Dr. Amy So article Topic near let's just have a word. mmm Hi, Jay, how are you? Come join with me. Let's have a word I'd served up shop at night because we were taken you can get about the cornea. Let's have a word with a man saying. So hello. Hello doctor, Amy ha ha my Hindi Hindi English as not telling me to quit or big but clinically Yorkshire aquavit of long ago multics my interest here Bollywood Manchester Hollywood Winchester Joey topic about how maybe interest with Noble nature paper Shahrukh Khan Gilberto Romero favorite. I'm sorry. I'll be I'll be Bollywood anything politics Cooper name a politics of outcomes or oh man what geopolitics co-evolved exopolitics me to my commentary on Bollywood voltage or mathematics. PA don't know. She's to marry context a barrier between my bihar's you admit. I don't know much but we are set obviously to our politics both stronger. Huh? Gotta go maybe take care of first year. Okaybut a first-year this Mayhem. Is that what's your trade? HSE is the better chances Tamara jr. Oh we go. This is it, huh? But yeah, but yeah. TK. Dr. Amiya Mi Tek Man actually call it when they get to Middle. We see my name is Jonathan, but he had coronavirus achieve. What is couple want Erica? What is your buddy? But uh, good afternoon doctor. How are you? Hi, love nature. I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? So 3/4 of a politics or discover humor, fella who supermarket has zero area many videos. They can literally giving the tax to the old videos just like scary Joker but Outta luck. Just keep a student. I've got there. Well, thank you. But many. Did you give her any obvious doing coulibaly value of what you have my solemn Duty and my brother up shop. I love Naish capture page. Let's go topic me yetsko topic, we discussed neighbors either get Patagonia knees so we put on a few more loads. We're gonna waste this gaming system computer. Will Chill on Nickelodeon has a primary cohesion a highly processed many clothes as I wanna put that a Hora Hora kornegay previous company. What about little but not ever like well then one day be a maximum 80% of Bangalore is like complete shutdown. We went to Leah based of Peace man. Subject has an innate company here. How are you? So Lebanese Hezbollah, maybe join. Chrome is a heart attack. real honest Mary biology about Carla Who are you talking to you Siva River if mathematics or politics Circle Gob about Goro? Yeah Ami image local area. How are you? Nickname a mirror nickname. Dr. D me will ya? Categorically Pakistani boy talk at any X in the name of Allah baltics Cooper sky, are we going Tennyson has a way though the character of the dude. Against the education system which we have right now. Spits hmm Guru. So my those are Gambler to call me company, maybe like it is the 21st century skill development delivery company. We have new teachers coach 20% And the thing is that yeah yeast is both Revenue that we have article get 21st century making play Joe education system of you follow, correct? So some file anyway education system. Obviously stronger but love the jewelry, but what iteration he met yeast Market Elton would you put in but Lagarde to actually in an educational system Learning System definitely change coming make you assume that is not good. We said goat and a linear linear education system jumper is Bunda feature Coretta or delivering content to answer the tomorrow. He country my sonny tell Donna why you don't really have to care hickey education sleep education you with a piano knowledge knowledge create a modern knowledge imparted Hockey League or moral knowledge Lena Chabad waboku girls learning Creative Learning creates who's me up with unique education is a dega. They see Kevin from USC. Kilo take example lithium Twisted a comma Uso de accuracy. System education about the ones that are 16 to 18 years old. They start making their own money by working hard times and everything Jackie body. Too many TV star cut the other two job in a sec. Which Carthage is a model of a block behind your business is starting to parents get their as a Covey support new guitar. important with that Jenny Does he have any engineering book is Lea Lea? Precisely am an engineer together and literally literally her angrily delegate Erica are talking about I was interested in computers and Sciences both in the South. Maybe just about the drinking Infosys. My work area is me were clearly was not not happening for me. Then when you can tell invitation from musical broadcast enabling five o'clock regards to medical condition musical career. That's wonderful. So, let's give out money gaming industry Tri Ki NG music-based say touch upon my technology with Then background was up. That's one that doing Computer Sciences when I gaming industry network via visual effects. It has similar work. Yeah, I worked in film Industries and all my Works were Incorporated with the computer systems who coffee amazing. So I logged in like little Singham Chhota Bheem and then the baahubali or Bachata me for BF V FX. solar energy You bought a check on you soon after in key Hindi but many orator musical career cooking is thinking both awesome and as soon I joined getting MVP in the so and I have to get a big house. But yeah, he's they're trying something new in Music Fusion table is not like around techno Fusion to apply things like Miami. Man, I'm niebla something he's doing like that one unit is not a music Mehmet lover who they meet in secret. So Palace a coding Seagram Java JavaScript? the Engineering Group Mesa OB engineering career, but if you are eager to give you basically have to qualify that No. And without those up in the investment government area Jessica. It was literally a business idea for gay. So the book to persuade option is to those me one of the college may join. Yeah, and now poor quality faculty data will be faculty table would be so recently beat a complete you everything but love Jessie J. Say your government government for easy MSNBC. They get that is Student Success in first, that's the problem now is that if you see gonna find out Barbara dennin colleges are that they come out there is no education quality will give that I like to engineering complete Carlos quality in there is a change in his mail. Yeah, I'm busy. No, it's really very funny comment to me. I'm not saying anything funny regression. I can see you're doing wonderful job you having met many podcasts and everything. So that's a good thing. I mean, this is a good thing. Okay. So the equality the border the great rapper see mathematical operations cost is really a Marine. It took every American to your father put in silver or bother you with fear. So both are there are some ham like em City a game perspective. Well, yeah, we cut the movie Virus to cater their energy. How much car bomb Thank you for information. So yeah mother what she said. A Bugatti side the clear image hibari-sama education system is quickly approaching scientific theory mother put a couple of words condition of my Megara worst condition. I was done rubric additional condition. He Calico condition for development has a was a rodeo huh develop technology most I said technologies will be small horrible World Milliken how India have to go up clean old missionaries a job with a company to any begins about companies Majors that they go get those workouts. We see machine car that's gonna die. Upgraded version articles that but never this is like literally afraid of engines and machines right number of puts. Our students are getting it to be disagreeable example in that multimeter in the example of a multimeter a kurata soft. Durian the pronoun for an emergent a small curve, which is me never will be accompanied by dang it to a both because of your Uncle Billy Jessup interested up or the particular version. I OG as I was in Destiny's have engineering, correct. that was when trivias are at the new my Decay come on scene and Powerful Erica, which are co-workers appear regime called correct if you can for example Miss bossypants Which is the momentum so hmm, all of our better angels of kirov. It took a current good job chayote or her engineer to engineer. The job name is Athena mother. Do, you know every year file acts of Engineers are passing out? While acts Engineers passing out some athleticism to decorate the tart shell that these lucky engineer side and mega making sin, but that of course a biggie. But yeah, it was like when I was in 12th standard then the fantastic and your kurata and wasn't there was diplomas to do that now because near 22nd year to thumb back bar a compass. I went to a hair cutting scissors alone. So I'm adding hair composite made. How can you skip again either there must be possible cutting position. And he was like asking me after I got sober but I said I was shocked. Here cutting another to haircutting a film is the only old man's but not a my eyes. So when Simmons the query option choose give us a pilot yourself financially independent on as I am and johnno. Yeah, Jehan, her name is John. She's my lover. Okay, okay. Okay. You have to go get work. We do nothing good. I could name was Elizabeth. I and my apparatus cream Karnataka Johnny military heart beating so easily. Okay, wait a minute. It decided Hearts opposite of balcony on the second. Uh-huh supplying a card dating your chilies and garlic and jobseekers with a husky body. So Gallagher sector be available which will be coming like that. Look if I see botany at your home senior with any of those 500 which cuts under which government I do we control our two side buttons like thing to key. We Hamada parents kohanga REO is it parents whom you love? Sorry parents Tony which will advance to a chicken wrap up our minimum. You will be permitted a deeper layer whose authority I beat you. You made daddy or my papa gave will be cheaper to need technology some of their problem with you. Anyway technology so many many I go toward technology Co Implement case occurring it. It would include any product out there. Okay, Nando be divided 1 a.m. For someone. May I go too in depth conversation about religion does Madonna? Okay guys 30 minutes and 360 listeners. Thank you so much guys. Love you all. Me too. Bye everyone. Okay. Yeah - where are you going? So, okay. Okay. Give me a little bit and I think Okay, let me have a word with her. So I'm cut. Wait, Delta Psi of emotion of window. Ask ask EG. Okay. Thank you so much for joining with me. Have a wonderful day. Let me have Arsenal on the call now. Okay. Bye. Yep. Take care guys. Do hit the heart icon which you can see near testing column that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating content. That's a topic. I got shop with. Dr. Amy. Let's have a word with Estella. Hello. Hello. Hello. Masha'allah, alhamdulillah I'm doing fantastic or application by syllable of is applicable or a B AB Community her life to but according to some of the educational educational educational button again. Black community has gotten a 22. It depends upon the consistency of the reports. We summon JK how to say that our maximum number of reports are and you get a regularity with the catch. Kidney reports are asking reports are average perpendicular Barber reports are daily being the reports are as one big important action will be taken for sure or a key user can abide by reporters. Sukanya Mira aquí bar count yoga. but you have to instead of reporting a pecan kgs bendiga to idnum halves idnum collector of Melgar DJ say Pay one nickel pattern has 100 points to data 10% or 15% pay hike an audio over here at the acip. Let Phi P minus a positive sign. So is this may gather buffering problem with the 800 normally Delta up directly 0.4 janicek a total of Asia. First Professor go forward classical music fingertips line, but a skirt. Oh, Just as you can has Nella. Yeah, there's some audio comedy Cortana topic and it is like an audio file of complete two hours to serve as a buffer animals photobook like that topic are now that there's a body start container those kids today. I quickly Jimmy breath for three minutes in five minutes. Then as a photo collage occurring it took hours for buffering is adamak Malaysia other buffering is adamak negative. I'll crash near Guam easily easy. Apologia file. Hey Bucky here in future is a problems of Canon. A child recently and I wanna be all be updates on a value because both sorry open tacos near Equestria. Can I updates I own cookies kiss. Bye. Bye Ma. So many females locate the key. Kidney box. The Quran is made to get the problem Soria to Escobar many female Licata. So just some representatives of charge. I got g a quarterback draw a rectangle command Corona comment here to sell specialty. No matter what is kind of a and I will be bug-head many they occur together. We'll be going medical to discourage hotel to white bison Nation by up them back to be out there working your buffering problem and it work program of its kind of payment by has a give it up convert on out a subject to see points is one sector job alive Chelle Rae HHH say c 2 by c a minute or less a janitor at escharotomy. Thank you so much happening, but area or happiness can be better at a job and live. You'll be blown a irate and to be pathogenic open subsets of podcasts drivers who are getting started. 33 minutes per hour and we have 396 listeners and the skipper has named a Razorback datasheet me retire. So he studies is that it looks to keep the person correct, which is up say opendoc my data automatically also audio go to operate that you gave me like smell rain content before our guys made a shape a luxurious Co use common interest account. So what do you say that publicity statistic here? Hmm. We're Takin a look and Questar. Malala is using purple star Miller will to verify the separated by verificar think on both are populating a subset here. It was a module button. I really like As long as they are that is the reason I got immediate Star as a pilgrimage over response notification matter. I try to reply to that response but no notification Hannah so I could or couldn't do anything for that one. So Z scale is key to America's further answer binary star Q ultimate look telling it over to check pneumonia or this rage AKA Joe Graham leibniz are just made up of the bottom to live together get him on call bad quality. Now you said the record with the banana? Let's say he's instead of delete open dog and a option VI. mmm John called Piazza So instead of opened on a put option Gap audio editor sector gravel podcast Guerrero submission school's mission of good Toda is a person they are a Just Popcorn Econoline BB edit cursor to a duel option II out by the cash. Say okay after they come it opened. David still I don't have any requests till then you be here. Okay, thank you so much. Awkward, you know about something assistive technology, you know assistive technology. No, I just have a brief on it but don't have a complete grip on the subject. Yeah this technology, you know that if you have if someone have any disability or handicapped, you know. So this type of just like if you if you have a Android or if you have a what do you use Android or iPhone I use Android so you see that accessibility feature in Android. Okay, when you go accessibility so different type of things were different type of disabilities dog back and partially some issues. We should visualize visual impairment. So one can use different track issues with a so What's guitar abuse curtain opening a hotel? Yeah. If your product and you can see that like gin. Devotee, mr. John mom Kelly. I tell you he doesn't want me to get diverted from the work, which I'm doing online or offline. So bold, and if you get into a relationship up not time for a change cutter. She doesn't want that to happen. Hmm, as I say of you online via comments, and I'd be happy as a named Jeb. Bush needs a any questions. Yeah, but why did you like her why you started to like if I know the answer would I get wouldn't I be telling that to everyone? And your question about put your mojo day one chip was really my billboard A1C boots. We don't have the answer for that question. Okay. Okay. It's automatically, you know, Perry in a circle. Yeah. It was like I felt an instant connection with her the but we High connection to do Ricky Bobby. I just literally if Alpha yeah, and you did you told that you didn't see her still now I didn't that's very interesting because these days is mostly people do a video calling you saying that you can see is too. But still be having our time. No big deal. But if you want if you say to her so she will come on video called she will you know has any objection. No, she won't be having any objections, but I won't do that for now. We'll be having our time if needed image of the guy say is he? Okay Isola. I have apples here. Let me have a word with bubbles. Okay? Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hello. a boost can you send me the request? We have genuine Ren because ready question Karachi. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. It's on has been teaching me bangle. Hello, ah read the comment section. How are you? my PC crown foxy Hypotonia, what IH is well, huh? Hello - Dana bal-ri doctoral me do so. I will together as TK Deena bal-ri a doctoral me do side then I would do sat-nav author I come. reality Voice break dance career, but she they do suicide note that Anna it is commit suicide take a couple of mechanical digger. Vedic Marinette problem Regina Graham Hello. Okay. genuine Boulder here the anomaly Bana Obviously, yeah Wi-Fi guys got together, but she made a pie. How about that? Hi, Lily. Hello. Hello Gaba. Tepe included Muka about occupation. When you see the word carnico first time in Indiana. Time in the day to check for Donald but what is it? Open model up Ernie RSO creepy beautification codes and square notification. Could Hammer activity under so tacky. Hello, his name is notification Cabot akula, but you've been busy. What's up doc sit? Open dog cerveza, huh? Okay notification. Iik American today I had to prepare. Please answer. Yeah, you're going with this in here Hamada free. Approach it now. Chica how I recorded a hotel. It is a company. That's Antonia. Lena Lena Angie bought some goes to school should deliver gets older but you what Allah nay nay nay. Varta, love with with me was a data like that. Yeah. You're like I wanna go fishing with dr. Amy. Huh? I mean Amy we go should in Bogota wake up into that protection protection a what the weight go tie. We tweet you just a picnic McConnell. Oh, it's at Bartle absurd man. I tell but then he got older adult button. Dr. Michelsen Guatemala. Tiga DK we got got sucked in. SI aqui baby Hi Kumar, of course, I'll be able to say nay. Ha ha ha mrf Tyre. I'm covered. In fact dictionary been am changed other than say I might have to add. bro Oh my goodness, beautiful, but creative. Now what have you? Love's On Me by A-ha, we it name it name later. ola Keep your daughter Diana died. Yeah, huh. There is a water tower. No, it's like me to dinner Matlab make a continue to grow. I like you no matter what. Huh? bolo bolo gigantic there Yep. I'm all right. Huh? You got dough. Yeah, he's about him say has knowledge Arabic at how cute your job to Kult. America has been a I do the simple. I'll blur cobbler Q opposite attraction. Okay, so up a positive traction the attraction cookie. Our team has been the peopie are works that Attraction part of action volunteer. They were actually No, yeah direction would be our mother actually metallic in the area traction. You see our graduation gone. Well, I'm an old Fiat May hota Hai attraction when the university protection it I thought maybe even a name anymore nebula wigs confess. What going to be nervous? Ah even too much love. as of today Electricity cam new Transformer like I am for my enemy Amarillo take didn't mean it like that. It's like miguelito. I sure as heck. Yeah, I started. Okay. Computers. Are you sad image? I get the new taken a pedagogical himeko. He be interesting here. Look out updates able to just imagine like banana, but what was his name? Many is adorable Levin apology or Bangladesh Bangladesh support. It out multi-column recipe. Maja nananana, nananana I said in with a Clipper day. Yes, it is. Janna you know, let's not discuss those things here. No, my discuss Nick. Are you my boots every evil diversity hmm makeover, but I chickened out it may be running away. they got they gotta kanaka content Madrid Arena a content creator matter Cabana people that it Because I think that we punch in here, huh, huh. We punching your hot kiss. Yeah, I've got a ship don't get theme so go ahead dilwala. looking at school But I understanding woman. He's commanding will give all right one kiss. Come on. Hey, come on. Maverick he's not So Vain broadcast. JoJo's Agana was a rather than JoJo second a bizarre. The doctor was opened up my nigga, whatever the other teen offenders. It has no effect saying America has done a liar English Malika. Could someone rhaenyra has been a lot of news reporter banjo? Yes. I am Aaron interview liters of capacity news reporter Joe Gallagher. It's not like a Supreme Court. Yeah, Chicco car is cardia. There are cell Mukesh Kawasaki verdure. Make a buck Eliminator Courtney kaha abdui Nia Sabbath. Nahi dekha, Jaga nearby are gonna like The girl who's accused of not accused is a victim of physical attack. It's kind of near are nearby and this is terms about a job. Terminology terminology like so-called so-called Agricola was Dana a pie dish is like a clerk you are every Affair or we are ignorant. another boy scout your family is the family kids. You're about to drop our date and just gorgeous. He cases the other Hotel. I mean actually he said that the road is they go. Self-motivated was Olga is my do that. But I like that. I'm going on the Nina go to tr phot and maximum 80% of the entire show is completely planned and scripted one Joker th is to get a lucky number. I didn't. Can you show us manage outputs? We had so many singers. They get Joe, you know show me reject where but your for could put this stuff Liana for Barbara singer one year and every hair economic Donna. So we not yell, so we're not yell. Okay, I guess I'm not sure like RG3. Maybe I'm not sure about him and are a care or I care reform. How to go on it? Yeah, nyada audition gonna bother character Shadow today phot back to Iran about what I think are the button come with you relax. So time is Alka ma'am. Will you man I bought a disabled huh? Wait. Oh. I don't like singers casket. Apple hello. Hello, my name is what I need to make a bow around I prefer opendoc singers much better than those reality show singers. I am a raver lock the door lock music singers. So at least they're seeing on their own and at least two auto-tune just a software using a kurta. They literally seeing on their own idea professional singers. I push a chair looking back acceptable. Hello Sunday, you just named Sonia a musical reality show, but I just got some real. Marvel TV was a cowboy out there. My book was good. Singer model famous singer software. Ava China software. Uh-huh, Maybe. Justin Bieber be order to new skirt echidna on stage for the subway artificial singing Dear where there's a number of them all. Thank you. armaan, Malik armaan, Malik All right ahead man, Malik. was dinner I've got you. Hello together. Yeah. Yeah, I'm continuously speaking my name Allah Moosa Ghana kissing a guy say Matlab my emoji Ghana Ghana policy writers. Oh, ho ho ho ho. Due to caricature that music industry limited by our acharya. Armaan Malik a demonic voice guitar. profession Hello toenail nothing. obviously our man hello Marlowe. Huh? Yeah. And what Anna's RNA? I can Mount Everest. Oh. My very cool rocker may be done together. You come out of the dating pool and a Deadpool que paso negative Neo th LED using weapons and Kelly Martin a Maverick, but love Deadpool Gary Martin is kogi body. Kappahd Kappa Deadpool Q&A. How about this? Airplane Grant the person that I loved one G and I love Rampage. It's suggesting. Okay, you can't tell mooji. Another era, huh? Mad cow little polo polo polo guy or go to which an economy cartoon channel Bachata America. Uh, I gotta go. Huh Avengers, that's me. Your taste of movies is would you want to load it up? Just go against movie and I guess I'm just got first movie sequence moving in here. Okay. First of all, they Nene one evil Emmanuel. I went to see Chris movie Anna sequence movie A Bola The Avengers I'm give Avengers Age of Ultron Ultron wounded they gotta whenever they go. Do you have Netflix and Amazon Prime Amazon Prime air? Netflix Netflix is REI flicks lighter flicks - listen II fix Nation. I iflix her. I fleece iflix that I've linked here boy. Those men are my neck dinners going strong girls per account vulnerable time in iqaluit butter with some with many other criminal activity. We were Audio is ready queue car nephews account neglected second whenever a person or a movie. Sorry series basic tenets Christmas some amazing shows amazing most amazing affirmative autonomy movies, it's Mobile today. It is God, and I've got one. Huh? Cheese popcorn and caramel valet bucket and bucket and then sorry movie popcorn was teased a gallon Max may have jamilka and every time available. Let's uh tearing the I guess obviously I'm accident theater It's a combination of like so many theaters there is about our movies you commercial Tobias able to judge a movie like now to turn negative Bangladesh material holla holla at you Are you with me? Corner corner seat you look a mess up. My movies were with a guy in your local sciutto, huh? Drinks snacks movie hero hero in some capacity. He's going gets tough. And it's a movie Car Hero Karan Kapoor actors popcorn snacks couple drinks. Let's move. Yeah. these two hour Oh John, finally a Cheeto minute to Gin up collector. E Mi to me to me to me to me. I'm at the market policy with the Nano setting you John and you get that ha ha, how about that? What last night was marketed by Apple? Yeah, this was my party game 562 members people listening gupchup. Amanda Donna TK I am just starting. Ebola has me array. Xena kalka I can completely write it again. only boy The world is behind me. I'll always love how it's like it's complete. I'm now wow. What a story. Oh my God. Let me hello. Hello. Hello still as I could I'm was tall and that this will you help me? Is it right complete I mean Majestic a short form in the car. I want one claw was so it was you he said that I could reasonably. Well beyond just made that Donahoe I just made. But I hope that gelato is a live look at him the PRK made that key basket. Is there any possibility of having pain in love because you are? Do you believe in the concept of sweet pain in love is it did not say anything. Did you have to answer me? Okay. No, she's not giving me these done here is then you have to answer me. See I want to do all of your questions right? It's make it listener that 581 to get Intel in simply slot. Imagine rigidity name. Name is the case. Sometimes like Xin tell me the Gap is it you don't have to explain if you already have the answer. Sometimes they go sometimes but love is the gap or die together. cowboy adding capacity I am but a philosopher array hamari philosophy. So no way to be in rugby caffeine here I go. Because the commission has more. Bane We need an account name change. We must finish and single oscilloscope. He dinner my Dragon - I thought about it, but I was never against lovers. I was never against love in the same way. I was not towards love to judge a fake relationship erosion. Aorta fake people be better than any other Major Tool up to you to make happy million. berdych as I explained when upon David Okay, guys, we have 600 people listening now. That's a wonderful track record. So do hit the heart icon which you can see in your testing column takes and whatever time watch a donut shop to selection, right? Oh guys Chase over screen for us. Yeah Hearts open Talking lie or made a hat up Kelly. Amara Bargains with agave heart mother pressed Nakia engage a blowhard taught me how to do Jacques or okay. Could you be talking about when I say no to cut up the corona? Maybe someday. Some now some now look I would love. It's a bit not as cute as I got volume in it. As NATO has not let them block some be sambi. I just am me. Would you like a salmon burger short for me? Oh PJ. Open up guys Mega triple six. Q is we gonna see hmm Basie bolha and cu-boulder. Yeah mineralogy 11% charging High Mariah with the current day. I shall carry Sam become a televised Seema Seema Matlab the Border hota Hai You can crack better jokes. Raj Sinha suggest better jokes rachna yet was capture here jokes with my boss catch. Ow. Mom has a curtain to look but seriously take these. - her act together but both adjust a act he Atomic you are literally living the character, right? What leaving the character who's got those calendar? No, because I like this not like this then like what ejecting at the beginning of the Clea? Right. Let's go babysitter. Again the job ecologist Ricardo. Yeah, yeah. Yeah really good. Yeah, I'll go this way. reenacting the electing under to estimate karna padega. These guys are gay. me - amputee take longer it opened up for you. Yeah, my notifications but let name I opened up kolonko boruto cabinet love egg, but they did make it a podcast which increase request are a few gaps simple. closing Cardiology screenshot energy Yeah notification Jahan liked your podcast of gotcha Booker. It's a particular Vietnam liquor Tabitha's ever recorded version know what do we recorded version 13, I am it alive she'll die. Yeah. As life that I got a big animal. Yeah, but Danny ma they gotta really do wait. There was a collaborative economy. So guys if you are loving the content as you there is no content. If you are loving the cup shape then hit the heart icon, which you can see in your texting column that will be motivating me to come up with some more gupchup and Furniture. I love you all. Well, hello Bo I'll be today, but but I but I did get a minute. Tickets will give it a nice neighborhood. Like what's your name? But again, you know my first priority. Yeah, and I respected. Hmm. So skinny. Joyner I'm with you now. Don't be upset. Okay. Wa down and yeah the Tina picanha. Jawa Nigel you will yeah, I know. Hey Daddy, I got my first priority is first priority. Yeah. Tell me that you're okay, right? I love is a la vez. Sam be time-based talk. Yes. I am be you're absolutely right subcommittee biota time base talk. That's how what with Prashant service table. But the which are kept secret karate chop, I'm really sorry guys to keep you waiting. But Bhajan cute am Daniela data. Sam be collected time based content a joke. Okay. Hey, Eric, send me a request. Let's have a ball. It's been so long. We didn't talk about, you know, we're architects of about talker Derek. Send me the request. Okay. Hello. Hello? Yes, Doctor Amy. How are you? Hello. Yes, are you able to get hello today me high arc Eric. How are you? Is that you win? Yes, I am. Yes. I am the one in DPS, right? You're someone handsome looking dashing. I'm and I think we have some competition in open talk here as a deep email. I got the artery but love with each other. This is the first time that I have set up my own profile picture. Otherwise, I was having downloaded from the internet side only. Yeah, but but what is occurring in the kitchen? Well to Jaga signal. Okay, actually, this photo is very common. I do have with the many photos though key many photo shooting occurred by a common photo manage. It captured here. They are common for teammate natural every other photo shoot later or not though. Ugh like I do. Already fantastic. Everything is going absolutely fine. What a chase a children or maximum message up media the carpet but official time is some time if I get time Comanche zoko use so curtain number two Giada. Very presence the cleaning Yogi. Yeah. I got observe that car caracal codes are addicted. So that is a reason. The morning math, actually, I was having a broadcast in my solo kurata morning me with a gun denominator broadcasting Kitty morning man, then after I decided to go at workplace as cabbage too busy up Jackie free Warden, I saw that he dr. Mia Cowan Apodaca. Thank you very much. Thank you so much Angie already questioned the article made a protest in your area. I'm taking time off like one hour. Maximum you have your other container podcast category so a bit with some other works to to me rabbit that I made appearances in the Palais de patata and Joe extra time Tosh.O marathon with and about time. I'm not talking about the price shop topic changes are tie or if it up now broadcasting is Authority on energy cassata there. I have noticed this thing that key objects are considered a current Porto Rican because my target is to be like my inspiration about this I when the Bots are ya rabbana watching. Yeah, the way he communicates he fills the room with energy wherever he goes. Oh, that's so fantastic. You are actually doing a very good job, I think. Basic Basic Energy Lana is energy energy energy Burger. I feel active and happy for that. I'm on the right track now. Okay, obviously 9 o'clock office on out. I then I'll return if 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. Podcast algorithm and 638 lat. Bought the tdrs upset my neck. You notice he had developed the confidence in someone if you are doing podcasts or something. It feels key hum. Bhi Kar sakthe jockey actually Osaka Camila giorgi geum content. They actually have a skinnier but after some practice we realize that key as a host actor himself. He was like that or a confidence boost up connect really a platform to both a chair and he said, That's it. haha Yeah, so he thought morning matney about the immortal of this evening. Mahiette the morning to Ibiza Tamara and the power mechanical system, but I feel like a kind of lazy because I have some other works client can subscribe called. Dr. Amy your voice is not Audible. I got Eric might be up on a sandbar. Oh, yes. Now I am able to get can't hear you too, Eric. Hello now. Yes, yes. Yes, but I am some error else. I'm not at my home. Okay? Okay. Okay, Queenie Queenie Ugly bar to do an email or tabs many continue key Insignia practice. Me too. Just see that how I'm doing. Okay, I'm still practicing on this one. Cutting another definitely you will be able to sing properly than what the charge appear. Why is your cheer with him? And his one eye guy? That's actually barrini things. There are gigantic at don't know what she was born here. Hi zombie. I love guitar we play curtain Atomic learning, but I haven't actually met. You can meet him open the fifth fret 7th fret 7th fret and capable man a second Fitbit Ikea Tajima 5th strings historical scientific project. That's ddlj guitar strings practice fingers put an arm or a Meszaros his name, right? Right right say yes, I have got it's about the Chiba that oh, okay. Eric have Meenakshi online. Let me have a couple of words with her you will because podcast a veto and I know I'll I say yes, I okay really is very great to talk to you and good evening to you. And I'm very happy evening to you too, Eric and do drop in my podcast sometime. We have to Ghana Ghana Buckethead. Yes. Sure. Yeah take care of the car wonderful day, right? Okay guys, let's have a word with Meenakshi, then we'll end this podcast. Dunya has a very peachy licking my dad a picture up in the Bernal a marriage. Hello. Hey goodbye. Okay, I mean actually hello broadcast. Hello. Hello. A pig in my voice. Hello. Hello mean actually, how are you? I'm fine. Absolutely fine. I've finally seen you have never podcast how to care about who she really great. How many value B KW B in between a break? Okay. I met with a HomeTown by who so time. We built a music app. At least I got home start cutting. Maximum take the bakura Jessica get to Carnegie Hall May. Just watch about that you hey, how are you? How are the things going on? Yeah, fine better teach you how because today about hey Toby. I'm not decide kiyah kiyah. Okay. Thanks. how to make a new alyona job though Okey, okey a chancellor of this really new to me. Okay. Hello. Hello in actually, are you there? Yes. Yes. I'm here. I wasn't sorry. Hello, hajji higher vision for you. And I wish we had a content on aisle two. I was hoping that you will be there but lately I'm not seeing you on open doc is everything. All right, Jimmy now, she's gonna cry he teach a baby. He doesn't but then let you die. Kiss me. I made it clear. Hello King on gonna let me go with you Satya. So let's say yeah, I think Okay guys, actually I'm not well so that's why the now much better. I hope I'll be sure doing well now and really And guys pun intended for listening that's really been pleased with the heart icon, which you can see interesting column that really motivated me to come up with some fascinating content. I love you all. And Gina, are you gonna put any chemicals in Italian? Ha Screech our line has unique. Five more minutes and I reach home. Wow, Jen, that's really get to here. The Mia Hamm Mary Peach a licking my family it up a number and I'll live maybe just hey, oh my God. Okay guys. Thank you so much for joining me here on today's open Talk captured by dr. Amy. I really love it. All really. I'm really loving this guy's Thank you for the support. Thank you for the love and keep supporting me keep following me on open jock maybe having some wonderful gun the upcoming question. And yeah, do hit the heart icon which you can see interesting column that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating contain every single day. Send hard for this wonderful person. Thank you so much. And that's so nice of you. That's so sweet of you. Okay, guys the podcast is about to and I do we have one more minute left and yep. hmm So guys, thank you. Have a wonderful day. And again, I'll be meeting you today evening at 6:30 if my mobile don't die because there is no power here. I have one more interesting content today and it is about mystical creatures and their Origins is like what kind of demons ghosts fairies we have been spotting in our day-to-day life in entire around the world regarding that one. We have a topic today evening at 6 and Yep. Thank you so much for joining with me guys 6:30, I think. So. Have a wonderful day. Take care. Love you. See ya by signing off. Dr. Amy sayonara?