Hello, good evening. Welcome to the discussion. Thank you. She video let's talk about junk foods and kids today. So in our app, we are getting a lot of questions which are concerned regarding eating habits. Like, you know, my child will eat food only with chips or always ask for French fries Etc. And also there are other questions which are really related. To physical inactivity like no my child will not go out to play always clings to gadgets Etc. So which is not a healthy sign so we should address this topic today for do you think water like what are the causes for this? Yeah, before we get into the topic as you said, you know both these areas or of a big concern among the kids of this generation the junk food intake and the physical activity in activity. So these both are anywhere Related to each other and that is why you know India is getting second highest place in you know, having more number of obese children. Okay. So China is being first on that and India is being second worldwide with having more number of obese children is a very, you know, sad news to hear about and in India itself 14.4 millions of kids are found to be overweight and obese actually and even because we are in Bangalore In Bangalore also 40% of the kids school going kids are found to be about their weight. So all these, you know shows that there is something basically wrong going actually so that is why it's good to address this topic actually. Okay. So what are the common causes for junk food addiction? Emergency the common addiction core causes if you see the first thing is peer pressure among children because once your kid is in a, you know, toddler age or a school going it kids and you know, they get a lot of social pressure from the peer group that you know, when my friend can drink an aerated drink, why can't I drink you know, so this sort of pressure keeps piling up and every kid's birthday party, you know is celebrated. Junk, you know junk joint or a junk food joint. So that is also become sort of status symbol nowadays. So this is one of the reason and the second causes, you know, working parents are not able to balance or give time much to the kids on healthy cooking and healthy food. So basically junk food is more of a convenience to them to quickly pack something in the box or you know, so that is say II cost of junk food addiction and third if you You see what we have observed around the parents is you know, it is more of a parenting style. See, you know, if a parent want to make a kid eat a healthy food then junk food is offered as a bribe for it. Okay. So the parents say that if you eat Pollock, I will give you a burger so it shouldn't be like that but it is so then it obviously becomes an addiction and the kids will keep demanding for every healthy food that eat. So that is not a good way. These are the you know common reasons that you know kids are got addicted over a period of time and if things are not done right from the basic age or earlier age than it really gets difficult to change it while they grow actually. Okay. So what are the mistakes that parents do in handling junk food intake with their kids see the major mistakes first. They do is the period of infant nutrition. They handle with the kids. So infant nutrition means zero to one year of age group, you know, whatever they do for the kids. That is the mistake probably most of the parents do if they are not going to do the healthy stuff in that infant period Then yes, it is going to cause trouble in the future. Okay, for example, you know, it starts from the scratch if you're not breastfeeding and if you are giving a formula feeding then formula feeding is anyway going to make a baby big and if your baby is big in the childhood it is going grow into a big kid in you know in the further Years also and as an adult also, okay, and even when the parents are starting solid foods, you know, they want a quick fix of a you know, ready-made, you know cereal mix Donna homemade cereal mix so when everything is a Fast Fix solution for the parents then kids also get addicted to it and then buy one near if you want the kid to eat a proper, you know food then it's not going to happen actually, so When kids even parents feel, you know drinking a milkshake is easier than making a kid eat a pomegranate, right? Yeah. So basically the Jews or a milkshake is going to be a high calorie, you know, so so those habits come from an anger age actually, so these mistakes generally parent do in the infant nutrition period. Okay, and the second thing is when a kid is born from 0 to 1 year, all the parents are very paranoid about The weight gain of the baby. Okay, they always change the factor that you know by baby should be big and chubby so they they are so fond of this chubby baby factor or a social thing which is around them and they feel all chubby babies are healthy babies. So basically they are making the DB gain too much than normal even in that infant period and that is going to come with them in the future Years also is something what parents should really understand. Okay, and because you asked about this junk food addiction Junk food addiction Let Me Clear first water will come under the category of junk food. Okay? Okay. Okay. So yeah, you can tell I should be like what do you feel are the foods which come under junk Foods anything like pizza burger? Whatever fried stuff anything can come with that? Yeah, right. Do you feel biscuit is a junk food or know it can be yeah character it can be made. Yeah exactly. But but you know parents feel only French. I use or pizza or Burger is junk food know even your chocolate is junk food, even if trucks get is junk food. So basically, what do you mean by junk to put it in a very simple way which doesn't give you any good nutrition from that? Okay. Okay. So that is what we technically called as empty calories. So whichever gives only empty calories and no good nutrition like iron calcium protein, then they are all coming under the category of junk Foods. Okay? Okay, so let it be your biscuit. All sort of Bakery Foods chocolates and anything which is processed food in can and you know packets they are all under Chun categories. Okay. Okay, so but but people feel diskette is a healthy and only Pisa is junk. It's not like that actually so people should really be educated enough Waters junk and what is not changing so that that healthy habits starts from the right of winning age active. Okay? Okay. Yeah. These are the basic of all what are the effects of junk food intake? The side effect of junk food intake is first of all the kids become overweight. Okay, and then their physical activity level decreases and they are confined equally to the gadgets and main thing is while the kid features the age of six or seven. They are bullied by other peer group in the school. Then that becomes a social pressure among the kids then they lose their self-esteem and confidence. So that is a major thing actually, okay. The kid is three or four years you may feel oh, wow. My kid is big and cute and chubby, but then only when the kid grow the problem starts the kid goes to school the kid is bullied around in the kid will feel low about himself or herself. So that is the first problem with starts. Okay, and the second problem is because of being overweight the kit is going to be prone to lot of diseases like asthma or baby cannot even run in a school running race and You know if the parent is also overweight or if obesity runs in the family, then definitely the kid is also going to be prone to adult obesity or type 2 diabetes or hypertension in the future. Yes, but this thing parents are not aware that you know, generally parents feel okay in childhood my kid is Chubby but later later my baby will become thin but if right steps are not taken baby will not get thin when they grow definitely they are going to go as obese adults. So which is a very scary Factor, okay. Okay. So what are the correction measures that parents can take in this case? Yeah, correct. That is very important point to cover up a shoe T because junk food is something which we cannot live without this day, you know, like if we can definitely live without but then you cannot really get away from it because one more the other way you're going to get exposed to it. Right? So in fact even in fact is the same case with in you and me also write like even though we follow a healthy diet to an extent but somewhere we may have Get into it or you know, you go for dinner or you go for a social Gatherings of we make so what is what the parents can do is they have to fix a rule in the family and it's very very important for the parents also to follow it. Okay. So that is the first to measure which they can take at home level. So the kid and the parents should come to a common ground that okay every Saturday or Sunday only on a weekend. We will eat junk then the whole family has to stick onto It okay, but what if the parents are not eating healthy and if they expect the kid to eat then that's definitely not going to happen because kids will see role models and adopt things but they will not follow just because you're telling you know, like you have to lead by example first. Yeah, and second thing is parents also should start having family meals together with the kids. They should not look into their mobile or watch TV and eat and the same thing is going to happen with the kids. So if the kid is also watch A cartoon or mobile and it definitely the kid is he going to eat more than what is required? Okay. Okay, and then the third factor is that the family should also have a rule that every day everybody will exercise or go out and do a physical activity then it becomes the habit of the family. So all the family members can be healthy. In fact, okay. Okay, and now now in fact most of the schools also follow this that you know, they don't allow kids to bring junk Foods in their snack. For lunch box, which is a very good initiative what the schools have been taken and now, you know few health association's and Federation bodies have given a rule that junk food should not be even sold around five kilometers from the school. So that is a very good initiative what the government is also taking so it's very important the school management and the parents everybody have to be you know on the same page and the physical fitness classes and all that should be made more vigorous and man. A tree in the school so that you know, we keep the kids very active. So these are the common measures we can take to you know, reduce the junk food addiction and avoid childhood obesity in the future. Okay. Thank you for video. Thanks. Nice talking to you on the stop now.