Apart from your husband telling you that it's a big thing in western world. We should do it full-time. What is the other the breakthrough at what point you realize that you something? I don't know. Can you repeat the question at what point? Did you realize? Wow this have something here? I want to make it big. Oh, I mean I guess it's sort of there was some sort of tipping Point, I guess in 2012 where you know, there were so much of an audience. There was so much response that you know people already it to us to get covered at there was a lot of audience really us and my husband said, you know, I think we're onto something because internationally whether you look at the Perez Hilton or popsugar, that was the same model. Started by a husband wife Duo this wife used to write at her husband to go over business a tree like, you know, baby we can do this here and there's no one doing it. So it's always about having creating something that's unique in the market, right? So forging a path and it just was one of those things where we had a feeling about it and we just ran with it. Wow, you're kind of early adopters in other side of the world great. So,I'm sure you must be getting lots of ideas as you go along like we can add this into the our platform and that in other platform things like that. But how do you stay focused? How do you say away from shiny new ideas? Yeah, but I like ideas. I call myself the idea factory and I'm generally always like let's do this. Let's do that. And it's part of my management's job to focus and say, okay. This is the priority and this is what we should do first. So I actually leave that to them. I come up with the ideas and I let management decide what order We should do them in. Okay. How do you pick which one to implement? I guess you have to look at a couple of things one, you know, what is interesting right now like videos become really big. So we're focusing on video right now. What our overall strategy is that you don't we want to grow we want to do multi cities. We wanted to regional content, you know, so it just basically depends on overall strategy now that it's an actual business. There is more strategy that is implemented. Okay video you're focusing more on video now, I can see that from your YouTube channel. So tell me how How do you reach out to stars like Shahrukh Khan Hritik Roshan Abhishek Bachchan, you know so he did it happens now because you know, we have a large audience. So as film's release, they always come to us and they say, okay can we do something together and it's sort of you know has grown organically since that so it's quite easy now because they consider us quite a large media house initially. It would be more, you know, we'd get press releases or we'd go to press junkets and that's how I'd reach out but over the years we've sort of created those relationships. Waah, what's the coolest experience you had with one of the Bollywood Stars? I think it was you know, what we went to interview Shahrukh Khan. We waited eight hours because the press conference and it was ready so late, but by the end of it we had this really fun moment where you know, he taught my husband the classic move that he does where he spreads his arms, and he does his Raj move it. He taught my husband, which I thought was super cool. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Shahrukh Khan is an absolute amazing. guy. Yep. Yeah, so we watch what's the vision for Malini is a lot of things, you know, we're basically looking at doing a lot of things across different, you know new verticals like right now, we're bollywood fashion lifestyle. We're going to break out Beauty. We're going to add more verticals and travel and nightlife. We're gonna definitely expand more City. I think we're going to do London NewYork next because you don't really need a physical office. It's more about getting the right people of the team together. We're definitely going to do much more video. We've done two TV shows what on TLC call disabilities world two seasons complete what exude called Casa de rigueur definitely do more television and we're just going to grow out everything across social media. And as you media involves, we're going to adopt that and you know, basically what I want to create is the young Oprah network. I'm also working on writing a a couple of books. So wow. I will be I'm looking forward to your books. Is it about your journey or is it our some media Empire or allegedly? My journey, baby. I'll save that for whatever bit older. Okay, I guess it is about fashion and media. Is it right? Okay. No, I was just asking what would be your books about. Like I said, so what is going to definitely be my entrepreneurial Journey at the other one. I think the fiction book about a blogger who moves to Bombay a fictional story living with the pigeon. Yes, I think so. It's always joking. All right. We spoke about the support you got from your family and your husband as well family. So what is the other support you go from ecosystem around? You and friends and relatives and investors.We are really lucky that early on even people like Raj and on and then the head of Google India was very supportive. And he's one of my first investors friends said he Camberwell who you know found it exclusively and then Bond was, you know, great believer that investors as well. So I've had really good friends have been very, you know, good mentors and believed in the business for the start and they I think people invest in people not so much a businesses. So I've been very lucky that way. Okay, great. Somebody you go there. I will ask questions on the business side of things, but I'll ask you this Malini. . Tell me what drives you to do what you're doing. Now. Why are you doing this? Because I love what I do. It's I get to be the meet new people every day. I get to travel the world. I get to create content the way I like to do it. I'm a bit of a nerd. So I love to be able to work on technology. I love to write so I get to do everything that I love. Everything you'll love you get to do everything, you love, awesome. My last question on the business side of things money is what is the best advice you have ever received? That's the best advice would be, you know a bunch of different things different people give you different advice, but I guess it was like to really work hard and focus and don't get caught up in the little things that can sometimes, you know distract you or you know upset you I think it's really important to focus and I think that's the best advice somebody also told me not to take myself too. Seriously. So I think that's one of the things that I've tried to remember not to take everything. So seriously, because if you zoom out life is supposed to be about your experience, you know, it's not about the money you make or the house you live in or the car you drive it's about the people you meet and the relationships that you forge. So Everything that we're doing in our jobs at all of that is really to lead us to a life experience because you know, let's be honest with ourselves. We're here for 60-80 years. We're not going to take anything with us when we go all that we have is the people that we become the people that we you know impact with our own lives. So if you look at it that way you really need to love what you do and you know, where did you get the advice of life that way? Sorry. Where did you get this advice from? I see something that I've learned over time over the years I think and watching a lot of Bollywood movies a lot of Bollywood mean it was I like. Awesome great Malini sorry. I have one more question for you. Obviously your team of 25 and you get almost 6 million unique visits a day. And you spend by the way of we exchanged emails. I can see you are a busy. girl, right. How do you chill out? I guess it's there's a fine line between what I do for a living for work and for chilling out. So there's no real. It's kind of a blurry line. So like for instance if I'm out traveling covering an event, that's kind of like chilling out, but I happen to be doing social media the same time so it's kind of crosses over but I like to play pool and like to socialize by friends. I love to go dancing. So that's what I do. Great. Play pool and dancing.Great.