How To Boost Self Confidence .!
physically hour okay today we are going to talk about how to boost your self-confidence nobody is more important with Limitless self-confidence if someone seems to have incredible self-confidence it's because Or she has work it on building it for years self-confidence is something that you learn to build up because that challenging world of business and life in general can deflate. so building a successful business required a thick skin and unshakable confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles. Here are 10 things you can do to build a viewer self-confidence. The first thing is visualize yourself as you want to be what the mind can convince and we believe it can achieve visualization is the technique of seeing an image an image of yourself. Two are proud of in your own mind When we struggle with low self confidence. We have a poor perception of ourselves that is often inaccurate practice visualization fantastic version of yourself, achieving your goals. So what people think that what we should do to boost our self-confidence? We have just two listeners till now. Okay, the second thing is to affirm yourself affirmations are powerful, too. Okay, and here we have said I would you please introduce yourself come over. What do you do? So what do you do? Okay. So what do you think about how to post or improve our self confidence? And I think it can be done by communicate more with people and go something good with people like activities. Maybe watching some video sort a kataka course how to improve your self-confidence. Okay. So I was saying that to gain self-confidence is to visualize yourself as you want to be. So if you want to be a doctor then you have to visualize in your mind that you are going to be a doctor. Okay? I think we have a low slow. The connection so you have to button your mind that what do you want to be then? Okay. We have here again. Hello. Yeah, so sorry. What's the connection? It's okay. So I have said I was saying that visualization our hours of our service is to be something and determine what we want to be well have US gain more self-confidence. Is it what do you think about this? I've been to get what you are saying. Okay, I'm saying that we have to visualize our perception about ourselves that we have service in our mind that we want to be something like if I want to be a doctor then I will but in my mind that I'm a doctor so I have realized what I wanted to be then I gained self-confidence from this to achieve what I am aiming to Yes, maybe something like that. If you think about what you want and you focus on that and start act like that. I think that will be good as you if I wanted to be more confident about yourself. Then you have to act like a like a like a confident version to start like you say it in visual in what you are doing and like Focus. More your actions on your reactions and what you are doing and how what's your behavior I do have you to think is have you talked to people and six days at like if someone who's not that much confident it may be like using his hand. That's why I'm talking so much. Maybe he is doing something like that. Okay. So affirmations also are a powerful tool to deliver see install a desired beliefs about yourself. We tend to behave in accordance with our own self-image that trick to making lasting change is to change how you view yourself. So it's about how you view or see yourself that if you affirm that you are to be a Good character maybe you will be so it's about our minds and how we think and how we believe in ourselves that will make us gain more self-confidence. So if I if I am not a singer, but if I I acted like a mazinger or I am some author or some any character. I'll be what I am pretending that I'm P you get it. Hello to continue our be just some someone pretending only you know. It's not just pretending you are just pretending in your mind. You are drinking your mind. So if you if you take your mind that you have a self acquitted, then when you are dealing with other you will you will be shown that you have a great self-confidence. Yes, that's what I mean. I mean if you act like like are confident earlier single or something like that. Okay, we are actors you will act like that. But you have to focus on what you have to do to be one. Okay, like like if you want to be a doctor and you act like a doctor no, I didn't mean that we are just talking about self-confidence. So for example Sambal, if you are gonna to make a presentation in front of your colleagues or mates you you don't have that limit obsessed with confidence. So if you pretended and tricked your mind that you have a great level of self-confidence little this will appears and everyone will feel that you have a great conference but in years, but most in your mind if you are not that confident you have to like Like like like or the beginning you will start act like a confident person and you start focusing on what you do and how you do things. But after that you have to be confident like you focus on what you do not not just to be an actor. It's not acting except it's like tricking our mind not to not to think about and it's lunch hour. It's sorry and it's like that we are training ourselves to be. Yes, you are training and practicing self confidence. So yes, that's what I mean. I meant I meant that not just to if you are in an interview and you don't have any self-confidence what you will not be accepted, but if you You just tricked your mind that see I am good. I have a self confidence. I will do it perfectly. I would accept I will be accepted what will appear for the interviewer. Yes, so that's it what I'm saying and you have to trick your mind first and by practicing you will be you will gain self-confidence and the first short to know how to be confident. Like I was a confident person act like crazy are not using hands too much. They are using the their hands wet. Okay. Only when they are needed language, you know, so body language is as for example also reflect your inner thoughts and your what are you thinking? So I'm thinking that I'm good. I'm thinking that I have self-confidence. I'm thinking that I will do great in this interview, for example, so what I'm thinking then we'll Be a beer or will be reflected on my body language. So I'm not putting my arm it crossed or just I just doing anything by my hand or by my okay, if I'm if I have some confidence I will do I'll make a great eye contact with the interviewer. Yes. Sure. My content is eye contact helpful and useful and important but you have to use it in a good way like that. He not feeling that you are trying to attack him or something like that. No, it's not like that. I'm saying that we are tricking our mind not tricking the other people who are talking with. like we start like feeling that we are finding that everything will be okay anyway, and no one would have to worry. Yes. So what else can post our self-confidence? Let me talk about affirmations first formations are positive and uplifting statements that we say to ourselves. These are normally more effective if say it out loud so that you can hear yourself say it you can to leave whatever we tell ourselves constantly. For example, if you hate your own physical appearance practicing something that you appreciate or like what you are. Poets when you next look in the mirror. So as I said, if you hate your own physical appearance, they have it any issue with your nose with your mouth. Then you have to say lovely that I'm good. I'm satisfied with what I am and saying it loudly then you will you will accept the idea and feel enough good but if it's something we can change you like I am fat or I'm so skinny, but I can okay, I'll accept myself first. But after that I will start you to change with it be better if we are talking about sister confidence. Not what we are aiming to so if I have a self-confidence, but I will I want to gain more weight then I will work in it, but by accepting what I am so to get your green accept to accept your budget if statements more quickly raises. Affirmation are questions such as why am I so good at making deals in the state of I am so good at making videos. So our brains are bison biologically weird to seek answers to question without analyzing with Erza question is valid or not. So so the to look through to the mirror and it took to the mirror what else? Okay, you can tell us so they have self-confidence high level of self-confidence. You're asking me. Yes. I don't think it's a high level but it's actually quite acceptable for me right now. Okay, does anyone from the listeners have an experience to share without fear how to clean a self-confidence? Okay. The first step is Still gaining self-confidence is to share your thoughts and be confident about what I thinking of. So if you are not sharing by talking, please share in the comments and ask me how many listeners are right? There are 60. Okay, so it's a big number. So I think we will or maybe someone want you to share. Yeah. Due to gain or to post our self-confidence. It's the one thing that scares you every day. So if you are insecure as well, the rest of the world is to don't overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself you are busier than you think. The best way to overcome fear is to face it head-on by doing something that scares you every day and gaining Confidence from every experience. You will see yourself. Confidence or so get out of your comfort zone and face your fears. So that the third thing I said to gain more self-confidence. It's the fear to face your fears that maybe someone who's hearing is mix that use you kill him to start look to snakes pictures or something other. Okay, but this one okay, another thing if You are have a fear of public speaking or have a fear or shyness to talk with new people. So practice the day so every day you are gonna to work then meet someone and ask him anything. So you are feeling of doing this but by time you will gain self-confidence to ask whoever you want. Plus maybe some people won't accept that set. We are just talk to them that we are strange to them something like that, you know, so they will affect us negative and negative way. So we have another request I think. But he happy okay. We don't have any teeth maybe decline but let us continue what we are saying, so we have to question our inner crickets. You have been criticizing yourself for you and it hasn't work it try approving of yourself and see what happens. They did Lewis. So some of the hardest commented that we get come from ourselves via the voice of the inner critic if you struggle with low self confidence, there is a possibility that your inner critic has become overactive and inaccurate. I'm just waiting for people to to join our session and share with us the experience with how they have gained their self-confidence. And another idea II I think that we have listeners from another communities that help us to know more. So in the comments asking what is I think I want to know what is it about? Okay. Okay. I have a request to thank is mr. On Twitter and have a good day. For your chest? You're welcome. Thanks. We have a new I think. Hello. Hi Alma. Hope you I'm doing great. What about you? I'm doing good. So what do you please introduce yourself? Yeah. Sure. I'm uh, no, I'm from India and I am of working and I teach in an educational institution. Yeah. So yeah, I have attended your to live sessions then I'll find quite interesting you. Are you have a great humor? Thank you. Yeah, so you can give me some tips. How how can I boost my self-confidence? I have good self confidence, but sometime I feel a low in my side. So, can you please just tell me I think being a girl there are some situations when you feel low and sometimes you feel more energetic, right? Yes. That's right. We are women we have this. Yeah the nature but that's if you are if you have a low self confidence, but should I do to it? Okay. Yeah. The first thing as I said as I mentioned before here in the indecision, we have to trick our minds. So so if I am if I tend to do something new which I will feel negative and have a low self confidence. So we have to trick our minds and tell our service loudly that we are good. We are gonna do well we are we are do perfectly we are Enough to do this. We don't have to feel shy we have a high level of so we have to repeat this sentence has to our inner soul and our thoughts and check our minds then we will act like we are good like we don't have any tension or stress or anything about so it's it's about changing our minds and drinking. As well. So by practicing is it you will gain and post your self-confidence to a high level another. Yeah. Sure. It's to talk to yourself in the mirror and say okay you are working in an Institute for example, and you will and you want to be upgrade for for high level of your work. So yeah, we'll have to make your whole reasoning that you deserve this and you are there is no one is better than you you have to work in yourself. You are good enough to get this upgrade like this. Yeah sure. Definitely. I'll consider your tips and my life but sometimes I feel that. Whenever I go for a public speaking or I when I join some kind of talk on stage that I'm of when it when I start that confidence is good. And after the in the middle of the that session I feel that something is dragging. Okay. So how will I recoup that not what you are saying? So if about the audience they are storing. It's me, and they are talking about me. I said something what happened. There is something wrong. So I stop talking. Yeah, I was having a high level of self-confidence and talking freely. That's right. Yeah. Yeah, so you have to stop thinking about the audience you have to just think about what you are saying and about yourself and just think that you are doing a great go on move on. That's it. You have to support your inner soul Okay, so it's all about our mindset. So you have to prepare your mindset while wherever you are performing. Yes, it's about tricking it. Yeah, so thanks for your good suggestions. Definitely I'll these in my life. Yes, and which are you a good life and full of Serenity and fulfillment. Thank you so much. Thank you for your wishes. Have a good day. Yeah, same here same here. Here we have another. Yes. We have we have another request. Hello. Hello? Hello. How are you doing? Hello? Yes. I think you have a network issue. Please request us again because I cannot hear you. Well. Actually, I think a second action problem. So I'll try to make it better. Can you hear me now? Yes. So good about yourself. Yes. I'm not sure. Well myself related risks. I'm from Pakistan and now we're still working in KC Saudi Arabia. So what do you think? What should we do to boost our self-confidence? today Sorry. No, yes, I think you have a network issue or your voice. So low so me. I don't know why but my connection is good now. Yes, actually if you don't mind, I think that you know English very well. Okay, you are just saying how to improve your English. That definitely because I think I thought this a little bit I can talk with strangers and I can ask whatever I want but sometimes whenever I just talked with okay, so we are going to talk about how to gain self-confidence and talking in English and how to improve your English skills. So the first time as I said is Listen, you have to listen clearly and for more videos and movies and so on listen and listen and listen to gain more vocabulary and write down what you are learning. Then you have this in any online application and when one is gonna judge you hear that your English is not well you are trying and you are not perfect, but you are trying to be so if one will help Help you to to to improve your English and then you have to practice it with your friends with your mates with colleagues in the work. For example, if anyone make fun of you or just to try to do not view you are just care about yourself that you have a goal is Move Yourself not hearing about anyone elses. That would make fun. Of you today. Could you please just help me a little bit. Can you tell me that the end of the apps? This is the best thing for me because you know, it's all gonna be okay this application and many application anyone who are listening us can suggest or recommend some application to improve our English. - so that's it. That's really the last night. They download any apps or more six or seven halves. But except this there is a credit or something like that. I have to play the games after that it's free to use and to practice with who sell over with many people from many countries. So it will be hidden and no one would wanna judge you. So quick with your business tell me one more thing how many times I need more paint means how many years how many months I did more to improve my English because I want to be cleared in English not like that even just want me to thinking that somebody can in can learn English in two years. Somebody can learn it in one year, but if you want to be filled once it's at will and hardworking and you start to work on yourself. And many time and much time in the day learning just English English and practice it with the people at least six months actually, you know and make a little bit confused about the vocabulary because you know, it's English the one world have too much minis. So I just need a teacher who just told me about The Words, which is the perfect meaning for them. There are many application or sites online can provide you with vocabularies and Is so if you don't mind be a may know about yourself, where are you from? I'm from Egypt and you too. Well, I think that you know English very well and where you work at just studying in depth also room in the Gulf countries or somewhere public practicing it many years ago. So I grabbed Think only practicing and knowing different vocabularies and add to your mind new words every day. At least just learn five words. Okay that will you should pray for me because you know, I'm very I think that I am able to speak English because That they I'm free. I can just talk in English all that. They just really don't think I can do but I need the perfect the way out to learn how to learn and how to speak. That's why okay, you can request me and do a decision about how to improve your English and provide. So now for your trading and have a good day we have another request. Okay. Thank you. So hello. Hello. Hello. Yes awaken to the station. Please introduce yourself. Yeah. Can you tell us about yourself? Okay. I'm from Bangladesh. My name is Movin On Hawks alley. It won't be online very important to UNI. Are you understand? Excuse me? I don't understand you. Well, can you just clarify what you are saying? Sorry, we are talking today about how to boost our self-confidence. So you have any ideas. Sorry. Okay, so let's continue what we were saying about how to boost our self-confidence. Another thing to do to boost your self-confidence is to take the 10 the 100 days of rejection a challenge. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent and how to set yourself up to win to establish true self confidence. We must concentrate on our success and forget about the failures and the negative in our lives too many. Will our discouraged about their abilities because they set themselves gold that are too difficult to achieve started by setting yourself small goal that you can win easily. Once you have built a stream of sexes that make you feel good about yourself. You can then move on to harder goals. Make sure that you all eat that you also keep a list of all your achievements both large and small to remind yourself of the time that you have done. Well, The state of focusing only on to-do list. I like to spend time reflecting on that it lists reflecting on the major Milestones projects and goals you have achieved is a great way to reinforce confidence in your skills. So What to do to gain self-confidence is not to put a great gold that you cannot achieve even after five years five years. You have to put a small girls. So if you want to improve your English skills and don't fluently then I want to to be a native speaker of English. This is not a real goal. So you have to sit more. Smaller goals that I want to learn five words a day. So if I achieve this I can put another goal which is 10 days 10 words a day. That's it. So does anyone have any ideas about how we boast our self-confidence share with us in the comments, even if you have the courage to sell to post yourself? Self confidence then you have to start and join and requests us and talk about your feeling and even yourself Express Yourself here this comments or in this session. We will confirm Okay. We have a request. Hello. Hello. Yes, we come to the decision. Can you tell us about yourself? So let's continue. Till someone not fear of public speaking and asked us to join this session or protest. So one of the important thing is to self to gain self-confidence is to help someone else helping someone else often enables us to forget about ourselves and to feel grateful for what we are having it also feels good when you are able To make difference for someone else instead of focusing on your own weaknesses volunteer to minister assist or teach a mother and you will see yourself confidence grow automatically in the process. Hello Hi, how are you? So, can you tell us about yourself? So what can you tell us about yourself? Come on, civil engineer? Okay, so we are talking to me about how to post our self-confidence. So I have that and I will see you in heaven our self-confidence when you volunteered to teach or to assist someone you will yourself confidence will grow automatically. Yes, that's good. Usually people like me or even anyone else the we are usually fearing the public speak because we be able on and we need to we are supposed to understand that it's about practicing and it won't you come just like that without any brats, like all of the people or natural people as they are fearing. So you don't know how to talk in public like a new shirt before she said jet is that when she is alone on a stage or something like that or a public is Big she she feel a low level of pressure to confident, but that's that's not true because it's about bracketing and still after even practicing for sometimes. We sometimes feeling a little confident because of the people around us they are able to make us feel comfortable and they have the ability to fill make us feel uncomfortable and online and downloadable content. Okay in front of 500 people so they all want to comfortable or uncomfortable. We have to consider it Focus just on yourself and what you are saying. Yes, and sometimes people say that you have Just to focus on some one for a few minutes, like look to their eyes and the start talking if you have there is a light to see be will but if there is no a light and only there's a light on the stage and you can't see Bibble who's who's watching. You could clearly like like there is a when there is a party or something like that and you see only the singer have the light on their heads. And so you only have to focus on yourself on your act on what you are doing or what your honor is saying only you don't have to focus on someone I sent the start eye contact with them for a few minutes and then sa then change it to another person. Now do you think about that? Can you tell us about that? Have you tried before to be on the stage? Yes, I have tried many times. And yes everyone who going to talk in front of a large number of people would feel tension and straight but how we overcome this negative evening. Why just look at what we are going to talk and tell ourselves that We are going to do it. Well, we will not feel uncomfortable. It's easy to do. We are a great to speaker. We are good. So we have to support ourselves to do will in the stage by doing that by supporting ourselves and tell and encourage ourselves like to be our inner motivational speaker. Yes, it's like and what else can we do not to think about the audience not to think that we are at me. It's my hair is good better. They are looking to my outfit. They are look not to think about any side thoughts. You have to concentrate on what you are presenting. And what else? That's helping the other can be can gain and make update our self-confidence and care for yourself. You'll scare is never a selfish act. It should Simply Good throat. The only gift I have to offer to others. Yes confidence depends on a combination of a good physical health emotional health and social health. It's also How to feel good about yourself if you hate your physic or constantly have a low energy make it time 2008 a great exercise eating and sleeping habits habits. In addition dress the way you want to feel you have heard the saying that all this make them and build your self-confidence while making the effort to look after your own. Also and what do you think about that what I said like eye contact and focus on someone for a few minutes as an exchange at that to another viewer. You are a great speaker. You have to contribute our distribute more eye contact with all not all but many of the audience but to choose for every few minutes we choose someone For two or three minutes. Yes, if you are concentrating and you can handle this with what you are talking and your bones in your mind. So, okay. What else this conversation? Please like it? Chris like sorry. Okay, we have to create personal bunters never be bullied into silence never allow yourself to be made a victim except no one's definition of your life by Define yourself. So learn to say no each other's respect your personal bonfires if necessary take classes on how to become more assertive and learn ask for what you want the more control and say that you have over your own life that Waiter will be your self confidence. So how to sing to end equality mentality one thing one else is a waste of the person you are so just leave in this coat, which is wanting to be someone else is a waste of your person of the building. You are people with a low self-confidence see others as better or more deserving than themselves and instead of carrying this perception of yourself as a being it. To everyone they are no better or more deserving than you make a mental shift to an equality mentality and you will automatically see an improvement and the by saying Define yourself not allowing a be able to Define you what does that mean? And how do you define ourselves? Okay. I will I will answer you after this request. No. Have a good day. Thank you. Okay, thank you. You're welcome. we have another request from anyone would like to join just to send us a request and I will leave you I will definitely accept you. So hello. How are you? I'm doing great. What about you? My name is mr. Abdul Alim. So I want to speak with you AR. You are psychologists your am I right? Yes. What do you want to ask? Actually, just I want to speak with you and I heard you're speaking with someone and you are discussing on a topic. Hmm. So what do you want to a discuss with us here in this session? I didn't fix any topics you can you can you can choose the topics for discuss discussing discussing. Okay. We are talking about self-confidence and how to boost it. So what do you do? I'm a professional physiotherapist and now I have been practicing on my profession around to almost two years. Okay, so I think you have gained a high level of No, actually, I'm not confident about about my talk about myself and that is actually the thing is I could not speak in English better way. That is why I how can I so II want to ask some question? How can I how can I address myself as a confident person? Okay, so if you know your weaknesses and strengths this Then you have to work on it and try to reduce your weaknesses then tell yourself. What do you want to be or what? We do you want to become then work on this goal and make not to do list make I did it last so you have to work on yourself and just identify yourself first. What do you want? What did The purpose of your living and that's it. Actually, as I said, I want to address myself a Segura speaker in English. And so please give me some tricks. How can I improve my English fluency as well as how can I address myself as a successful person because majority of the times I have faced with different sorts of problem, but I cannot identify. What is my real problem and why I why I'm pressing play through a problem during the during the Time. Okay. So the first thing is that you have to address yourself as a an English speaker. So to speak we have two ears and one mouth. So we have to hear and listen more than we speak. So that we can speak correctly or fluently. So you have to watch movies and news in the PPC or what else in whatever in the end the TV or any broadcasters in English, but in the native speakers. Then you have to write down what you are learning. So everyday would I go to learn five days five words a day then use it in your daily life practice it with any people with friends with mates with the even online with people. You don't even know just to practice it and try to read more and more and gain more words and add to your vocabulary then by practicing it. Day by day, you will improve your English skills. Another thing you are talking about how to be a successful how to address yourself a successful men. So I said the first thing is to know yourself. What do you want? What do you want to achieve what you are aiming to so if you know this you have to put a goals, then you have to put a plane to achieve these goals, which is stiffs then achieving step. Divisive you will be a successful me and you will achieve what you are aiming to thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. We have another request. So thanks for your time a good day. We have another request. Hello. Hello. Yeah, hi we can do the broadcast. So please introduce yourself. Hello. Yes. Where are you from? I'm from Egypt. You're wrong. question with another question and we are having another request. Who would like to join and share those? Hello, how are you? Yes, so we were moving request. Hello. Yeah. Hello. How do you do? Can you tell us about yourself? Yeah, I'm from India Andhra Pradesh. And when you think how could we boost our self-confidence? Hello. I'm not getting you. Okay, I'm talking about how to boost our self-confidence. Yeah, okay. Okay. Actually I want to build up myself in mentally. So I is there any suggestions for success in my life? Sorry, can you give me any suggestions for success in my life? As I said for the previous one who who joined our call? So if you want to be successful, then you have you want to know what you want to be successful in. So you should Define your goals first then both a plan to achieve your goals. Divided in a steps then step. You have to achieve a one-step the second Sip and why achieving all the steps that you have within your Blaine, you will achieve your goals and reach your goals. And that's it. Yeah, thank you. Actually, I'm not able to spell you were like I want I not able to spell your name. And what is the pronunciation of your name? My name is LA. Okay. Thank you. And if you have another questions. No know if it's then I will definitely contact you. Yeah, okay. Thank you. Have a good day. Yeah. Thank you a lot. Bye. And here we have talked about how to post our self-confidence is by defining ourselves and track our minds by saying abaza t''v states to our minds and believe in ourselves and to care about ourselves and to help others. It will boost our self confidence. to and shift to any quality mentality We have created a personal bundles about ourselves and we learned how to say no to what we are disagree with and we have to care about ourselves help someone else. We have mentioned also how to set ourselves up to when also to take 10 days of rejection a challenge. We have mentioned how to question our inner critic how to do one thing that scares us every day the for example, we have to do we have with if we fear a public speaking or fear to talk or feel shy to talk with new people. We have to do that every day by practicing we will overcome our fears and big own gain. as self-confidence is affirmations that information also can help us to post our Self-confidence also how to visualize yourself as you want to be. This is the first and the important thing you have to do to start again and boost your self-confidence visualize yourself as you want to be and we don't have any We don't have any requests right now. So if you want to discuss the topic with us, and if you have any new ideas, you can join. Someone in the comments said the how to improve our confidence as I said by practicing and visualize what we want to be and to work in our blend that we have both to achieve our goals. Dividing gets in steps. It will be much easier to achieve putting a small goals. Not a great or a big goals to achieve it quickly. Thanks. In the comments they are. Asking me how to join. You can press on the request or please and join and it will send me a request then I will accept you so. So how to attract someone the first thing is to be yourself, you don't have to attract anyone you have to be yourself first. Then the one who isn't your type will be attracted automatically to you if he likes you real trade, you don't have to pretend you have to be yourself. And the right one will be attracted automatically. Okay, so anyone would like? to join we are waiting listeners. Okay. Hello. Hello. Yes. Yeah. Hi. Yes, how are you doing? I am fine. How about you? I'm great. I'm doing great. So please tell us about yourself. I'm sort of the other. I'm from India. Okay, so we are talking about how to post our self-confidence. So he has I think has self-confidence is defined as a feeling of trust in one ability qualities and judgment. I think when you believe in yourself, yeah, when you believe in yourself, you will be more willing to try new things whether you apply for the promotions or sign up for a cooking class believe in yourself. Key to putting yourself out there. When you feel confident in yourself, you are able to devote your resources to the task at hand rather than was time and energy worrying that you are not good enough. So I think self-confidence is done in which field you are strong you will have to try this you can devote your energy to your efforts. So I definitely you will perform better when you are feel confident. For example, I think a for example like that. It's if you are feel confident about a presentation you are going to Mac. Okay, you will focus on delivering your message to your audience if however you lack confidence in your ability to communicate. You may worry that no one is listening to you or you might be preoccupied with messing up. So I think constantly you might struggle to concentrate and you may stumble over your words which may run force your believe that you are bad at giving presentation. So there are some people we're talking about that when they start to doing a presentation on a stage. For example, they they feel a highly sharing the first they have a high level of self-confidence by at the middle of this presentation, they and not concentrate and not focusing and feel stressed. So what do you think? What makes this? Before I think I've before going the presentation we need to we need to prepare ourselves in. I'm only like in the front of the mirror. You have to reflect the sizing. So day one and two three days before and the person when you are coming with you are feeling confidence. You will have to talk with them about your presentation save your probation search dollars. The first you have to learn. Lowe's Are you heading properly? Yes. I think there are other things you can do your boost your self-confidence whether you lack confidence is one specific area or struggle to feel confident about anything. This is stretchy I think can help. Yes, I think the measure thing is to lose the confidence is the fearing of the presentation a traveler. If you are thinking about your presentation will be a bad or will be not effective. This thing will be your Panic so much to whether you compare how you look to your friends on Facebook or compare yourself to your friend in comparison a healthy like that. Yes. We are unique you are you Don't have to. Do they do any conversation between you and someone else? Yeah. Yeah, so that's all comparison is the summary is lighted the you have you have to known comparison between you and other one if you are comparing with someone's you have you definitely you will lose your confidence. You will be feel very I think not like that now ordered and something different lighted. So you you'll never come here with ourselves to someone someone is current communication. Someone is good in knowledge like that. So I think the confidence is boosted. When you have the knowledge of some topics you have done con con confidence definitely will come when you have knowledge of that particular topic like that. So if you are talking about the presentations lighted the following presentation either one thing is very helpful for me what I am setting what I am sharing to you too in my days in my college days. Actually. I'm a mechanical engineer sigh I give the A lot of the presentations in presentation and seminars in my college time and after after my college, so for one thing is give me a lot help the thing things is that I go pee hole for the presentations or seminars. I talk with my close close friends and close relatives in my small small sentences is small stones Forts and I talked too much and they asked me the question. Cross questioning it cross questioning and made of the presentations and I faced in and definitely day by day. My confidence was grabbed at times. I think you should have the confidence of your particular topics, which are you are going to present in presentation or seminars. So I think knowledge is more important. Yes, you have to prepare well above the topic you are. I'm going to present about yeah, okay. Thanks for your sharing a new knowledge about how to post our self-confidence specially when you are win. We are doing a presentation on front of many videos. So thank you so much and for your Shot shot shot. If you are you want to something else missing something here your listener or some energy. Thank you. So thanks for your vote, please pronounce my name so Rob, okay, I'm sorry. No. No, I'm just I'm just I'm just asking no. No, I'm not pulling your leg. Okay. Okay the moms like yeah. So what up? Okay, thanks. I think we have another rickshaw. Okay. Okay. Okay, if anybody is listening gas and want us to discuss more about that self-confidence with I would welcome any requests to talk about what you are talking but for today, this is the the end I think and wish you a great level of self-confidence which you assume unity and fulfillment. It's in all your lives. So thanks for listening and see you soon in another protein casts.