Okay, guys, I want you happy afternoon one and all and welcome to dr. Image on the podcast and today's topic is a very simple one and will be just going through a few of the codes regarding the courts in the facts regarding the psychological factor, which is anger here. Okay. So without further Ado this is going to be a small podcast. So yeah, let's get started. And the first one which I would like to tell you is rap rage and like it is the type of rage is anger. Frustration felt when you are unable to open packages, for example, like when you found when you have a delivery or when you have and how would you say that anything to open a you unable to open it? And you feel angry angry angry about it? So that is also called as it rap rage WR AP wrap rage. Okay, so anger increases the desire of position in people. Okay, so people make more efforts to obtain the object that is associated with angry faces. This is one more psychological fact and then yes pain Alters our personality. Everybody has their own story of struggle to remember this if a person if you are looking at a person's personality, that's because of pain is been out reading it because everyone has a different story for that and we can't be judging anyone for the kind of behavior that kind of personality they are having so please don't judge before, you know, anything it is impossible to remain angry at someone you truly love anger lasts. Like more than three days indicate that you are not in lab. So yeah this also one more important psychological fact, if you are angry with the person and the angle stays with you on the person for like more than three days. That means you are not loving them. Because if you truly love someone then you won't be angry with them for so long. That's a basic thing and we don't even have to consider that nap time or psychological facts, but still angry people produce more UniQue Ideas faster than people in any other type of emotional state and that is according to the study of okay. So that means when you are when you're angry that means you have more chances of coming up with some UniQue Ideas faster when compared to other people, isn't that funny These guys are Tavia are discussing a few the psychological facts just like that having a boat on that one. If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don't they won't stop liking it they stopped liking you this is important psychological fact Guys. These are all the psychological facts, which I have written in my book. So yeah now we have Hari Krishna here. Let's have about the Turkish now. So let me repeat the sentence again, if you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don't like what you see the Moon stopped liking that thing instead. They will stop liking you they're highly me. How are you? Hello, I hurry. Yeah, I mean, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? I'm doing great. Thanks for asking psychological facts to and yes. Yes. I'm Anika have returned like a better all these facts from many places and have it all in one place. So I thought I could just read them out to my - okay, make any suggestion a book also for psychological things to how to control our anger like that. Is there any book is there are occasionally working you're doing that you're already doing that you're already reading the book The Power of your subconscious mind. This book is like a psychological tricks yet. It is you are literally hacking into your subconscious mind, which is completely under your control. That means you more emotions are under your control. Your thoughts are under your control. Your behavior is and your Control, your health is under your control you are learning is under your control isn't that is in artist things comes under psychology? So this island becomes under psychology. Yeah, you already have an ultimate guide for psychology, which is the power of your subconscious mind only the name default. And what do you what is the psychology terms is comprised of it depends on our break. Yes. Yes. Yeah and you have a wonderful book to unlock your brain, which is the power of your subconscious mind by. Dr. Joseph Murphy. Yes, no need Okay me. Thanks for your suggestion in the different. We have already started the book understand the feedback what he was given so wonderfully given butter. I don't understand it is the psychology are nothing but anything related to your brain can be turned into psychology, too. Okay, guys, if you're loving the facts psychological facts do press the heart button do Show Your Love? Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. You were saying definitely me. I will come back in the last last minutes. How can we thank you so much. Okay. Yeah. Anyway, it's going to be like a half an hour session. Let's have a word with subbu by the term oopsie you're not able to converse to do. Any bad words nice name owning a cat can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than 1/3. So guys if you don't want to have a heart attack then start having a pet cat. Hello. Hi, Kanesha. Yeah. Hi doctor. How are you? I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. How are you? I am very good. You know, your topic is really very interesting. That's why I could not myself. I could not stop. Circle join this broadcast. No, thank you so much. Can I ask where are you from? So I am from Rochester. We are from Rajasthan. I mean actually that's really good and just tell me one thing. What is the famous dish in Rajasthan? Someone asked me about I was not able to answer them. So here the famous the Dharma teacher mama drama. I had it once and now after that my most favorite comes and elect Tarka Dal. Makki Ki Roti. You said you know that one. Yeah, I know makki Ki Roti. So, you know, so, you know, I'm not permanent of Rajasthan. Basically I'm here for my study purpose. Basically. I'm from the UK. Okay anyway, and we that's good. That's good. So yes, Kanaya and today's topic is psychological facts about anger means I have written these tags in my book. So today I thought I can just read these facts to myself here. Where are you from? Mmm? I'm from Hyderabad Hyderabad. So, you know, this is as I think you know, everyone is in this world says that we should suppress anger. We should not be angry but a zoning which do not suppress it is one of the emotions we should not suppressed anger. See it is like your pressurizing your brain. Whenever you try to suppress your anger your building pretty brain and that will turn affect you from inside. We should not suppress our anger, but we should can control our life in such a way that we don't get angry in the first place. Yeah, so, you know all the society say that we should be cool. Always we should skip this angered emotion, which would not be angry. But as I think angry being angry is very natural and you know, very healthy for our of mental health. Yes, it is, you know at the right time at the right time, you know, if we remove the anger from our cell then we become very light, you know, our brain become very correctly. Yeah, Kanaya you reminded me of a fact. Let me read that sack for you. There it is. Yeah, anger triggers the region of the brain associated with on St. That's when the truth comes out. Yeah, exactly. Very correct very correct. So you are reading from this any book or by phone see whenever I go through online. I collect these kind of facts whenever needed. So I'm just reading these facts today. Normally I do the content or by my own but today I thought I can just read some tags for my listeners and mr. Try to explain them the facts to yeah, so, you know for this emotions, I want to explain, you know, a small story, you know, so, you know, basically in our hour Richard Indian culture, you know one story is there that Lord Siva cut the, you know throat of Lord Ganesha. Yes, so as I think this story should be taken in this way. You know that Lord Siva was unable to you know, suppress his anger and he was so angry that he could not control itself and he cutted the throat of his own son. So, you know one what we say one emotional thing is there in bhagavad-gita that poverty and never see when any emotions come to ourselves. We have to you know, get means emotion update on the retina. Also Barnacle Jenna. Yes. So this thing was done by Lord Siva first and you know people they take this story in a very bad way. They said it what kind of God he is. He has cut the throat of his own son. You cannot be a god. So as I think we call them God due to this reason only you know. Because they don't hold their emotions back. Yeah, he must have a certain direction a lot a few nickel. This is the nickel that is in the between always in the neutral because in that case can I tell me one thing hated is also kind of emotion which we hold to what the people sometimes of some no reason. How is that to be a good for us? If you are having hated and we are having this comparison raisin with other people then that is not going to help anyway, right whoo emotions are in some way. And emotions are negative for us in some way that depends upon how we are using our emotions have you're letting your emotions to flow. I'm not asking about some emotions. I'm asking about how you're letting your emotions flow in a positive way or negative people in a positive is a negative. How are you going to deal in to convert into positive? Yeah, we have to change those head emotions into a positive direction and make our life better. Yes, it is and other flyff also. Yes, you're right. That's what I said. So can I ever thank you so much for joining with me here and do press the heart button share your love and do follow me an open door. And is there anything you'd like to ask me or share you share with me regarding Rajasthan or because regarding some another fact, which you like to talk about psychology or any other things? So here I want to see you one thing. You know, I have read many books on psychology, but I find one book one book, which is very very perfect and you know contains zero error and that book is the with Rita. Yes. You're right. You're absolutely right. I have been a lot of this but I'm not supporting any religion. You know, I'm not saying that but it is a complete psychological book, you know, it's make your mental level so high in hey, yeah. Thing I want to share and it was really nice talking to you Doctor. So thank you so much gonna do press the heart button to follow me on open talk to share your lab. And yeah, we'll be having a lot of conversations I had and you said about bhagavad-gita, right? So we will be discussing on by body but soon. Okay. Thank you. I will be there. Have a wonderful day. Take care and be safe. Don't go out here you also. Yeah. Take care. Bye. Bye. So guys the let's continue with the topic of like a psychological facts on anger. Thank you so much Meenakshi G. Thank you so much. And yeah, the next icon is the fact which I would like to tell you is someone who becomes angry easily over silly things subconsciously desire to be loved. I'm framing this to a very special person. Someone who becomes angry easily over silly things subconsciously desire to be loved and I know this very well. I truly believe that one too. Okay. Now let's go to the next fact. If someone is always angry at you just stay calm it will help them to be ashamed later. If there's a person who's getting angry at you of like no reason and every time guys stay calm you hold onto your anger. And eventually that will make him feel ashamed for being angry with you. Just give me one second. I'll be back. Just one second, please. Okay, guys. Okay guys. Thank you so much for waiting. And yeah, I just want to have a sip of water. I'm done with it. Come on. Let's continue with the topic of our psychological tax on anger, but dr. Amy, and I love you all keep sharing and keep sharing your love with me. Press the heart button and if you follow me no Punjab. So the next fact which I wanted to share with you is while I'm very happy pain pressure can suggest tension and anger a moderately heavy pressure is a sign of commitment a soft pressure means you are empathetic and sensitive. Okay, so let me repeat that once again for you, and I'll explain that one to when I have when you have like a very heavy pressure that suggest that you are tensed and anger if you have a moderate pressure, it's a sign of commitment, and if you have a soft pressure, that means you are empathetic and sensitive so you can determine now that by what you have and what kind of pressure and what kind of mentality you have in there Challenger atom interesting now talk. Thank you so much Allen Braddock, please. Press the heart button. Share your lab. and this fact expressing anger is actually helpful. It releases tension and help people to not have Grudge to anyone because they express themselves. Every time they get angry. We have Aditi Char here. Let's have a word with other pgr. so why these are the psychological facts which I have collected in my diary, so I'm reading this for you today and possibly trying to explain them as much as So by the time we get can hello. Hello. How are you? I'm fine without you. I'm doing fantastic. Thanks for asking. So, where are you from other day? I'm from Kolkata new. I'm from Hyderabad. Okay, so what do you do? Mr. Dr. In me? I'm an English tutor motivational speaker and an author of a book understanding woman is easy. Okay? Okay, so obviously if you are just I would like to suggest to you you talk a little bit slowly because if you talk very fast and I couldn't understand your words, so it's not a very good speaker OMG. Thank you so much Aditya. That means a lot and many of my listeners have said that to me and I'm still working on that. But thank you so much personal englishman's not you. Very quickly, very fast limits not communication is a very important for ugt you'd when you talk your Hindi language your mother tongue so that you just added voice breaking it braking is ammu Aditya was breaking. Now if you do you are not audible your voice is breaking. Hello, are you there? High King of Hearts Hi, Daria, guys. Do share your love, press the heart. So. Eyes area hiking of Hearts. How are you guys? I'm hoping you all are safe happy and Rob down like I am. So just make the most of the day keep learning new things keep having fun. And yeah, let's be locked down for our own safety or on Family Safety. And yes guys don't show your love press heart button to follow an open-top. Yeah, and the next psychological fact, which I would like to share with you regarding anger is pretending you don't have feelings like anger sadness or loneliness can actually and mentally destroy you And we have at thee saying, you know, you should be you should be talk slow. Why do you talk so fast? I think I'm really sorry for that. But I made this had a habit of like self-talk conversation which made me fast. I'm still working on desk to make it slow. Yep, and thanks for your suggestion. When two people have a fight the angrier one tends to be wrong. anger can Cloud judgment, too We have Jewish anchor. So let's try to cut with a chancre. So the next Factor effect is very interesting guys. So make sure that you listen to it. Hello. We are connecting with Jerry Shanker. Hello. I just Hello. Yes, I can hear you. How are you? I'm fine. How are you? Dr. Amy. Fantastic. Thanks for asking Jessica. And how is the day going on and that's text and you're logged onto like I asked so, you know all I know. All I need is commenting. We're all locked down now. We are all in handsome of down in our room, you know. Yeah, I just have a responsibility to keep ourselves lockdown for our own safety and our own family safety of our society safety. Yes, it's our duty. Yes it is. Yes, it is and jaishankar. What do you think about today's topic psychological facts about anger? Yes, I think about a lot then I send requests to join me so I can explain something about anger sure, so I have I am not a Killer cut about psychologic psychological fact about it. What I do it's okay. It's okay, but I can still talk about anger. Right? I have something extra. I have something experience about age, right? So anger is it when we find out? Hello. Sugar. Yes, please. Continue. Yes. So when if I try to understand the anger why his coming it's not a it's not exist in outer world. It's only coming in within ourselves. Yeah, because anger is an emotion. Yes, it's emotion. It's not exist in the outer room. Hey, yeah. Only thing is that exterior five things will affect you and it will trigger your anger. Yes, it will trigger your angle. So when we pay attention about when you pay attention at the angle, there are anger is resolved. You can't answer at anybody if you watching this. Yes, I'm getting you please continue. So when we when we are starting watching this what we are expressing at another somebody then we feeling every watching this we can't explain. You can't express our anger at anybody. It's totally different. Okay. Hey, so it's a matter of conscious and all our conscious and unconscious conscious. Yeah, concept an unconscious like in Hindi be hosi conscious and subconscious unconscious on conference on consoles. How are you going to Define unconscious with anger concerns means awareness, right? Yeah, Consciousness awareness and subconscious means awareness, which is deep inside your mind understanding about the facts which are dealing with that is subconscious. Yes. Obviously, I'm talking about subconscious in your take it you're telling about unconscious. That means you're not in under your control and you don't have any control over your emotions to so unconscious is the time like which you don't have any control over your body over your Motions cases so we can't Define that with anger. Yes. So the eyes. Yeah, when we when we focus when it focus at any angles, it will totally dissolve, right? So simple, it's so my experience when I example when I anger at somebody like my nephew my brother's then I start watching this why I am angry at at anybody's then I find a and during the time when I am when I am angry at anybody then I find it. It's not possible when you pointing out the your angers. Like jaishankar limited you one thing anger is an emotion which is deep inside us and everyone has that it's about the factors which are triggering the emotions and so it is completely dependent on dependent on us that how we are giving importance to those factors that you have. It will be triggering our anger. So that is completely depending on your conscious and your subconscious that have you're dealing with the things in a positive way to not let them trigger your anger. Yes. Anything else would you like to suggest anchor? I have no not at all any things. Okay, I guess you could thank you so much. There are few other colors also waiting. So please allow me to have a word with them to do share your love by pressing the heart button and do follow me an open-top will be having a lot of conversations on it. Thank you so much. Thank you for joining. Have a wonderful day. Be safe stay at home. Don't go anywhere. Let's have a word with shock. She then we have Surya prakash Rao then we have purple Kumar Mehta. Hello. So by the time we get connected with stock, she let me tell you one more fact arguing over taxing is the worst way to argue because the lack of tone decreases the meaning of the word take it out in person. nice actually Hi, how are you? I'm fine. Thank you. Okay, that's good. And how are you doing in? Your hometown with being locked out is everything going fine there? Yeah, because I feel that this is a good for ourselves. So we are doing it. So yes. Yes, you're right. So it's actually what do you think about today's topic psychological fact, hang on anger? is it is a psychological fact, we think that someone is doing wrong or someone is doing something which I don't like so so he's the responsible of of our anger of our anger, but we should try to understand some feelings or some emotions is in our inside that that is responsible for our anger and I do not want to Give her just one one or two point. I just want to express something. So I feel that it is need to explain like previous time. As you know, that the women they are we think that and maybe it is maybe right. I don't know. I'm not sure so I can't say that it is right. So like in a previous in a previous time our room Elizabeth feel that they are They have they have much patience to a beer a beer boy Lance against her so they are much stronger. They are emotionally strong. But in case of in case of men men, they are not they don't have passion. They don't have a patient's that's why they can react as they have. They are powerful data. That's why they are react react with As a they don't need their do they don't need to be are or told it the things and it is not necessary for them to it is not a surgery necessary them for to hide their anger because it is not good for them. We think that because to showing anger is a anger is a symbol of our Force for the men. Okay, so she let me tell you one thing regarding this one. I had a discussion with many of the people and psychologists on recording that topic which you are talking about. Now the way the women are empathetic towards having lot of patience is the way they grew up. Okay, so it's not like that all women are empathetic and all women are patient some you can see that they are fighting to but when it comes to most of the women, yeah from the childhood itself, they are taught from the childhood itself. They are taught to be like be calm and You go with the situation and be adjustable my yourself. This is how guys are grown up. Well, I'm not means I'm not sacrifi daughter. Yeah, I'm not doing that children. That is the reason you are a girl you should do this. You are a girl. You should become you have a girl you should adjust variability even comes to like a brother and sister situation brothers and even higher what are you can come to Sisters. It happens in most cases not all the parents. Do the same thing but it happens in most of the cases. So that is how the mindset of women are build day after day year after year the time they grow up I'm it comes to men they are taught in such a way that they can get anything what they want just by like because they're men they are forcible their energetic explaining that things that I that I want to say. Yeah. It is a nation your point. I'm just putting your point whatever you're trying to achieve they'll do the things I'm repeating. I'm not saying anything new. I think that what you want. I'm just helping you out to put the but this is the one point about this topic. I will there. Yeah, I'm here. I'm sorry. I'm just I'm a very good listener. This is a one design. Another reason is that in nowadays? We are so our angle even a very simple things even a very little things like someone is the fort is not very likely it is not very big, but we are More anger and and that so this is not we cannot say that we can't control anger. So Josh, you don't have to control anger because anger is one of the emotions and we have explicitly please I have to complete my sentence I because I am not a good at I'm not so good at English. Make I'm making sentences. So please you know you're doing it's not like that. It's your time. But please don't use negative words. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, please continue. So we've answered answered that we are reacting very easily even a things are very little and so it may not the person is doing or that we don't like it doesn't mean he's a he make a he make us stronger. Maybe it's our own imbalance in balance of emotions that make us angry angry. So this is another reason that And sometimes I feel that there are some some there are some what to call it. So if someone is like to meditation or attract meditation, it will very useful to a to balance our emotions or Karma mind. So I feel that it is very good or because another thing is that our diet is not so good. And these are some main reasons but anger. So solid have anything they want to say anything. Are you done with explaining? I mean like would you like to add a few bonds? I'm like you have some interesting facts with you. Okay. Okay, so talk to you. Let me tell you one thing anger is an emotion and we don't have to control anger, but we can control the situation that are affecting us or like impacting on us that triggers the anger emotion inside us. And one thing I feel that it is a it is our duty maybe sometime I have we have to control our anger. We cannot say that like a person who is a work under under his boss. So his boss says everything is a airing any negative things of but he did he didn't reply. Do you know why because he understand if he replied or replied back so maybe his job will be in in the end. So here do not show their anger to their boss, but he shows anger their children. So people are very understand where he have to wear. He have to show their anger aware not so we cannot say that we can't control anger when we feel anger like then we say the yeah, you you give me the answer see the thing is that when you're controlling the anger near your boss you have to release that anger somewhere. So you're showing on that your wife, which we are showing that anger on your children, and you're frustrated. You control the anger when you very angry when anger come then you are able to control your control your anger. So why do you think like black that you are not there is no situation of anger and you can release your anger to another one without any reason that because you're able to control your anger at that time when you are very angry. So are you not satisfied with the dead point that we can actually holding the angle? You're not controlling it? You're literally holding your ankle. And then later on you're really scared that who is less powerful than you this is I don't know people are getting my point or not. Because in a we just try to say that means people are trying to say that we can't control our anger. That's why it is a very natural if think is natural so we can't control but it is not natural we can control it because there are lots of people I'm not talking every people is a like of the like a saint. No, but if the one per person who's a human being if he is able to control or a Didn't dad balanced Holly motion. So I think whether do with the some process every con able to control the anger me maybe he will not too angry like in a previous time. He will be control or he will be bit against this situation. Okay, so she now let me put my point towards anger. And yeah listen to me very carefully here anger is an emotion which is similar to happiness. And when you're saying the terming it as the controlling anger actually No, you're not controlling anger. When you're getting angry at your boss. You're keeping yourself calm just because the reason you might lose the job. This is the point told by you. Okay. Now, what are you doing? You're holding that anger and you're releasing with anger on a different things. Maybe at the vendor who's selling the vegetable you will get angry with him or maybe the children were playing around your home. See the thing is that you if you are holding the angle that yourself you will be releasing a deputy on someone else. So anger management is completely different and I don't want him to feel that if you In that you can control my control your anger in one place and you can release your anger your another press so if you want to control if you want to release your anger to another place, so choose choose the substance or a things are different. Like don't don't release your anger to to Children's or to someone. We love releasing your anger with the like a table or anything else. So I think it is a very good good thing. Because I think that is a question. I do know in Florida. They used to be people who are like software engineers and other firms who get at this anger management issues. They are given hammers to break every day. It's like a big garage and there are so many vehicles cars and some other equipment they give them big hammers to break those things and the rate out of the anger on them. We are because this So we can do it do it not to be angry, but it is a just one of the process to release anger. There must be something else that will not to make you. So angry when you when the situation is the time of angry. So there is something you can control anger. You're just holding it back. You are saying you can't control anger. So yeah, if okay. Okay, I just continue. Okay. I just come to your point. You are saying you can't control my anger. Ok. Ok. We are angry eye and I'm not controlling and okay, sir. Okay, but to what happen if we do not feel so angry because we are doing something we are making we are working our self or mental health or some exercise. Yoga sore a good diet. So I think When situation is too well situation is to was maybe we don't react like we don't be angry because of we are doing some good things which is a balance of our emotional. So I think there is no need to control for SLI a anger because you don't eat you are not so angry because of high as to how are you just give me a couple of minutes. I'll finish my conversation with optional get back to you. Okay. Look if you want. Yes, I'll say please continue. No, it's clear because I think I do not want to take your too much time too. Cause I think the point has to be cleared. So actually that is the reason we are discussing right? So, please so I have completed now, so Would you like to add something in it? And your points are very agreeable. I really like it and Sachi. Thank you so much for putting your point very straight. And that's very understandable. And I really like your effort towards putting a point and and don't have to be appreciate to speak English because it is most important to me is what I'm saying. You're putting your point state in a very beautiful and you're really working good towards. And I really appreciate that want to thank you so much for coming here and having a board with me. I really appreciate that one. Okay, thank you. It is a hot button and do follow me an open door will be having a lot of conversations I had. Okay. Thank you so much and be safe. Stay home. Don't go anywhere. Let's have a word with H2. Hello. Hello doctor. Am I audible to you? Can you hear me? I can hear you now, how are you? I'm fine. I'm perfectly. All right, what about you? I'm doing fantastic as usual. Thanks for asking. So finally finally I participating in praying you particles. Actually I was it was my great. We set some time. I will definitely participate in your podcast. So yeah, in fact, I was expecting you from a long time. So thank you very much. So actually your topic is it's really different and I was expecting from you cite that they must be a topic like this because there are similar topics everywhere. So this is a different topic and I think this is good and I will just listening that different arguments and the paintings of the people so it's really informative. So I thought why issue that I participate in this discussion and they give my own opinion regarding this topic and definitely now that you are here share your point of view towards psychological fact, which is anger. What do you think? Okay. I'm not as much actually qualified to discuss it. But this is my point of view according to the anger. Actually. We definitely are the previous Cory she was telling about it is It is a motion definitely in a human body. Mostly we have it is considered that we have 27 on emotions in our body that is in the form of love heat anger and the something like that. So as far as in Anger is concerned mostly I think people all over the world are listening here and maybe there are some Muslims as well and Hindus Sikhs and some and some other religions as well. I just want to put treat am I worse in the form of some Is this point O we in India Muslim. I tell you we have a strategy how to control the anger which we told by our Prophet that is if you're standing you just sit down if you're see just laid on and if you are laying you can see you can stand so this is the way you can control your anger. So this is the religious point of view know logically, which you people are discussing right now. I want to share a every emotion. It has his own life, you know after some time after some time. Automatically after sometime it will remove for example now if somebody is in anger, I definitely I will give you some example as well. And in those are examples of my life are not the real life. It happened to my friend. And before that I tell you that for example, there is a fire and after sometime it will automatically remove if you are burning some if you're burning pain fire after submitting, but what happens if you will put our Vote after sometime it will continuously burning up. Okay. Yes, see when we are in the in the form of in the shape of anger. We are angry and when we are continuously thinking about the reason why I am angry why this is hurting to me then it means you are giving few your anger. So once you are angry then after some time if you think I chose the conversations were having here was like I'm stating the point that anger is an emotion and yeah, it is manageable, but I don't believe that can be controlled and why am I saying this because if you are anger there are some factors which are working towards you which is making you angry with that is letting your anger come out and express yourself. Not even when the moment is not right when you are unable to express it whether it's your boss or whether it's a lab one. You try to take that anger out in different way and subconsciously you won't even be knowing that you are expressing your anger. And I believe that holding onto will pressure inside you exactly it will just like a separate the more you will place it in the more it will expand. So it means a converter other controlling the anger just if you focus on why what is the reason behind it? And definitely for example, I I tell you my own experience. I was to be very honest sometimes I'm really short temper person, but now I control the Sabbath After reminding yourself every day, you can control this. I started a new job in them in my previous job. I have I have every day. There are some reason that I got angry with someone or maybe sometime I shouted but when I started a new job, that was a really good company at that time. I decided that in in this new job. I will never ever call with anybody else nor I will anger too angry to anyone so you know what I control this emotion. Whenever I go to office in the way on the way, I always remind myself today. I will never ever go out with anybody nor I will angry with anyone. So there are lots of in the beginning it was really difficult for me. But you know, the consequence is and the results were marvelous after some here because in the beginning of the day itself, you're giving your brain the instructions that what it has to do and dare the day that means you literally are giving the instructions to avoid the factors which will be triggering the emotion of anger. You know one when we are the people when we meet each other every day and we are angry with someone and every day you are facing the same person. So it is really unfortunate comfortable for the dose for both of the persons because they are meeting every day. They are discussing the things every day and they have to work on the same environment. So you cannot be comfortable in that situation. So if you can say sorry or if you although the fault of the other I think if it's not a big word just saying sorry quickly to eat can complete it it can I think I remove all the anger from the other person and after some time you will feel comfortable and it will be okay from because the I think the emotions of a man is really versatile. You can just work on it and it will be give result according to you whatever you want to take the result from the other person. So just focus on the Things which making you angry and how to control these things. So it is not a big deal. I think and are reminding yourself every day. This is a big deal. This is actually the and after some so this is my point of view. And secondly if for example if you are holding a mobile phone in your hand, you know, I'm just I'm just talking about giving you the example of how it is affecting on the physical health. If you are talking if your hand if you're picking a moving van in your hand and you can carry I One I wanna know what it's okay. No problem. You can take it in your hand. But if you have to pick that mobile phone take in your keep in your hand for five hours. Definitely you hand will be tired. And if you the same thing if you are expand the duration if you will take this mobile phone for one day your I don't think so that you can move your entire arm. So in the mean in the same way. Yeah that scenario debate. Of the mobile phone is not changing. But how much we are holding on to it is affecting us. It is affecting our body and sometimes when we are keeping this anger in our mind and continuously thinking about the situation. It is affecting all over the body. Sometimes we feel that this is a little anger but the ultimate result are so dangerous and Hillary has really So overall, this is my point of view about your topic. Yeah, definitely that's all you know, because I saw one of the video when you are Professor was telling you about holding some emotions and how it's going to affect you exactly and he was using and what and he said that - I'm holding his water bottle like is how long can I hold it examine said five minutes a month sit for 10 minutes and was at one hour then what is the effective then they started to say that your hand will start to pay and you won't be able to hold it any longer and that is going To affect you and then he explained in the same way the weight of the bottle and the content of the bottle the size of the bottle didn't change but how long you're holding. So tell me one thing. So what do you think seeing sorry are accepting the fault is it as much difficult that people do not say to anybody or do not accept sorry from the other person? See if you are putting our emotions and our well-being above our ego then as saying sorry and asking for apology and saying thank you. It's no big deal. But we have this tendency of showing our attitude. Why the should I say several to him? He's not so we have this kind of attitude. If you put your emotions. I'm like yourself self what above ego? It's very easy to say sorry exactly. So I don't think so. That ego is no longer. You can connect some time. People have the part of the personality of the anger if the anger they separate from their personality the it seemed that their personality is incomplete. But still they are something if you want to smooth your life, you have to control all these things. It's not big deal say sorry to anyone if there is a fault even the other person but now the questionnaire to some extent you can do these type of things, but every time it is sometimes difficult for you, but the It's are totally different and you will feel comfortable a rather anybody can feel comfortable in this situation. Yeah, if I'm holding myself back from saying sorry, that means I'm stretching it once I say sorry. I'm ending it then and there and I can have a fresh start again. Okay, that's good. So how you thought that that should be a topic for us today? What was it your mind to just like that topic? Actually, actually I was going to my diary when have written so many quotations regarding different topics. So when I went to the emotion section, I saw that I have it in me but anger to so that why can't we just take the topic and I was just reading the facts and explaining them and who is coming one call and they are sharing their point of view to work towards anger and I worship my point of view. So that's how the position starts. I just need a topic. He comes all by itself. Okay, it's really not only interesting. But also it's It's really informative topic for everyone. Especially the personal life may also although I'm trying to control all these emotions but and to be very honest and people's I feel nowadays maybe a bird a the when people become an issue. They are a more capable to control the emotions but still some time. It is a part of your personality as I already told you so sometimes it is difficult. how to control this is important action how to control the factors that are triggering your emotions is what I'm still believing and I'm still holding on to avoid so something which is in the part of your personality. Is it possible to control all these things? We are I'm just asking that it is my opinion that you can control and applied all these things for myself. So what do you think about the same your point of view to see ya Let's consider a nice small example here like a sailboat. The wind will be Monday. action, but when you adjust your cell in such a way, you can just let the wind guide you off board are in the same way what I believe that situations are not always towards our side so we can just tweak into a mindset a bit and try to understand the situation of the other side and if we can do that and empathize the situation we will be definitely having a solution lately if not hard to spot but at least lately, we'll try to understand it because instead of like just swimming against the waves if you just go with the flow, Oh and you might get a solution to? Because if you're finding it against the waves, if not, it's not going to stop and it is little bit making you tired. How long are you going to swim against the waves just go with the flow? You might be finding a whole thing to hold on to just come out of the situation. So is it so easy to ignore the faults of the others too? Because it's not easy not easy not easy. Sometimes there are lots of things which is according a which is not according to you is rather very first for you, but at that moment if we ignore that thing I tell you the example, I have a friend And of mine in August and yet now he is in prison. They he of food in our street and it over just a single moment when he shook the other person now, he's in prison, you know, after three or four months then he was in the prison. I went to meet him and you know, he said but if I ignore that moment now, I will not going to suffer naughties. He was repenting all all the situation which he had already done in the past and all the think it was the single moment. Now it will prevail in all his wife his whole life is spoiled just because of a demotion so some time controlling and ignoring the other person's which is not according to maybe is whatever he's into you. What is it is better for the person and the other person as well because he was born Definitely say he's not my type. All the family is suffering our it because he is living in my neighborhood. The book people are lit. They are my street but Muslim he is behind the bars. So ignoring things is better than pretending. Yes, it is. Yes it is and we have a very good example the last time when you were having a conversation with orator, I was in comment section to remember that and return. Yeah, oh to ask me regarding the issues which I was facing with few of my negative commentators and later when I heard the conversation, which I had with my commentators in a negative way. I can literally see that is no fault to from I said, they wanted Lee did that to fuel my rage and they were succeeding that about When I understood the situation I was like yeah, I am doing what they want me to do. So that moment I came to a point that yet ignoring is the term which I can use here which is simply ignore the things with they're doing and they want me to do and I should be continued to do the thing, which I'm doing exactly and you know, sometimes when we are focusing our goal that definitely then a for example you are going to buy a train to some other city, which is far away from your town in the way you are there will be lots of small station. Ins deep move will broaden the train and they will they will go on their Villages but all these dishes and all will be not important for the person who who's the goal is far away from the other person. So even if you had all these see which is PC hurdle of your way it is useless you do not do not need to pay attention all these things the phone booth on your dress. You can focus on your goal. This is a no biting. Yeah, that is the reason once my podcast is done and once recorded versions available. I go through it entirely once again just to see that if I'm doing something wrong or putting a word straightforward if I'm not able to understand the point of my listeners just I'm trying to like a review of the conversation, which I'm having so that next time that won't be repeated or next time. I can modify the long. This is good. This is good this I really appreciate and you know, you cannot stop the tongue of anybody. You can hold the hand. That's all the time. So this is the only way people they will definitely they will gossip about you. They will see on a different user. You are absolutely right. We should not be any attention to these type of things. Yeah. This is again. Let me reply to one of the girls. Yeah. Yeah, yes Beast is to please continue. I love calling you with that. Let's do a nice interested or interests you and yeah, I have some unique names in here. So I really like those means. Okay. How long do you been using this application 46 days? Party 60s and your asthma fluent as from your first day when you start using this application. Again, I mean you were as much fluid as you are today as you started this application. I don't know. I have to listen to my first conversation for that. Okay, because you have a very good communication skills. And you know, my only purpose fears is to improve my speaking skills here. That's why I participate on different podcast and try to in the meanwhile. Definitely when there is a topic and I recover all the knowledge which I have so far and proved controversial as well and thoroughly restores of things to learn for myself. And especially the best thing is For Me Above All That I got an opportunity to participate to speak with that is The different people and yeah, that is why I say that open talk is attitude for me. And as you said that you feel an improvement in your communication, that's a very good point. I should share that once I wish you'd compare my first podcast and the today's podcast because will be the last one for today. You will feel the difference because you are quite frequent user of this application and I are from see that you are participating are doing your own podcast, so they will be definitely lots of difference and You know you were continuously talking all talking on some end in the same way when there is a small child and the the people who are living in the same house. They are not realizing that how he is growing when the other person here at the guess. He came that he stood a tall you are so grown-up. So maybe it is common for the people who are living in the same house, but it is unexpected for the people who come from outside. So in the situation we are talking and at that, I we do not realize that how much we are improving until we do not. Okay, and yeah, thank you so much as show for the dawning with me here and the way you are putting it in the UW explain the things really helpful and really appreciate it a lot and I do come to a podcast regularly so you can have conversations on different topics. And yeah, thank you for giving me the idea of comparing my conversation from day. One, two, three. Okay. Let me lower orange cameras. Also use talking about me, right? Use an ice maker. Thank you very much. This is a compliment for it. Thank you. Rockin various thank you on rod. That's it your true. That's true. That's true and H 2 is a really wonderful guy here and the way he converse with others. The way purchase bonds is completely acceptable. It's not like an argument. It's so it's more like a discussion. Yes, exactly. Thank you. This is a compliment for me because you people are really finding it and I'm just sorry that I can we speak like if you know because maybe you already know. This parrot. Okay, this isn't gonna just happen to map now. Yes. Yes original. Sorry. Yes, it's true. Yes, actually I have completed so tell me some could you please tell me something more about the topic which already because I just joined you I don't know if you summarize all the conversation we have already done with other people as well because I have a complete different approach towards anger but today I was just going through the facts which have it in my diary was yeah and previous day's I had this Issue of Anger Management a lot was very short tempered guy shouting at everything and getting ready to everything. So that is the reason most of the companies are quiet. Okay, exactly. This is the big re so then it took me a long it took me a long time to cope with this anger and Pakistan the emotions and the way to put the things forward and understand the factors that are affecting my rage by emotion and how to put myself in such a way that okay. I'm going with the flow. I don't want to be triggered by these things are subject I think and I think there are some Workshop as well and I'm still working on it. I'm still practicing many of like meditation to and Transcendental Meditation a transcendental meditation is much better when compared to like the other ones. There are seven times Traditions, you know, you may or sometime there are some discussion which is really stimulate you sometimes it works like enzyme for you after this discussion. I will definitely search for articles about the anger management I moved because this is the it seems really interesting because this is necessary for everyone as well. Definitely, it will be beneficial for me know after this discussion with these just because of this your discussion that I will search about different articles about anger management and how it works and how it is affecting. Will you do that is to sorry. Will you really do that? Yes exactly because you always have In that case, I would have something to you. Hello arrival search about all the anger management techniques and how it works and how it affects to Definitely Maybe whenever you will come on these subjects and subjects some time ago. So definitely I will participate with some other program has not like that but like that you said that you're going to work on this one different articles. So why don't you start a brought five? Emmy I wish I could start and definitely maybe I will start but sometimes you can use for the podcast. Sometime I have plenty of time and so I don't know maybe sometime when I'm because you know why I'm fee of I'm afraid like my own podcast those in the meanwhile if I had to lose no weight. So it's varied. It seems really awkward to quit the show quick the podcast in between. So that's why when I working sure that I can continue for at least one hour to hour then definitely. I will convict my own house. so this is the only reason actually yeah, I'm looking forward for that one as talk or show and this would be for me if you will listen and also participate it definitely I will a k and I'm looking forward for the collab of you and orator and I'm like, I'm really waiting for that one guys, you know, sometimes I feel because he's a literary person different words and sometimes you know, you know That is the combination when terator and maybe of some days when I'm ready. Your dad will be there that will be different combination and it will be like a completely unique and that is the flavor which is going to add to the podcast itself because two persons of different gender a I having a conversation together on the topic And discussing a that's really add the color to the podcast itself Anew orator is also he's a literary person and the show which I am doing. I have the expertise. That is the literary program. It's about was also about poetry eating and the person who is already attached with these type of things. So it's really good to have a companion life that are person during conducting any podcast. So I think it will be a story yesterday. He came of the wonderful story orator. He did a podcast yesterday and it was of some story and I miss the part of the story. I do I do. I had a conversation With him at the end. I miss the story but literally just a little wonderful story and you should listen to the recorded version once it's awesome. Okay, definitely exit. He told that he is a Storyteller as well. So it mean he's a Storyteller. Definitely he has two expressions in the how to deliver. This is a good thing happened. I have lots of things to learn from this podcast. So yeah looking forward to have this command over the toning how he takes the situation in his hand. I'm like a expenses like awesome literally put the words in a beautiful way. Language stressed is and pauses in way to solve here to deliver the content. This is this is an art and a person who is master of those are definitely the person that's why I definitely have like, I'm looking forward to learn from orator and from you and there are some few selected peoples from whom I think literally can learn a lot of new things. Okay, let me whenever I feel that there is a person whose English is good and deliver his thoughts properly. So what do you suggest in your because my purpose My H2O water breaking it. Was it breaking? Hi, John. Os/2 your voice breaking. You know, this is okay. Yeah now we ordered. Okay. Okay. Maybe there's actually I just want to know from you said it. It's funny because I feel that the person who has a vast amount of the good fancy and and let's do I'm really sorry, but still your voice is breaking I didn't hear a single word. Okay? Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I think this is not the my connection is not stable and okay, this is okay or this is the same situation. This is okay. Now your order will clearly You are okay. Okay, Amy. I was asking that what do you suggest me for English point of view in English were in severe am in Viewpoint over here. I am lacking. After you asked me the wrong question. See, I'm not the person you should be asking the question where you're lacking because for me you're doing a wonderful thing. And for me every person who is even starting is doing wonderful in English. I have created this positive attitude towards everyone in such a way who's learning English and I can't find faults in them. But I yeah, I do suggest that but yeah, I don't find Anything that to suggest to you because you're exceptionally doing well. I'm not gonna brag, but definitely you are doing exceptionally well and your command over English the way you put your English the worst phrases is definitely good and you're doing it and if you are even working on it and definitely your you're going to do much better than anything. So I don't have any suggestions for you. Trust me and you're not lacking anywhere according to me. I don't know what others perspective but I believe that And you use your words your words are really motivational for me. And definitely I will keep on practicing this thing and definitely when will when I will come next time and definitely before coming. I will prepare properly because I'm actually I'm feeling that it should be something more from my side. Yeah, and you have a lot of content to make our listeners have an understanding about and you have a lot of content from your side, which I want to learn. No, no, I'm not lying and I'm really not angry because I just came up with a fact like so psychological facts and the term is anger. I'm not angry. Okay. Okay. It's okay. I don't know in what aspect you're talking but I'm speaking to myself. Is it really so what is it really? So as you are talking that this you just put that behind it? No, I didn't get you. Okay, actually I just want is it as so as you are telling that I just put the topic of There is no reason behind it. We are because I never get angry with her. Yeah, there's no no no reason for me to get angry with her because when a person is the reason for your happiness then how can you be angry with them exactly? This is you right here. Okay a maybe sometime there's a reason there's two I have now you tell me that where am I lacking in my English, but I'm looking in my communication. What am I lacking in? I content delivery. Okay. Okay. I tell you I give you really honest feedback. Yes, when you click oneself fluency is really you know why I inside because when I am speaking I have communication gap I have thing and although you're not an idiot. But you know, this is a of the native speakers, although you are to your exit is different from many different. There is a little bit different from them, but still V you are talking especially I'm just going with the flow that you are thinking you are giving the model without you have lots of words in your subconscious and you are delivering them probably. So this thing is really good at is the positive way and I'm telling you in the second thing. Definitely the more the requisite more everybody will practice the more it will be a better ball bearing weight and I'm speechless really to be honest. I think that's true. You didn't answer me. I asked you where I don't think so. You are very well qualified at you because you are good and if you I must say if you can. What good you are just focus on proper acting this way to having that same exercise performed me to speak. If you adopt any extent. He leaves me. You will be really successful. Nobody can judge you just because of you friends here because of your content and just you and he examined whether it is pretty sexy. I never thought about accent now that you're saying I have to into that one. Yes, exactly. And if you want that because this disregard this thing is different. Otherwise all the things you are communicating properly and you deliver what he wanted to me and everybody like me the person who is Omar listen, and in for I have a blessing you properly do not feel any problem as you sometime you ask me please repeat And then decided to get you but even a single time I didn't ask you it means I am understanding new problem. So this is the difference between you and me. Okay, thank you so much for your feedback and I will look into this accent once again, because I never paid any attention towards learning action because I thought accent is useless when it comes to the communication understanding and the phrasing of language is more important and they even have an accent. Hello. Have an accent of American or British in that case Miss. I'm faking my accent. So that's like if I'm showing a mile from a fake person. So this is what I had in my mind. You should not pick any X. And you know, when you are listening to the same person, you know, I tell you my experience regarding with that. He's related to my broadcasting experience. There are some Punjabi people and it is very difficult for them to speak in a proper were doing the proper go there is some lack review the way she is. To most people because they have built their own except on job. Eh when they convert their necks and you definitely these people to but they speak in Punjabi language, you know, this is the logic and the second thing the big barrier for the people who are not needed that they have already developed and sometimes with the practice how their practice you know, you are like, I don't know which area of India you are living when you win the are you will move towards other area. Yeah, definitely. They will be although the language. He seemed worth X and will be a little bit different or for maybe 40 or 20 or 50 kilometer oriented. So when you are living with those people automatically adopt as to do you believe that accent is necessary? No, it is not necessary. Not at all. Not at all. But if you are a proper accent, I think Just for you. Let's do it. I can't hear you. Your voice is breaking again. Okay. No, this is okay. I think this is a net Network issue. Hello. Yeah, I can hear you now. Okay, maybe I think this is a matter of player for you when somebody will ask you that if it is really difficult for them to judge you that you are a native speaker. Are you going so is it not good for you? Is it not Metro player for you? But still I was not convinced with this accent learning thing. So that was that is the reason I never had any efforts towards learning it and I want to add something that means it is necessary, isn't it? I think you are there is no need to add something but still if you say definitely the people who have something because this is not your language you are. Adopting the language some someone else and you are communicating properly and you know, you are you will not adopt any extent. Deliberately. You will not practice of to section when you live with those people automatically those X and the extent of the native people they will influence on you. And after some time you will feel without any do subconscious the next week in print actually and when the when we will speak with the nature of the denier people after some time when after living through the Native people they will really feel the difference that your accent is like the people who are speaking me carefully. So this is my point of view but was it is not necessary. Yeah, now I get you up on so yeah, I'll definitely look into this accent once exactly and there is no true learning to do breaker. For example costing you are connecting us with his accent and his way of talking and even the words. He using automatically input signal. You really conversing it's not just because of like sometimes you are just getting by chance and you're displacing the people and when you will listen to some native speakers definitely was executed. So in that case if I want to learn accent then what should I do? I'm like, what do you suggest me to do? There are lots of broadcasters the original voice of artists broadcast. No, not last long lots of Broadcasters there is one very good guy in accent. I tell you I tell you I'm coming back to your point. Okay, you know, there are three different types of people in the thing is if each category, you know it is there are some what is the required speed of being some people say it was speaking very slowly. Accurate that when you adopt that speed and you know, what is that when you are delivering when you are picking the steam course according to the situation of that world and when you are the one everybody is the sorry, I'm sorry about every time I say you are we are actually just the right thing. So when we are thinking of word and when he okay deliver the word according to its shape then it means we are Justified. Buying that when we are overly okay. I don't know why I didn't answer the question. Yeah, and I think you can incorporate your own saying that this one is for this one too. The reason is that many of my listeners say that I speak very fast, and I know that I know that I do speak very fast, and I'm trying to get slow but from the moment to moment. Forget about that and I speak too fast. This is because I trained myself like that throughout the years because my mirror practice what do you suggest me to slow down? Okay. Okay. Okay tell you just add some expression on your vocals for your voice. Okay. I tell you an example. I just read a verse of Russia to deal cathartic in Kiev as soon as this is over. Okay. So when you are delivering for for example, I use the word organic you. You have to deliver these type of words as it is really Beating Heart. Just working up to this workout. It means in the same way when you are talking with everybody has this expression when you use the expressions of every word when you know how to way to stop and we're to a stress and way to process then you familiar about the stresses and cause especially in the only two things then automatically you will point then white screen and a when you When you deliver just routine before example a person who is just book reading you will properly you will suddenly realize that this person is operating is through his book reading in the first got there are lots of people who are paying for creating. I know where they are lacking look at the language of books on different and the language we are seeing is totally different, you know, the inviting any of my competitors come and that are you reading it from a book. And someone said that it is a recorded version when I started my conversation it was he was my first commentator. He commented like saying that this is a recorded version stop fooling around then I reread his command and I was like, no. This is not a recorded version I'm speaking now. As you speak then nobody can judge that you are right. If you are released when you are reading definitely you're already reading style to Define. But when we are speaking our speaking style is not reform. So focusing on the Expressions on every work it will help to find that white speak. So this is the answer and more for last week. If there is a broadcaster been releasing someone that's in there. He is greeting. You will find wherever you will listen the movie will that person if you will listen the exit of add person who a bad person who is accent is that word so definitely goes and iPad accident. Took this is naturally. Okay. This is my point. It's not like that when it's learning. I guess I'll give the entire day of the time. But what should I do? It's only two hours of time anyway, and it's my lunchtime and you can see that high command's messages are coming on so I have to go grab my lunch first and and I really had a very good conversation with you learned a lot of new things. Yes, and I'm going to apply those for me. And I think seem hear from you and I also learn from you and comments to the list might as well be participating and that this is the quality forecasts and you can you have the ability to make the people because of equality among. Thank you guys to oh, thank you so much for joining with me here do John thank you very much. I really appreciate it. And I do welcome you are many times to my podcast so that they can have a healthy conversation like this on keep on learning the things which I believe and I truly believe that a day. Out learning is a day wasted and you didn't let me thank you so much for that. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Take care about how can I have a wonderful day? Take care. Be safe to please don't go out. Let's get the corn out of the country. Okay guys, I had a wonderful conversation, which is Joe and thank you so much for your valuable comments. Thank you so much for your time. I'll let me have a one quick word with RK Eric before I leave because he's such a close friend to me. I can't just go like that without having a word with him. I'll try me. How are you? Hey, Eric, my man, how are you? I'm well and fantastic as usual. Hello. Yes. Hello. You have a latex. Yes. I actually my voice is actually breaking due to the Natural problem. I don't know. What is the problem in that I asked my inaudible you said? Yeah, well in fantastic well, but does. Does it mean by well and fantastic? Okay, well and fantastic I heard like if you created a new word valentich was like romantic and More Level to something like that. No. No, it's it's a both are different vallon. Fantastic. It is an upgraded version then reply that how I do I definitely should have this printed versions of telling us about how we are doing today. Hey, that's really good. And I Carrick man. Why are you so busy these days? Yes, yes and now hard also due to some having a problem like coronavirus is seen everywhere nowadays and I we have to take precautions regarding that that's why I am the way I am the place where there is a hilly hilly area and network is also not available properly. So that's why I win don't able to do brought my awesome broadcast also and some time I face problem to listen the broadcaster's also that is II was I started to think that out there for a long time I started thing that I carry is believing that even if by coming out to open talk to you might catch some corner. Because it is a crowded place to write. No, no exactly. I don't think so. I'm just kidding. We gotta get going over to using open talk we get only one thing which is learning. Yes. Yes learning. Yes, exactly. And so how this place is so awesome because it's a hilly area in panchkula. I am right now Cola and I'm where I'm at my friend's house because Actually, the thing is that I have just I haven't planned to be to my friends house for one day. I have gone there just for the reason some reason was and after that I haven't caught that view is I wasn't able to Google. Okay, I'll get that Mustang. So yep. I hope you're doing well. So, please be safe. Please be cautious towards following all the precautions which government is such a thing as and Spread the awareness Alex as possible being safe and being away from the contact is the only way we can eradicate this pandemic doesn't it? Yes, exactly and also have to keep a journal keep in our mind that if we are keeping our immune system goat then also, it would be beneficial like I have sat all the my house and like like a gym equipment like I have all those dumbbells at my I was at my friend's house and I have arranged in such a way that that that I can do exercise also, so you're literally using the time which is holding you back from holding you back from going back. You wonderful - and I have only so like I have after that me to do agriculture agricultural thing because what is the price of vegitables is high? I thought that I will I will plant some guard or thin same vegetable or tomato because there is a field nearby my house and I have planned that I will just do that and after one month, it may be IP don't know even a condition that what would happen next. That's why I'm preparing for that. Wonderful man. Wonderful you're coming with some fantastic ideas and even applying that So really appreciate you a lot and you're really inspiring and a very good friend of mine opened up. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thanks for the appreciation. Dr. Emily. Okay, I think it's time for lunch and I was about to end this at one hour, but the conversation with it was like going so good. So I really felt learning a lot of new things and thank you so much for joining with me here. And yeah, please be safe and do come online whenever you get some time. Let's have a conversation together. It's been long. I haven't heard your song from like many pieces still avoiding you leave. Sing a song as the show some days exactly. I will definitely but I don't have right now. I haven't because I have not had my home even I can't do practice of a guitar and all those things at my home only that is a reason but I will soon come with my upgraded wasn't like previously. I have came with my mash up and this time I will come with some different things. It would be a mixture of Hollywood also and Bollywood also and my own compost or MERS. Okay. Well, I'm really looking forward for that. That's why that's why previously when you are the me to sing like I have the time Perry, I have two pair many of the things like app on Bollywood songs and which is composed by You already and some of the things that I will manage and I will too. Okay, so I'm really looking forward to hear those songs of magic which you have created soon. Yes, okay. Okay. Thank you so much for joining with me here. Have a wonderful day. Take care. Be safe you to take care of himself. Yeah. Thank you so much. Bye. Okay guys, so this is the time to end the podcast and I'm really happy and I'm really appreciating the fact that you are supporting and sharing your love with me and being a very active part of my podcast. Thank you so much for that and be safe don't go out. This lockdown is for around to have safety. So yeah, make sure that you follow all the precautions and be aware spread the awareness to open talks with our install the social media app, which we have and yeah be safe. Let's see the corona out of our country out of this world is possible and it is Is possible Humanity should stand anybody should Prevail and it will as our that's what I believe and yeah, they can have a wonderful day. Love you. All sayonara signing off. Dr. Amy.