Learn How to talk with Strangers S0E01
hello everyone, and it's me uncle Sonny and this is and this is the kind of this is the thing which opens the door for. Learning and interaction. There are so many possibilities are open when you talk with any stranger. And it's really kind of this is a skill and everyone should development. I saw people who are introvert and they are even hesitant to interact with people even they know sometimes but if I will talk, like if somebody want to talk with stranger to this is absolutely kind of difficult for them because it's it is something That because people did not practice this kind of skills. And I really recommend this for for everyone everyone should learn these kind of skills. And so in today's session we will talk especially about how to talk with strangers and Definitely with confidence. So there are some points. I will discuss in this conversation and this is not a Session only this will be this is only a first episode of this conversation and we will have some follow-up episode so that we will discuss in further as well. So and if you follow this kind of series and if you learn the techniques what I will teach in this kind of session or series of session in this series, so you will get confident to talk with everyone and it will help you too. initiate a conversation even though if you know someone and if you don't know someone it is because something we have the barriers in our mind the hesitant sometimes sometimes we are judgmental that how the person will think how other people will think we have there are different kinds of questions, but if you will be a better communicator and if you start in his initiating the conversations, And you won't believe there is a tremendous opportunity. You don't know even there might be a stranger can teach you something maybe it could be something good and it couldn't be something bad nobody knows but and I will give you some examples as well where it helped me a lot to talk with strangers because when you when you miss its kind of This is a thing that I must say if you don't ask the answer will be no and sometimes we see people like we really want to get interact with them and really don't want to talk with them. But eventually what happened. We don't initiate the conversation and at the end or the get the regret because the the person we are. I really like that person and we really want to get hook up with the person and then we don't get any kind of construction interaction and then the opportunity ends and but you have to encourage that opportunity is in terms of myself. I I almost talked with my dad. See driver the cab made if I am traveling with someone so the person traveling with me in public convents. If I go almost everywhere there are opportunities to talk with someone. When you went to any shop, so there are so many people. and when you start doing things you are eventually we'll get confident and there are this is the only ping so as you saw when you are comfortable with people then it brings you like it makes you confident as well as It means you will get there are lots of possibilities. I will discuss in this kind of. yeah, actually I this is so fascinating about me to talk on the topic like this because I saw the Thanks when I was quite stack and I stranger was really helped me and I got out of there. Sorry for the delay. And actually I got a call on my another phone. So that's why I muted this call and this this talk is really important. Even though you are a good speaker. And if you are a beginner and if you are an introvert X over all kind of people this is really important because when you are for example you Alone in a journey and you are traveling. It doesn't matter you are in train wherever you are, but if if and you are really getting bored and eventually initiate the conversation with the body or traveler with you. So your journey become this kind of interesting. Sometimes people have knowledge to share. Sometimes they are funny people so that you can enjoy the to talking with them. And and if it's absolutely fine. If you you initiate the conversation and you are not enjoying that conversation then it's absolutely fine to be quiet. Do not talk for the but at least you should initiate the talk and for Uncle let us give today's example, I'm traveling from Chandigarh to Delhi and I met with a guy who was really good in the stock market and I he was just looking in a pond into his phone and somehow I have idea about that this app is for stock market and I just asked in this it was just a question. Is this for stock market and he He really needs he was really interested to tell me teach me so many things about the option chaining and there are so many things he taught me and the journey was quite the come easy for me and interesting. At the same time I have learned so many things about the stock market and after that the exchange or numbers so that we can connect in Futures as well. Whenever I need some guidance. I will call him. So this kind of thing should happen menu. Talk with a stranger there. There might be a Sometimes I got some knowledgeable person into some specific area because everyone helps has some kind of knowledge. And when you ask to someone but there is a short disclaimer for that when you talk to a stranger and not every stranger is good. So you mind you should keep this in your mind. And absolutely you should be safe in your talking to a stranger and change the person's body language. Everything is you. Their own responsible for that. This is a short disclaimer. I'm not responsible for that. But but it really creates a huge opportunity to learning to entertaining. So there are lots of possibilities are there and hopefully this topic is create value in your life and So how we can start this is enough introduction. I think this is enough introductions now how we can talk with a stranger. So the one very good thing I found start with a question and start with any kind. No question. Like what then how might be you may ask the person's name. Hey. So lame and then you can say I would like to ask about this thing. For example, you might ask some destination over towards whatever be the Common Thread according to the situation. For example, as today's conversation. I just asked the stranger about the share market. And this this is just a scenario when you are. They're grabbing the attention of a stranger and you don't even know where this conversation can go. And so the main point is be safe and no don't easily trust to anyone. Just I'm telling about only the conversation not getting emotionally connected with anyone, but it's about the conversation if you are only having The conversation what might be the worst in that but the trusting the if you are going to trust that person it might be a risk for you. But if you are having only conversation and then it's absolutely fine the next okay, so you sure about the saying hello? Hello Kishore, and I hope you guys are enjoying my conversation and thank you. So much. So the next point is when you get initiated the talk, and before the question means you have to already you already have to be sure you want to talk with a person keep smiling so that if you will feel good and the person will go to the conversation can. grow and if somebody if somebody really if you are asked a question Eight out of ten ten times strangers are good. They reply so well, but if somebody is not interested to talk, maybe he is in such a bad mood or then move on just try some another stranger that person is the not made for you. Okay. So this is this might be the case and don't try to be champ right if somebody is known. The dogs been absolutely move. There are so many possibilities are there are so many. fishes in the pound so but it is not about the fishing. I'm not teaching any kind of scam. So this is kind of so what I'm going to do, I'm Going to end this conversation by summarizing. So actually this is the kind of interesting conversation for me because I really wanted to talk about it. But yes, so the Mets when you talk with a stranger, it opens is quite the dose of the possibility. And you should talk with her. You should start with a question and Yes, actually I am traveling so that's why I have to end up this conversation. And as I said, this is only a facade one, so there will be more conversation. So, thank you so much. Everyone whoever is listening. I really appreciate and thank you so much. I will end up this conversation and thank you.