Hello. Hello. Hello, I'm Peter. Yeah, I can you give me a minute. I can't hear you exactly. Hello. Hello. Yeah, I can't exactly here. You could you speak like I can literally not hear yourself. Nope still almost zero. Jimmy Mac. Give me man. Hello. Yeah, yeah. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Yeah, you're not even on guitar. Yes of you is yeah, so I just want to ask you a few questions regarding chipmunk. Lure. The I guess I was told you're you were recently your you recently over to check on Blu-ray. Yes, very recently. Okay, so I just like to ask you a few questions related to that I think will win. Yeah, sure. Okay. My first question would be doing what time of the year. Did you go to Sigma alone? Yes, the end of monsoon like when it's not when it's not raining exactly so that you can enjoy the place better in visit more places doesn't disturb your schedule like places you have decided to is it? Okay? So, how was the weather like when you visit a chipmunk glue then I visited chipmunk or it was like very pleasant. It was actually you can see it was freezing knows. It's very humid. It was very pleasant and cold with variable. It was manageable. Oh, okay. So when would you say is the perfect time to go visit chick mugler exactly right during the end of monsoon so that you know, it's you can have ample time to visit in nothing. No disturbance in between like when it rains or something you won't be able to go out and enjoy the most. Oh so that you can stick to your schedule even if you plan something. So then you can go along with your plans. So that's what you would say is the best time. Yeah, and why not during December the time there won't be any range itself. So will it get too cold for the weather? It depends on maybe it might just give them to code for you to handle. It depends on each individual. Okay. All right. Okay. So what were the different places your you have been to during your visit to Chick Magnet? We've been to three places. I guess we had a quarterly late. Okay, Baba with angry and we're gonna give you okay. Could you tell us more about the weather or they're just like from place to place just let us start off with the description of helical a make I think is the most beautiful place at the scenery is just amazing how the landscape is just beautiful. I think that place is most suitable for like a chill when you just have to go down there and chill that place is most suitable for like wedding shoots a pre-wedding shoot. I think even portly think shoes. I'm I went there there was actually a pre-wedding shoot going on there. Oh, all right, would you say the place is kind of romantic and it would be great for a couple to go visit sometime. Yeah, surely maybe openings such. It's more pleasant and nice. Okay, so it is better to visit during the evenings this place. Do you know if boating is allowed in this place? No, I don't think so. Voting is around. I'm not sure though. Oh, okay. My next question would be good. How many days do over you and Smuggler? I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch it. I wasn't exactly like two days. Okay, so in two days, you got to visit three places. Yeah, I go to visit a place I can stay for much time. So is this the max I could do like three days no more comfortable and relaxed manner was these three places? Okay. So, how do you do? How was your stay like a chipmunk your radio station? I stayed in hotel rooms because when compared to like cams is that thing I think hotel rooms be better for people because like in camps you, you know, you can never say like the real lot of leeches and other bugs especially during this rainy season the weather. Okay, so my next question would be what are the various food items? You tried out in chipmunk Laura. And what do you think is available in six Bangalore is not uniquely different delicacy in Sigma good as such it's just the same as the food items you get in Bangalore. There's nothing different that stands out. Okay. So if you are used to the photic banglar your say you'll get easily accustomed to the Okay, moving on to the next place. So what does an explosive window after he recalled and ethnic Daddy went to Milena Guinea? And how was your traffic? How did you travel to these different places how so we took Jeeps you had Jeeps to a certain point two million green event by G. Okay, after that way to track all the way up to the peak, but what okay experience like do in the peak of bully angry. What happened was that it turned out to be like it flipped. It just took another we were freezing our once we reach the top. It was fully Misty and foggy be could literally not see anything. You can see anything that is in front of us. He was freezing even all freezing to death. It was really cold, but the beauty the scene he was But you couldn't see anything which is beautiful. Okay. So what are the various since you had a first-hand experience with the weather on top? What would you say a person should be prepared for If he if he decides to go for this track including proper shoes because I think it's really slippery out there. Okay, looking shoes. That'll hold you tight to the ground. All right, and just warm clothing as much as possible like gloves or something like that hat and jacket warm jacket. Oh, okay. Also more like a PSA people with breathing difficulties must not please do not go on top of the as the air gets very thin. It gets difficult to breathe because Ankita here and just told me that one of the one of her It is forbidden to that had to stay down himself because of the weather. So it's better you stay down or do not go to that. Isn't that right Agatha? That's absolutely right because it gets really difficult. So they should stay down. It's just tell them not to go suggest not to go. Okay. Alright. So after your million Gary, where was your next visit? Oh, After moulinet what we did once you go down the track, I think we all were more interested in warming our bodies of that. We ended up eating ice cream the thing that was warmer than the better there. Oh, wow. So so you're telling me that people prefer ice creams even in that cold weather, even though it's that chilly up there that even ice creams become walk to them. Yeah, I think it would be ice cream. The better beat the ice cream hands down. Oh, okay. So when was your next visit to after million Gary went to Baba with angry? Okay. So how did you travel to Baba Bengali again? I have you tapping the same GP chopping the same G. Okay, probably think it is. Not at a height other areas like compatible angry. Okay, but is it Bob abundant Gary Moore described as a landscape viewing be because on top of the million because of the extreme weather. Oh, is it Bob wouldn't really consider to be more of a picture of this view has butea because it's a landscape as lush green everywhere. You see like really beautiful the beauties of nature is amazing. Is it at Best when I think that's the best place to go there and just relax for sometime. I think even you can click on Magic amazing pictures and come nature. How was the weather like in Baba Buddha angry when compared to Mulan giri? It was actually quite better but that the whether he experienced they're just carried on for some time, but it was actually pretty cool bubble within get it was gone. Okay, so you guys are still having like aftershocks because because of the visit over angry That you could tell the difference. Is it exactly? Yeah. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. All right. So my next question would be these Jeep rides. How would you describe the because since it's a hilly region given the G price make a huge difference. Most of the times was it like fully covered in fog says that you couldn't see anything or how was the view like the view was actually really good because the Jeep it wasn't it completely opens you Okay, but open. Oh, all right, though. It was a little mean still something. I guess when the Jeep moves forward to something. The Mist is pushed through and you can actually view outside is loading visible. It's clearly visible. Oh, it's okay the entire place to deeply I was like you could see a series of mountains and lush green with you could see like the clouds are just out there. You can just touch them. Oh, okay. So for people who are coming down coming down from the hill would you say there are various rest stops for them to take take a break at or is it like a just an open road without any restaurants? They are a few rest stops, maybe like a side little stalls put up with egg noodles or some snack up. It will be to like lighten up the weather to make yourself feel warmer, but there are like this stops. Oh, okay. All right distances, but yeah after a certain point. Okay, this is considered to be a directly on top of the million Grey Hill. Did you by any chance get to visit the deity known that we actually had we have plans or visiting that DT but due to the fog and Mist it was not advisable for us to walk up there in the temple. Oh, all right. So what would you say is the average budget needed for a person for this trip? So maybe an individual when it comes to the entire package of food? In hotel and everything an average of five key like a 5,000. Okay. So an average of 5000 Rupees is required suppose going to take just a one-day trip to chipmunk blow. This is the one place you would definitely recommend him to visit. If he's more interested if he's more interested into tracking or something that I get smulian and really if you just want to chill in one place at the person was just enjoy Beauty and then he regularly, oh, okay. So which part of the trip did you most enjoy out of all of this? I guess the experience of energy energy was amazing. Okay, so the experience of kind of gets to the put in your aspect. Yes. Absolutely. Okay. Thank you. Don't get that has been a pleasure talking with you. Again. Thank you for spending your time to have this talk. Pleasure is mine. Thank you. Take care.