Hey, hi Sagar. Hi, Hi Nirav. Yeah, I have a few questions and the topic is tax Saving right? So my like first question, you know and which is I guess everyone is facing that question is: Is there any way by which we can save taxes? Yeah. In fact, there are multiple ways to Save taxes, you know, it could be you know by investing in certain tax deductible Investments, you know buying an insurance Home Loans Etc. You know, in fact there are plenty of ways to save tax giveaways this anything specific that any specific agenda, you know, you want me to talk around how does one optimize tax saving through insurance or investment? I can do that. Yeah, so, you know, I've heard a lot of things. around these ELSS. So can you please brief me around ELSS? What is that? Okay. So let's put it this way among all tax saving options. There are a certain set of financial instruments, you know by investing into which you get a tax deduction. So ELSS is nothing but an acronym for Equity Linked Saving Schemes, which is a Saving mutual fund perhaps and these are very particular set of mutual funds notified by the income tax department, as you know, qualifying for a tax deduction under Section 80c. So in essence if anyone invests in elss mutual funds, you know an amount of to 1.5 lakhs in a financial year. The entire amount is deductible from the taxable income and thus reducing the tax outflow by that point. Mmm, so these are real assist mutual funds and assets. Okay, just just a know a small question around elss only like example like they really sees mutual fund being in mutual fund like the invest all their Corpus iniquity. Yes ELSS mutual funds as the name suggests. It is an equity linked saving scheme it invests in equity only so all Alexis mutual friends by default invest in equities. However, there are several asset management companies who have a different, you know portfolio or a construction of these equities. So there could be a particular real SS fund which is very aggressive in terms of playing Equity some might be doing it in a moderate range Etc. So there are various elss mutual fund. So elss mutual funds are a category and not a product specifically and yes, it does invest in it. But he's only okay. So like I got your phone. So how do you fare ELSS against other traditional products? So, you know while you know, the comparison is not, you know, exactly Apple to Apple, but yet, you know when we talk about traditional products, I'm assuming you're referring to ppf cnsc Etc. Which also allow a deduction under Section ATC to the same Quantum, so I look at life fun. Basically two parameters when it comes to tax saving one is what is the kind of liquidity that each of these instruments offer? And what is the kind of returns that I can gain? So now while you save taxes that is one part, I will always want to even generate more income or create more wealth out of the tax saving Investments as well. So it becomes the third double benefit for me. Not only is it active but also, you know, there is some amount of wealth being created in the process. So So I know when we talk about ppf minimum lock-in of 15 years. We talked about NSC a lock enough. Let's say five years Bank fixed deposit silicon of five years. Perhaps elss is the only tax saving instruments instruments, which has the lowest lock-in period of only three years. So in that regard is elss is you know, by far the most liquid tax saving instrument available in terms of returns, obviously the you know governed by The government it would be significantly moderate for NSC and ppf because you know, it is generally in the range of I guess right now. It is around seven point nine percent. Whereas for equities equities are known as you know inflation beating asset class and over a longer period we can expect really good returns. Even if we were to assume inflation to be in the range of eight to ten percent over a period and equities outperforming at least the ELSS growth rate. Sorry the inflation growth rate. We can expect significant, you know wealth creation within elss mutual funds as compared to PSN and I see great evil. That was very informative. I guess now you resolve my all the questions around tax saving for this financial year. Thank you so much nearer of how you doing, sir. Thank you.