Hi Aswathi. Srividya, let's talk about pregnancy diet. Do's and don'ts today? Yeah, right. So whenever a woman is pregnant the first advice that she gets this to focus on her diet. Somebody might say her to eat something and somebody might say her do not eat something so why someone should take extra care of their diet in pregnancy? Yeah. That's a very, you know, nice question to ask pregnancy is very Marion important phase in somebody's life and you know it is done it is, you know, something very special face in everybody's life. And the reason why somebody should take it seriously when it comes to the diet and nutrition part because the fetus life already has begin inside the mom's home from the time of conception, you know, so you have to start giving the best to your fetus from that day actually. No, it is not about it. Ignorance easily nians phase I can eat whenever I want I can eat whatever I want. I can eat how much I want. No that is not right actually pregnancy is more of a responsible phase where you do the best for your you know, baby and for yourself also to have a very safe journey of pregnancy. So that is the main reason, you know, pregnancy nutrition has to be taken seriously. a pregnant woman afoot to as she's always told it is actually a big myth which is there in the society a pregnant woman should eat right but she should not eat for two actually, but most of the Indian women her pampered, you know making to eat double the quantity watch it into the eat. So which makes them land up in unwanted complications like the mother herself put on a lot of Bait and there is a big myth in the society that you know, the mother should deliver a big chubby baby. So, you know, that is also a very unhealthy thing. Actually it's very very important to focus on the quality of nutrition for the mother and the baby than the quantity actually. So the nutrition should focus not on the number of you know, quotient sheet. It should be on the quality Punk. What are the major new people areas to focus on so basically if you take the basic food groups, like carbs protein vitamins minerals definitely in this pregnancy phase there is an increased need of all these things but yes, we are already into sedentary job. So we have to cut down on carbs and we have to cut down on sweets and sugar while being pregnant you anyway Cravings will be there, but you should know how to handle it smart. There should be special focus on the protein part, which is directly going to you know, decide the weight of your baby and vitamins and minerals so that your baby's brain development is very good and baby has enough both faith and you will not believe even deprived nutrition do land up in birth defects in babies. So it is as important as that and mother who takes good fruit in the pregnancy will manage your mood swings and these changes very very and she would avoid medical complications and she would have a very easy labor and a normal delivery than Landing up in other complications. How can a pregnant women make sure that she's eating healthy for her fetal? Yeah how you can ensure is every time you go for an antenatal checkups to the hospital or to your doctor. Your doctor shouldn't be saying, you know, you have gained too much or you have gained less your baby is not gaining. Enough for your baby is gained too much. So if any of such things are told then that means you are not doing the right nutrition to the baby and second. If you are ensuring that you're eating well, then the mother also will not be having car problems like constipation gastritis acidity. She will not land up in anemia gestational diabetes like pain back pain. All these things will not come. So if any of these things are coming up then yes, there is a loophole in the nutrition. What the mother is taking care of? Okay. So what are the merits and demerits of eating right during pregnancy? So if you see the Indian statistics or the overall statistics of pregnancy right now one out of three pregnant women or found to be gestational diabetic gestational diabetes means a pregnant women developing diabetes in the journey, but the scenario is so common. So most of the people have started feeling that you know, oh, Okay, just a tional diabetes do happen in pregnancy. So it is common for everybody. So that is why I have also got no just a tional diabetes is 95% acquired acquired means you got it for yourself and it is not a part of the pregnancy if you say mood swings or nausea then yeah, it is all you know, the nature that pregnancy is giving you but definitely just a tional diabetic or too much of weight gain in the mother or having a big baby. So these are all acquired factors, so Basically, these things can be avoided if you're taking care of your nutrition well and you will have a healthy baby. You will not land up in preterm labor or an early cesarean section. And after the baby is born also the mother who ate very well who took care of her nutrition very well in the pregnancy will not have challenges in the lactation period and she will not have postpartum, you know mood swings or anemia and all those things so it's very very Important to understand that the pregnancy nutrition is going to travel after the baby is born also that is for sure. So if the mother is completely enjoying Pani Puri and Pisa, then you cannot expect breast milk to secrete after the baby's born. So it's as simple as that. Okay. So what is the take home message that you would love to give to the ladies who are expecting? Yeah the message I would like to give to the pregnant women as yes. I understand that, you know. NC takes you for a troll and you have a lot of physical discomforts and mental mood swings hormonal changes. Yes. It is not going to be a goody-goody thing throughout the nine months. I agree to it. Then only after a problem pops up in your blood report or in your medical file. Please make it as a holistic thing and every pregnant women you have an issue or not. It's very important to meet a physiotherapist for the right exercise according to your own health and history the same way as the nutrition don't go by random advisors around you because everybody's body everybody's age. Everybody's medical history is completely different which Google cannot solve it to you. So, please talk to the expert so that That, you know, you have a very safe journey and you produce, you know, you deliver a healthy baby. Thank you so much for everything. Thanks. Nice talking to you. Nice talking to you, too.