If you have to put a number what will be the valuation of times Italy today? That's a that's a great question yet. I wish I wish I had an easy answer to it. Look I think two or three ways in which companies are are valued. Right? So one is future potential and and obviously the other is, you know, current growth and current scale. So if you were to look at our overall business, there are very few companies in India, that would have the The scale that we have, right and we are well north of 200 million dollars in Revenue obviously not going to share exact numbers and I think that growing at a pretty healthy clip, right and I think our revenues are growing close to 40 percent year on year. We are also growing audiences as I shared out on Twitter and with you and so I think you know, we're definitely a unique on the question is how many times over our unicorn right? And and so that's a question we often ask ourselves. Like I think we will at some point but I think I think it definitely unicorn. The question is you know, where you where you pick that but I mean a simple multiple of a business like ours could be 10 times revenue or 7 to 10 into 10 times Revenue depending on the depending on the segment. And so I think the I think the that's probably a conservative View and an Viewers probably 20 times, right? So it all depends on you know different points of view on where the markets going to go. And I mean, obviously we're very optimistic about our about our future So within would you be willing you know for moral peace to come in tiny little it play right now is nor the balance sheet of things which is funding Acquisitions. Yeah, of course look I think so. That's a question that probably the board of the company needs to consider what I think and I think the way we think about it is is that look our Core Business is funded by a balance sheet and our core strategy is funded by our balance sheet and our parent company's balance sheet and I think individual companies will raise money by themselves or the parent will raise company raise money by itself as bringing in limited partners to our parent company effectively would be bringing in investors. And that's a conversation at some point in the future. If you're asking whether we want to launch a fund of Our Own That is an exciting idea. I think we've thought about it from time to time, but nothing specific to say the moment. I think our early stage investing has been really successful. In fact, if you were to look at if you were to Benchmark or investing track record. We probably will be in the top 10% of performance, you know, in terms of returns and yield and capital invested to returns generated. So it will see will see at the right time. I think it requires an internet entrepreneur to go Build It Up. I think was it difficult to restart will for your company's. Let's say for example Ghana when it rains hundred million from Tennyson. Hmm wasn't there a question that the majority or most is owned by X. So, what's the skin in the game for the entrepreneur? It's a good question look so we often get that right and I think I think there are two ways to look at it. One is the cap table and say, oh my God, look at this about the cap table looks like but then if you try to uncover why the cap table is the way it is, I think you start to appreciate. The watch I said that the Merit and the wisdom in that right and so I think in cases where we wanted to raise capital and we've gone out I think we found that people value investors value the business for what it is and they get excited about the business and then ultimately they obviously want know that the jockey that's running the businesses that incentivised and as long as that is clear, I think I think we're able to sort of, you know, get people over the line. So obviously in some cases it does become a challenge because You know sometimes investors want the entrepreneurs to 150 percent of the company in our case. It tends tends to be it's not like a small ESOP. It's quite large. I mean the stakes that a lot of the entrepreneurs and a lot of the leaders within our company for each business have they're pretty large. So I don't think that's a that's a inhibiting factor. I think people will invest in the business based on how exciting the businesses and, you know, if there are cases where we have to do something unique and different we're happy to do and I think that's it's a going to case-to-case situation.