Topic and nothing else apart from that we have heard about so many legends about these mythical creatures monsters demon fairies and mermaids. So this is that kind of a topic really having to here and this is all for just like to have some fun and some basic info about these creatures with comes like fiction guys. I love this mythical creature. So that is the reason I'm here today with this topic of a mythical creatures and maximum where they Originally, the place would have been found. So so let me know if you know any of the mythical creatures comment in the comment section. We can have a word with me about these mythical creatures because remember the time right when when our grandma used to tell about some preachers and everything. And so this is what we have to do today now. So today we are going to discuss about these mythical creatures. So so I have this a small list of the mythical creatures which I love to tell you about guys. And yeah. So let's let's come to the mythical creatures. First of all who look like a human. So most of them on a human shape to the first mythical creature. I would like to share with you guys is the Boogeyman you might have heard this name lately just a second. Yeah, you might have heard lately that about Boogeyman like Boogeyman can take any forms, but the purpose remain constant like to scare The Living Daylights out of children and Who wears them into good behavior a boogeyman might be actually a man. So this was like how to say that. Let me let me just remind you one thing in one of the Tails of like stronger player actually a trailer cuts off boys thumb because he sucks them too much. So but in cases, it is Supernatural forces of sometime. So when it comes to like a bogeyman bogeyman is a more of like a human who does something to make a children's scared of him and like doing doing good things and behaving in a good behavior. So we do we find this Boogeyman. I'm like, so Pennywise. Like that is the place where we can Define that boogeyman's place of choice of Jewish origin. If you know guys many ways, you can just search in Google but boogeyman is the main human like shaped character. Who does this? So let's go to the second one. This is the most famous one and my favorite and my favorite one to vampires. And we heard about vampires guys the human like creatures who the blood out of your veins by having a huge bite on your neck with two huge fangs. And it's also said that they have the ability of shape-shifting. The portal was that vary across the culture from like brooding one in Twilight's and if you know any rise novels too terrifying monsters like on door lock so have read many novels on like vampires and their Origins so vampires feed on living. People's bladder to remain Immortal that is what is said that vampires are Immortal. And by the time they keep feeding themselves on the blood of human. They are Immortal. They avoid sunlight and their hearts are vulnerable to sharp objects, you know, just like you and me. My heart is also vulnerable to sharp objects like the sharp love of my John and often a metaphor for the dangers of desire Okay, so Have remained firmly in the cultural Consciousness for like over a hundred and fifty years so we can we find vampires for an oldie but goodie Why not start with like Bram Stoker's Dracula. So something like more contemporary. Give Justin corn. Is that a passage a go? Okay, so guys, but this is a truly believe that the original vampires was started in Transylvania. Hi Sonia have you And guys if you are interested in Vampires Europe fan of vampires, and you should definitely read Bram Stoker's Dracula It's a Wonderful piece of art and I really love it a lot when it comes to fiction. That is one heck of a masterpiece. I see. So the next mythical creature which I would like to tell you about is a very happy wedding. Sonia is Die book. I don't know how to pronounce it here in a particular. But because I have heard it many calling as the book and I booked have a grand. Guys, do you know any mythical creatures which you have heard in your childhood? So please do let me know in the comment section if you want to have a word with me and send me a request and let's have a talk about that one. So like when it comes to like the book, it's like Jewish folklore like has more than its fair share of creatures that will send chills down your spine perhaps none more than the debug the dislocated soul of someone deceased who has taken over like a horse key body to complete unfinished business in our case in Indian language. If you want to consider this we can call it as a protectee Atma I generating So this D book the so-called battle protect the automatic position of another person living person to get his revenge most of our like 90s movies it will see so that is the word that is what the book is though. One was featured in like opening scene of like let me remind this this one the cornbread is a serious serious, man. Okay guys, so where can we find the book we can find a book everywhere when comes like whenever there is a desire. When is the person is disease with having a strong desire in his heart may be like strong Revenge feeling strong. Love Philly. They come back. This all doesn't go to like heaven instead. They stay here on Earth and try to what do you say that try to possess a body and Make their wishes and desires come true. So that is what the book is all about. So we can find a book everywhere and we can even find a book here in open talk to there. Are there are so many tables here. So the next feature which I would like to discuss is banshee if you have heard about Banshee guys Dracula Banshee vampire, I'm like, these are like very famous. So banshees a female Spirit who's haunting. Howls her land coming Dad. Okay. So banshees are a part of like Irish mythology their best known for the ubiquity in modern metaphor is like screams like a banshee if you have ever heard about it screams like a banshee because when I've been a Banshee screens, Your dad that is what it is believed and they can we find brand a Banshee. It's like if you know about the nonfiction stories about the Banshee the Irish that messenger is an in-depth. Look at the rules behind this underappreciated myth. hmm So guys, let's go to the next mythical creature, which is contact. Let me repeat it for tonight Perhaps. It is best known as a non-public evil spirit in Indonesia. And Malaysia on tannic is also be set to be the sort of woman who died while she was pregnant and guys when it comes to like a woman who is dead pregnant. It is truly believe that she becomes a very strong aggressive and angry Revenge taking sole so it is also noted that She has a pale skin long lank hair and a white dress like then they have been known to like your and Annex unsuspecting men. We want if you smell their signature scent of like Frangipani run away. So they are meant to have to your people and then them so where we can find this want a neck. So as I said Singapore Indonesia Malaysia, I'm not sure about if they have the passport to travel to other countries. I think that is a reason this mythical creatures is stay to the location where they have origin. Let's have a word with my Guys, if you're loving the content then please do hit the heart icon which you can see in a text column that will be motivating me to come up with some passion. You can turn every single day and I love you a lot. I'm trying to connect with Mahi but the connection was not done. Next one is a world-famous one a very famous one and we all know about it zombie how many of you know about zombies guys. So what it's name derives from like hatch and folklore zombies were like most accustomed to originate from the mid 20th century. It's not like 500 years ago in particular were talking about the preachers who are dead, but Living Dead. And they have been wonderfully described in a novel called as like Night of the Living Dead Dawn of the Dead. Hi, mahi. so they're like and number of movies on like this flesh feeding zombies always looking for braying. So where can we find one? So if you want talking about zombie then take your pick really perhaps the oral history version presented in like which book and the max books and unlikely romantic of like Isaac Marc maron's there are like so many generations of book where you can find these zombies who wants to feed on your brain. I don't know why I have to this topic today, but just yeah, I took the topic and yeah, we are doing this guys. If you are loving the content play then please do hit the heart icon which you can see no testing column that will be motivating me to come up with some fascinating content. I love you guys. Hi Bree Agarwal. Have a you So now let me tell you about one of the my it's like I have a small list of mythical creatures, which I like a lot. So in that high drive or no. Vishnu let's have a word with Vishnu. So Hydra is like a snake creature. If you cut off one head two more will take its place. And this was a challenge that faces like Hercules when he was like a commander to slay the Hydra of learner many headed beast during the second World War II of his labor. I wish knew. Jaime how are you? I'm doing fantastic. How are you? Yeah, I want to find so, where are you from? I see Andhra Pradesh very Andhra Pradesh. I'm from another port and perform. Okay, I am from Hyderabad. Okay. So, how are you? Like, how is Corner doing in an article? If we don't find he any Corona patients in our network, no, that's good. That's good. So, what do you do with new? Yeah, I'm a student or a student. So what are you guys doing? I am pursuing my btech we take in. easy easy electronic communication engineering Yeah, okay. So which year and seconder you can be so how long have you been using open job? Yeah, I'm using this one. Vishnu also breaking I have been using this wishing your watch is break low inaudible. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, is it horrible now? It's not audible here. Hello? Hello. Which now, yeah wish to check your internet connection with new check your internet connection. I'm tricking it. Hello, Jana you audible? Yeah, but what about you about yourself at me? I'm the you end up swimming and I'm an English tutor motivational speaker. And an author of a book called as understanding woman is easy. That's it. Okay. So which know what it is, man, and what should his plan? There is no plans. Okay. Have you ever used this Legends like mythical creatures and everything have your grandma grandpa said you about the stories about the mythical creatures of their own type something like that. Yeah, my grandma my grandmother didn't my grandmother. My grandfather didn't tell about this mythical creatures, but I like to Bard. Boom bada boom bada. It's a movie. It's a movie. Okay move. I wish new voice is breaking. Your voice is breaking which no. Yeah, sorry. I will call you later. Bye yeah. We are always saying ignorance is the source of all mythical mind that is true to some extent but still pea gravel today. We're doing this topic only for fun because all these are very good on. Thing had we discussed about Hydra, right? So now let's get back to some other creature which is chimera. some part of it willingly composed of more than one pre-existing thing. Where can we find cameras in JK Rowling's when is to the ages? It is revealed that daily when a famous well discourage pair was devoured by a camera while on holiday in Mykonos to show on Patel. I'm loving this conversation. Thank you. Teacher Patel and MD away the now I would like to join. Yep. I don't know why somebody feel about China. But yeah, there is one of my favorite creatures to and comes to fictional creatures and then is a yeti if you know about JT or like a Sasquatch, or maybe it is also called as Bigfoot. All around the world. It is being famous is big food and income flick India. It is a famous with nav 80, so So when it comes like Bigfoot, I would like to say that apologies to Big feed aficionados. But but we are grouping these giant ape-men together. Okay, so known for the ability to remain out of focus in photographs. They remain a point of like Fascination for real-world True Believers and recently like 2019 a retired baseball player. Jose. Castaneda was a selling two tickets. He joined him on like Bigfoot hunt. So where we can find these foods like. Let me remind the published book of which one was like billions and if I am if you're not wrong. The first Bigfoot State Governor the most recent entry for focus on bills daughter female Bigfoot who helps the college, how can I have conversation with you to sharper tell you can see a call option there on your screen and now click on that and then create request and you can just send me requests and I'll accept the call and we can have one. Next one is also very famous One. Let's have a word with humza Sofia. snagit we have dragons unicorns basilisk. So many creatures to discuss guys. You're trying to connect with humza soo-kyung. Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Hello. Yeah, I can't hear you. How are you? I'm inaudible to you. Yeah, you are audible. I am so how are you? I'm good. Thank you so much. And what about you? Are you good? I'm fantastic. Thanks for asking. So Hamza, where are you from? I'm from Pakistan. And I think you are from India right? I'm from India. Okay. I have many friends from Pakistan in open top. Okay, good to know that. And so when you do hums up, yeah, I have recently finished my degree and now I'm preparing for my IRC exam. So I'm just doing practice of speaking Lee English on daily basis. This is my routine. Hmm. Wow, that's great. Yeah, so, I'm sure how long have you been talking open talk? I have been using this app for the last 15 days. Okay, 15 days. So how do you feel that easy Taste of any help to you? Definitely because the where I live I don't have any community and people to whom I can speak in English and they are not able to respond me in that way. So I think it's a gift and even I would say it's a miracle. For everyone who is interesting with interesting in learning English so it because this platform gives you the chance to speak learn from others and put your thoughts as well. Yes, I am. Sorry. You are absolutely right about that. But I do really love this platform and I'm really addicted to this platform and I have already done a podcast on like everything you need to know about eyes. And yeah, so apart from that list come come back to today's topic mythical creatures and their Origins. I'm gonna have you ever heard about a mythical creature like when you are Kate maybe like some Legends have you ever heard about mythical creatures so they might be Any kinds of mythical creatures, but what is your specific one? No, it is like whatever. Maybe it is. Have you ever heard about a mythical creature? Maybe like your grandpa said you maybe your grandma said about the stories Xavier House of your friends exactly because in our in our religion as well, there is a there is a discussion of mythical creatures and we believe that we have ghosts ghosts around ourselves and around there and yeah, we believe there are many mythical. creatures So is there any specific creature which you would like to tell us tell us about because today's topic is magical creatures. Yeah, mythical creatures like we say the ghost in Urdu language we go mood call it. Jin Jin has in so yeah, but we are not able to see them but only spiritual persons can see them because they have knowledge and some Islamic knowledge or even they are some people who have who are good at Black Magic so they are they Supposed to see those mythical creatures because they claim I'm not a hundred percent sure whether they are able to see them or not, but they claim that we are able to see the mythical creatures because of the knowledge what they have. Okay missing just a fact, but if it comes to me, and I haven't observed or see any kind of mythical creatures and even I would say aye. I will feel very scary. If I confront that could be very scary to be honest because I am not strong enough in to see the mythical creatures because I have heard in many in stories from my grand mother because these are very dangerous when it if you look at their appearance. So from childhood, I got that these are not good for So this is how you can say yeah, the same is the same goes with me. I have never came across any of the mythical creatures not the Jinn or the Pari know I didn't came across anyone and I don't believe that the existence of these things are like that much valuable or maybe like the spiritual people still that. Yeah, we can see them. I don't believe that one too. Because yeah if if there is Jenni there is buried if they don't want to be seen by humans definitely they will not be seen so it is believed that their only seem to the Humans to whom they want to show themselves to it is what it is sent but but but also there is also one point even scientists have proved that there is some kind of creation and I think it is it is they have their existence but still we are not able to see them. Which scientists many scientists because you can go for the research and do you can Google it and I have also heard from the many news and many articles that scientists also believe that there is there is the existence of such a creature like they call it negative energy. I'm sorry, that is just like a theory and There's no practical output of those things because theories we can have like a number of cherries when it comes to Science and Technology to but when comes to application until in the hands is proved that it is really possible till then it stays as Theory. Yeah, definitely you are right and these are only theories and but I would say you have selected this topic. So there must be any reason and you should have some kind of knowledge because you also mentioned their Origins as well. So what do you think? Why did you choose that topic? If you don't have much insight about that topic see it's not about having inside the these are the fictional characters which are love to have them around because I read a lot of books. So I have came across like these creatures many times and some movies to which interests me a lot about these creatures the way the author's put about these creatures in books is completely fascinating. So these are more like a fun oriented friendly creatures for me when it comes to discussing about that. It's not like actually believe that existence is not like that. I have seen one. It's not like that. I'm a follower of these things but still It is like a hundred bucks to take now. Okay. Okay. So I would also say that the in Pakistan is a very common perception that in night in night time if you go to any graveyard, so there might be a chance is that you are able to see any ghosts or gin so we are have supposed to go. I'm just like yeah, I came across those situations many times. I've been to graveyard at night 12:00 to 1:00 so many times because my move my friendship. Take my mobile phone and keep that in some place. He didn't I have to go there at that time like 12 to 1. They will start ringing my phone. I have to bring back my phone still today. I have a never came across with any of the so-called mythical creatures. It was more like a challenging, but definitely I'm not also claiming that thing butter don't you feel scary when you go to graveyard at night times as you mentioned know I was when I never felt scary because I had a habit of like going to Gary grave. But very often very often, you know, what happened was like when it was when I was in 10th standard. I was not able to focus on my studies a lot. So there was just one veggie and sir and he was from Kerala. He's a wonderful person even in winter when we were shivering in cold. He's a person who roams around in Justice at all. You don't feel colder like this. He trainee Amin said back that he's been to him a lot in different places when I asked him so like I cannot focus on my studies. What should I do? And he said that you should have a peaceful environment. I said I studied. My room no, it's not good. Then he suggested that if you really want to focus a lot then go to graveyard. That is the peaceful place where you can ever find in this entire planet. I was like what the what I did in my education my score school days my college days. So I thought like for today's I usually ignored it. And once I thought at least share try for that so once the school was finished then I took my bag along with me with on my cycle. I just went to graveyard. I just sad. And they're undecided it. So first of all, like 10 15, which it was a bit awkward to me, but later I realized it was so peaceful that I was completely focused on my studies. And do you know what happened? I started to do that every single day. Okay, so I had no fear of this graveyards and whatever it is. Do you know that whether graveyard at my home town is like first, it's Hindus graveyard then it's Christians graveyard. And after some Gap there is a mostly Behavior. Okay, so they're like all the graveyards the completed and completely out of the town for you to go the government over. It sounds it sounds very interesting. And yeah, but in case if I have a chance to visit the grave yard by compulsion It would be very scary for me. And even I wanted the situation will be going to die for me because I was I feel very scary when I go if I go to the graveyard in night time, it will be very scary. Okay, I'm sorry that I would say, but I have one question. Yeah, so in India and Pakistan and India, especially black magic is very famous. And those people claim that we have some Jinnah that and we can only do whatever our client wants to have. So what do you think? It's a statement? It's fix it when you if you if you if you go through the Holy Quran, you can understand very clearly that no human possess any power to hold grip over Gina. Exactly. Exactly. Even I have believed but some people claim that I just want to know your perspective. Yeah, that is what II cement comes to like everyone claiming about their own perspectives. Okay, but still when it comes to the fact that I truly believe that we should be going with the Holy Quran instead of believing the random people saying that I have control over Jinnah exactly exactly. Exactly and holy Quran is everything for us and nothing is above then which is why should I believe? Why should I believe I'm here. I think I can do this for my clients. If you literally have control over jernard. Why don't you ask him the tons of gold and you can become rich or yourself? Why did it like this? This is very simple question that we can ask those person who claimed that we can do anything whatever you want think what why they don't do something for themselves. Yeah, why don't they will see the no it would not work like that. We are godly people we should be helping with this. That is the reason we do this we have this like unique answer for that in Islam. It is highly prohibited because if someone goes to that side and claim, so I think it is not good for him or her and it would be like a destruction for his belief is life as well. Okay, guys hit the heart icon. If you are loving the conversation which hit the hot button, which is nearly texting column Hamza hit the hot button which you can see in your text in column. Yeah, so we have 700 people listening guys. Share your love with me. Share your love with me. I will do literally if you had to do that and I really love you all. So yep. So, dr. Amy tell me about yourself. Is it suitable for you? What do you do? Are you student or you do some kind of work? I used to work in a company and I resign recently. Is there any specific reason you retired right now? Why I retired I'm young. I'm energetic and I'm still not married. Okay, so why should I be retiring? Oh my God, because that's good to know that and so are you Muslim yet? But I am Muhammad Imran. Okay, nice to have a nickname instead of having my own name. So I just put it the name name and I believe that today's your topic is very unique and every many. Have their own thoughts and we will listen them and them after my cone. It would be very funny and it is going to be very interesting topic. Don't you think? Yeah, I'm sorry because many people have stories because we have heard many stories from our ancestors and I shaky so I think you should need to give you need to chance to other people here comes. Oh, yeah. Thank you so much for joining with me. Have a wonderful day same here. Thank you so much once again. Yeah, let's meet some other time. Okay. Okay. Take care. Take care of yourself Harlem. So how do we were discussing about like we have rear bar initially? Hi. Dr. Amelia arria. How are you? So my real sister is also here. Okay, so like if you know about the dragons, they have this huge snake-like body with legs and some welcomes Chinese dragons. They have mustache and they have this huge eyes and their fire breathing dragons. So we have so many movies about these dragon creatures. They believe that they are the Protectors of the yin and yang the positive and the negative energy and they maintain the balance. So dragons are like yeah, one of the most powerful mythical creatures and they have so many Origins and so many stories on them and so many movies too. So yeah, so dragons are also one of the very important mythical creatures which add a boost and a taste from our fiction love. Guys, if anyone would like to join and have a word with me about mythical creatures which you know, maybe from your childhood maybe from your friends everything began parents. You can just share with me here and we can have a word of that one. So what about the next creature? Let me tell you about unicorns. Hi, how are you Nicole? You may recognize me from such places as every child's birthday party. Isn't it like when it comes to like birthday parties you used to have this unique on bags filled with confetti and you have to hit it to break it and every girl's dream creature was like your unicorn, isn't it? A beautiful horse pony? Then it has a horn on his head and the rainbow color on it is believed that unicorns fart rainbows. Hi, Rocky. So which perfectly encapsulates their everything goes Mill? Tickly? Okay. So in picture books of like you can file like a under five the unique wonder is a popular Center figure for sure whenever you look for like child things. I mean like if you know unicorns Dad everywhere when it comes to a kid string. So I'm not sure about where we can find unicorn but still. Rhea bhansali studying tell something about fairy. Wow, we are born surely. I would love to share and I would definitely love to tell you about fairies cirfairy Zhou like fairies and let me tell you about this one more thing mermaids. You can say that these are the real when it comes to Ferry. You have your friend fairy right worry. You only have a fairy as a friend. And again you're asking for Prairie. Like eyes are so many stories about fairies to it is believed that fairies are like the Heavenly created garlic creatures. Like they are human figures. Most of the time fairies are female and they have beautiful wings and some believe having a magic wand in their hand so that they can do Can we change topic? Dr. Amy Fisher Patel? No. I just came up with a random topic to have a random word because whenever I come with the topic, it is always an educational content. So today we are trying something else. So we're not going to change the topic. So this female human beautiful figure with big eyes Fair color sharing glue electoral are eliminating everywhere and then they have this beautiful Wings It is believed that they can make your wishes come true and some awesome stories. Also Stacy that fairies are demonic. They lose you with their beauty and take your deep into the jungle and then you. It's also said like that and it is also believed that there is another fairy land where all the fairies are just like human beings. They have a different barrel and like we have Earth so isn't it beautiful to just imagine that there's different Fairyland with people like us with wings who can fly around and little shower with the fryer on with their veins, isn't it? I don't know much about fairies, but this is what all I know. We abolish our is saying does moment exists exists. No, riobamba. Sorry mermaid doesn't exist and If you know walrus. So what happens is that in olden days when voters is used to be so we used to swim around the boards. They literally have to have a figure of like half human and half fish. So it was considered that there are mermaids so recently there was a Documentary National Geographic. It was a couple of years back and they stated that they have found live footage of moments through when they were probing through the ocean floors and later. They also said that they were when they were able to release the door documentary to the public. Came to their apartment and stole everything. I don't know at what extent it is true. Tushar you can converse with me regarding any topic. It's not like that. We have to stick to the topic. We can talk about anything. So when comes to mobitz, yeah, and even when it comes with moments everyone try to portray moments in a what's your opinion zombies? Mr. Perfect. I love zombies. I mean like the only crave for brain. They are never dead. You tried to them as many times as possible until and unless you hit them on their head that to twice double tap. And just imagine like whatever you do, you can't escape from a zombie because they are huge in number. They are slow they are fast they crave for it rains. We need rains, right? So there are so many games and so many movies so many books on it. So zombies are like one of the superstars of like welcomes like Bollywood book Hollywood zombies are one of the superstars action superstars. So we have So let's discuss about one more mythical creature, which is basilisk. What's scarier than a serpent like that too. Now, let's cross breed the serpent the snake. Kishore patil, are you fond of zombies additional Patel? I am fond of zombies and I'm fond of vampires and and I'm fond of mermaids and I'm fond of PVCs. So these are for my favorite creatures mythical creatures. I don't believe that they exist, but I would love to know about the existence of this possible. 978 people listening. Thank you so much guys guys. If you're loving the content, please do hit the heart icon which you can see in your texting column that will be motivating me to come up with a fascinating kind and every single day and I love you all guys. Share your love share your lab. Share your love with me. Yep. So basilisk is like a snake creature, but it has a rooster head. And it is said that when basil basil is can you with just a single star not content with just one power certain like almost as bad as this has the ability to turn silver into gold and the return on investment isn't good as what ruthless King offered. Okay. So, when will it be said like guys like if basilisk, let me tell you this one more time about bathrooms. It's a snake creature and it has a head of a hen and it is said that it can you with just one stair. And it has the ability to turn silver into gold. So I would love to have basilisk as a pet. Love to know about Center and its natural nature. Okay, so worried about initially when it comes to Center Center is a human figure and the thing about centers is like it has a head of a bull. And these creatures are like meant to be. Loving to stay alone and they're very aggressive and very irritated when you can just literally compare Santos with rhinos. So centers love to be natural places, but when comes like being around other creatures, they are very aggressive and they're very shy natured. This is what it is being said and it is also said that in olden days like in 19th century is a 19th century some centuries. I don't know what the actual Century but still. Very good at those times it is it was believed that Kings used to have these centers as their pets and whoever used to do some mistakes the the one who commits crime. They are thrown into a pit where they Center and Center you should take his rage anger on that person in a very cruel manner. And there are so many legends about centers and we can find Santos and like most of the mythical movies and yeah that is it all what I know about centers and they bought their existence now, I don't believe that centers are existing. Just try to imagine a human figure to with a bullhead it it looks like a mythical but it is not possible that heavy the head will be so Center will be like always dozing off from head to head from side to side. Won't be scary anymore if it is real. Do you believe any mythical creatures exist now nowadays? No worry about initially. I don't believe any of the mythical creatures existence. Yeah, but I would love to know if they are existing. I want someone to prove me wrong saying that no, dr. Amy. This creature does exist. But what to do. They are not real. Let's have a word with husband in a lot guys. Please share your love with me. - are you can join me with any time? I'm just having a casual talk. You don't have to wait for me to continue like a to end the topic. See now hostile Ascent is because I'm having a word with him. You don't have to wait for me to finish it. Hello. Personal log. Hello. Good afternoon. Hello. Good afternoon. Hello. Yeah. Hello. Good afternoon to all of you. A very happy afternoon to you too. Hamza aligarh. Sorry has neela yeah, so you talking about in on very interesting topics and investors also showing their interest and yeah. So again we have initially I think fairies exist nowadays. Yes. We have one. I believe very suggest and for me my fairies mirjana, so yes, they do exist. Yes Nella. I also want to meet with any fairy. I don't know where they just exist. But I also look in your eyes open your eyes of your heart and look look and you will definitely find one. Okay, okay, but I don't know that she she will beat me or she will like me or not because I don't know. What's what's our criteria. No, are you applying for a job? Not job, but I don't know that what what her reaction was limited to things limited to things. I have never seen John till now and we still love each other a lot. We are both crazy for each other and she has only seen only seen me on DP and apart from that. She does, you know me personally and I she doesn't have an idea about what I'm doing and how I'm doing enough. What are the about my things now only we are coming to know what each other in the Unique you didn't go to have no idea of a know who I am. And now I had no idea who she is to me in the same way when it comes to like love. There is no criteria. There is just understanding and connection between you to her at once. Those are setting comes in place. And once you find the connection, then criteria comes to know between each other. Okay, have you worked on a film doctor immediately Upon A Shelley. I have worked in bahubali, but not in Barbara to at that time. I was assigned with the different movie work. Buy one get one not what you want. Andrea my dear sister. I worked as a visual effects editor team leader. I never acted in that movie. Yeah his name. Yeah. Oh, okay. Tell that tell any conspiracy theory which you believe that it can be true conspiracy theory aliens existence of aliens. Not only aliens just like a Bermuda Triangle. Okay, you believe that alien can be accessed words. It is true and aliens do exist and they're like so many proofs and Area 51, so let me tell you one thing a major who was retiring from area. One city dad. He came into public and he literally opened up all the secrets of Area 51 stating that there were so many crashes from like 1910 to other years and they have so many remains of aliens to along with them and they have one heck of an alien technology along with the mail which they are still researching on now. Tell me on a person who is that a strong position who is retiring now revealing the secrets of the government for what what what what it's like What context yeah interesting why do you know that Stephen Hawking said that don't try to find them. Don't try you know, yeah, if you try to deal with bringing your own destruction upon you yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know what Stephen Hawking said. I'm a I'm a huge fan of Stephen Hawking. Yeah. So do you agree with in what? Do you agree with him? No, I don't agree with him because for me according to the theories and everything, which I have come to know about aliens is they are the one who gave us the civilization. Yeah, and I'm not just saying because I have shot seen one or two shows. I have literally washed and have series and explanations of experts that have it could be coming to existence from Mayan civilization to the modern technology. Yeah, okay. Did you watch any documentary about different areas? Just like like Amazon forest there people live like old life, you know not they're not civilized people and they still live back old civilization. Why do you have to go to a Mac? There is all near under Miranda Cobalt. There is one small island, which is still untouched. Yeah and guide me surely. Window up a Dre. He tried to go there to teach them about Christianity. He was literally killed. Yeah. And whenever they see the helicopters, they start to throw the spear stones and everything and no one has clearly seen them. So government has declared that let them be the way they are. Yeah, but I had somewhere that few people when they're and them made them and they he eaten with them with their human beings, you know, and I had were in tell you of one lady. So she said that she eat with them and just yeah. These it is it is it is it is because even under my nicobar there is a still so many things so many tourists are going missing. Do you know why you know, why do risk of missing it's not because they kidnapped is because they're eaten. Oh my God. Okay, it is true that eaten. Okay, increase our rehab initially sister, even though if you are joking you have a wonderful voice and Chile. Let me let me tell you one thing. I'm and VFX team leader visual effects team leader and if there any possibility that which comes Me I definitely let you know because you are a wonderful singer. I see a lot of money for these are the places we still follow the culture of eating human beings. Okay? Okay. Okay. That is the reason it is not allowed anyone to go out at like alone if you are new to that place and still there are so many secret markets which sell human flesh. Oh, no, okay. Okay. That's very interesting. Yeah, see I keep on searching on two facts like these one and I'm really enthusiastic about knowing many things. So my browser is a literally filled with these kind of data if you get any chance, so do you like to go there? Well, In Andaman on Amazon, definitely. Why not? Oh my God. Okay. Okay, you are so dangerous and you yeah Venture that will be dangerous, but that will be adventurous to Yeah Adventure because I'm literally in a place. I am not saying that I am going in front of the people who want to eat me like, come on hit me. I don't want to do that. I know that foolish but still I want to be at a place where like humans are still agent like still I suppose a chance of like being eaten alive. Okay. Okay. Yeah, and there's one more place if you don't know that it is nagaland and they eat everything. Yeah, everything literally everything. Okay. Okay, I think only travel culture travel area. Yeah. Yeah, I'm still see there are so many theories and these are the real facts which we should be knowing about before going to places like this. That is the reason the tourism in Avalon and a mnemonic over are still at verge of point because so many still could go missing and there were cases when the police went for investigation. They found the head in one-on-one at one's home. Still cooking. And I had one interesting thing about the dose. What can I say people are creatures they still if someone win if someone have more food more things so they distribute it equally not, you know in our world just like if I have a money so I I save all this money but their if someone have food so they distribute with all all them other people you understand what can what I want, but Still Still Still Still Still so I sell are not now tell me about any mystical teacher that you know, maybe some stories from Yeah, just like a you told us about mermaid about zombies same type of things, you know, so I also didn't believe that mermaids exist. But using that any documentary you saw you saw I do know that made any document a documentary but FBI is stolen. Yeah. Well, they are claiming like that and it was telecasted on National Geographic. Or they might be some truth in them. Maybe they are faking it in such a way that to make it a big hit. You're not sure about anyone. Yeah. I hope that my mates exist so that I'm sure that that can be that would be so beautiful if we see the and and then there are many Believers that Mom it still exists because we haven't explored the entire ocean yet. Okay every day a new creature a new organism is found in ocean floor. Rose V I still did not the best technology. Yeah, even the best technology can't go into depth of the ocean. Okay, so it is believed that Loch Ness monsters and some giant squids you see it is also said that when scientist clearly stated that there are no more giant squids. Okay, but and when it comes to the quotient is can see the pictures in Scripture that a big squid is attacking. A huge safe and literally destroying it. Okay, but this was not believed. It was said that schools can only grow to the size of like Bond meters or two meters, but I saw a poster internet they saw a dead body of a squid which was more bigger than like 10 meters. Oh my God, I'll just tell me where did it come from when scientists are claiming that a the can't grow more than 2 meters and their lives the depth of the ocean then we did this 10, which is huge creature came from So there are so many things which we need to know about the science about the ocean about the creatures. We have to explore a lot. We don't know we might even come up come up with like the fascinating creatures. Maybe the Chimera maybe the Griffin maybe the Loch Ness monster, maybe the mermaids. Who knows Mysteries? Okay, besides ocean, we discovered whole area of this world besides version normally a dry area now. No now I'm still there are so many unexplored places where man has not put his feet yet. Okay, interesting. So we need more Columbus. Yeah, another thing a lot you can do that. Okay? Okay. Thank you. I'm having it open talk and the friends and the discussion which I have. I don't want to be a Columbus by the way. I'm interested looks the way it is risky to okay? Okay. Okay. I will try and I'm I'm going to make any plan about this about Good idea. Sure. Okay. Nice talking to you have wonderful - hello. Okay. Thank you. Bye I just need to hit the heart button share your love. Yeah. Yeah. Why not? So guys anyone want to come up and I have a word with me. Hey bakshi. Remember she may be behind real name was your question again. My guess except Corona. It's not technology advanced 9y open Talking. I could see question cause of Home report has come on. My recommendation is go Robin Hood, I think yesterday we try to connect with Robin Hood, but there was so much authentic problem. Hello doctor, Amy. Yeah. Can you hear me? Hi, Robin, Hood, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. Throbbing would vary from hello. Robin O'Brien from this Okay, what do you do? I am pursuing my master's degree in sociology. Okay. So how long have been using open top? Sorry, how long have you been using oak on top? It's been a couple of days. Just I'm new here. So Robin Hood, have you ever heard about some mythical creatures maybe in your childhood? Maybe in some stories you like to share with us the creature mythical creatures? No, I don't know about that. So you are a motivational speaker. Yes, I am. How did you become that and how long does it does it take to become one? It's been like Mom for years. I've been working as a motivational speaker and my journey started with like I started my career as a teacher and from there on it took to the next level and now a motivational speaker. I want to be same as you there is any suggestion for me? Yeah, first of all, you have to be self motivating motivate yourself a lot and try to communicate with people or not. Try to bring the positive battery inside them try to motivate them start doing this with your friends and family and keep doing it again and again and this will give you the hear the practice regarding that while you motivate others you are motivating yourself, too. And I want to ask is there any platform where I can practice on daily basis? See, this is the platform where you can practice daily basis to. Yeah, I can say hmm. Robin Hood if you want to practice on a daily basis try to start your own podcast, okay, and when you start your podcast listeners will join you and people will be listening to you and someone will connect with you to have a work but doing so you're practicing by speaking with them too. Yes, I will do same and you are suggesting right now because at that time call us will be with you to talk with you because sometimes you might get a chance with. Speak with other people or not. But when you start your own podcast, you will definitely have a chance to speak with you people. So in that way you can practice a lot. Yeah. Is there any books that you can suggest me? Yeah, I'll just do one book public speaking skills by Dale Carnegie Dale Carnegie. Yeah. Yeah. I had a hard about that. Yeah and how to influence people and make friends Dale Carnegie. Yeah. And apply the principles of those books in open top and that will be a huge practice. Should I do a speed reading course? What is your suggestion on that machine? Should I do a speed reading course? What is your take on that? Why do you want to do speed reading course? Because I want to read a lot of book as much as I can not necessary not necessary to read all the books understand one thing that all the reading all the books is not necessary Robin Hood understanding the books, which you read is necessary and applying them is yeah, it is not it is not important for you to finish a book. It is important for you to understand the book If you can't understand the book read it again if you come out and it's in the book. In the read it again the concept of reading bookies intake of information intake of knowledge and understanding and applying them in our life to be like making the most out of the book in our life. It's not like I have to complete this book. What is the use of completing a book if you are unable to apply the things which you learned from that book? Yes, you're right. And what is your take on NLP NLP. Have you heard about this? NLP no Yeah. NLP should I do that or not? What is your name to roll linguistic programming? Neuro-linguistic programming I just look into it. Yeah, it's a program by applying this you can help any people who is suffering from any kind of emotional problem. Robin Hood usually one thing your Communicator. If you're a communication expert you don't even need any will be forgiving enough to motivate someone to transform their mindset and to bring a change in someone's life. Yeah. I have a question for practicing will be perfect. I'm agree with you. Hello. Yeah, I want to buy about one concern like it. Should I start a podcast on this platform in Hindi people will be willing to join me or not. Not just Hindi or just Cindy try English to because if you want to practice English you then you can practice English but if you're not looking to learn English, then it's okay can even do that in Hindi too. That won't be a problem. I think if I start in Hindi then I will be more comfortable to motivate anyone than yeah, then take the next step to do it in English too weak because in hand in hand, you need to learn English if you want to become a motivational speaker. Yeah, and this is very necessary in this industry which excuse me guys. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. I was having some cough. So I just went on mute. It's okay. So okay, Robin Hood that really good having a word with you and I'll have a discussion with you some other time and let's continue quick and do hit the heart button which you can see interesting column share your love with me. Thank you. Have a wonderful day Robin Hood. Thank you. Bye yeah by ticket. So as we were discussing about like Sentinel Island, let's continue with that one, too. I'm really sorry guys. I'm just having some snacks. 1078 people listening. Thank you so much guys, please share your love with me. Hi. Jaanu. So as we were discussing about like mythical creatures and everything, we went into different topics of like nagaland then under Monaco bar money poor where people are eaten. Yes, Jon. Oh I had none. Is there no I had my lunch? So guys when it comes like Sentinel Island that is a one heck of a wonderful topic to discuss about Sentinel Island is a mystery that might blend better left untouched. So the world has become captivated by the story of the island off the coast of India and the missionary who tried to its culture. Poor guy. He was killed. He was distributed. He was biblical. So this North Sentinel Island is home to an isolated tribe. We're like Outsiders has also raised have been to visit and never return to the hospitality of the like the tribespeople. So let me tell you about this guy if I'm not wrong. His name is John Allen. And he was trying to spread his religion and belief to the people of this inhabiting two of those islands. Well the world actually gave up on those people. In fact scar. I think it's vice versa those people gave up on the world. So we can say that North Sentinel Island is not the only place not currently affected by the modern civilization, but there is one more currently thrust into the spotlight. So guys, there are so many people. I'm elected so many tribes which are still under test of the modern civilization and very interesting topics. Very interesting their thing. So I'll be coming in with a different topic about these tribes for sure but not today because we've anything about mystical creatures and their Origins So Jonquil visited North Sentinel Island is half of the times before he was killed. Guys, if you're loving the content then please do hit the heart icon and share your love with me. I love you all. Ha ha. So let's have a word about one of my other favorite features, which is Phoenix a universal symbol of Resurrection, like representing a characteristic spiritual Resurgence or like their literal return from the grave. So Phoenix is a bird which can once it's Ted is turns into ashes and again it rebirth Resurrects From the Ashes of itself. It is said that it is also considered as a symbol of like failure and success failure and success failure and success. So yes. Definitely Phoenix is one of a wonderful mythical creatures Loch Ness monster guys. If you know about Loch Ness monster, then do tell something about Locust monster in the comment section the creature known to locals as like Nessie. No, it was first spotted in 20th century the common subject of like a spurious photography. You know the logic various professional Expeditions have taken place expensive equipment to seek out the urban myth. So if you are ever been in Scotland, you'll be more than familiar with NASA merchandises than the populates every gift shop in Ireland. That and you probably remember the cartoon to about Loch Ness monster the messy. And guys how many of you love werewolves. I'm not a huge fan of wearables. But still I take support of Dracula's. I will look vampires when comes like a werewolf or says compiles. I support vampires and it is more like an enduring motive in the mythology across Europe werewolves. And literally it was stated that it is true to some extent because in olden days ancient time it was believed that people do turn into a We'll send in Venice full moon. But most of the chances was like they were suffering from rabbits. So, yeah, so just imagine that you have this power of four barrels inside you and when there is full moon you start howling like a wolf and tear up your skin and a wolf-like man half wolf house man, like a manly structure comes out have like a superpower and can heal immediately, but it is vulnerable to Silver. Oh, I think I just miscalculated with centers with minotaurs. So when my dear sister Rhea was asking about centaurs and also like half horse and a Half Men and it comes with minute or minute also, like body with a man and had to be of a bull. Sorry for that mixed up information. So guys that is it for today when it comes to like what you got. There are so many other creatures to discuss the about. Okay name is fairy spirits and then Supernatural phone like a magical or Eternal are almost always dining the These Wings Spirits appear in a bunch of the European Pagan traditions. Just imagine a small Ferry like Thumbelina is coming to you to have a word with you. Isn't that we computed beautiful anyway, so guys this will be the end of the topic for today and if you know gnomes. The cute creatures. Well, they're very strange to be like Elemental gnomes are the domestic cousins on for living in walls and other grounds. Yep, that is it and leprechauns. I don't believe that most of you know about leprechauns but still before they were like best known as pitchman of sugary cereal leprechauns with the Irish spirits who according to the legend. Would Grant three wishes to anyone able to catch him. So guys start hunting for leprechauns, if you guys are able to catch a leprechaun then do share one of your wish with me because I'm sharing the information with you. So there are still so many creatures to discuss about like ogres Cyclops. Only Golems. Yep. Johnny are you here? Let me request. Let's have a word before we had the topic. If you like to come here and have one with me. Okay, 1100 people listening. I know the terms which are good to build one. Guys make it make 10 more listeners. It will be like a wonderful number. I would like to take a screenshot of that one. One one one one people listening. So guys this is the end of the topic you would like to have a word with me then placement with me and let's have a word before we on the topic. Dennis and Miller request What is happening in here Tenley monthly ramblas pass one knee, but I hockey coronavirus Muhammad. Layer mask or thinpla him asking a dictum, but he also milliliter keyboard. hmm Yesterday I let's just wait for some more time. Let's see if we can hit 1111 people listening then we'll end the podcast. The person who has mythical mind, they are just trapped into their own psychological process. That is why they have the ignorance and ignorance is Ultimate Echo. You don't have to take everything in that direction. This is just about having some mythical creatures which we read in book just for fascinating time and fun and entertainment. The Nia Hail Mary picture. They converted it PG up another not limit each other. I'll imitate. honey Let's see. If you can hit three more listeners will be so cool. Guys, share your love with me hit the heart button. Hit the hot button. Thank you. Hit the hot tub. Hey. Two more listeners and will be hitting 1111 to be listening. Thank you so much guys, and please share your love with me. I don't know the full song. Hmm. Okay, Jay, this is just just give me some time. I share. Let's let me waiting. Mmm actually send me requests once again. because once again One more one more. Yeah. Woohoo, 1111 people listening. Thank you guys. Love you all and yeah, share your love hit the heart button hit the add button. Hit the hot button. Dunya Hi, I am Katie. Okay, actually, how are you? I'm there. I'm yeah, you know what? What is today's topic please Mademoiselle pleasure. No, not mathematical creates. Don't talk about mathematics you man. What are you doing? Don't talk about match mythical creatures. What mythical creatures? Yeah, I don't understand it mythical creatures means the creatures which are not existing and they're only just belongs to my theology like ghosts demons fairies. Mermaids God's ghost goes do balloon gods goddesses also like that. Yeah, yes ginger in your right mathematical creatures are like most horrifying pictures. Yeah, do you believe in God? Yes, I do and do feel there they are the mathematical creatures why mathematically which is I think they created by man for security providing the security to the you must know wagin. I'm not gonna create a podcast on mathematics at any cost. So mass will be always like our of my thing never and done with match once and for all I man's Yes. Actually you are saying yes, I am saying do you believe oh, God see their mythical creature. I know why he's not a creature. He's the Creator. What I think the human created them they they are below glues of the human undivided them. Not created them human divided them divided them according to their own benefits according to their own beliefs according to their own understandings. You think negatively of is good. Hello, do you believe only one is God and that creator of the world? Yes, I believe that only one is the creator the ultimatum and that is the reason we are all existing here. But I believe that you think their creator is a human. What that created this human? I didn't get you what you want to say when I'm saying that it's an ultimate them power which created humans you again saying that human created but human all people as believing what I am God. Everybody is a human. What come in do get it all people believe in God God. Everybody is a human human being. No, I don't believe that everyone has their own perspective the way you want to believe. You can't believe the way I want to believe I want to believe because we have this freedom of thinking and understanding and belief. But who is God God I believe in that God is creator of the world. But who is God. Do you want another kind of God? What do you need another card of God addition code of God that he should come to you and say that my dear child. I created you but you think Creator is who created this world. Come again. Who created this word you go. What was I saying? God is the ultimate creator of the entire universe and we are a part in that entire universe on a globe in a place using a small stupid thing called as mobile device and we are discussing about a coup is God who if you need and you think Hello. Yeah, actually I'm out able to you SSS. Some people think it is. Just a second just a second. Okay Priya, it's not Jimmy Timmy. And the reason yes from my childhood itself. I literally match to the core. It is the burst Ximena which I have ever faced and I don't know how I defeated it in the school time polish, but finally I succeed it and I don't want it to have it was in what happened to you Nikita? Why are you sad God is the best These religions other I just Messengers all of the main message. That's what I believe though. Yeah. Yes cheering. Everyone has their own belief system because we found Teen Wolf. You are fan of Teen Wolf. Yeah, then you get are you should be fine of pectorals to how about all these? It's very good. I do have watch on the season so for Teen Wolf Amy, how can we become an advanced learner pre Oliver? Okay. So priora gravel is saying how can we become an advanced a listeners like Learners in that case? We have to move listen main thing. No not least - she's asking about 11 hours if I'm not wrong because that's going to save it. When are you you read more? Listen, the more post podcast you can. Be the need to have a positive mindset that you are taking yourself to the next level, which is advanced level believe in yourself and do the thing which are doing and trust me. You will be an advanced level learner at no time. Just just believe in yourself with complete positivity and work hard towards the thing with all the focus and you should love the temperature doing and trust me. Nothing is impossible for you. Positivity which is a what I believe that all what matters when it comes to learning. A positive approach towards learning is what brings your focus and attention to what's doing that again and again with more focus and attention. Yes, actually as you were saying when people ask the question people consider God as the source of creation but below me nobody now it no, no actually he's not asking the question he's answering to your question But also I didn't know who is the god you said, you know, that's what I said. What do you mean to say that if you want you want God to come in front of you and given a identification that yes, I am the god and I'm the one who created the ultimate. Mm and the universe like, how do you want to how do you want to understand the true goddess, you thinking God created all the universe and The secret believe it and if you're thinking that God does in created and some Engineers has created then your belief is to be yourself and my abilities to do myself. But I one more question. I want to ask this question. This is also good were created. What? This coronavirus is pretty in the world. Hello see actually the entire universe will entire universe is created by the God then obviously coronavirus and covet 19 also created by the God. You are also created by the board and I multiply it by the board. So whatever the thing is that we are manipulating it in a different way that which is affecting us. That doesn't mean that it should be happening in that way. Why God created this word I can get it. What why God created. This means it was debated human within the first place I can get that one too, isn't it? I mean, first of all, I want to know that how will you define? Almighty God? Hello, I do Define the god in the first place. I'm just a believer below. But when you do you believe how to define it now. Why should I Define it you are living in now now tell me one thing. I'm sure you have a human body and a ton of functions are happening inside your body. And can you define your functions what your kidneys are exactly doing what each and every cell of your body is doing can you define it? No, why can't you define? It is your What do you know about it? Right so you should be able to define it. If you have belly out of you then how can you not be of having an understanding of the believing of the self of others? What do you think of human created the religions and different domains? Human created the religions? That is true. That's what what God cannot control it. Why should he control it? When he gave the you the power of decision to you and he gave the power singing to you and it's up to you to decide what is good for you and what is not for you but as a human being if you don't understand what is good and bad for you then what is the use of living like a life of a human being? You want you want to spoon feed you want God to spoon feed you that this is good for you. This is bad for you in what is the use of being a human being if you can't differentiate between a good and bad and in that case, you're even questioning the origin of a Dalek are the existence of God Miss. Like you have the right to question the God and in the same way. You have the right to ask him to make everyone understand the same thing. How is this possible but our education in our life according to me, there is no need of any religion in the in our life. There is no need of any religion in our life. Humanity for yes, a human communities need Humanity when it comes to like if if there is a like a phone on like do you support eradicating all the religions then? Yes, I support it truly from the bottom of my core. We don't need any religious. We need Humanity. We need love. We need caring understanding of each other and that is how we will be having an ultimate together as human beings. We don't need any religion. Do you think this message will be having education system for student? No, it won't be because education system is still controlled by like a many of the things and the many of the politicians who support religion over God trust me. They support religion over God and that is the reason you can't just take out this system out of our country at the present not at the present. I believe that it is very difficult to take a religion out of human beings because it is like literally hardwired into their brains. But I whenever I read the what we can say. Any religion book and there is no message that the only one God they give you the bad message to the people. No, no one gives a bad message. It is about understanding the have you're taking a message and in and let me tell you one thing you even if you take bhagavad-gita, even if you take ramayana, even if you take a Quran, even if you take Oh Holy Bible no book. No. No, no, holy book has ever suggested that you should be harming a person humming a human being all the books are just that you should be living in harmony. We should be Human beings you should be living with the Dharma that Justice are we doing that are we literally following the religions what they're trying to say? No instead of that. We only follow the religion not the facts of the religion and we blindly do that and affecting the humanity itself. Do you believe in karma? No, I don't believe in karma. Do and they both cause and I'm still researching on Karma. I'm still researching on Karma and I had some conversations and discussions on Karma to so I'm still working on it. So and visit them not believer of karma, but if I get a clear explanation about that that The Hobbit is effect affecting me it definitely will be a billion billion of Karma and Ramon. You mean to say reincarnation? No. No when we are died. Some literature says key be reborn for in a nest and like an animal in in upon the or karma when you when you do the Good Karma, then we get the human and I win you do the Bad Karma. We become a animal like I don't believe that But I think lots of literacies in religion literature that says he also by but I think Bible yeah Bible is also believing in the ribbond ghost. The why I don't know about that one because this is my first birth. I think if I get Resurrection once again, or if I get like a eyes on reborn once again, I'll let you know at that time. But no one can see it now. This is big problem. That is the problem and how can you say that it is not possible and how can I see that? It is possible because we have not witnessed it and also I want to escape one question when you do we do wrong thing in this life. We have to pay for that. That is karma. That's that's why I am. I'm still I'm still working on that. That's what I said. Okay, okay. You are you are from India or the country? I'm from India Hyderabad. Okay, okay. Do you follow any religion? I'm Muslim That's My Religion. Okay, that's nice. It may Point get my point. I'm a Muslim and that's my religion. That's what I said and release. This is our mindset. I don't think it is. I said that's my religion. I didn't say that that's my mindset. It's an identification. It's an identification the society that is why literally stated it second time. He said Do You Believe In A non-vegetarian? What do you believe you non-vegetarian is good. I'm a non-vegetarian. And then why you can say the any they also are other animals. He Irish God's creature greater why we can harm them by we can harm them is like a what are you trying to say that? Okay Sonakshi. Let me tell you one thing the human system which you have right now. You shouldn't even be breathing the air that is also created by God, right? You shouldn't be even eating the vegetables because they are also life. Isn't it son disapproved that all the plants are all the animals are living creatures in that case. You should die starving. It is a process of creating again and again of yourself. Now you are eating something and something and Earth will be eating you some other day. The insects will be to you now. Should we say that the insects which are eating as the magnets which are eating as once we attached they're committing a crime. No, but you don't think is that Su not good for the humanity. It is obvious that it is also a own part of humanity. In that case, let me tell you one thing you are not in intent of any of the Holy books then if you want to have a discussion on this one, I have read bhagavad-gita have read Quran. I have read Bible to so first, what are the religion you want to believe in take the holy book of that one read that book and then come to me and let's have a discussion on that. Okay, you literally have a question here about something which you don't even know know about it first then question it. Yes, if it I don't yeah, I don't read it and then read I have curious about that. Yeah, no curious about it. But that is the reason if you're curious about it. You should know from the beginning to end and we can we find these things in the religious. Holy books, isn't it? Yes. Yes. So the books and if you find your answers there if you find your new questions are then come let's have a podcast together and let's have a discussion on that curve a clear intention about the holy book what they are saying and why can't why are you stating a question against the god? Damn, that's right. Okay, she has to have a wonderful day because this is my time to end the podcast so schedule of hit testing column. Take care. Okay. Thank you. Yep. Okay guys. Thank you so much. I had a wonderful time with you all and thank you so much for sharing your love. Please share your love with me. I love you all. Take care. Sonny has hello. How are you? Yeah, actually the same here. It's really wonderful to have a word with you. I'm looking forward to have more conversation with you too. But with them with some clarity. Yeah, okay guys, so have a wonderful day. Love you all. Take care sayonara signing off doc trimming.