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Hello, everyone. Good afternoon. I think all of you are very well. Now today I'm talking with you without subject anything with me. Okay. I don't know. I think you are interested to talk with us. If you want to talk with us in life. You can send me requests I will accept you. And you can talk in life. If anyone want to speak because we came here to practicing sexually so if anyone interested about this, you can join with me we can talk each other in our self we can share our experience or everything. people who just click the plus sign click there and send me to join the quest after then. We'll talk. I Robot How are you? Mr. Robot, where are you from? Okay, I'm fine. Everything is very good. Oh you are from tonight? Okay. I'm from that's a bond with this. Your neighbor country? Hey robot, if you feel interest, you can send me a request. I will accept you. Hey, hello. from Bangladesh I'm listening one of the best singer in Indian, Bollywood. see ya Indian roadsters Atif Aslam Okay, I'll meet you just tell me. Oh you are single so it will be pretty good if you sing without. Hello. Hello. Mr. Amit. Hello, can you hear me? Okay. Okay, please speak loudly please. Thank you. I'm from Bangladesh. Hello may be dropped. Okay. Mr. Robert robot. Ask me tell me something about difference between inclusion and low. Okay. Okay, actually. I'm not the monster he slide. But I can Define you. About the part of the love, but you can share with us about interpretation of love. Hello. Maybe another listener want to join with us? I'm trying to connect her. Singing dropped. I don't know why it's dropping. Actually, mr. Robert, I think infatuation and love it's very closer thing. As I think love means you can love everyone your parents your family members your friends and your news person Etc. You can buy Everyone but information means as I think that it's it's different like you love supposed to love your girlfriend or your friend, but sometimes sometimes you feel that it's not going well with you. Mmm you and her this Clinic. you can't you can lost or Luca forget her she ignore you but you can forget her when when you were going outside or doing something. You just feel her you just feel her that once time we both we are we were here and who we did something together. and infection actually very deep very deep thing and if you want to if you want to reduce it, or if you want to avoid this you can't It's totally comes from your heart. actually, I think it's not happy but Kink like that. Okay, you can share your experience with me. Bloody mean because I'm not good at English. I just came here to improve so Together some experience. I hope you're listening more than 37 people me vehicle for that. I am sorry to you all. So again omit also trying to connect with us. Hello. Mr. Amit. Hello. Hello brother. How are you? I'm fine. So tell us where you're from. Hello. home video I love you, man. Okay, I'm so sorry because I was stopped. Okay. Okay - hi. Hello. I'm fine and maybe our listen also fine. Okay. Are you ready or Ronnie? What will be the spelling? Okay robot, you think that love means a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person affection? Okay, but I just play for you a lovely saw. I think it will be enjoy yourself. I was just trying for you that is affection or love. Okay. Anyone can? Speak Hindi. Have any listener here can speak Hindi because most of the people are from India. So I think they can speak Hindi very fluently. Okay, someone trying to connect with us. I think he will be the best and good speaker more than me. Hello. Hello. Hey. Hello, how are you? to find okay. Okay, please introduce yourself. I'm from Julia in Maharashtra. Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay good. Very good. Sorry primary teacher primary school teacher, right? Yeah, we have okay, okay, okay. Okay, we'll get ready to go to yourself. So how about you sir? Just install this app and that's why I will cover in this not know about him. Okay, okay. Actually, I hope on talker application. Hello. Yeah, I'm listening you. We are listening you but maybe you need to work conditions. Are you at your school now? Hello, sir. Are you are you at every school now? Because the kids are shouting? Yes. Yes exactly because it's a resource time. Okay. I've got five calling now why you are using this app WhatsApp and language subject? Okay. What is that subject in? We just teach them only once and poems. We do not teach them any passage or teacher speaking. So I want to improve my student and that's why I stole this app and because due to this application I improve myself in. Okay. Okay, and that's why also improve my students English language. Okay, sir, would you mind this I I can share with you an experience. Look here. We are on here. We are online more than 46 people hearing a us now, but hopefully you want to you want to share your experience with your student. That's why you're trying to improve your English skill so I can I can share anything with you that you can you can Ian like language Club English language up with respond. Maybe it's a water pipe. You can open the language Club here you for 30 minutes. Not more than 20 who will be very interested and they can and after that you I like us the in in a week to to this day for 30 minutes. Tell them that In Monday topic about food habit you can do with them. Then talk also share you can burn it can be also so I guess this is for you. And after that after month, you will be get a good output from here as I think sir. So thank you very much, sir for joining with us. We have we have another listener who want to join it as hello. So so all of the Indian listeners playing for you. I think they do is a favorite song for all person. Can you please share me? What who is the singer? I don't know actually the female singer name. Another people want to join with us. We're trying to connect him. Santosh Kumar song the song is yeah. We are what's the song left? A lot of people have to pee a lot? malarkey Maybe it's moving America kilometer. Whatever this song also very very very very popular. Okay. Okay when I talk to it a teacher a person send me requests for join. I'm so sorry because I couldn't connect. Hard if you now in online places you can send requests I will accept. Okay, sounds good brother. I'm a student. I'm student. I'm still studying. And here also I mean learner, I want to learn I want to learn from all of you. And thank you open talk because they give they give us a platform where we can come out life. And talk each other. I am in Ade. Okay, sir, due to bad connection. You got it. Okay, no problem, sir. When you will wish for you and your student also. Hope you will be better to improve your English spoken. Okay, so my favorite singer article slow. I'm playing his song. when anyone will talk with me then I stopped a song but I just trying to entertain you. So in the break time I'm playing song actually. Hi, my name is Kumar. How are you? Okay, Miss Pooja you can you can send requests now because no one talking with me. No, so you can send requests. Okay, I'm kit. Okay one listener called us. I'm trying to connect. I can't keep maybe it's a bad connection. So I'm sorry I have to drop. SK. Hello. Mr. Biskay. Hello. Hi. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello. bad connection Okay, we again ever. Hello. Hello, brother. Hi, how are you? Okay, I'm fine. Hello. Oh, man. I shall know. How are you? brother, so sorry Okay, please unclip Kumar and on kids. Okay, okay, okay. Maybe experience person. Hello. Hello brother. Hi. Hello, how are you? I'm fine. How are you? Brother? Tell me where are you from? Okay, I'm from Bangladesh. I think before one minute. You think I think in your music you think some music? Hmm? The what is topic? Okay, actually today we want to talk without topic doesn't Street Talk actually who want to share anything might want to deliver. Okay? Okay. So by the way, please please introduce yourself. What do front of us seeing lots of song on Sanu Okay, I he also listen me many song. Okay? But I think there is a milli mini type of problem when I listen a song. I want to learn Men song sing a song when you give me any idea to how I learn. How can I produce good sound? Okay you want to produce? You want to sing producer when I produce a sound for my mouth then song is very good. Okay, if we want to learn that how how can sing very well e right? Okay, you want to be a good singer? Yeah, and you mention that It's listening. So new. Do you know about Sun? Oh. I think he sees Iran seven PM channel. So I'm trying already before it started yesterday not today a ago. But AC do not help me for singing a song. Okay, I your what chanu male or female maybe female right? Audio female know all name is what male or female channel is a girl or boy? Why is billing office? So no, okay. Okay, whatever whatever Channel or send us a message is one of the Best Entertainer and good at singing in my channel on kid. Okay. She mentioned you thank you. Okay. Okay. Okay, and also good. Singer, also you what? He is one of the best entertainment. I'm good at singing in my channel and come up. I like everything. Okay, so Miguel, okay. Thank you. I think see and know me. Okay, okay. Okay. Thank you and keep back. There goes another please help me for improving my singing if you have any of the other and tell me I I take all the thing. Okay. Okay, so you can think you can you can sing for us for for one line or two lines for us any song please you can sing for us some dirt. Like this I want to become like like, you know, like very good. Okay, okay, okay, so singing voice, so thank you very much. I'm kit and a drunk. He's also trying to connect with us. So thank you very much for joining us. Thank you. Hello. Hello. Hello Sookie vary from sake. Hello, brother. How are you? I'm good. I'm sorry because I couldn't connect it to you. So sorry for this actually. Where are you from? Okay, we are from the same world you are from maybe India. I'm from Bangladesh. It so introduce yourself. First of all, have you ever been to Delhi in India? Sorry, brother. Have you ever been to Delhi Delhi deliver or anywhere in India? No, actually not. I never visit India it and what do you do? Okay, I'm student student at enemies Qi standard or sorry student of what? Okay, okay. Okay, I'm studying in BBA faculty Bachelor of Business Administration and my subject is accounting and information system. Okay, a I am a just a freelancer. Okay. Okay the school would you resign sir? And in India also improving and feelings inside at I'm freelancer are to Yeah, okay. Okay pretty good. Are also at an order financing side just like a true Lancer freelancer Okay, okay, but my main focus in Okay. Pretty good. So what are you doing now? I'm doing detail marketing and web designing. I do have related website design and affiliated website on Okay, what's your goal about to your life? What's gold? What's your goal of here? Okay, brother. Actually, I'm studying in business business line. So I want to be an Entertainer interpreter. I also want to I also want to be an entrepreneur. I'm on that. I'm on that journey of enterpreneur. Okay already. Already, you can see around 1020 percent and 20 percent and 10 percent. Okay, cause I'm not sorry well wish for you. Thank you so much. Thank you. In financial perspective. I'm good done. Not too so good. But in learning Prospect I've done so many things I will learn many things to just like editing video editing video marketing content marketing SEO. okay, if renting because the getting is a complete package of all these thing internet just like PDM marketing also ebook marketing different thing. Okay. Thank you. Thank you for sharing with us and kit. Thank you very much for joining us. I would definitely break lunch. Yeah, I did you did. Yeah. Of the how long you are on this app. This is my first conversation conversation. Okay. Today's my first turn. Okay. Okay, I can could be second. Okay. Okay. So some you want to join with us. It's nice talking to you. Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm not in a good conversation with the my buddy's got another show you what a good speaker speaker. Don't I am unable to find any person to talk? Because this is for practicing. Okay you And you can go play store and can install more app where you can contact with different countries people. They also trying to speak. They also trying to increase their spoken skill. So if this is your first or second order you have done the many talks on this app. Okay. I talked to them from last. Just 15 days 15 days. Oh my God. You have your four month used I think. I think if I use this app for two or three months - will be improve of course, of course, of course because the main thing is finding someone to talk. Yeah, you can find many people because you can't do it alone. If you want to improve your English or your communication skills. Yeah, because So, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you so much is nice talking to you. Okay. Thank you. Okay. I'm so sorry. Mr. Sami because Okay, we are connecting some me. Hello. Hello. Again troll? Hello Sammy Hello. Can you hear us? Hello. Okay, maybe bad connection. So we are again going to song. We will enjoy with song. Now we will enjoy with this positive Jumba. Okay, so no you can call now. There is no topic today. Hello, Sean. Ooh, good afternoon. Yeah, I'm good. Thank you so much for asking. What about you? I thought yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. And I know you are very good speaker because I also listener to your life. Thank you. I know I know you're very very good speaker. So it's my pleasure. You came to my life. What is the topic? Okay. What what please speak loudly? I can't hear you speak loudly, please. Yeah. Hello. You asked me what's the topic? Please still me again. I can't listen you clearly. Hello. Can you hear me? Yeah. No, I'm hearing you. You asked me about Bangladesh what I cannot listen properly chili. Yeah till. Hello. Yeah, I'm hearing you. Please ask me about Bangladesh in Bangladesh. Maybe our listener can't listen you proper properly. I'm so sorry hardly trying to listen to you, but I can't yeah when you when you tell me, can you hear me now? I'm hearing clearly he but when you asking me any question I can hear. No. Okay. I'm so sorry, son. I know you can. Okay, I was asking what is the job opportunity in Bangladesh? Job opportunities. Okay. Okay. Okay, actually in Bangladesh and also India economy and another king also same and job sector also same if you have quality you will recall it is student or a pressures. Yeah you for have you many and job you can you can get many job? like if you want if you look in corporate sector if you want to settle yourself in corporate, so if you are equality for person, of course you can find job. And now it is in our country. Also. We are also growing in ICT sector. Also, India, so developing in it sector. Okay, Swami. I don't know actually, where is the problem you can? You can again call me. Okay. I'll tell him. Hello. Hello. Hello. chanu If you are a college person job will be search you. So as I think because you asked me about job, so I think from my side is that if you have quality some quality, like if I talk about skills, so if you have some soft skills, actually we know. Okay, first of all, we can talk about the skills. We know we have two skills first one hard skills and soft skills. So hard skills means what you learn what you escape from your institution like your certificate or excetera. It's it's hard skill, excuse me, and soft skills means you you are if you are a good communicator you have combination of skill. Then your English skill is very good English fluency is very good. Then you are a good presenter. Okay, you are a good speaker. You can communicate each other. Another person is very very very good lie. Then you have good it skills. That means you are strong enough for corporate sector. If you drop your CV in a company in Bangladesh what any type of company, of course, of course, they will hire you. Of course, they will hire you because they want like that if your CCP is very very high, but you don't have any and soft skills. You can talk and the person when you talk someone you will afraid or you can't make understand people. So they didn't hurt you. They don't hurt you. They won't actually the experienced person. So if you want to join in Bangladesh if anybody because in Bangladesh have more employee who comes from India. Okay, so if you want to join in Bangladesh companies or any job sector, so please complete your process and came here. Okay, so I will play for you another song figure picky. We know the singer James who comes from who from Bangladesh also seeing in India another country. Also, of course he is a good singer. And I think all of you will enjoy this song. Okay, again, I'm telling today. Actually, there is no topic for talk. We are talking actually actually, I think that if I want to be a good speaker in English, so I have to talk if I if I specific topic suppose would today we want to talk about health or about environment about whether so we are bounding this site. That's why I actually I select without topic free talk with I can talk every free coffee. Okay. Hey. to us Sorry. Oh. Some new send a message. Can you sing a song? Okay, I can sing. Actually I'm from Bangladesh. So they're so idea. I know Bangladesh is home, but I will so listen English. Sorry in this song more because I love Hindi in the language. So so if anyone So no one to join now. So after seeing I will I will say goodbye for today. So I will sing janym janym janym janym actually. I don't know the full song. Maybe you are you want to listen janym janym Shahrukh Khan song. right Okay, I don't know exactly this song full. But I can sing for all of you from the 62 movie. Okay. How dare a beanie about he sucking up the baby Not Gonna Let You Down? Suzie say Judah kick it over to me Zindagi. Actually when I sing I sang with my friends in my campus, then I can sing pretty very very friendly because they don't know actually in the like this but here most of the people who know who know Hindi language so I feel afraid actually this is the matter. But I listened in this one more and more time because when I was like I'm in life. I tried to play Hindi song most time but like Actually, actually, I don't know this song. I can't I can't do this. I can't sing this song but I know how to how to play whistle subhanallah, maybe okay. Okay. Thank you and another also Don't they cut the edge on us and they cut or years on a Sunday? man but I can sing for you and Bangla Song like It's uncle said yeah, um suffer. It gives our drawing piece of son said I did a he and my mom chill up your tricky Amar. Boone to go gyro shorty Port Your Love Dumar DiGiorno go Richie Army once you follow bus Ikey shot Arrow it she do I could do it but I don't people cheering been a cop who is a bottom. Actually I shook the from the Gobi. All Mighty bull. Omar Bolden to go Jiro shorty part of your life. Don't worry. Don't know go Richie. Ami Mundell Paulo Bashar. Yeah, this is from my language Bengali. Same lyrics Simpson. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, no. this also for evolve the He-Man Imagine you give that all I ain't is a sunset. No. Hey people actually harm in this about Hindi Hindi movie technically indicted in this a clear interest. I don't know or in the language your name is movies. Thank you sure of I thank you all know. Thank you, Sean. Ooh. One to go g - a teapot July 2 Mana regen, korechi yummy - and you follow but she'll be arguments. It gives us some sudden they die. indigo how many people do you know this song? Jonathan a jota jota so hard Joe to me. Okay. We gonna ball two. Who become? Yeah, I'm really sorry really listener meet Uncle a vote in integer Colunga. Hindi language, of course Very Much goat very interesting, but I don't know why I can't speak fluently. So if I have a friend from India if he or she Help me to learn in the language. It will be very helpful for me because I from I'm from Bangladesh. That's why I don't know how to speak Hindi. So thank you very much all of you. Because last more than 80 minute 80 minutes. I'm with you and more than 170 people with me. And next time I will try to come with another person who is very interesting with a very interesting person. In our city, he and may also come with life to front of you and then we will enjoy ourselves and also learn different things because you're from India and me from Bangladesh. So we'll try to share our our culture or our something and you you can also share next topic will be like this. So again, thank you very much. This is Time to Say Goodbye. Okay, and especially thank you. Uh, no sir me chanu. Okay, lastly last one called me. So it's very good when you are finished your speak then talk with listener. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me? Hello. I'm sorry. I can't hear you. So finally finally thank you very much all of you for joining me. And please pray for me. I'm Shaquille admin pray for me. And also I also pray for all of you you words what I want to say that you want to improve your English skill I pray for you that very very short time. You will be a good speaker. So, thank you. Thank you very much. See you soon the next episode. Thank you very much. Bye. Bye.