hello, good morning, everyone and Good morning, everyone. Let's most Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. A second point would be that that you can of outline a romance where love doesn't come easy. Sometimes love doesn't come easy. For example high school sweetheart. Stay close marry and live to old age yet relationships and glide along effortlessly are rare and can make boring reading. It's the drama the suspense and tension that keeps us saying I'm not I'm only going to read the next page before right? The laughter in case of funny romance show you which is its own kind of tension as we don't tend to hooks for the punchline the advantage of outlining the romance story and blocking key details up front is you have an idea about the outset of a possible challenges facing in the lovers relation. Now, I'll share for example points here the delay romantic leads goal example of plot points that can delay Union and create romantic tension include reappearing or even interfering excess disapproving are interfering friends or family, sorry misunderstanding and negative assumptions between what ancient lovers person is for your baggage that potential lovers were being too but in relationships many other possible obstacles can make romance plot exciting. For example always being separated by water Like A Very Long Engagement by Sebastian episode or the notebook. I'm sure people have seen bonded unavoidable physical distance is a useful device for keeping the question over whether or not lovers will finally be together. Now the third point is that block quotes and complications to build narrative momentum lovers often have goals and complications that work against the union like the classic go Romeo and Juliet the Dooms love of feuding families are the complications standing in their way. So goes and complication or worst case scenario the worst possible development that could come to us the fear lurking in background gives a story a narrative. Momentum Direction by do it selects plot point for example in the racks, which is to either whether a character desires or well a flower but is also career dear one part of the story momentum may come from the Jungle Act of balancing Romancing desires and professional ones, maybe a character cancels a day to work late and the love interest mistakenly released this as disinterest. This is example of a plot Point development of a situation that That plunges your reader into new uncertain at ease we ask how will this one this misunderstanding evolve or be resolved. There are two main ways to figure out from Auntie goals and complications of your romance. Novel one is to outline before you begin writing and the other is to Simply begin writing the first stop and see where it takes you to find the plot points and character goals and shape yourself story. You can you can use several several several tools, you know, there are so many. Writers to like I other than market and make it a - put out of things and ideas to outline automatically as you go you can always see it from your outline as your draft yet a useful guide helps to prevent them the stuff. The fourth point would be to move misunderstandings and surprises for attention like in a gripping romance story the plot of an entire chapter could revolve around something as simple as one characters parent coming to stay for a week unexpectedly a surprise scenario. Like this could complicate the story in many ways like a love interest who is who is commitment Chinese food by the serious step of meeting the lovers parent. The baby might disapprove the relationship or be to control or the daughter son might be frustrated by the fact that the new part of gets along with their partner better and better in romance story plot points of all around human drama and the complex entanglements of Desire wants needs and fears. So milk this potential conflicts and misunderstanding. To create Intrigue and success in suspense for example in the classic Pride and Prejudice the protagonist Elizabeth Bennet Miss understands eventual Labrador. Mr. Darcy manner for rudeness in the simplest. At first. This is the classic love story of two people overcoming the Prejudice that results when we rely on assumptions and easy judgment. So all these go ahead and and try to you know, use the potential conflict and misunderstandings to create as much And suspense that you can all the first point is that no sub-genre when you create romance plots as with other popular genres such as crime. There are so many subchannel some changes for romance this include historical like novel set in pasture up around me provide light background or being more code to the story like a love story before the partition or Love Story do During the war time so that that gives you a proper setting of how Orion and that also gives you what kind of complications the relationship can have contemporary set in the present often light cozy or Universe example, like the Bridget Jones book category published by how clean and others. They're often said subjects and themes and publish and evaluates for should be a Regency like In the era between 1800 s where users dialogue the we're very very end up using dialogues and action more than intimacy and sex. There can also be a paranormal some Journal where and you know books have sci-fi or fantasy element for example werewolves in the Twilight series all you can have suspense like romantic suspense Blends Thriller genre and romantic elements often involving illicit or criminal activity. So for nail down, what is the some German that you would be working with and that would add to the Intrigue of the story. So I'm like you with your some drama is very important. We were some of the books in that journal, you know beat historical contemporary paranormal anything take notes on when major plot points occur and what they involve how far into the story the first big complication of Turning Point occurs, and it enriches your authors palette and With Many Colors, so trying to read and and you know, no down points and then start writing. Because if your major genres romance and you're trying to figure out the subchannel they important to do have them equal to search for both and the last point would be not the purpose of each story section like for a book for by the book romance or whether there are plot points reader is going to expect in the opening the cactus meat. The characters background goes fears floor that are separate from the romance and it will impact it and the romance need to begin to emerge. So so these are the few things which are either would expect in the initial stages or you know in the opening itself where and where the characters need to what is their background goal what are their fears what are their flaws now in the midsection of a good romance plot? You would often find few points for job the physics. Glenda motion relationship between the characters have been just intensifies the seeds of the main conflict that keep the actors from the goal and romantic fulfillment appear and a turning point occurs that insides greater romantic tension the question of whether or not the lovers can find romantic fulfillment. And the final section containing the final Conflict and resolution will occupy the final the last ending part of the story which would be the climax which often includes a section where everything appears hopeless. And and the Futures and the protagonist future together is completely question the resolution and white reward should be concise short and enough to be satisfying without being drawn out in such a way that romantic in section and the tension the physical Dimension Fizzles out. So this is this the the beginning the middle and the decision this point if you if you try to structure the brought it would become much more easier. The truth is that you should you should depart from it. And anyways in any which weighs on the you know, it might seem but have a structure you can always deviate from it, but there's nothing wrong with it. So unless you know you're writing first publisher for the first time just how a structure in place and then go go about it and with this. Oh with with with this particular aspect of structuring the story the beginning where the characters meet and how what are the characters fear and their tensions and their conflicts with this point in mind you plotting down a romance story should become easier. So now I'll go to the comments that does anyone have any question or or came to me and The the top if anyone has a question, please type. I'm open to for questions now. If anyone wants to join, thank you so much for Sean's body. If anyone has a question people can type in the question to warm the quest to join and I'll be open to pick up a call. And I don't think anyone has a question. I'm happy. If no one has a question because if then it did means that you know, I have been able to communicate one my view very clearly. Okay? Thank you so much for Shawn for the question the most important thing to write the story would be your blot your plow blood or you know, what is the Main theme or the complete the storyline the story structure that that is most important because without that you can easily deviate and you know go in parallel paths. So I have a set path that you know, I have two leads. I have a parent who is not willing for their marriage and and and then then then then in the end they struggle on on on how to convince the parents a typical male Hollywood romance trigger. I'm just guessing right now, but And then the end when they live happily ever after now. This is the the code outline of your blood now from there you can go around and you know, Define it more the steps in which you work with the plot, which I will take up in my next open dogs. But from there, you have the first the first plot outlining that you do would barely be four highlights. Not more not more maybe Max Max if you're too if you if you write too much then maybe if you mayb a page, but even then after that comes Detailing part when you would start defining, you know, the characters and after the type of the first you define what what is the type to a character sketch rather you do that and pose that you will figure out what would be the beginning of the story. What would be the middle and what would be the end now, the major is generally always all the conflicts and how they work through the context and towards the end you try to what are the challenges that they faced with the conflict and towards the end. You start showing how how they resolve the conflicts what are the steps that they took to resolve all the tension and the conflict and pose that is then it comes a happily ever after so beginning the generally contains, you know character introduction everything and I have all of you Hi, how are you? Yeah will do. Yeah, what happened you I'm doing good to hurry. So tell me what would you want to ask about how to write a love story? Yeah, it's topic your selector for hospice how to how to write a long story plot. So if you have a question, please go ahead and ask. Okay committed by the time to come to the boys or girls. Yeah, I am your voice is breaking up. Okay, I think he did not so so I shan't I think I am. I hope I have been able to answer that question. Okay. You have a question it would can you finish by joining the call? I think it will be better. Also, let me answer this question. Can we include imagery things in the story? Like just give me one moment? Please stay online for a minute. It is truly like the movies that things like colognes and Destroy. Hello. Yes. Yes, Harry, please quiet. Yeah. Yes. Ask me your question, please. Go ahead. Yeah, you can you can see something for those story. Yeah, I just spoke about it as to how you can write a love story. So what is the question that you have? Yeah, I don't I don't know about the idea about love story. Yeah, because I'm single you don't it does not matter, you know, whether you're single or committed. You can still ride along slowly so studying. Yeah. Yeah, we can write a love story means. Yeah. We are focusing on impressing in opposite person. That's only we are writing the letter. No, you're not writing a letter. I'm talking about how to rise title or oh, this is no your this is the story that your writing is not to impress anyone you don't try to impress anyone you you write impress yourself. So don't over the assumption that you know, you have to invest someone else you you write for yourself author or writer always on a poet also for that matter rights for themselves not yeah. Yeah. Alright, so well, well, I think I mean you cannot write to S others and you know start with the team design abroad and then Boron with character sketch and everything and you should be able to write it out. Yes kiss now, but then we took close to remains how to write a love story you you don't need to fall in love to know what love is I mean, I think Google and TV has given you enough knowledge about the subject so you don't actually have to be in love to write about it. Yeah. Okay fine. So, do you have any other question because I have to answer someone else's question. How are you? Yeah, you can ask no no, someone else has a question which I would have to ask answer. So we have any other question or can I disconnect the call? Yeah. Okay, fine. I'll ask. Yeah, please go ahead ask. How do you know yeah, okay fine. We'll how to improve English like a communication. You can give you some tips English sometime Monday or Tuesday next week. kilogram not interested to answer. How you thank you so much. Okay, fine. Okay. Okay. Well, I shan't see you can include image meeting imaginary measuring things in the story of love that I mean, you know a story is just give me one minute okay with imaginary things in the story because he has story is a love story is also about a fiction. I mean it can be based you can take fragments from you know incidents or of your own life or incidence from your friend's life. However at the same time it is Fiction it is not I mean you can I mean you can write your own love story and give it a new I mean say that it's a fiction because you're not using your name so you can always go ahead and you know run wild with your imagination and add for those there's nothing wrong in it. I hope that answers your question. Thank you so much with our Vikram. How are you? Hello, how are you? I'm doing good. How are you? Yeah in the blessing of Almighty surviving the rest of the life like so tell me. How's your day been? Sorry, how has your day been? Actually till now I want to start my day. I am in my particular room just navigating my laptop and system like this all okay, perfect. So tell me what so all I would like I would like to say happy Valentine's Day you to you and to your family also. Thank you so much and Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family friends Etc everyone so memory that you have been mentioned. So how to write a The story plot. So what kind of love is so you would like to have well because the history doesn't do on the deadline of to boy and girl that was truly are having different different kind of criteria when the mother to father mother two boy their son daughter to their father like this. Also, what kind of Love Story would like to have the plot in the sketch you want to have No, see when I spoke about love story. It need not be just just it can be a love story of any relation. But yeah the same I'm saying, correct. So so, you know, as I said that you know, you you start with the plot line. And then from there you go on figuring out what kind of conflicts can let them that can there be and what are the struggles because of the conflict and how they fix it so that can happen in any relation. And are you asking me what kind of love story I would want to What kind of a story I would want to wait? No, you have been mentioned how to write a love story plot. So I am first of all, I would like to know the intensity of the line of this world that you would like to know so I would not like to know I was talking about how to write it. How to write it. Yes. I was talking about how to write a love story plot. Now II don't want to know that because I have already written a book. I don't and I'm writing a love story somewhere down the I don't think I'll be doing that anyway, so you are creating a kind of Novel for this. So you would like to have the idea then the schedule of no. No, I am not asking for ideas here. I was explaining on how to structure the plot. What are they? Infants that are needed to write the love story. So first of all, according are / my opinion, I would like to say first of all we have to go through the Beyond and the intensity of the love from whom you are being to have that is correct and and second one. What are the sacrifices that you have been put to your love and what kind of struggle that you have been done for your love and what are the conflicts and what are the struggles that causes because of that conflict and then how do the characters? Main characters work towards resolving those colored those conflicts and then that's pretty much you know, the end of the story. I'm sorry. All right. I think there's a problem with comes connection. I'll be open to take one more question. And after that I'll end this conversation. So does anyone have any questions? I'll be probably yes. Okay. This is the last call for the day. Hi, how are you? Yeah. I am good. Thank you. So deeper tell me what is your question? Yeah, actually my question is regarding publishing. Okay. Actually, I've been you know struggling with the publishing part. I'm intended to go with her traditional publisher, but I'm facing a lot of issues. Like they want us to be famous the first place, you know before publishing a book. How is that relatable? I'm okay. Doing even after waiting for that alone that long time they would actually take up your novel and publish it. They kept your manuscript and publish it. So I would say that you know, I mean if you really want it out there in the world then then then, you know go down and you know, try try doing Kingdom Kindle is free of cost. You just have to upload your manuscript and it's out there in the market and Amazon even gives you know now print on demand service. So it has its own tie up with Publishers and it does print on demand. So that is you know, it would make more sense to establish a name in the market and then go to them and then yeah you are right but you know, I'm worried about the marketing part also because if I go with self-publishing, I'll have to mark it myself. I'm not even for traditional you'll have to Market it yourself the plug because traditional publishing would not do anything more than you know, just put it in bookstores. And now you Self-publishing us that they put it in book stores. We have died of the few private book stores and they do put up your books are so the thing is, you know, you'll have to put in effort in both the scenarios whether its traditional or self. So you are the one who'll have to market the time in either its self publishing or traditional. None of them will do anything for money. They say we'll do it we'll do it. But then there's hardly anything that they'll do you will have to do it. Okay. along with you Yeah, right. So you like gentle metal fictions kind of love stories. very good, so maybe In version of your book if it's zero investment and your book will be out there. Okay the line and if you've seen I mean most people don't actually tell your paper back anymore. They prefer online version of your book. So yeah, right you can sleep within the marketing effort for six months and then go around to, you know, getting it published. Thank thank you. All right. Yeah. All right, girl, thank you so much everyone and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Once again, it was wonderful talking or answering your question. And we and you guys have been an amazing audience. I will be having open talk on English Monday or Tuesday. So all of you guys if you are interested, please go ahead and join and next Friday. I will do another open talk on writing process of how to write a novel. Thank you so much. Have a good day. Bye bye.