Hey, I should be doing good evening. Welcome to the discussion. Thank you. We'll talk about choosy test today. Yeah, right. Whom do you call choosy eater? Are you and me also to Z. Yeah, I okay. Yeah, you know like are quite picky eaters. Actually. They are very of facility. You work for and they can eat only one group of vegetables or they can eat only one group of food order. They cannot eat a particular food without a combo for side dish with that. So, you know these these sort of Tantrums of these other behaviors are generally, you know group us to Z - Okay, so why do they become choose eaters? Is he there should be lots of reasons actually, especially we can address, you know, choose eating among kids majorly. Okay, so if they had been choosy in their childhood, they tend to grow like that also into a choose eating adults also. Okay. So basically why do they become like that as maybe when they are introduced solid foods for the first time by 6 months of age if they are not introduced to all the Variety of food, then. Yeah, then they become you know to Z and they become very fuzzy while they are in the school-going age or toddler age because this fussiness or eating struggle is more among the kids than adults. Right? Like we are not that much older than a kid is 2z actually. Yeah. So basically the way they are introduced the food for the first time or in the earlier stage that matters a lot why they become like this. Okay, so Is it not okay to be choosy because even you mean we are to Z so it is there a problem. Is it not okay to be choosy see likes and dislikes are different and being choosy different, right? Yeah, you know, even you and me will have certain vegetables which we don't like or certain fruits. We don't like or maybe we made like carrot in a particular form, but not as a sub G so even that can be accepted right like only the We are choosy about the texture or the consistency or the variety that food is cooked. Okay, not eating carrot at all not eating an apple at all not eating a pollock at all. Then that is a complete choosiness. Right? Like they are denying a healthy food. Actually. Yeah. Okay. So what happens it's not okay to be choosy on a larger level because it will indirectly cause you certain nutritional deficiencies actually, okay. And it becomes very tough for parents to handle kids, you know, especially when they are school going what to pack in lunch box and you know, all that is a very tough task for parrots. Yeah. Yeah. So what are the effects of being choosy about for the effects of Tuesday majorly is you know, it impacts the child's Behavior indirectly. Okay. So they throw the ER because being a psychiatrist you would have dealt. It more than me on these cases work together like so you know, they become very 2z. They don't they throw Tantrums that you know, we see cases in our app, right like even to make a kid eat Pollock parata. They have to give french fries along with so this is complete usiness. Right? So this sort of behavior should never be encouraged by parents from an anger age actually. Okay, I think you also deal with such cases right like we commonly, see this to Zenus contributed to their behavioral tantrums and they tend to you know, consume more of bad nutrition Foods because of this fussiness and then it creates a lot of imbalance in their overall health and nutrition which would be causing them, you know day-to-day challenges like constipation or more of diarrhea or dental cavities or you know lack of concentration or Ability all these problems will come, you know, if the nutrition is imbalanced because of fussiness. Okay. So what is the take home message that you would like to give to balance this choose heating a see balancing to Z means a kid can be okay to eat carrot inside a sandwich but not carrot assets that much of leniency is accepted Okay and like for us all so, you know because there are certain universally disliked before Do you want me like craggy much? No. No. So basically certain foods like a froggy or broccoli are Pollock or these are the bitter gourd, you know certain foods are like universally or majority of the population dislikes audiences. Okay, because one particular texture or form is disliked by a kid at the first time in that doesn't mean that you should stop it once for all maybe you can try and Different form actually and you know you can change the texture parents can go with little creative actually, you know, then that will create them some interest to try so it's okay if a kid is not eating Garlic as parlor Curry, but then they can eat a spoiler Parada where the public is just off the inside and hidden from the kids. Okay. So the parent should take a good experts helping such things, you know to how to go very innovative. and all that, so that is the efforts of the parents to definitely make it that is point number one and second thing take home message on this facilitating among kids main thing is that you know parents should not give up on their Tantrums, you know, like demanding their, you know, unwanted demands that I want Papa door chips with the food every day and I will eat only for mobile is given in their and or warmly winner cartoon has played so this sort of choosing us or should be really, you know changed at a very anger age actually and the third step is parents should not be fussy first. So that the kids don't become fuzzy. Yes. Okay, so when kids see that parents eat all the food and you know kids can be told about healthy eating in a very more funny way from the age of three or four people definitely relate to it actually. Okay, so, So, you know when parents follow healthy habits as a discipline and if they eat everything obviously the kid will lead but if parents are fuzzy then we can't expect the kid to eat anything. Okay? Yeah, so I think this will be the take-home message for all of us. Okay. Okay. Thank you.