KYCA Under12 Premier League 2019/20 KYCA Super kings Vs KYCA Indian
was he YC Super Kings are hundred and twenty-five for the Lone Survivor gets empty 929 for the lost so far it gets Cindy Motel weather So if you can do do now last goal was a good shot, but we will fill it by son good throw as well is now. Picking up with the whole coming his way. That was a good comeback by Mumbai. So the kyc Indians and I believe it's a decent score a hundred and thirty-four now Mumbai required a hundred and thirty-five from 20 overs to win this match. There was some extraordinary performances from a very tall hello for lunch. It's called 67 from but t18 fools and three sixes massive successes bowling analysis disappear. Just go briefly through the score sheet. Kyc a Mumbai Indians won the toss and elected to field. This is the Innings of Super Kings summer to Suresh three six of the build team has scored seven out of 21 balls Ariana's batra. I see the captain of the team May 27 goals were swashbuckling 9ps anything for fire order for balls. They were 32 extras one like bike to know volts and 29 whites. They are keeping up the word man. They're done a good job. Bullying analysis is one Kumar Reddy three of us none for 14 Samir. 3.40 was to matings two four six the room came. I see it three hours Normandy nine for 20 here. They Connie 1 over 1 for 12. He is Ramon three of us one for 40. It's all good Sapporo was to 423 have big hand for his on Gupta the ligue 1 o 1 and 4/10 Polo crickets summer 2011 on the 20th goal of the match Indians ridings you please Super Kings take the feet. It was known for 20. 600 Yep. On strike is the Indians. Do you take anyone for his team? You can come here for second book. That's why you have to get a strike taking his time. Stop by. SpongeBob We just barely made it over to start. Super Kings at this dude. I just told us in a second door. 21 Do you want to die? A bag of thing what school without a lost case it is chasing 136 to be this game twice in this who yet open the account in this tournament. Maybe you can you give because you have a last very close matches. Let's see what happens in this gate. They had a other 123 runs doing.