Yes, I can. Thank you so much. Thank you. So we have heard they become adults with us. She will be talking about how to write a self-help book and she's also upward. Yes. She's also a caterer access and she also does counseling so there we go. Before we go ahead a little can you tell me why so many varied interest I mean theater is and writing and poems and counseling so so it's basically I have I have ventured into different areas of life that interests me and I always believed that a person has to find his or her true calling and for that the you need to experiment with life so keep exploring and I think theater theater has stayed with me for the longest because it's been over 15 years since I have been doing theater and I when I when I when I go on stage or even when I am directing a play, I think that pole that the ambience of fear of a theater and Stage it is very it gives it gives us Sense of contentment. Yeah, very good, very nice. And they because so what inspired you to write a self-help book ha ha. So basically what happens is playing as a child. We are exposed to a lot of stereo tires when we are growing up. What happens is when we become man when we enter into teenage and we become an adult. Our mindset is exposed to different views viewpoints and we are sometimes so we are sometimes push towards thinking The Stereotype that challenging it becomes a fear we are because it is a fear of the unknown because we don't know if we challenge The Stereotype what will happen and that risk taking ability is not developed in us when we are children. So what happens is is by the time we are third we crossed the age of 30 35 and when we enter our 40 is which is generally called as the middle age crisis. We realize that we are living a life which somebody else perceived for us and somebody else. It is somebody else's dream and it is not our own dream. We have not thought about ourselves and I think it is not too late to start at 40 also, but why not if you If you can talk out a path for yourself when you are in the formative years why not do it? So what would you say? I mean in case say for example now, I have a daughter who's 10? So is this the age where I'm you know, I should let her choose what what is right or what is let her I mean give her the pros and cons and then let her decide it or will I be able to get know maybe you should give her an opportunity to explore everything that she can in this in this age and Usually her viewpoint her perspective is starting to develop now because she has entered she is already 10 now and she will be basing her starting to think and opine about various things in the in the world that she sees so I think it is the right time to let the child free and let her explore. Yes. Obviously there is a there is a sense of security which parents need to hide parents need to Mentor the child at the after after 10 years of page. I don't think because see even in school the primary education complete sat at 10 at the age of 10 and you enter and you enter class standard sixth, right? So what happens is fifth or sixth you already have learned all the basics of Education in you are you are being molded. I specialize in some subject similarly p is and and soon after two or three years. She will enter the Teenage Witch is a very difficult change difficult period because the child undergoes hormonal changes biological changes plus the mindset also changes. So I think it is a little pressure is also there the rightly mentioned by you. So what happens is the tired is already so Used because of so many changes along with that. If you try to force your biased opinion on the child, then the child won't know what is right. Let the child decide. What is right or wrong for her. Okay, now I'll get back to this topic first and this this right now but before that briefly, can you tell me what what does mind game talk about in just nine days for like three four lines? Okay mind game. Yeah, read the book and not just get everything and this open talk. Okay, very nice. Very nice approach. I must say so the mind game is a self-help. Self-help book. I want term it. A lot of reviewers have called it that it was a practical guide to solve their problems and all and I would say that it is a guide to master your emotions and know about your know about why you should focus on your emotional health and mental health along with your physical health. It is a guide which tells you which has practical tips, which can be Demented in your life right now and I will say it's an all-inclusive book which which gives you the idea of emotional intelligence. And why why you should not suppress your emotions. Yeah. Okay, perfect. Now since I've read the book there was one particular thing, which I remember we're in it talks about that. You know, we should be we should not react we had listened and and compose ourselves and not react immediately. Wait analyze think over it and then put forward a point in any situation. Now, I have tried practicing it personally and it is very very very difficult. So So this is so do you have any tips on how how someone can stop immediate reactions or you know how to take a step back from the situation and and think over it and then then go ahead with what you want to say. Yeah, so it's basically a discipline that disciplined approach that you need to inculcate in in a period of years. It does not happen. It does not happen immediately because obviously our upbringing and our Preconceived notions stop us stop us from responding the it tends. It pushes us to react rather than respond. So it is a deliberate action that you have to take the suppose. Like I I controlled my anger by a small exercise which I have also mentioned in my book. So what happens is when I used to work earlier, this is this is this is a an example Which it took place five to six years back now. I have a lot of control on my emotion emotional health. So 5 to 6 years back. I was very short-tempered and I used to react on everything everything that we're used to go wrong in my life. I never used to stop thinking what has happened and my anger was like and my anger was like an in an extreme level like I used to destroy stuff at at home. So the AI was very destructive. What happened is then my grandmother told me a simple trick. She told me count Back start counting backwards as soon as you get angry. So what happens why the time from 100 99 98 97 96 by the time I reach 94, I used to see that I am absolutely silent because our comedians that The reason for which I got angry was very trivial and that group and that helped me guide my emotions in such a way and like now I am very mindful about it. Whatever I say, I don't react instantly. It is not an impulsive reaction anymore. It is I don't react on impulse. I always think that okay. Why is for example if I have fought with a Friend, I will be like, okay, why did the fire fight take place in the first wide of the fight take place? What is the reason maybe my friend was not in a good mood. It's okay judge judge, like the analyze the situation and then then take the then take the prospective action. Yeah, but and very respond. Yeah, very true. Now there are people who want to join the conversation. So would you want to take up the questions now or the end of I think we love will first ask them to comment will ask for them to comment and then they can join after the view after your interview ends. Yeah. Okay. So people all the audience's please wait for some time. We'll have audience interactions. So and you can leave your question in the comments. So we'll get back to that and they will come now III. I have written a fiction novel. So for me the question is very easy, but then nonfiction that is something which is very very difficult because you're not exactly telling the story you are. I mean in other words, it's more of gun download or yeah, I mean, that's my nonfiction definition. And I think most of everyone's definition is that that you know, nonfiction book is nothing but, you know a download of information. Yeah so many many people Nonfiction as what do you say academic book? Yeah. So what has happened? Like what are your challenges to keep the keep mind game the Mind Game very interesting. What will be yeah. So the main challenge main challenge was that I should not I should not form the chapter like an academic research paper the yes, I was citing. I was citing definition scientific decibel. Actions and giving examples but I balanced I balanced the nonfiction components of the mind game with a few short stories which which which communicated the message so I think I think mum basic basic thing why people consider it interesting and not like the usual it has also been turned as not as usual self. Book because I feel I feel the stories have added more charm to the subject and they have bear the stories have been able to communicate the right message to the audience. And even the nonfiction part whatever theory is I have mentioned in the book even that I have not elaborated much and like I knew when to stop yeah, so I have not exaggerate. It on any topic. Oh, okay. Perfect. So now how is since I write fiction. I would like to know how how different is it from fiction? Because he now you just said that, you know, you've you've quoted scenarios and now, you know a little story to go along with what the concept that you're trying to convey so for so how different how different is it from fiction? extend actor into an imaginary world which has imaginary can cause you can explore a lot about Humanity lot about you can also it's a science fiction film. Hello, can you hear me? I can't hear you anymore. Can you hear me this time the Constable like yes, can you hear me now? Can you hear me? Yes. Yes. Yes now I can okay. So so it is basically 10 and fiction it's tougher to write because you have to do a lot of research the way whereas in fiction or if you've been of the characters ready and it is it is just the creative writers imagination that flows in the story. Hello, Krishna. Are you online? Yes, yes. Yes now I can hear you perfectly. Okay? Yes. Okay. And now why did you choose? I mean in nonfiction, there's so many topics. Why why Mental Health? Hello. Derek are you still there? Yes, now you're back again. Yeah, well, I think mental health always, you know be physical in propensity. There is that it's physically that you are hurt and you need need medication, but health is not visible. People don't take care of themselves. So I think it is high time before comment Health Because unless and until you are mentally strong or mentally healthy. I don't think so. Any any any physical physical exercises help you? Yeah. Okay great and if what do you think that this generation or you know, I mean compared to our parents or their parents or grandparents the Need for mental health awareness is more today compared to what it was during our parents generation and the grandparents. I think I think mental health has been a need for the society and for society to address from a long time, but it were it is more needed. It is much more needed now because of the current family system. We are in a nuclear system where where we have very less members to communicate with and B are talking how we are losing the art of communication. We do not communicate. You do not communicate with each other. We have we are more we are more lonelier than our then our parents or grandparents that I can say loneliness is a problem which which the current generation needs to tackle very very quickly because it is a very it is a very grave problem. Krishna Hello. Hello, Krishna. Can you can you tell me what you have? I can't hear you properly. Hello, Krishna. Hello, Krishna. Are you online? Hello. Hello, Krishna. There is a network issue. Hello. Hello, Krishna. Your voice is breaking, Krishna. Can we take Sonny's can we take Sonny into the call? Hello, Sonny, Krishna. Your voice is not audible Krishna. Hello? Hi. Hi, honey. Yes, can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you. Yes. Okay. Okay. So what are you discussing till now? So basically she He's asked me how to how do we write a self-help book because I have written I am the author of the mind game, which is a nonfiction self-help book. Why in the game? Yes just a second mind master. Pardon, my master book you are you are talking. I didn't get your question sunny. Hello.