Hello Srividya. Okay. So now what is there are a lot of questions that we come across in our app, which is regarding how to care a newborn baby. So what is the very first term newborn care parents should look into after bringing the baby home. home from hospital See after you bring the baby. Okay newborn care in the hospital should have been taken care by the doctors nurses and all that. But then once you're back home, then parents should be getting really alert about the newborn care. Okay? So the primary care what they should be focusing on is, you know, they should be feeding the baby on time. Definitely. That is the first thing every two two and a half hours. Once at least minimum baby should be definitely breastfed and second thing is baby should be kept warm all the time. Okay, and then baby should be kept and if suddenly baby becomes completely inactive or breaking from hospital, if baby turns yellow if it can be Newborn jaundice see any, you know untoward symptoms then definitely they have to report to the doctor immediately. So these are the primary things they have to look into. Okay. So let us discuss about the most commonly asked question is by a new parent. Okay. So the most commonly asked one of the most commonly asked question is why is my baby crying for feed all the time? Feeding should be done. Definitely every two and a half. Okay, but sometimes what happens is any baby will not be completely doing this wall proper within less than two are so it's better for the new parent want to stand to feed whenever the baby demand. So gradually the clock is a match than you know, thinking that I need to 1/2 as 1 so that is why people Wonder red know why my baby crying all the time for feeding? Okay. So how do parents know whether breast milk is enough? Okay. At least sleep. Okay, so weak. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So which product is best for a newborn baby? That's a very common question that is asked by parents. Yeah, right. I got this is a question. Yeah, they are worried at all that yeah. The powder or the flavor already cream you use it's basically for the parents to feel the smell from the baby, but it ideally not going to do any good to the baby actually. Okay. Basically you have to ask your own doctor which product is better. If at all you want to use otherwise normal bath and then a simple enough done the commercial products and if I told you Any commercial products a queen, you know oil or moisturizer? You should not update on the baby's body full at a time first if you play it on a small part of the hand or leg and depending on babies reaction. They can decide if it's all baby develop with spots or rational if you can understand that baby is not suiting, you know, babies not accepting that product. So it's better to get the dr. Biden and decide on the product because every Product is not accepted by every baby's kicking. Okay, so I next question will be how to manage your baby's cold and cough. See ideally if you are taking care of the baby well, and if you're breastfeeding keeping the baby warm, then definitely the probably stuff called should be minimum in the initial months actually, okay. I think maybe maybe was a cold if you don't mind or who's having cows handing the baby. The main thing is of the excitement actually family member will carry the baby kiss the baby for these things have to be strictly avoid infections. Okay. Now one more thing I want to the others, especially lot of When giving each other home remedies of you know, using turmeric or using honey and all that for a cold cough definitely to all the parents there. I want to tell honey is very dangerous before one year and when your baby is less than one year and especially just a newborn like one two, three months. Don't do any home remedies without asking your doctor at all. So it's better to follow. Your doctor's prescription is fold the cuff is not coming down in a day or so, please go and meet a doctor. Use the medicine don't do any home remedies for a newborn because everyday we can react to different way for that. Okay. So what are the major areas to watch out in a newborn? See watch out to a new bonus. The first thing is baby should not be sleeping. For more than three four hours at the trick. Definitely after two hours. You have to wake the baby and feed the baby. Okay, and the second thing is if you see suddenly the baby is very inactive or very lethargic you have to report if the baby is not drinking milk at all. And if the baby is having a Lloyd snails or Alloys eyes, which may be a circle. You're born drawing this then you have to report to dr. You know because these are the probability in the first one week after coming home from the delivery guy. Okay, and these babies haven't yet? Most importantly it's better to avoid for for that reason. And also these are the major thing and it's very important to do your yet Richard. Thank you. It was nice talking to you. Thank you.