage soup fish? I've heard yeah. Okay. So if you people want to lose weight, but also you want to enjoy your meal. If you are not having that much time like me, you are very busy person and you don't get much time to prepare something for yourself, which is a healthy that seems healthy to you and you live in Hostel, but still you are working out on yourself. You don't have time to go to gym. You don't have time to exercise you don't have time. I'm to give yourself for the cooking. So I am following Abhishek the seven-day cabbage soup diet. I told you at the very start that I lost 2 kgs in two weeks. It's because of this cabbage soup, right every mom or grandma might have told her their grandchild or the pet the children's about this show a soup because whenever we get sick our mom used to prepare the car thing right with the the Ingredients that are available in our kitchen. So this is somewhat this Emilio that will help like a Cara and will help you reduce the weight without every even spending much amount on yourself people. These days are following keto diet which might be effective or which might be useful for all of them. But if you are not able to afford that high budget diet because my sister is following the same. She used to spend approximately 10 to 12. Thousand on her diet per month. Yes completely. She spending 10 to 12,000 where she is purchasing key Todo keto oil and preparing all such dishes, which is the part of her diet. So she spending the same and when she look at me because we guys are very healthy or of to be very honest and I'm getting married soon. So my purpose my purpose is to reduce the weight completely. I want to look good in my Bridal the dress right? So I would be yeah, that is my dream because I want to look good in my pictures. I want to look good with my husband. So that's not a teammate goal. I am losing my weight. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, Nina.