KYCA Cricket Tournament UNDER 12
another big wide Hello. What sorry sorry I didn't hear you. I do not hearing me. Yeah, I can hear you. Now you do not and I enjoy Sunday and I think you also enjoy on Sunday. Well, yes. Yes. Yes, of course, I do that. Yeah what your topic I think it is a cake cricket league. I'm not interested in the any Cricket. I have no idea about this. Can you tell me some idea to the once or cap just downloaded? A cold one top and you can get the scores which is happening here in kyc a full blue, which is a cricket Academy. We are the conducted a Premier League schools can be used and if you have anything to tell us which country can use India state is, Connecticut. Is bangle and the town is Scootaloo. So what hi, I'm Gilda. Thank you for giving me. Okay what the score is? Okay. Thank you. Okay. I first listened all day eating and then I talk to you later.