How did you come up with the idea and maybe the early features? So in 2013 and around February is when we exited and looking at what are the different areas that we could focus on in India in the meantime in 2011. We had already started what we call as growth story as a venture build a platform is what we like to call it where a lot of new ideas of areas where we believe that the next set of opportunities now. How we wanted to put together our business plans bringing teams and do some seed funding but the idea is not the funding. The idea is I have that. This is our business plan and we are the promoters of these great ideas almost right not incubate actually execute the idea. So for instance we passed it was one of the early ones and Bluestone these two had started already in 2011 and in 2013. I was looking at something which could have been the same. the model has that the idea is ours the promoters we get in a team who then executes but I said that I also want to still remain in an execution mode rather than get into just a strategy strategy and support mode. So for me the healthcare sector felt like there was still a lot of disruption to be done in that space. I wanted to focus on that area. But when I studied Healthcare, I realize that there's a lot of investment that has happened in the providers face. Many hospitals of different hues and shades have come up multi-single very higher to quaternary care and all of those things so said that what is it that's outside of hospitals and what else do people need. So that's how the whole idea of Portea came that. There's still a lot of support that people need outside of hospital as far as health care is concerned and there is no single brand. There's no well known entity which pulls all these together and makes life easy for customers in the in their healthcare journey. So that's how OTR came up and initially, of course, we thought it would be more of a aggregator of various services that patients need but as he went through when down the line you realize that this is really you need a full stack service over here. It is not good. enough to say that I will send you a physio home and you figure out with them, whatever you need, that's not model is not the right model for medical or for the healthcare space. So that's how this whole new that's how the whole thought emerge that we will put together all that. It takes to provide a complete comprehensive service for a patient and then late 2013 is when we got the whole initial business plan and raise the first round and excel, of course as always in the great partner for us in many of our startups and we were kind of they were kind enough to invest in us right at the beginning along with Rancher East and Qualcomm also came in with a small contribution to that initial round so that so in 2014 is when the journey really started it was a big learning. I don't anything about medical or healthcare sector and the fact that I mean user of that. I don't know anything else. But also I have been I think a super user of that because he looked after my father who had just gone through treatment on cancer and it was a lot of challenges that I experience outside of a hospital in and so I know and knew that there was something which is missing here and that we could probably put together. We worked with a lot of hospitals the first six months of 2013. I think from July onwards all I did was to talk to lots and lots of hospitals. People in the medical sector Doctors medical technology providers. It's just to understand what is the need and where are the problems and that helped me to understand that it's not enough to just put the capability together, but the ecosystem is going to play a very important role. We have to work in a manner with the ecosystem that is not combative. That is not that is very collaborative. So that was a very clear learning out of my various interactions with the sector. So right from day one. We ensured that while we go directly to consumers and we did a lot of work around that and through digital marketing and various routes to get consumers to talk to us directly, but we are from day one. We had tied with hospitals to be their healthcare partner to be their home care partner for delivering the continuum of care so that that was an interesting journey because It was the first time that somebody is going to the hospitals and say we will take your patient away and manage them and that's a very scary thought for a hospital. What's going to happen to my patient first, if you do a good enough job because it's going to reflect back on me and to will you take my patient away and then hand them off to somebody else. Those are absolutely legitimate fears and because hospital spent a lot of money to get a patient in and for that patient to then to walk away elsewhere is their worst nightmare. They do not want that to happen.Got it.