Dinesh, I have a few more questions, but you would have only one word or one phrase to answer not more than that. Sure. Who is the person that inspires you the most? I would say Doctor Velumani ,who is the head of Thyrocare Awesome entrepreneur. What is your biggest strength? My biggest strength is that I spent enough time in healthcare domain, right? The domain knowledge. What is the one personal habit that keeps you going every day? Optimism. What is the best book you read so far? Influence. If you would like to invite 2 Indian entrepreneurs for dinner, who would that be? I would say Kunal of FreeCharge because really impressive journey and also Naveen Tiwari of InMobi Yeah. What is the one online resource you would recommend to our listeners? Something like Evernote, Facebook; you know a productivity app, tool, website... something like that. Google Apps. Google Apps. Awesome. What is the one other startup that caught your attention at the moment? Indian Global. Indian I think there is an app called Sminq, right? What is it? It's It's a very simple concept but I think they're in a space where they can be really big, right? It's kind of a queuing app and it can go across domains. Right. Okay. Okay. I'll find out more details. My last question for you Dinesh is... I want you to think for a minute before you answer... If you could time travel back to where you were 25 years old and you had one minute to speak to yourself with all the knowledge and experience you currently have, what would you tell yourself? You know, I'll basically tell myself that you know monthly salary is overrated and risk, you know think nothing of risk. Jump in and start that business that you've been wanting to do forever, right? I thought I would tell myself. Great. Before I let you go Dinesh, What's your best advice for budding entrepreneurs like myself? I think exactly that right. I think everybody knows this quote. There are three big addictions, right? That one needs to get out of. The three biggest addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary, right? These are the three most dangerous addictions. You know, I'm a late bloomer right? I got into entrepreneurship pretty late in my career, but you know, as long as there is a problem that you're passionate about You just need to get out and jump in. As long as you believe you can do something about the problem, I think the resources will find their way to you, right? And it has a funny way of doing it. But that also stands out to the kind of quality of entrepreneur that you're going to be, right? The belief in your idea and you know, your ability to kind of sidestep risk because like I said, risk is overrated. Awesome. Cocaine, Carbohydrates & monthly salary. What great advice and also better late than never, great advice. Dinesh, I'm sure people want to reach out to you. Where can we find you? You know my email id is I'm on LinkedIn as well. I'm you know, and people reach out to me. I'm very happy to kind of spend time with you know, budding entrepreneurs. But yeah, they can always reach out to you and you know, we can we can reach out to people who want those advice as well. Absolutely. Dinesh, I would like to thank you very much for your time. Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you all the luck. Thank you. Thanks for having having me here.