I have seen that you partner with Amazon early last year sometime last year. How did that happen? Do you I mean do you send out an email to someone or do you cold call someone and I mean Amazon is a huge company, right? All right. So,how do you make the deal? So the beauty of I think online is that everybody is connected by two people or three people all together nice. And so it's generally what happens is, you know, somebody and somebody knows somebody and because they are on the same page. It's easier to make a connection. So when I talked to a category manager and Amazon, he's already thinking about the same thing. Hey, why don't have I have a somebody like a re Globe who could give me more customers or provide value add to my end customers. So and obviously there are networks. we are connected through which makes it more easier to discuss. So it's through Network your personal network or your professional network. Yes, okay. Awesome. Awesome. So again moving on from there. Tell us Nakul whats your best productivity hack. I think getting up early in the morning going for a run and then coming out and punching out. You know, what you want to do the whole day whenever I do this whenever I am able to do this in the morning that day is awesome. You know, I am able to deliver more and give out more productivity. I believe you're trying to do that every day then I try. Yeah, I'm not saying I do that every day, but whenever I do it it always works. Okay. Okay. Well running is a great thing to do. It's awesome habit to have one. I recently adopted running as well. It's great. So I'm sure while building a company or while growing a start-up or business. You must be getting loads of new ideas. Right? Just like you had one Jazzy box, but how do you stay focused? How do you stay away from this shiny new ideas? So I think or previous failures help has really helped us in this. So there was this jazzy box earlier. We had also thought of something called buzz fun, which was a entertainment bus with loaded with gaming consoles, which will take two parties and stuff like that and wasted another month in that as well. So when Then you've been through the whole journey of you know, exploring new ideas every day focus becomes that much more important we every so I would say every month we get new opportunities not just outside of the domain but inside of domain as well where we think we're you know, it could be a quick buck or could be one vertical of a business which makes which would make sense in the future. but I think those failures in our previous ventures has taught us that how important focus is. And so that's why we do or and will you know mission points and vision points where that this year is totally focused on this if I'm able to achieve these goals then only I will think of other goals if I'm not able to achieve and I start digressing from it that Not what focus is overworked awesome last year goals and focus on them great Nakul. so what kind of support did you receive over the years from your it could be from your family friends or business ecosystem. I think from both friends and family have been a huge support was initially my parents. So the good thing was that my parents were not dependent on me for the livelihood and they were independent. so I did not have to think that hey if I don't earn money then somebody else is dependent only that is one big weight out of your head. Then you can dive into entrepreneurship. The second was the support. My parents gave me in terms of mentorship connecting me through their network to other people to seek advice that really helped me grow. And then in the second phase of my life my wife, you know. and entrepreneurship, you really are not sure when you'll get your next paycheck. And if your life partner is not okay with it. It would make it that much harder. My wife was okay with it, and I we got through it. So, you know, it's very easy to say all these things but very difficult when it happens to you and if your friends and family don't support you and that much hard, but I have been lucky and that all my friends and family support me. Wow, great for anyone who is listening. Make sure you have a great support from your family and friends my last question for you Nakul on the business side of things is what is the best advice you have ever received? So the best advice I ever received is that always be persistent on your ideas. You may always pivot your idea or do changes to it according to your consumer or the market but never give up. Who did you get this advice from? so any 40-plus guy would tell you this, you know, this is what experience teaches you and that's what you know, I really admire about people of my dad's age or his friends or his colleagues their senior years and years of careers in between them and when they talk about so and they They do not have a clue about my business, but the experience they talked about in general make sense. You know, you can if you put it in your business what when they say talk about it, it totally makes sense. And the biggest thing which comes out of it is that don't give up. Yeah, another will highs and lows every time more lows than highs, but if you give up at any Low then you don't know which in the next high is just around the corner. Yeah, absolutely more lows than highs highs don't last longer than lows.