Hi, Julia. Good evening. Good evening. Hello, welcome to the discussion. Yeah. Thank you. Let's discuss about post-pregnancy weight loss. Yeah. So what is the right time for women to start focusing on post-pregnancy weight loss post-pregnancy weight loss cannot be you know, This is very in any of the complication was there accordingly doctors do suggest people, you know, like when they can start really working on it. So he's 40 days rested really required. Okay. So what are the initial steps woman should take when they are starting to focus on pregnancy post-pregnancy weight loss. Actually, you know, you need not even fix a specific workout routine or a diet pattern before even you start that what the the you know new moms can do is they have to do a lot of breastfeeding, you know, anyway breastfeeding has to be done but that itself will help them to lose a lot of weight the more they feed the baby. They will definitely lose the weight. So that is the first thing they should be doing actively and the second thing is, you know, because of the - man They're doing the family has a tendency to load them with extra calorie foods, you know, like people have a big myth that double the quantity of rice a woman eat. She will produce more milk double the Paratha double, you know, so basically they have to understand from the experts which are the lack of organic foods, which has to be given extra for a lactating under it's not about the quantity. So already pregnant not have gained so much of weight and then on top of it or during the period of lat equation when people are loading her with ladoos and gies and all that, you know, but whatever old age they have with it. So those are going to additionally make them gain more weight. So those things have to be avoided at okay. So what are the common mistakes? Okay. Okay and one more common mistake is you know, they start adding supplements or at of okay, okay. So people think you know because the way it is branded or marketed in the society people think without this I cannot, you know lactate at all, but there are natural foods, which can help them. So those are the major mistakes what people do which can be avoided before even you start focusing on weight loss exclusive. Okay. So what is the take home message that you would like to give all those women who is trying to lose weight after pregnancy? So the take-home message I would give is take some time at least 40 to 45 days take some time because you know, you have got into a new routine of day and night breastfeeding you first need rest. Actually, you know, how women should first focus on wrist hydration nutrition part and preceding ones. You are Beyond 45 45 days then you know, maybe you can take away some 30-40 minutes and then you can start with a once your doctor says, okay, you can start with mild. Walking or jogging or yoga and you know and definitely people have a myth that exercise will reduce the lactation or a milk production know that is not going to happen. You can still continue to work out and still secrete breast milk, but you know, you should not be doing any dieting very obviously, you know to cut down on your weight. Then that may definitely affect your lactation. So you have to take step by step actually and you know people also have to understand that you have not gained weight. Eight over just a night or over a month. So you have gained weight over a period of nine months. So definitely take some time to get back to that shape. So you should have patients about it. Okay? Okay, so you can start with mild exercise which ever is unhealthy food, which ever is high calorie foods that can be avoided that itself will contribute to weight loss and then do lot of breastfeeding and avoid external supplements or additives which you are believing going to help in breast felt. No that is going In fact make you gain more and more which can be avoided. So this is the you know main take-home message. I want to give people. Okay. Thank you for everything. Thank you. Nice talking to you. Nice talking to you. Yes.