Travel- Europe( Countries like Austria, Czech Republic)
Can you hear me? Yeah, hi. So I just want to interview about to ask you a few questions about your recent trip to Europe. Are you cool with that? Okay, so my first question would be Duty. What part of the year. Did you visit Europe? Hello. Hello. Hello. weather hello Can you hear me? So my first question would be during what part of the year. Did you visit Europe? So you visited Europe during July August, which is summer or there, right? Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. What are the different places you visited during this travel? Landed in Turkey first, and then we took another flight in first. We landed in Vienna, which is the capital of Austria. Okay, and we traveled to the Wikia Budapest and this isn't hungry and then to so all of these travels was done through flight, is that so Similar in all the places or did it keep changing from place to place? Sorry. I couldn't hear you. Could you know what whatever I still was was the weather same or similar in all the places are could you see like various different types of weathers when you visited Europe? Okay. So how would you compare it with the weather of India? How do you think an Indian will feel when he goes there? Actually in Lynnwood feel not much difference because that last year was come by a relative. We too horrible for the Europeans the experience that care of you for the first time in almost two decades, I guess so that kind of homesick or somebody has weather. So it was pretty good. Okay. Alright, so during what time of the year do you say a person should visit this place? The part which I travel to last year Eastern side of Europe would be fine. It doesn't make that kind of different. But yeah, we were comfortable during summer to I recommend some Oh, okay. So, okay. Could you tell us could you walk us through what you did during your visit first? You told me that you landed in her Austria, right? Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. Could you walk us through what all you did the different places you saw we waited for our boss and then we checked into a hotel's for the evening and then We picked out a map and try to figure out what we do for the next two days. I kind of like the Museum's that and we visited almost at least three to four museums and interesting or intriguing part was the remains of the first world war and the rich history of the country and this is in which country again Austria Austria, all of this is an ostrich. Okay. Continue. Didn't boil Bond the austro-hungarian a Hungarian Empire was about of the alleys re-access how I don't remember sorry. Okay. Okay. That's okay. There was a queen who during the 16th and 17th century. So we visited the we hired a guide to help us through understand all the And yeah, it was nice still a good experience for us. We learned a lot. Okay. So from Australia, what is the next place you visited? Okay, so in Slovakia, what did you do? When did you reach Slovakia? Okay lawns in Slovakia. We tried the different kind of crossed is used to make the easiest so that was there. Make the crow foot drop something with food. Yeah. Okay. That is what is that is what Slovakia is mainly known for you would say tourist spots. And then yeah, we just Peterson. Oh, okay. So after lunch in Slovakia, where did you go to then? We again had to travel for around six hours to reach Hungary Hungary. We stayed in Buddha actually with the capital is called Budapest and it's actually not the same city. It's / river Danube Buda and pest. Okay, then why is it known as Budapest? Actually, it is connected by a famous bridge in Venice The Chain Bridge. Okay, it is considered the whole two cities are considered to be the capital of Hungary. Actually Buddha is kind of an ancient kind of City. It has a hill and they have their own Statue of Liberty. Hello did shopping? Yeah. Hello? Yeah, could you repeat yourself? Like you just went completely silent. I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you from they have their own Statue of Liberty is what you were saying. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So after that we had the Buda Castle right there next to that. Okay a couple of miles from there. We had the Hungarian Parliament. Oh, okay. And then there was I don't remember the name but it was famous, you know old kind of University to which many scientists passed out. Oh, okay. All right, and then we are through the team with we came after the best side. And this is the other two spots is the best best is mode only civilized kind of things compared to Buddha Buddha as compared to be old-fashioned. Okay? Job around said it was nice experience. Okay. So, how long did you stay in Hungary and Budapest? Sorry. How long did you stay in Budapest Oh So within two days we could visit Buda and Pest and go for some shopping to yes. Yes. Okay. So how do you say the shopping is like, oh they could you find something unique when compared to the Indian markets or how was it? Actually Budapest is also this is the only country which is known for some kind of spices. I mean, it's the only country in Europe which okay? Then we just walked around the market. There are two huge squares kind of thing where all the people meet during the weekends and you know face instruments at the end of the street and yeah, oh, oh, okay. Okay something like a street performance goes on. How do you say is the affordability of like going out in a market? How do you say the price is only do say the all these spices and other things? Priced actually hungry is one of the countries in the 28 countries of European Union, which doesn't have Euros as its currency. Okay divided into like one euro is 300. So the prices were good for us. We could make a good deal because the unit. Oh, okay. Could you tell us about the speciality of the coat? Najara? Churchyard me? Shouldn't the when I previously called you to speak to you about this. You told me about this code. Najara Church Yes, actually that is in Jack Republic. Oh, that's where he went. Next. Is it? Yes next. Okay interesting thing is that Jackie public fears the hottest day in their history of Of like 50 60 decades. That was the hottest day. It was go. Wow those people do so. Yeah, it was around 40 degrees. Oh damn, that's pretty hot. Yes. So we went to the Charles bridge which is famous there and then actually the city we visited was called Prague. That's the capital of Kiev. Yeah. Okay Rockcastle. That was nice. It was the policy of their old king during the 16th 17th century. The architecture was good. And then we went we came back and decided that we should we shall we couldn't steal no longer in the city because just the torturing each row visit we decided to go towards the village said the rural side of the country. Okay, and then the journey or to the rural side was really good. We found some Scenic spots snap pics and then okay. Not so much. Okay. So what's the specialty of this charge is made of the bones of the soldiers from World War one. It's actually it was a graveyard before all the bodies were dumped in that and the coffin should get that but then okay. Um, I don't know what they call him a saint or something. I say it you know in that That Customs. Okay. All right. He he was like that was the no serious part of Jesus where he kind of visited or something. So he opened all the bodies. I mean he does. Through the bones. He got to take the church as a memorial for it was a dashing experience if I would have did it. Oh, okay. So all so could you also tell us about the check wine tasting experience because you told me into that one also. So what exactly is the process how does this event go by? Yes, actually we went for the Czech Republic is kind of known for their famous wine how they matter Factory I could only join them for the when they showed me how the, you know, the process the manufacturing process because really they had their own kind of tradition of manufacturing wine You know passing through various stages I could see that that was nice but I wasn't allowed to taste it. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, okay. Alright. So since it was Europe, how was your food like during the entire State? Could you get it since you're also a vegetarian? Could you get your did he have easy access to vegetarian food or do you have to go hunting for food? Yeah, I would opt for the second. The phrase you'd always be actually hunted for food back there. Okay, there were well magnetic these bookings, but they do we wouldn't get veg food. And even though we could eat french fries that to was, you know, fried and seasoned fish oil so we can do that too. Yeah. Oh, okay some guy like Slovakia and Jackie public where we couldn't find that Czechoslovakia. We had teachers and the other countries there was just one Indian restaurant where it was situated one is we had to go there every time so it was oh, okay. Okay. What was the most memorable? I'm sorry. Yeah, I know you were saying something. No, I couldn't I guess I lost whatever single European Traditions traditional foods. It was good, but we couldn't have you know, we didn't have much of vegetarian options. So, okay. So you would say if you had to go get a grab a bite and if you are wasting to be extremely difficult to find a good restaurant, but if you are a non veg non-vegetarian you love the place. Yes. Yes. You have plenty of options. I do try. Oh, okay. What would you say what according to you is the most memorable thing about the entire trip what memorable place? Actually, this is my first international trip. So the whole trip was mesmerizing. It is amazing. Everything was a new experience. I learned about the people there how they carry themselves their behavior. It was really nice and the most memorable spot was of course Vienna the whole town. The whole city is a cheats trigger. It has a thing where it is, you know, it is it's in the force top spot where it is. In the world it is the city where you can know it's the best city to live in the whole world. I guess piano. So it was really okay. Okay, so my final question would be what is the average budget requirement for one person to travel to Europe? And for how many days did you stay in Europe? Okay. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello Israel. Hello. Hello. Hello. Okay, I'm sorry guys Eastward got disconnected from the call. I guess I'm not able to get in touch with him. So according to my water had interviewed him from before the annual budget requirement would be from 1.5 to 2 lakhs. That's what when we spoke on the phone call before the interview. He told me that the annual budget requirement that the average budget requirement for this trip would be 1.5 to 2 lakhs and a huge. Thanks to each word for that. Or having this call with me. So that's it guys. Take care, please.