let's talk about Indian education system
Don't tell you a little bit too little hello. Hello. Hi Carriage on how are you? I'm great. What about to I'm just enjoying my winter vacations at home. Yeah, but isn't it quite strange that leap we have nothing to do in our winter vacations like something productive or some projects which but we can't do actually, you know, yeah, but it depends from person to person right he can do that. Yeah, but Oh, you know like if the institution in which we are studying if we are that vent it gives us something like it gives us like some project and it put some grading system on it like the foreign education system to so take it seriously and each and every one of them linked gifts. There are some input to it. Yeah, you are actually talking about the like the practicality of you know No foreign education system. I guess India has a very theoretical education system and they focus more on, you know, cramping and you know, studying studying books and they they do not give you a lot of experiments, right? Yeah, but you know experiment is really important because the world is voting place. Practical knowledge is definitely needed critical. I agree. It is important for the execution of the Practical things. But if you have not doing the Practical thing if you are not implementing those theoretical knowledge than what is the importance of it. Like what is the need of those theoretical knowledge if you can't just implement it? Yeah. I completely agree to you. Like this is one of the really good things in the foreign education system, which I guess India should also adopt like I agree theoretical knowledge is important and it should go on but at the same time they should also start focusing on the Practical knowledge in the development of the green of the young young students coming up the youth. Yeah, you know, but I believe in education Indian education system we Low discipline be follow punctuality. Whereas I guess like, you know wearing uniforms makes makes you equal no matter you are a child of well, wait forever, you know, you know you belong from a very wealthy family or not or from not so, you know where the family it will brings a quality it brings discipline. Whereas in foreign countries, people can wear anything any casual clothes to the College to the school. Yeah, like professional life and personal workplace should be different. Right? So in induce operations could be there you're right, you know in discipline is more in comparison from you know, in comparison to those colleges or those schools out there. So I guess India has its own rules. Yeah, it do has its own rules, but I guess there is no harm in adopting some good things from other places. They can come definitely they can continue their strict rules discipline and the one thing which you are saying that uniform and the way formerly everything goes on in the professional sector that is a very good thing, you know in India, but at the same time if If some practical knowledge and the Practical work out comes up, then it can be better. You know. Yeah, and you cannot deny the fact that under graduation is the best in India. Yeah, right. It definitely the globe come to India for their undergrad. So yeah, India has its own culture and rows you can you are really right that India should adapt some very important things about site. Yeah, definitely they should but you know if under graduation is the best in India then by not post-graduation to yeah, you're right like India, it's a developing country. Then it should develop in that sector to liquid coming to India for their education, but they have been cycling outside why because of is one of the biggest question. Yeah, so why people are coming here for education? And going outside this is not done. So it never should also improvised. It's opportunities and you know, yeah, in fact in the research sector to layer India doesn't provide that much of facilities for the research book as it should be read as a other countries like America and all they pay those people who are in resource work and they provide them with facilities for that. Good night people. Move to other countries like in students to the move to countries because they are given the facilities to grow he write and research research more research will you know lead to the development area? Yeah, so it's really important like each and every place has its own pros and cons I guess but yeah, definitely by adopting the pros of The country or other things and I can grow. Yeah, definitely. Yeah, so you tell me how your work winter vacations are going on. They are going really good just working on some projects which are definitely not given by the college, but I think that I should work for myself too. Yeah, you ignore my yeah. That's very good. So when are you coming back to college? I'll be back in the first week of John. Most probably that's very good. And what we on Lance I'm even coming in the first week of January. That's great. And what are your plans for your studies and all like after the vacations on you're going to start it or have you started something else? Like yeah. I am learning some, you know, some computer science things. So yeah, John, that is great because it is quite useful for your field. It's great that you're working on it. Okay, Kathy, so let's talk later. Okay. Yeah, it was nice to was nice talking to you. Bye. Bye.